Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 4, 1963 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 4, 1963
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1963 Vietnamese Are Ignoring Kennedy Plea to Seek People's Support f OR 1C A tfetil flww Uw t»wfMtt»f w* ftfwtotf CLOUDY AND COOL Scattered showers and thundershowers are due Wednesday night from Mississippi valley eastward to the Appalachians. Showers also are expected in north Pacific states, while thunder- 21 Residents Petition For Street Surface Job Twenty-one residents of Gross Street have petitioned Alton City Council for an improvement to give their street a more permanent surface. They ask that the street be.j graded, covered with heavy crushed stone, and given an as- phaltic seal coat. Also asked is that a condemned ; house in the 1900-block of Gross! Street be torn down. ; Signers of the petition, which N By BORIS BOSKOVIC will go to the council at its meet- Dv ., ,-.„,-.„ ,. ing next Wednesday, are headed! BELGRADE. \ugoslavna <AP, by the Rev. Luther Simmons.j—Premier Khrushchev's tour of Gross street extends southward Yugoslavia has convinced many Khrushchev Tour May Be Omen By MALCOLM n. BROWNE j SAIGON. South Vint Nam (APij —The government of South Viet i Nam has turned a deaf ear to President Kennedy's pleas for re- foniis to rally public support for j President Ngo Dinh Diem and win Ihe war against Communist rillas. While a government spokesman i welcomed Kennedy's pledge of I continued U.S. aid in (he anti- Communist war. he said Tuesday 'the President's criticism of Diem's domestic policies was "quite wrong" and "based on inadequate information." U.S. officials in Washington pri- jvately voiced disappointment over Alton and vicliiit.v: Consider-1 the nt , gal j vp reaction to Kenne- able cloudiness tonight with about j dy - s p ] ea for rp f ormSi The Sa ig 0ll 40 per cent chance of a Hum-1 ,{ and was considered a blow to derstorm. Low tonight around a ^^^ of deteriorating U.S.- 60. Partly cloudy Thursday with Vietnamese relations. .... the high in the mid 70s. „ „ „ Policy Changes Thi 1 American President ap- ipealed to the Vietnamese govern !ment Monday to rally public support by changes in policy "and storms arc due in southern Rockies and western parts of southern Plains. It will be cooler in the Lakes region and Ohio valley and warmer tn northern Rockies. (AP Wirenhoto Map) Weather For ecus! Forecast Southern Illinois •— Temperatures will average 2-6 degrees perhaps in personnel." He apparently had in mind Diem's brother-adviser, Ngo Dinh ;Nhu. Washington believes Nhu was responsible for the anti-Budd below the seasonal normals for the next five days with only minor day to day variations. The normal high is 82-87. the normal low 58-65. Precipitation will av-,., ..-,,. erage .25 inch less in scattered hist crackd ™n Aug. 21 when mar- showers over the weekend. ! tml law «' as im f )oswi in S 0 " 111 ! !Viet Nam. A Roman Catholic.; ! Diem has denied Buddhist charg- \ \ es of religious discrimination. \ Fake Social Security Card Used in Stolen Check Case In Rail Battle Arbitrators May Be Named Today from the 900-block of Tremont, and includes a church. Another communication to go to the council reveals that the board of directors of Alton YMCA have gone on record in favor of the extension of Henry Street from Blair northward to College- 20th. The interest of the board in the long-slumbering Henry extension project was recently communicated to Mayor P. W. Day who has referred the latter for aldermanic consideration. The board's letter, over signature of Forrest L. Cockrell, general secretary of YMCA, says: "The board hopes that this project can be put on the list of future plans to better Alton's street and traffic situation." The new Alton YMCA is now building on upper Henry Street, and the Henry extension would afford it another convenient access route. Ironworkers Ratify •/ Agreement Local 392 of the Ironworkers approved an agreement with the Southern Illinois Builders Association Tuesday night and officially ended a strike that started here that Moscow has changed its strategy' for dominating the Communist world. In every speech, Khrushchevj insistently argued the necessity j and advantages of economic coop-j eration among Communist conn-; tries. j Students of Communist affairs I Swiss Plane Explodes; 80 Killed B.v GEOFFREY ATKIXS Associated Press Staff Writer 111 vrus By JOHN KOEMO JR. WASHINGTON (API-President Kennedy is expected to announce today or Thursday his selection of three neutral members to serve on an arbitrttion panel in the railroad work rules dispute. Under legislation enacted hurriedly last week to avert a nationwide railroad strike on Aug. 29, he has until Saturday to name three neutral arbitrators to the I seven-member panel whicli will rule on two prime issues in the j dispute. I A high government source indi- ; cated today the President prob- with "what the doctor said was a 24-hour j aD iv would announce his selec- BACK IN CONTEST Miss Illinois, 20-year-old Judy Schlieper, jtions , ihe Metnamese government; raises han( , s jn vietory gesture after she came back I spokesman noted that "Kennedy j , n the >Hss America page ant parade at Atlantic City, .said the united states should not i N j Sh unable to take part in the first day of | withdraw its support of Viet Nam., t , week ., ong contest to selec £ a new Miss America. before Friday. That's the day on which Secretary of Labor W. Willard Wirtz meets with rail and union representatives to discuss procedures for arbitration of -iii i. • i -i • it Y T r< *v • Wit »» t-t**»-lUi»li «, vria «.^0f t-x* u*..-*^^!. 1 •* *«v/ •» A»»»tru *=»»»*•»_•» »i_/u* t-u.3o iji v/v.cuuica i\ji a.1 Uincinuu UL .and that is heartening. U.S. m,li-| .,,, fc , f^ ,, . , h fighting," the Decatnr the issues of tocomollvc firemen's !n,± g "!S a^jr! ^rysai.1. (AF Wirephoto) Washington reacted sharply to; a story published in Saigon that | the U.S. Central Intelligence Agen- ; cy had plotted to overthrow the! Diem government with the help 1 believe a primary goal of Khrush-j DUERRENAESCH. Switzerland of dissidents in South Viet Nam. chc-v's visit was to draw Yugoslav- (AP) ~ A Swiss airliner ia into closer economic ties with e in the air today shortly the Soviet Union and other coun-i after takil « off fron: Zurich tries of the Eastern bloc. icrashed in State Department press officer; | Thursday to Be ! Motion Day in Alton City Court First motion day session of Stalin's day, Moscow con- "ear Duerrenaesch. killing all the| N&m He Richard I. Phillips denied thei _ charges which appeared in a flames'" dangerously government - backed Vietnamese | Alton City Court since the sum- newspaper, the Times of Vietimer recess opened Aug. 1 will Fund Probe Is Completed jjobs and train crew makeup and j for resumption of negotiation of j other issues. i " T t would be presumptuous to I hold the meeting Friday without i having learned who will serve on •the arbitration board," the source officials and White House staff members. Indications are that two of the neutral arbitrators will be experts in the transportation field. The third member, who would serve as panel chairman, the source said probably would come from the general public. Under the emergency bill enacted last week, hearings in arbitration of the case must begin within 30 days. The board would have 60 more days to make a decision and would make it public in another 60 days. Negotiations on other issues A false social security card was used in an unsuccessful attempt to cash a stolen check at the Kroger store, in Alton Plaza Shopping Center. Store Manager Earl Hicks told police that a male estimated (o be from 17 to $ years old, came into the store and attempted to cash the $115 check. The youth fled when Hicks went to the telephone to verify the check. The check was made out to Victor H. Unterbrink, 1101 Liberty St. The unidentified youth produced a social security card with Unterbrink's name typed in and a signature in almost illegible handwriting at the bottom. The youth told a cashier that Mr. Unterbrink had given hJm the social security card to enable him to cash the check for him. such as wage structure, interdivi-j After the cashier told him that they would have to call Mr. A list of possible arbitrators tojto agreement. he added to four already selected —two by the railroads and two j by the unions—apparently was un- 'der study by Labor Department! sional runs and combination of road and yard work would have to be carried on at the same time. Regardless of whether agreement is reached on the issues to be negotiated, the award of the arbitration panel is to go into effect within 180 days of Aug. 28. the day the bill was signed. The award would be effective for two years, but there is nothing to prevent a strike on the other issues i should the two parties fail to come Unterbrink to verify his authorization the youth fled from the store. Unterbrink told police that the social security card was not his. Police are holding the card as evidence. The check had been mailed to Unterbrink along with two others from an Alton firm Aug. 29 and police believe the envelope of checks was stolen from Unterbrink's mail box. tolled its satellites and other com- 80 persons aboard. munist parties by tough discipline. Shredded wreckage dotted . The situation has greatly changed I (fiction thriller, thej Rejects Request in the past few years. Left in IMS Yugoslavia escaped from Mos- for 101 of the The State Department acknowl- 01 int. H final i morning rhroueh an earlv dn calI to a; be conducted hy Judge I. H. EDWARDSVILLE — Inquiry in ' Streeper. Thursday. A lengthy setting has been pre reported shortages in Wood Township funds apparently j <*** mat the U ' S ' embassy *'** mist. The tremendous' Saigon had a formal re-jF. T. Boschert. It comprises recalled May term Circuit Courfl Couple Flees After D Stolen Cash Box ion to do so up until (parts of the French-built Cara^Buddhis^ monks wh^took refuge, vorce acfion . and one citation. pw . t ed to make Its finaV report on | EDWARDSVILLE - A Negro i lU . , ._=-J Velle a " d hUnifl " remams 0vel 'r nTll1oe Tr« S& ^in!L a> Thinh Tri ...t^'^l 1!!''^° 1."°^™ accumulated criminal cases early I couple who seized a cash box latoi cow's orbit in 1948. the only Com-! im P ;lct of tllf] crash scattered thorities munist nation Slalin's !quesi from South Vietnamese au- seven motions relating to pend- 'grand jury. for custody of . three! ling cases, five petitions, a The recalled grand jury is ex-' Since then. Albania and Asian, a square mile. Communist nations led by Red China have adopted independent and anti-Soviet lines. Signs of dis- j obedience also have recently ap- jpeared in Romania. The three include Thich Tri JQuang, top organizer of the Budd- The plane had been bound forj^ anti . government movement . li narrowly j Tne embassy turned away trials will be opened by Judge Streeper next Monday. The set- next week. includes about 60 suits for Tuesday's investigation fnd tes Tuesday afternoon at the Elms; I Mot el on the north outskirts ofi I ting IIIUIUUTO auuiu ou sun* iu.- ~^ - •••— & «.». ^ jcollinsville dropped the box when! a which jury trials have not been timony. States Attorney Dick H. the office attendant charged in ' Geneva and -Rjome. missed^, Duerrenaesch, oituated fourth monk who appealed for demanded, and includes both law Mudgp nad indicate d, apparently pu re uT7ccordm7to a'rewrt to between two small lakes about 301 asylum Tuesday, "We're just too) suits and chancery actions. f , onto ,, t ^ nn ^ mairn ^, nfm , ,„,,,,., „!«,„ eh »riffc n t«L at- ^.K« m .. _ . . . ! fii Jl * * an ovtiVxo cc\i nttifti n\ Observers now believe Moscow I miles west of Zurich, and slashed j is trying to regain control through subtle economic means. The idea is to dominate Come| con. the Communist answer to the European Common Market. By centralized planning of production, Moscow could impose its will and ultimately wreck the eco- a huge crater in the earth just west of the village. | The worst air disaster in Swiss i history, the crash took the lives of 74 passengers and six crww members. It was the first major air tragedy in Switzerland since World War II. Swissair authorities announced one American, a Mr. Glauner, was amon S the eight foreigners I plained. embassy official ex- j Centered on circumstances leadingfthe sheriff's office at 5:15 p.m. The Ironworkers hourly Is now $4.70 an hour. The local reached a tentative ! nomic independence of its mem- agreement last Friday after an! 1 ** 5 - ™ s idea is behmd Roman offer of a three-year pact calling i ia ' s discontent. It resented being for a 60-cent an hour increase! assigned to a largely agricultural j wno perished. They did not have in wages and fringe benefits. role in Comecon. ra te If one country under Comecon s i so-called "socialistic division of Earlier three oTii e r unions'labor" specializes in a certain reached agreements in a con-lP roduct or line of Products, it will strucrion strike that had shut j become fully dependent upon the down projects on the East Side.!Soviet Union and its neighbors The Tri-County District Car-!for those items it does not pro- Terpening Advanced to Fire Captain to the filing of theft and larceny charges against former Wood Riv- Tuesday. J. F. Yancey, on duty at the! motel desk, said the man and wo-1 er town clerk Ronald K. Rodgere. ! man ha(i been parked outside ^ u'ho resigned the office last April place for several minutes. When 17 after reportedly signing a state- they walked into the office one of ment admitting he "borrowed" ! the P*" 1 ' seized Ule cash box and j 53,289.90 from Wood River Town- b °* fled : Y ^ C ^J rep ? r !f 1> Two recent promotions within ship relief funds and offerinc re* '' * !? , ?u tn f m ancl the Alton Fire Department be-±f™ g i p ^ ed on foot ' the c ° uple dr °P; (Special) came effective Sept. 1. . tltut " )n - . ^ th f ™ ne * box /' lnd d ™ e ° il , Fire Chief Warren Grable an- A ke - v wlttless in the investiga-;»" a 'ate model dark Cadillac,! Air Service Hearing Set For Friday SPRINGFIELD, 111. — A hearing is set for 10 a.m. --^ ~...^ ,,„. .^.. -_.,^ u .., „,, ~ \-v • • Friday before the Illinois Com-'nounced today that, as resull of lion Tuesday was R. C. Scheffel. .Yancey told investigating depu penters Council and Carpenters District Council of Madison accepted a wage hike to $4.45 an duce. Export possibilities to the West also would appreciably di- his first name or home town. jmerce Commission on <Jie peti-j promotional All the 66 other passengers andjtion of Lincoln Airways Inc. to [TIP promotional examinations last representing the Alton firm which i ',' . . .1 month by r the CivilServiee Com- conducted an audit of Wood River iJtleuKghS SrTo north limits of Collinsville and rank""o7"fire""ca p1 [aSnr'and ed shortage came to attention of j just west of Rte. 159. i th hour and the cement masons ap-ivariety in goods produced, proved a hike lo S4.52U an hour. 1 New Domination minish with the curtailment of;j,- our niinutes before, officials re- the crew were Swiss nationals, i serve Chicago and 10 downstate Among them were 44 persons j metropolitan areas including Alfrom a single village. Humlikon. ton. Making up a quarter of Humli- The 10 downstate areas include i William Theisen had been pro-authorities. Members of the Wood kon's population, they were flying to Geneva on u trip organized by a farming cooperative. ''Hie disaster struck at 7:20 a.m. ADULT EDUCATION Alton Senior High School 2200 College Avenue Registration at F. W. OLIN VOCATIONAL BUILDING SEPTEMBER 9.10-11.12 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Education Means Advancement! Earn your high school diplomas by attending evening classes. Over 70 classes to choose from. Courses offered in (he following areas: Trade — Non-Trade — Business Education Homemaking — Academic — Hobbies Fees Must Be Paid Before Admittance To Class. For further information inquire at the P. W. Olin Vocational Building or Phone HO 2-0093 or HO 5-1755 i ported they had lost contact with j Airline. Inc., will oppose the pe- ln( , Caravelle. 'Hie loss of economic independ-| Far mers in the village of Bett-1 To Hospitttl With Severe Bee Stings George Chapman. 54, foreman for the Park Department, was severely suing by bumblebees Tuesday about 2:30 p.m. in Rock Spring Park while working. He suff'^mJ lour slings lo hib right arm, head ;md let;. He was treated at Alton Memorial Hospital and later released. Despite painJul suc!lii>3 of the sting wounds he returned to work today, his wife suid. Alton, East St. Louis, Peoria,' moted from fireman to engineer.:River Town Board of Auditors Springfield, Decatur, Cham-' The department now has a [during the period covered by the paign - Urbana, Carbondale, Mo-1 vacancy as a probationary fire-'reported shortage were among active!witnesses summoned Tuesday be- 'fore the grand juiy together with ; their records. The grand jury is expected to submit its final report on current i criminal case investigations by I » .next Monday or Tuesday. line - Rock Island and Quiucy. ; man. and a present It has been reported Ozark • strength of 50 members. ;tition of Lincoln Airways. Cr i Khrushchev's speeches in Yugo- j glow j ng fire m0 vin K at great j The only alarm received by BRUSSELS. slavia repeatedly stressed his de-, speed through the mist, accom- Alton firemen Tuesday was to a Faulty wing „, , isire for Yugoslavia to join in *Ws, p . lJ]ied by a | ou(j ,. 0 ariiia sound. u n t fire in a clothes drier at the ', caused the plane eras i cooperation. i Duerrenaesch villagers said theyj\yil|j am H. Peterseii home, 1^17 .13 persons, including ; Yugoslav Communists made it ne ard an explosion, looked up and I Central Ave. ! b»;r .clear they want an observer post I in both Comecon and the Common 'Market. saw the bla/ing down over their said the big craft grazed the roof i day. Yugoslav trade is almost equal-j o j two fa ,. m brildings beforei ~f— Belgium i.-\Pi — brakes probably h that kil!e<l tiie 18-niem- U.S. figure skating team, in plane coming; Godfrey firemen reported noj February 1961. the Belgian Min- houses. Some i calls made Tuesday or early to-jistry of Communications said • Tuesday. NEW HOURS! Daily 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Friday 9 A.M.-8 P.M. 5 I'.M.-7:80 P.M. Godfrey State Bank MEMBER F.D.I.C. MONTICELLO PLAZA |ly attributed among Western, ! Communist and nonallgned coun: tries of As>i and Africa. The I emphasis is 01, developing further j trade with new nations and continuing the upward trend with Western countries. smashing into the earth and dis- integratlnu. ON YOUR AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE Mere Protection — Lower Cost No MILLERS' MUTUAL Ol> II.UNOI* •URANOB AUTO* KOMI •UIINIff Our Office Is CD Friendly Place W« art in builntii le Mrvi y»u w tv«f yev n«»d U borrow manty- Al tvi efll«, y»u Mn borrow th« mcrny x«u *t«d tn your itqnalur*, (urnlluri *r •vlamobll*. Wt wtlcein* ih» ppportunlty fa bi tl nrvle« to you Robert I. Muehleman otricc HO C-SSdl After 8 p.m. HO I-1M7 HOWO FINANCE b E bR.OADWAY- ALTON "PdoHi. HOWARD 292 18_ _. TOM HOWARD, W./t NEWS BULLETIN "Prim 'n Pretty" girls dresses, made by the country's largest girls dress manufacturer, are unexcelled ior their style and quality at the price, You will find similar dresses in other brands which look and wear no better at prices which are 30% to 50% higher than Snyder's. Why pay for just a name? 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