Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 31, 1963 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1963
Page 13
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-., '-•••' .',.'•' ••' '•' .'.-..-' :'•'<•• •••'i'i'. Atf,' AUGUSf 31, lM' ALTON EVENING fC V3 DAVID fly Cfelg flesset m IS A RELAXED AN KKRltV DRAKE By Alfred Andriola MO OMB aw H« Mfc*0RFALL S3ft DRAKE/ .» BUT We BUILDING SUPERINTENDENT (PENTIREDH6R/, ..ASWSER. NAMED DORELLfi OUBUM/ 1 WASN'T SURPRISED eiTHER/.. THE WAY THAT WOMAN HAS BEEN CARRYING ON..1 WAS AFRAID SHE'D SOLVE HER PROBLEMS.. THE <yu\CK, EASY WAV/ BOLT John Cultefl Murphy HE WILL, YOU TWO ARE IRRESISTIBLE LITTLE By Jolita FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbing [THANKS/ SISNORE-' 6UESS WE TOURISTS EVERYWHERE HERE IN Mw COME UP WITH BOLOMITES ONE RNPS-^ THE SILLIEST EAGLES' NESTS, SISNORI ,„ \ QUESTIONS,,, j BUTA PEAK By THAT NAfWE—AfcMFA SCRATCH THAT THEORY/ /MAYBE THE 6UIPE PIPNT SCRAWL "EASLE'6 NEST K* AFTER ALL,,, PERHAPS SOME LOCAL JOKER'S EQUIVALENT OF "KILROy I WAS HERE*/,/ • MAYBE, SNAP,,, 'CEPT THERE'S NO "K"IN ITALIAN.' ANP WE MAY BE GETTING- OVERCOMPLEX,,, SUPPOSE. HE MEANT AN EASLE'S NEST ON THAT SAME PEAK.' SUPPOSE THAT BIRP HAP SOMETHING TO PO WITH CAUSIN& HIS FALL,,,? THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith ICE CREAM mcmgiMatte. <an» Safe IK. BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney HOWS TUB BOOK COMING,? NOT TOO WELL- ^ BUTIJUST HAD A GREAT IDEA FORA PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates WELL, IT WAS LIKE THE BOOK IN ONE WAV I HOW'S THAT? PHINEAS •2 8-31 DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney WON'T WORKAYWHO KNOWSf HUH? WHAT'SJ > PRoeABU " WRONG r-^ ^BROKEN/ WITH IT 7 you said it! * L..A& •*•!»«•9 ...but why? "IN StVtNTH HEAVEN" freme/y happy Chr/sf/an er /s/amic and fae/lefj, field *haf ware seven heoveni acquirod on «pr/h PUBLIC KIVETS By George Sixta BOYS, IS EVERYONE HIS SLEEPING SOMEONE'S SQUIRMING AROUND... IWOHDER ik THE BOYS Ml OKAY... Doubly FMf 745 Wkccfi*. THE BEREYS By Carl Grubert WELL ILL BE DOGGONED/ HE NEEDS A MACHETE TO HACK HIS WAY OUT OF THIS ONE.', . YEAH/ BUT • THAT5AN IMPOSSIBLE ] SHOT/. HE5 BEEN DOING IT ALL DAY/ HEY, PETE/YOU DROPPED P>—7 YOUR SLINGSHOT/ \l A Add precious finery to linens — do embroidery, crochet together, or use separately. Enrich towels, scarfs, cloths with embroidery and 2-inch deep crochet edging. Pattern 745: six 4xl2-inch motifs; crochet directions. Thirty-five cents In coins for this pattern — add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, care of Alton Telegraph, 60, Necdlecraft Dept., P.O. Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly Pattern Number, Name, Address and Zone. Biggest Bargain in Needlecralt History! New 1964 Needlecraft Catalog has over 200 designs, costs only 25 cents! A "must" if you knit, crochet, sew, weave, embroider, quilt, smock, do crewelwork. Hurry, send 25 cents right now. Beginners' Joy PRINTED PATTERN HENRY By Carl Anderson A LITTLE BIRD.TOLD .ME J YOU HAD A ^ "—' FIST FIGHT , WITH BLIMP! CARL. ipetaatl-*. 8-31 TRUDY •^:: *"j , "^^im... ""^!g^a%* s < *x * "Your meat too rare, Ted?" fr True Life Adventures FOE FRIEND MEXKIAM CHAMIZAL. SETS . FIAMTfe WIPE ANP» TEMLkDUS ROOT S-31 By A. LEOKUM Why Is the Heart Necessary for Life? Win The 15-Volume Britannica Junior Encyclopedia for school and home. Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Linda Grant, 14, Falkville, Alabama. Everybody knows that when the heart stops — life stops. But it's not because the heart is some sort of "magic" organ. The heart is necessary for life because without it the rest of the body could not carry on its functions. The heart is simply a pump— the most remarkable pump known to man. This pump keeps the blood moving through our bodies during our entire life. And what makes this pump so re markable is that it's only about the size of a man's fist, beats from 2 to 3 billions times in an average lifetime, works automatically, can repair itself, and in a single minute pumps more than 4 quarts of blood to the body. Never during your entire life, does your heart stop its pump ing action. The reason it must do this is that tissues of your body cannot live without a con stunt supply of fresh blood. The blood brings oxygen from ' the lungs to every cell in the body and carries back carbon dioxide to the lungs. So the heart makes a "waste disposal" system pos sible for every cell of the body Unless the blood were able to circulate, dissolved foodstufl from the intestines could never reach other parts of the body Wastes have to be brought to the kidneys, disease-fighting sub stances have to be brought to trouble spots, glands and organs need nourishment. All of this is possible because of that amaz ing pump -f the heart. How does this pump workl By alternately contracting aw relaxing. Contraction begins a 1 the top, in two chambers called the "auricles." Then it pass es downward to the "ventricles, 1 Then it rests for an instant. The ventricles then pump the blood out of the heart. The heart is really a muscle, and all muscles work because are nerve cells and fibers which start these impulses and make he muscle work — or the heart jeat. Since all this takes place within the heart itself—it's automatic! The rate of the heartbeat however, can be changed by im pulses received from the spinal cord or brain. This is the way, for example, that excitement can cause the heart to beat fast er. they receive lerves. Inside impulses the heart from there 4567 SIZES 2-4 FUN TIME Bob: Why are you running so fast? Bill: I'm trying to stop two guys from fighting. Bob:' Who are they? Bill: Joe and me. Jane: Have you read "Freckles"? Helen: No. just brown ones. DID YOU KNOWu Beginners' joy! It's extra- easy to cut and sew this princess skimmer with high-fashion tucks. Just the dress to charm teacher and all the family. Choose bright cotton. Printed Pattern 4567: Children's Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8. Size 6 takes 1% yards 45-inch fabric. Thirty-five cents, coins, for this pattern — add 15 cunts for each pattern for first-class moiling and special handling. Send to Anne Adonis, caro of Alton Tcle- Nobody knows which was the tallest tree in history. But the tallest tree now standing is a California redwood called The Founder's Tree In Humboldt Slate Park. It's 364 feet high! Answer to yesterday's Puzzle Box. The last letter Is a naught, and this means "nothing." So the message Is; "Nothing alter all." Win the Britannicu World Atlas or Yearbook of Eveijtp, Sjt$ your riddles, jokes to: Riddle; jokes, "Tell Me Why!" Tory's winner las Mike Knitter, West Seneca, N,¥. plainly Name, Address, '/one, Size and Stylo Number. Pattern free! Mail coupon inside new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog, ready now! Over 300 design ideas, all sizes. Send 50 cents for Catalog. DIRECT FOUR FIRST LONDON (AP) — British director Tony Richardson plans a sabbatical from stage work for 18 months. For a change of pace, he Intends to concentrate during the period on films. The switch Is to begin next February. Between now and that date, Richardson will be involved in two New York theater productions, "L,uther" and "Avturo Ui," and two in London, "The Seagull" and "Saint Joan of the Stockyards." LBIUHTQN NOW IN 'THE PISST WAN' NEW YORK (APJVThe movie version of the Broadway comedy "The Best M««»" will star Margaret Lelghton—who was busy in a rival play when it was done on the stage* She will appear opposite 01 if/ Robertson, TIlB EJnglish sctffH WM* "P" when the political latino ,by Gore Vldul WAI done to IfifiQ on Broadway, ,,*<.^ > •rs \ : J

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