Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 29, 1963 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 29, 1963
Page 19
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ALTON EVENING NNOUNGEMfiNTS DIRECTORS PLORAL ARRANGED -* 1 *** 1 ?* 1 Pifi fii Godfrey Rd. • GEM. Lars CEMETERY LOT for Valhftlla. $250. CL 4-4154. ANNOUNCEMENTS ANNOUNCEMENTS 8,-S, CliHSUNAtS ALdUHOLJCS ANONYMOUS - fttlfi for tni probienv drinkers. Men and ;Wbm«fi. HO 5-1812. . J i_ fp ^ tU i TH - SAf -*—. RENT Cameras,, jroteclors. accessories. FOSTER'S DRUG STORE Alton's Photo Cfinler. HO 8-258S 230 Eftsi Broadway. Alton PERSONALS 1 LtCEflsEb BETECW6: •* L*ga photography. W. E. Surt, 200 Washington Ave., Alton. 468-7350. * RUMMAOE * PAS1RV SALES 8 — 31 ; RUMMAOE SALE—1714 Washlnston Open 9 to 5 every day but Friday Friday 0 :o 9. WITH BUYING BETTER FABRICS WE HAVE THE LARGEST SELECTION OF FABRICS AT PRICES TO FIT EVERY POCKETBOOK WOOLENS AND WOOL BLENDS from 98 Yd. ALT, WOOL FLANNELS 34" and 60" Wide In Solids and Fluids $^98 ^ Yd. COATINGS Priced $ *\ 98 from <£ Yd. DAN RIVER AND STEVENS PLAID GINGHAMS Priced from 79" Yd. LOCKLINED WOOLS In All $ M 98 Colors *T Yd. VELVETEENS AND VELVETS In All $ *\ 98 Colors ^ Yd. WASHABLE VELOUR 98 In Fashion $ Colors Yd. WE STOCK SCHOOL UNIFORM MATERIALS! JUST RECEIVED! NEW FALL LINE OF CUSTOMIZED DRAPERIES! P A U L'S 214 W. THIRD ST. - DOWNTOWN ALTON ANNOUNCEMENTS 19 LOST^$t«AYEt>— STOLEN _ 28 -• FOUNDi-Fffencft Pobdl«. MO S-8767. 10 — 31 LOST-*»Black toy poodle, near Hill crest In Milton area. Reward. HO 2-1481 or HO 2-0837. 10 — 29 EMPLOYMENT 18 HELP WANTED - FEMALE 18 — 30 BABYSITTER WANTED *- Llv* In. CL 9-2452. IS — 39 LOST—Short haired yellow tlge marked male cat. Anyone knowlh. of his whereabout, Rosewoot Heights call CL 0-S279. Reward. 10 — 31 LOST—I Pekingese puppy, resls tcred. Brown. Milton area on Edge wood. Reward. Call 465-9522. 10 — 29 ' — LOST OR STOLEN—Black labrador dog. 7 months old. Reward. HO 2-0408. II NOTICES 11 _ 30 — FOR HAYRIbES, call 466-1042. HA RIDERS HA — 30 —> RIDERS—Or alternate rides from Wood River to McDonnell. 7:30 to 4:00 shift. Building 101 E. 254-5580 11A •- 29 RIDE WANTED—To East St. Louis 6:45 to 3:30. Call CL 4-5304 after 6 p.m. I1A — 30 WANTED — Ride for child from Qllson Brown School to vicinity of Straube Lane. 4 dnys week after morning session. 460-2056. 11A — 29 WANTED—Ride to 6th & Olive, St, Louis, from Wood River. 8:15-5 p.m CL 4-0327. EDUCATIONAL 2A INSTRUCTIONS 2A — 31 ANYONE INTERESTED In begin nlng and advanced beginning ol pnlntlng lessons. Call HO 5-2852. 12A — TF Mon. thru Frl. I. B. M. KEY PUNCH — Burroughs, M.C.R. Bookkeeping Machines ST. LOUIS SCHOOL OP- AUTOMATION (As Seen on TV) 6427 Hampton. 508 N. Grand CALL COLLECT FL I-1 197 or OL 2-5454 EMPLOYMENT HELP WANTED — MALE 7 — 30 BURGER CHEF DRIVE IN—Needs 3 counter boys, operate cash register. Full time, 9 to 5 p.m. Apply In person, 1639 Main. 7 — 29 EXPERIENCED MALE COOK—Ap ply In person, between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Lewis & Clark Restaurant, East Alton. 7 — 30 CREDIT MANAGER For retail store. Furniture back ground desirable, but we will con slder related retail background. This Is a responsible position with an expanding organization. And requires a man who can take com plete charge. Please forward replies which should Include past 10 years employmen history, to Box 960. care Alton Telegraph. 7 — 31 iVANTED:' APPLE PICKERS — STerling 6-3780. Nugent &'Schapan- ski orchard, Grafton. 7 — 30 iVANTED—Man, capable of taking complete charge of ordering parts & keeping adequate inventory rec ords, for small marine vessel repair shop. Clerical & mechanical aptitude helpful. Chance for ad vancement. Must be bondable. Send resume of experience & salary requirements to Box 950, care 'Tele graph.' Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" _ END OF SPECIALS M NEEDS -K, _____ -3 Ring Binder 98c Ton Punch Magnetic Binder ..980 Blue Canvas 3 Ring Binder ^ Assignment Books ; " |Q C o Tang Covers 25c Construction Paper -•••'-' 25c Drawing Tablets ( Memo Fillers ' .;. 29c Tuck Tape Index Cards, 3x5 Reg. 98c NOTEBOOK FILLER 300 Sheets LEAD PENCILS & fe ELECTRIC HAIR CLIPPER SET Cliper — Grew Cut Attachment Comb — Instruction Booh — In attractive plastic carrying case! Comparable Value $9.95 P°« *GS« Clearasil Ointment nS' 49C ivi Aspirin Tablets 100 12c J & J Medicated Powder St. Joseph's Aspirin Beg. 89c 01%^, Children's AiOC Carter's Pills 89c \ , Gleem Toothpaste Xf' 69c J Reg. 49c SECRET Deodorant.. 39c Reg, 59c PEPTO-BISHOL 39c ICE CREAM FULL GALLON ALTON STORE? Corner Third and Henry Sts, WOOD RIVER; Wood River Ave. at Edwardtville Rd, BABY SITTER WANTED—For shift workers. Upper Alton area, Prefer stay or furnish own transportation. -:65-2280. 18 — 30 BABYSITTER WANTED — Elderly woman to get children off to school. On Franor St. Part-time. 462-7107. 18 — 31 BABY SITTER-^-3 Children, 2 school age. Own transportation or stay. 259-6051. 18 — 29 BABYSITTER^-For 2 school - nge children. North Alton. Call HO 2-0284 between 5 and 8 p.m. 18 — 31 —— — BEAUTY OPERATOR—Call 264-81 IS till 5, After 5 call CL 4-2959. 18 — 31 CREDIT MANAGER — Wilt take male or female. For retail furnl- 'ture business. Must be experienced. State age and previous employment. All correspondence strictly confidential, Write Box 1030, care Alton Evening Telegraph. is — 31 CURB GIRLS WANTED—Full time. Spotlight Drive - In, Edwnrdsvllle Rd. After 6 p.m.- No phone calls, 18 — 30 EXPERIENCED WAITRESS — For part-time work. Savoy Cafe, 101 Market 465-9818. Good working conditions, Please apply In person. 18 — 29 MtDDLEAGED LADY-^-To care for 3 children' ln>my home. Shift work. Must stay. CL 4-5876. t 18 — 29 WAITRESS *- Experienced.' Wedge Cafe, 000 E. Broadway, Alton. 18 — 29 WANTED-Housekeeper, for gentleman, Ru." •"• board plus salary, References '";ite Box 1010 care Telegraph. 18 — 30 WANTED—Babysitter. 3 children, 2 In school. Shift work. Call after 4. HO 2-5148. 18 — 29 3 CURB-HOP'S — Needed for full- time work tor Milton-Godfrey Drive-In. Girls 16 years of age or older. Apply Block's Office, 2515 College, Friday between 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. 19 HELP WTD., Male A Female 19 — 29- EXTRA MONEY? MEN AND WOMEN — 18 years of age or older, with Insured nutos to deliver telephone directories In Alton, Bethalto, Brighton, Godfrey, Wood River, and surrounding rural areas, Starting September 4. Application accepted starting Friday August 30, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Public liability and property damage Insurance required. R. H. Donnelley Corporation 201 Rozler (Northslde Playground Building) North Alton, Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK"' Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" 10 HELP EMPLOYMENT .i MAX * £i«flft1« Call CL |:t«M. ana I«A SAI liSI. SALESMAN OR WOMAN—to be ai- Mstant manager. Must have much experience, be mature, nbia to accept responsibility and work tome nights. Salary depends on experience and ability, Htirwltt jewelers, Plaza. M SALESMEN 20 — 31 ^_^^ —',•,„.„•,, ..,.-•. ARE YOU INTERESTED In part- time sales work, working a evening's a week and on Saturday. If you are bfctween 25 arid SO, have car avail* able for local area Use, write Box 1050 in care of the* Alton Evening Telegraph., for persOflBl Interview. 20 ** ', - INSURANCE-A66NT-POR ALTON G^BIT, ESTABLISHED DEfiiT«-;EScellent opportunity for married iflah. .No expeneiice necessary. Muit haVe car. write Box 1040, care Alton Telegraph. 10 — 20 TO A SUCCESSFUL MAN STOPPED BY, Salary Restriction' Due to an expansion program, wo have Openings for. 3 full-tlme representative Whose living-, 'standards require $7,000 to $9,000 a yeur. . Men selected will attend bur Nntlort- nl Sales • Tftiininn School to, be Held at Pittsburgh, Pd,, will': receive sitlary atttl bicpenabs" followed by actual field training' as applied qy successful field;'trainers; •-•.; ':• ' '. ••'•••: ' ' '.«*•" • No shortages, on slack periods,' Our men always have places to go. and people to see. ' Rapid advancement for .men With management potential who demonstrate their .'ability; , : Sales organization with over 10 ( 000 satisfied salesmen in Canada'and the United States. THIS IS NOT A JOB THIS IS A CAREER If you have a proved sales record or strong sales potential and desire to earn $500 to $1,000 a month and are willing to work hard, we want to talk to you. You must be between the ages of 25 and 45, have a car, be of neat appearance. Does this sound loo good to be true? If sc, you are to see MUTUAL OF OMAHA Insurance Company Where the Salesman Is King Phone CL 4-8138 Between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday & Thursday EMPLOYMENT J« SALESMEN 20 -• 30 NOT READ THIS (Unless you aft willing to work) Our company 19 dsalrous of pine- Ing a local Ann to represent us. In Madison County. Must have •frail sales experience, .starting PaV $125 weekly. Hospltallzatlofi, Insurance, retirement plan and company profit sharing plan; Alt this If you can qualify. Phone 284-0729, 8:30 to 10 a.m. 20 — 12 29 WANTED—We have a place for you. Start .with $50 or $100 cash. Supply neighbors and friends, with nationally-known line of household prod- In part Aita^orfindt Alton. See or write C.'H,. Welch, 1405 si*tH St.. Cottage Mils. Ph. 389-1631, Wood River? v Make $3.DO an hour. Start at once. Write Rawlelgh, Dept. ILH 690-146, Freeport, lit. EMPLOYMENT It " 22 ... AA GENERAL Monday nnd Tu«ld«y. HO 5-1030. Located ntar downtown Alton FINANCIAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ?F YOtMCAN SELL-Have $1,800 to invest. Want to earn $1,000 or more per mo. & cash awards A premiums to give attendants & dealers for selling', write Box B60. care Alton Telegraph, Be sure to afte ><> «J phone no. Experienced Drl-Powr Distributor will interview you regarding dlstr. of Drl-Powr Automotive Products. _ _ Teldgfaph Want Arls "CUCK" FINANCIAL FOR LBASEfModern a station. Desirable tocftt able operation. Lf Major oil cofhpflfty, 23 — D service MODERfo~Tw<* cK*lJ OOod business. mCl-«-.~ fixtures and, land,, only till}. T T 11 2*1 fill 29 i 11 —— JEtWICE STATION POft 2 bay, excellent locntlert. Ed*_.__- vllle. low inventory. Mr.^BLOCK, , WQodbiirn 3-3281. " . . , 2-9918, Volunteer ' _ ..._ TEXACO" SERVICE st ATIOM br tenao, College & Main, AHflfi. Present volume over 30.000 gnl, monthly. Phone St, Louis, PL'nlndu 2-7000, (Continued on Pngo 28) AT GLIK'S i LADY RAGLAN Newest in Gymsuits styled by Moore O//icfo/ Gym Suit /or EAST ALTON JR, HIQH LEWIS & CLARK JR. HIQH and WOOD RIVER HIQH SCHOOLS The Very latest design In,space-ago gymsults - and your school has It. Wow! Before you ruUjlo our store, let us tell you a few of Lady Raglan's .charms: Raglan-,typ& sleeve and bust shaping tucks-combine action freedom In- hjgh-fashlon styling. Long, slim look aided by waist-shaping tucks and elastic back. Hide-away pocket and snaps for quick on n' off. A Moore-bonus-Sanforized Wash-and-Wear. Hardly needs Ironing. Now on your mark—get set-go-mo! to GHU'sl 4)425 Style 8801. In white. Jr. and Sr. High Schools nviillublc ut Glik's Alton Pluzii Store Officlul Oyni Suit for Alton 4.25 Wilshire Village and Alton Plaza open Monday and Friday Till 9 p.m. TRUST US-OVER 4 MILLION HflVl SINCE 1898 • 300 EAST BROADWAY . FREE STOKSIDE PAKXINS OPEN MOW., THURS. & FRI. TIL 9 P.M. We Made a Special Purchase of Famous BED-SOFAS SAVINGS Are Passed onto WE DO OUR OWN FINANCING 64 Year* W« have,mad* it «asy for .people lo own fine furniture, by handling;, all financing. .Buy Now—Pay laterl IXACTLY AS ILLUSTRATED f*ACHY AS ILLUSTRATfO SALE GOOP MMITEp TIME ONLYI 4 BIG STORES TO SERVE YOU! RKI 'S 227 t AtTQN.ILL 300 E, Broadway 19rti and Ptlrnor

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