The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1966 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 1, 1966
Page 7
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Gambles Check To Jrs. Algona High School's junior class realized $125 in commissions during a 2-day sales campaign at Gambles here Oct. 21-22-with the amount to be used to help finance the Junior-Senior Prom next spring. Norm Christian, left, manager. of the store here, presented a check for the amount to Greg Powell, president of the class, this week. Powell stated the $125 would be equal to about one-fifth of the total cost of the Prom. Other funds will be derived from concession sales at football and basketball games and wrestling meets. Twenty-one of the class members worked in shifts during the two days and were rewarded with the commission check for the class treasury. The sales plan had not been used here before. (UDM Polaroid Flashfoto) iliiilliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliHiiilllilliliiiHiiiiM Evelyn You have heard of "bats in the belfry," but I'll bet you've never heard of sparrows in a ladies boudoir. Well, you're going to hear about that now for I had a sparrow in my room the other night and it took Policeman Jim Voigt to get it out. Ihave a combination screen and storm window and at night I have fresh air. But the nurse forgot to pull the screen down and when my inner window was opened, in flew Mr. Spar row. I had that happen once before but the bird flew OUT when disturbed instead of IN as this one did. There he was, all tucked up in a warm place and then to be disturbed must have been as disconcerting to him as to me. I sort of thought of Red Skelton when he is Freddy the Freeloader and sleeps in a bath tub or under a newspaper on the city park bench. Not that I am a Skelton fan- I'm not, but occasionally I watch him just because there isn't anything else to look at. * * * Speaking of TV actors. I am quite charmed with "Corner Pyle" when he is himself- Jim Nabor. He is a fine looking man and has a wonderful voice. Jackie Gleason's show fell apart when Frank Fontaine no longer was with him. I endured Gleason while awaiting Fontaine whose voice I like so much, too, and he is such a nice looking person when he isn't "Craze" but he did a good job at that. "Lucy in London" was a perfect flop and if she ever gets rid of Gale Gordon I'm through with her. Thank goodness "The Minsters" seem to have been taken off and now if they'd get a good Gene Barry series again and persuade Perry Mason to come back, Pd be very happy. Gene is to make a guest appearance on the Berle program Friday so I have a big star placed beside it so I won't forget, * * * Yesterday, I had a picture of our new baby, Kathryn Kierulff, taken before she went home with her parents. When I opened it I was so astonished at the likeness to her'grandfather, Melvin Henderson. It's just like looking at him as an infant, and Mama Gayle had written a note which read in part, "She is a Henderson and when I first saw her I said, "My God! She's my father!" - red hair, too - and it is surely amazing, the likeness. *When I showed the picture to Fern Foster who was here at a Pink Ladies meeting, she too was astonished at the resemblance. Gayle added that she is such a good baby — never cries and fusses, just eats and sleeps. What a pity Melvin isn't here to enjoy her, and what a pity that Mrs. Kierulff died just a few days before the baby was born, and Mr. Kierulff just a few days after Melvin. The families certainly have "had it." * * * I read with great interest the item I found recently telling about the new invention, an artificial muscle called the McKibben Muscle Substitute now being developed at the Baylor University College of Medicine in Houston, Tex., and in the Texas Institute of Rehabilitation and Research at Houston. It described the mechanism and cited a 32-year-old man who was crippled 14 years ago and regained so much use of his paralyzed right hand that he now works as an accountant. Another youth, paralyzed eight years ago, is now able to return to college, and a girl crippled by polio can now write and hold a job. * * * I have known the Akre family, Tom and Eva, the parents, and Charles and Don, their sons, ever since the boys were little lads. We bought groceries from the Akre store and many are the card games Lizzie Post, Agnes Laidley, Marg Dahl, mother and Ihave bad with Mrs, A. We also saw her several times in California after the store had been sold and she went to live with her daughter, Hazel, in Hollywood. The last time I saw Don he said Hazel was going to retire and he was trying to persuade her to make her home in Jefferson City, Mo. where he and his family live. It doesn't seem possible the son Steve is old enough to be in the eighth grade, but we do grow up and time marches on. * * * Mary Muckey has an Easter lily that is a bit mixed up or has gone on a binge. She reported to me she has one in bloom. She is giving it tender, loving care. * * * On the other hand, much to the grief of Vallo and Zada Naudain, a huge but healthy elm tree in their back yard has had to be sacrificed and felled. They also felt the need of cutting down a few fir trees in their front yard. They were growing too large and a bit "pushy" but Zada says she feels as though they have lost friends. I know how she feels, for when the huge tree in our back yard was taken down, it left such a gaping space. The trunk was at least 36 inches across and it had housed birds, bees and squirrels. We watched a family of little ones being taken to a different location. The parents carried the young just like a cat does her kittens - by the nape of the neck. * * * While we are on the subject of wild life, I'll mention that Mrs. Guster and I got to talking about jiggers. Of all the itch- producing pests, I think they are the worst and we often encountered them in the hay fields. The men would come out of their bunkhouse digging and scratching. A good soother was a mild solution of soda water applied ' to the area. * * * I had a little chat with WrC. Irelan recently. He is much improved from the injuries he suffered in an auto accident some months ago, but as soon as possible will go to Riverside, Calif, where his daughter, Mrs. Robert Middleton, lives. * * * I was asked the address of Sylvia Gunn recently and so far have come up only with Storm Lake. She was organist in the Presbyterian church and also taught at Buena Vista College. * * * Everybody is talking arthritis these days, hands, legs, back, and they ask ME what to do! Pm the shining example of the deadliest type, got nowhere with anything — in fact was never given a drop of medicine - just a few aspirin now and then — so I am amused yet sympathetic. I think I had about as large a dose of the develish disease as anyone could, yet Joanne Hutchison tells me of cases she has seen and known in k Tucson so much worse than I, so I count my blessings and have had a pretty good life after all. May it continue awhile longer! I want to stick around and see what next happens in the world. I'd like to celebrate the end of all wars! * * * A letter from my cousin, Jean Cady Lawson, Mason City, said she has met Thelma Hayes at a P.E.O. meeting, I was a common subject of conversation, both acknowledging their acquaintance of me, * * * Our sweet Uttte Mattte Me* Whorter slipped away from us in spite of all that could be done. Algona, (la.) Upper Des Molnes Tuesday, Nov. 1, 1966 She liked it here so much and was so anxious to get back "home." I shall miss the calls of the Frank Ryersons who came to see her so often and always stopped to visit with me. Likewise, I miss Veda and Gene Murtagh who came to see an- other of our lovely little ladies, Marie Murtagh. Mrs. J. C. Geesman of Burt wrote me such a nice letter, but apparently didn't know my last name and addressed the envelope to "Evelyn .of the Tidbits Columm." Others have done the same thing, so for the benefit of those who want to attach a surname to me it is Cady. Thank you, Mrs. Geesman, for your kind remarks about my column. The verse you enclosed is probably original with you, coming to mind perhaps as you stood at the window doing dishes or some household duty. The paper does not favor printing verse, they say they would be deluged. In her letter, she said she misses russet apples, too, and grew up with them near Lake Michigan where she lived. In those times fruits and vegetables were. stored in fruit barrels in cellars and along in February, out came the russets, so tasty. Guess what! A dear friend of mine, after all these years, has had her hair cut, and loves it. It looks so nice, and best of all, she has naturally curly hair, and won't need any settings, the lucky woman. I envy her. By an actual count she had been using 37 hair pins and she got sick and tired of fussing to do up her hair. This is so simple, and so DARNED becoming. Lucky, lucky gal! * * * Ah ha - caught! "The footsteps a boy follows are apt to be those his father thought he'd covered up." CYO Week National Catholic Youth Week (CYO) is Oct. 30 to Nov. 6. Theme is "Peace Through Brotherhood." Intentions for the week, that all men sense their dignity as brothers of Christ and sons of God; that mutual trust among men and among nations increase through recognition and support for God's moral order; and that arms may fall from the hands of men. Deanery Meeting The Northeast Deanery of Diocesan Council of Catholic Women held their Fall Workship at St. Cecelia, Algona. 145 women who are chairmen in the 21 Parishes attended. Mrs. ErvinUlses, president, conducted the meeting previous to the workshops. Workshops were conducted, by deanery chairmen. Mrs. Dennis McGregor, Jefferson, Diocesan president, was the main speaker. Mrs. Louis Nitchals is the St. Cecelia parish president, Mrs. Imelda Engesser, Algona, is deanery and diocesan chairman. Joins Law Firm Richard J. Vipond, former Al- gonan, recently joined the Denison law firm of Reimer and Boddicker as a Ml partner. He and his family moved to Denison from Sioux City where he had been serving as assistant Unite;! States Attorney. Richard attended school here, then the University of Iowa and George Washington University. He taught law at Indiana University 1)6- fore moving to Sioux City. THE UPPER DES MOINES invites you to send in your own local news items. ALGONA ENDS WEDNESDAY WOULD YOU BELIEVE... YOU CAN CUT YOUR LABOR COSTS AS MUCH AS 75% WITH A BRADY 4-ROW CHOPPER? Yes . . . and we can guarantee it! Want proof? Just ask for a FREE demonstration on your farm. No obliRation. You'll see in a hurry why BRADY is FIRST in 4-row sales...FIRST in performance in the field. SHADY FIELD SHREDDERS Giant 4-row model cuts a full 144"! The most copied 4-row on the market. Also available in 2 smaller models to cut 80" or CO" wide. These "beefed-up" units completely shred and pulverize tough, thick, stalks • • . with less tractor power than you can imagine. BUSCHER BROS. IMPLEMENT 1015 No. Main ALGONA of c,ou/ta,&/ .V £ Phone 295-3731 £8:&W:y:W:S:S:;:%y::^^

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