The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 1, 1930 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1930
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ffcjmb c: a«t of Congress of March 3. 1879. Issued WeeMy. Subscription Kates in Kossuth County: One Year, in Advance She Months, in Advance Three Months, in Advance - 7","Subscriptions Outside County, $2.50 per year, strictly in Display Advertising, 30c Per Inch Composition 6 Cents per inch extra. _$2.C g(J A HAPPY NEW YEAR. 1 ICcl Wi**t ^i'^ e -*•« Iowa, as a member of this house and as chairman of that subcommittee, has rendered a signal service to the agriculture of the nation. (Applause). Never has any appeal from any.sect on been made to that commit tee In which nofc h ve I preacher once said of his church "Wo I have neither religion nor politics ir As you read this you will realize this church," so we have ™™r^wj that you have passed another mile- sectionalism or politics in that com stone in life's journey. The past year mittee,. gentleman from has been kind to the people of Ameri- *• lcei - — — ** ca in many wavs. We have enjoyed peace and increased prosperity nnd many things for which to be grateful. The New Year is here with every promise that it will give to us increased prosperity and happiness. The old saying, "Life is what we make it, and how we take it," is as true as gospel. If we start the now year right we will have a better year than if we start it wrong New resolutions are in order on New Year's Day. Life is made up of habit and it does not take long to form new habits and forget the old ones. Start oft on the right foot today and forget old troubles and grievances. Smile when it hurts and count ten before speaking when angry and be surprised at.yourself for the new friends you will make. After nil 5s said, friends are the greatest asset In this world. With confidence in others as well as yourself and a desire to help make the world a better place to live and you will bring realty to a Happy New Year. The Vm* PM MoiP-'-^^"^ 3*™" *• 193 °- - . — "' Washington News News and Comment. Don't forget to write 1930 instead of 1929. We wish you all happiness, health and plenty in 1930. If President Hoover should die, wouldn't Molly Gann have some fun with Mrs. Longworth. Many of the old timers who used to set a snootful during the holidays and swear off New Year's day are in a what resolutions to make CONGRESSMEN DICKINSON. Congressmen L. J. Dickinson, who is recognized as one of the outstanding men in congress and is a candidate ,or now . there was menu uitm •« «•« —- — nis attentive car and favorable action. The gentleman from Iowa is broadminded, taking in the agriculture of oT whole country, including our to- sular possessions; and this House wiii fosc one of the best friends of agricul- furewho ever sat in it when he leaves " WI1U C W* un>w »..--• 'He is a republican and am a £»o^:^^;=rtbeJeff«on : The west did not like the appoin.- ment of Grundy as United States senator The east does not like Brookhart, Norris or Borah. So there you of "Witt Mr. Simmons, let us hope for ing its familiar method of are. There seemed to be fewer deaths from poison hootch during the ho.i- days than formerly. Are they making ing it better or are fewer people drinking? of influence and nosU ion o ne suilding the policies of his party and the destiny of our country. (Ap- be empty . plause). TOO MANY LAWS ABE MADE. The people of this country are be- re- riming realize that we have entlre laws. Old laws are not repealed and hundreds of new laws are enacted every time congress or the state legislatures convene "'ceden't derstood that new laws take preceaeiM If everybody will put his shoulder to the wheel for ten hours a day and does not crab about it we will see the biggest and best year in the history of America. Get caught with a half pint of booze and go to the pen ten years. Cause death of several people as Hart- did at the lakes last summer and (By Fred Holmes, Washington Correspondent of U. D M.-R-) Washington, December 31. Shade ol St. Patrick, who chased the snafces out of Ireland; shade of Simon Bo'ivar, "the liberator of South America;" shade of Louis Kossuth, the Hungarian patriot; shade of Thadde'ts Kosciusko, the Polish patriot who helped us out in 1777; shades of Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, Thomas F Bayard, Stephen B. Elkins, Roscoe Conkling, James G. Elaine and other eiants in statesmanship; and, particularly shade of William Penn, founder of the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Look down and weep. Joe Grundy's in the senate of the UnUed States. Senators from all "backward states, which apparently includes everything west of the Alleghanies, please "PO wav back and sit down." It wasn't a bit nice of Mr. Vare to silo over to his bank, draw out a lot of money and then go out and Purchase a senatorial toga-although the indictment against Pennsylvania's big boos would seem to include but two counts: one that he paid so much for the garment as to excite general public interest, and the other that he got found out. There is a suspicion here that when Mr. Vare was called to the bar of senatorial justice there *""* Mm there w*f no reason why. r SSrSliSoTZ U. « i overTM laws but at that SaSCSdTSe compliment re- books are^J^J, JJ often con . cently from Congressman Buchanan even.t^best *ttorney ^ of Texas and a democrat, durtag_adto-1 fused. ^ When . man ^ ^ ^ cussion of the agricultural tion bill in which both Mr. JJUJKUI»W«I«»W j«~»~- ,- _ S Mr. Buchanan took a part^hen on the street, "f^ike Congressman Dickinson made a mo- that £ tows pe fl ^ tion that the committee report the bill once V™**^™™ it Thousands o back to the house after several correo- passea w y ^ ^^ year tions had been made, Congressman uust suen ^^ ^ i Buchanan asked and was granted per.. |^ a ^ om V man does not violate oar ui oc»«*w"«»» j—~ ,,. ii_ many a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Nomination and election is naturally supposed to cost a senator a little something—perfectly legitimate contributions toward the cost of the campaign, of-course. But Mr. Vare had the consummate nerve to spend conference. One regrets that IWUJjg the senate, doesn't leap. A^ut March 1 the bill is to be passed. Such is the program. Mere business> nien^ill hope that it will be carriedI out They want to know where they arei at Whether there was any need of revising the tariff or whether there is any marked general interest in its revision, is another matter. , Then senate has been at it for month Won't it do something, if it 5S< do something, at last? We commend to the Coalitionists the famous saying of Lord Melbourne to his cabinet colleagues in the matter of the C °Weli W what are we to say about this? Are we going to raise the price of corn, or lower it, or keep it steady? I don t care what we say, but we'd better all say the same thing." Static Off Capitol Dome. Over the top with the tariff! The senate is making a desperate effort to get out of the "tariff trenches" by February. General La Follette, Democratic leader Robinson, Field Marshall Borah put a rule through that alter Christmas the senate will consider no other matter whatever except the tariff. Bringing up the rear in the tariff speeding program came Majority Leader Watson with his "rump" of the "old guard." They wanted to hurry up too. as s; St 1 ^ «:•«•» <"»•'' 8 *" n «*• door as you go out^ ^ Coneress has reduced the Income t ft * M aeain. But the farmers would be thaTful If they had some income to pay taxes on. Freak Cat* lilng-tnll cots are cats having crooks In their tails. They are freaKs and In the United States cat shows ore penalized. Such freaks appear often in Siamese cats, and It Is claimed in Slam that these tails are produced through inbreeding. * * * „„ times, have been guilty of i But the one hundred Minnesota "country" editors who published a round-robin requesting the senate to I . . .•m Y\ctt3C •*•*•*•*•• !«•'»•»« rtT Q T.QViTT each year- treat COLDS EXTERNALLY Steve Goldwaite of the Boone News- would have cost nim . B ut, at that, the from the rear. se»a« - «-— read * the big Tenth District. head and shoulders. above ^ ^ The administration of „_ ., , speakabfe conceit, with his range of President 1*^ limited to the boundaries of not The administration or rresmeni, y j slon limited to the boundaries 01 i UL Hoover promises to be constructive in more tnan fou r of the original tnir- tt v>o rrmt.tnnes his ore- toon minnies. with his ambition to re- this congress during which we shall nave wiui ua i-^hat tne law iunrn»& .««-.«• the gentleman from Iowa (Mr. Dickin- do is to repe al every old, obs son), now chairman of the suboom- edless law and enforce to a mittee on the agricultural approprta- ]aws It WOU M n c will state to this House that as chairman of that subcommittee for several years, the gentleman from Iowa has ever acted in the interest or agriculture and in the interest of agriculture from every section of our country. He has never let sectionalism Influence his action in that committee. I will go further and state and letter the It would not be ong rem . until the public would respect the of ffie nation and state if this should put him out of the primaries says he will run independently. The pope is not to have such easy sailing wu . —„-- , after all. The Alabama senator, how- everv way If he continues nu pns- jteen colonies, with his ambition to re- ever) ha s the right to be.hurt; as in- SMi. he will be « of tb. most | write _ the ^nstjtution^f the^nited | ^pendent "^yaffiffi tion. » » » Al Smith came to Washington to see about a bag to top the highest office building in the world, which he is building. He came as an architectural engineer, and had to be rescued from admiring crowds by the park police. Al not call on the "great engineer" in the White House. But,. oh, well, there is always rivalry in the trades and professions. every way. If he continues his present nolicies he will be one of the most i write we tiuiawvu..™*. ~- "/"thZ'^PTi- 1 popufa? presidents the nation has ever Uates > ff^^SSAS S^\ had. necticut, New York, New Jersey and -— Pennsylvania—with acute accent on the The salvation of this and every oth- pennsylanvia. • er nation depends upon education. In- when Grundy «*» e .*° »» swoni ^, every poor boy and girl in Iowa could r a ' nes VmlbS expert witness before a nave one btunc ttuvu,nu«<6»— —who can now afford college eduba'tSoAs. ol tne uauuu »»»v» uv~..- — — —•• be done. A Kansas City minister returning from London says he saw more drunks T T Dickinson our ' in that city in three days than he has Congressman L. J. O1CK ™TX pnce ' seen in Kansas City in five years and next U. S. senator, ^^J^JS Lon don has saloons. Perhaps he — in the house than any other member freouent tne jo ints of his every poor boy and giri in lowa, toulu _"resumably expert witness before a have the same advantages as those e £ ator}al investigating committee. He t.~ ««« v^^ir offnrrt rnllaere eaucatloj*Sv ,• - c-frti^-cror* tiffiRhpfi unon'an in wie iiuuoc U*.*M.»* *-« rf and when he says something they a.l . that he has never let politics influence sit up and take notice. his action in that committee not frequent the joints of his town and while in London took the town. See Your Friends Win In the Big Home Talent Thurs. Evening, Jan. 9 K, of C. Hall, Algona Doors open 7:30 Adults—50C Dance at 0:30 ADMISSION Contest starts 8:15 GROUCH By **» Children—15c All for One Price Fiddl ers Hog Callers PAHCIMG corvresT \vt ftixe^ *.* •, I ^ N "C\' ^/-^y sv:^ Every man, woman or child who can ilddle, play any musical instrument, sing, do vaudeville stunts, call hogs or wives, give readings or call chickens, call their husbands, monologues, quartettes trios or duets, are invited to enter this contest. Give or send your name to Henry Hinrlchs or come personally on above night to enter. Those taking part in contest enter free. We are somewhat inclined to agree with City Superintendent of Schools Roscoe Pulliam of Harrisburg, Illinois, who has issued orders to school principals to discontinue the practice of having children form lines and march to and from classrooms. "To keep step in set lines is useful only in penitentiaries and institutions and students in Harrisburg schools are not being reared for such life," he says. There is something vastly more human in a group of children (or adults for that matter) going into or from a meeting place in orderly groups than i there is in the strict, disciplinary "lockstep" line which we see so much in evidence today. It is perhaps a little easier for the teachers in laying down an ironclad rule such as keeping a straight and unbroken line but behavior in small groups is more essential for later life. Marching out of public gatherings, theatres and such places Is not in vogue: why should children be taught thus in the public schools? Is this another example of a time- honored, antiquated and medieval custom which is being observed for no other good reason except for it's agc- veneration? If we could only get out of this old "rut" in America—this idea JcnUWneH iiivcQi>*6wv*-"ej ~^ was merely a stop-gap, wished upon unwilling dinner party by Governor Fisher with the admonition: "Well, you wouldn't have Vare; so, how do you ike the substitute?" Last week your correspondent had occasion to refer to the plight of the middleman, and the growing probability that he was about to be squeezed out of the agricultural picture. It was also announced that Julius Barnes, chairman of the United States Chamber of Commerce and unofficial "director of prosperity", by authority of President Hoover, had been enlisted to lend his aid to the commission merchants in the belated fight which they are now about to wage against the cooperative" policy of the farm board. Mr Barnes denied before the senate lobby committee that he had attempted to taring pressure upon the farm board to abandon or modify its gram co-operative project. He had acted only, he said, as an intermediary in ^,. "WhenVicks VapoRub was introduced, mothers especially were quick to appreciate it, because it is just rubbed on and cannot upset children's delicate stomachs, as "dosing" is so apt to do. Of course it is equally good for adults. Today, the whole trend of medical practice is away from needless "dosing," and the demand for Vicks has grown until it is necessary to again raise the figures in the famous slogan. There are now "Over 26 Million Jars U s e d Yearly." «V V ICKS VARoRue !••••••••••••••••••••••'•£ BARGAINS UUi-V t "^ kjtuvtt **" •*»• ».-- v bringing western grain men into contact with Chairman Legge, of the farm board, as a result of which the board had agreed to extend loans to local elevators at the same rates as to farm cooperative members. On Monday, however, Mr. Legge asserted emphatically that the board was determined to carry out its farm relief program regardless of the fact "that some private business interests are strenuously objecting." The Chamber of Commerce, he said, apparently wants the farm board to "hang its clothes on a hickory limb and not go near the water " The farm relief program contemplates the organization of at least 80 per cent of" their output. This program is in complete accord with the law If the board is successful, there will be established a farmer-owned marketing machine that will handle enough of the crop to set prices and control the market. Even if the board has agreed to make loans to local elevators at the same rates as to farmer- owned cooperatives, the independent grain jobber will still find himself ruined in the squeeze. Farm relief, as embodied in the law enacted and as it is slowly being made effective by the farm board, puts the farmer in the place of the independent grain jobber. To be successful, farm H • • 5 inch cross chains . 20c Alemite Grease for 25c Tube repair kits for 20c Windshield Wiper Blades $1.25 Luggage Carrier $1.25 Jacks •. $1.00 Tire Pumps _— $1.25 Chain Tire Lock Used Tires in 31x4, 32x4 and 33x4. USED CARS that because we have done certain things for a hundred years we ought to continue doing them. Progress comes only in change and it's high time we Big Free 6Td time Dance After Program only in change and it's high time we men of a u the varied products or ag- were progressing along certain lines. I riculture will feel the squeeze of farm ^. i relief. A veritable revolution is under way. The wonder of it is that the middlemen of the country did not realize while farm relief was being enacted that they inevitably were to be the victims. It is apparent to Senator Simmons (Copyrighted. O. S. Hook, Director. 1927.) L B • • 1926 Chevrolet coach 1927 Chevrolet coach 1928 Chevrolet coach 1927 Chevrolet coupe 1926 Chevrolet coupe Olds Sedan Jewett sedan Overland coupe Ford coape Ford truck • • f£l »J11 JWW»J»-*.t — « «-— ' • relief must destroy the jobber. Although thus far only the grain men and the independent dairymen of Cleveland have been heard from, as time goes on the independent middlemen of all the varied products of ag- .1 ._*11 J>_ _1 £t^n nminnrrn S\f $Q TTX1 Kohlhaas Bros. Phone 200 Algona, Iowa. wwwwwy /wusrw^wA^v•^^^u^^^ HIDES and FUR Full Market Price Paid for Hides and Fur JOE GREENBERG Lone Rock Lady Gets Big Pension. J. A. Freeh received the announcement from Congressman Dickinson last week that Mrs. Lillian Worthington of Lone Bock had been granted a pension as the widow of George Worthington, a veteran of the Spanish-American war. The pension dates back to November 15, 1919, and five minor children are also allowed pensions and the total for back pension will figure up to somewhere between four and five thousand dollars and will be very acceptable to Mrs. Worthington, who is one of the highly respected ladies of Lone Bock. j.l> JO cUJJJtll vliv vw *^«-»*v*v«- — of North Carolina, that the disjected members of the senatorial coalition, scattered by the wool schedule, will be reassembled easily and that the senate will finish the tariff bill by the end of January. A lot of business men have been trying to get the senate to mend its pace. They are not attached to any particular rates. They simply want to know as soon as possible what the law is so as to adjust their future transactions to It. Mr. Simmons admits the large number of protests from business men. He doesn't say a word WE SELL GLASS for all size windows. Plate glass for autoes cut to fit while you wait. C. S. JOHNSON - Hardware

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