Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 29, 1963 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 29, 1963
Page 18
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Tt!tffi»&A¥ t AUOtJST 20, 1983 ALTON EVENtNG 'Open Air' Look for Fall Fabrics To Head Department -*• Fashion experts If look" as the malt) influence In fall '63 fabrics, reports Erther Stamen, University of Illinois extension textiles and clothing specialist. Hi woolens, the major trend will be a renewed Merest In .fabrics In classic The all-important looks In cottons and synthetics are the worsted and heather effects. Many Woolens have the heather look in muted blends of deep, rich colors. Others arc traditional tweeds. Highlighted arc Harris-typo tweeds. These fab- rlfis come in multicolored mixtures with or without, reindeer hair and neutral surfaces with brilliant accent nubs. Looped Mohair Thick, lofty Scottish-type mo< hair comes looped or brushed down for n sleek look, Newest mohairs have soft, blurred color effects. Wool knlls, now available In all weights, have n casual ole- gancc. Most exciting of these knits are Iho new souffle-type mohairs, double-knit jacquards, crepe jerseys, I weeds and those In heather tones. In cottons and synthetics, classic rib and twill weaves rale n major position. Such fabrics Include poplins, gabardines,' cavalry twills, surahs, flannels rind chlno. Oxfords in solids, regimental stripes and prints are a strong contender for popularity. Homespun fabrics, which have the handwoven quality of early American fabrics, niso continue to be in the limelight this fall. Corduroy has become more versatile than ever as a leading sportswear fabric; with oven wider and thicker ribs than usual. This fabric comes in weights suitable for suits and outerwear. Crepe fabric appears in heavier weights than have been used this past season. Mossy, crinkled and pronounced ottoman textures are. featuredj \ •Pelt 1 Look* According to Miss SAcmen, another foil trend will be the "pelt look." Interest in. leathers, real ,or, Simulated, has in' creased rapidly as a natural part of the rustic country look. Cotton suedes are .expected to profit from the attention..that genuine skins receive, " . .' 'Fake furs in deep piles stress otter, mink, ;beaver,- persian lamb, seal and qurly , lamb's wool. Leopard appears in' fake f.ur, corduroy, velvet and cotton. / •'•;.-. SlyleKriefs AP Labor Day Weekend May Launch Measles Season Of Nursing at SIU Mrs. Margaret T. Shay will assume her duties as chairman of the department of nursing at Southern Illinois University Sept, 1. The department Is being moved from the Carbondale campus to the Eclwardsvllle campus In the spring quarter to lake advantage of clinical nursing facilities In hospitals of the Madlson-Sl. Clalr counties metropolitan area and In St. Louis. However, pre-clinlcal nursing courses will continue to be offered at the Carbondftle campus under the direction of Prof. Virginia Harrison. Mrs. Shay comes lu SIU from Marshall University, lltinllngton, VV, Va., whore she has been head of the nursing department. She formerly served us professor of nursing at Adolphi College, Garden Cily, N. Y.; as associate professor of nursing at Columbia University. New York City; as director of the division of nursing edu- MK8. 8IIAY cation al Clark University, Worcester, Mass., and as assistant director Of nursing ul Fordlwm Hospital in Now York. For Next Week School Menus tMJNOtS MtttttfcAL so'dttetV include measles Immunization on your list of preparations for thft long Labor Day weekend, parents of school-age children were advised today by the Illinois State Medical So- clcty. "The chances of susceptible children contracting measles is usually greater during this three-day weekend than at any other lime of the year for it frequently brings them Into contact with other children from throughout the country who may be carrying the virus". Last Fling The warning was issued by Dr. llarlan English, Danville, III., president of the society. Because the extended holiday represents the family's "lasl (ling" of summer enjoyment before the start of school, Dr. English noted that vacation spots arc usually overrun with children and tiiereby serve as breeding centers' for the disease. "Consequently, I he school season — which opens about September 4, — could spell the advent of the measles season". In addition to the possibility of serious mental and physical complications of measles, Dr. English pointed out that exposure to it may also mean that children will miss two week's of school, II' exposure 'takes place on Alton. WEDNESDAY: Wiener on Bun w/slice of cheese, Green Beans, Applesauce, Milk, White Grapes or Pudding. THURSDAY: Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce, Tossed. Salad, Buttered Bread, Milk, Fruit Cup or Brownie. FRIDAY: Tuna Salad Sandwich, Potato Chips, Sliced Tomato, Milk, Choice of Fruit. Betlmlto TUESDAY: Meat Loaf, Whipped Potatoes, Buttered Carrots, Hot Rolls and Butter, Choice of Fruit, Milk. WEDNESDAY; Barbecue on Perfection .Salad, Oatmeal Cookies, Milk. . THURSDAY: Meat Pot Pie, •Lettuce' Salad, Bread and Butter, Chocolate Cake, Milk. FRIDAY: Tuna Bunstead, Cole Slaw, Au Gratin Potatoes, 'Fruit farts, Milk,.' ' " " ' Are you resisting 'the boot trend because your anklesi,are too pretty to hide? ;'•••; Footwear designer G'olo,; has; '.Pudding, the answer. Rising from a huricl-'''' THURSDAY: some pair of alligator pumps i.Edwardsville 1 TUESDAY: One-half ' day ses- slonr-:No , lunch served., WEDNESDAY: .Hamburger on. Bun ,- Pickle, Cole" Slaw,- But- lered , Corn, Milk, Chocolate Is a tall and transparent boot,' whfch displays nicely a lady's ankle and gracefully curved calf. . ' - •- • For rainy weather he has also styled .the spats boot, In'calf and'-shin heights. The boot spat gives the illusion 'of being an ordinary, heeled slide worn with old-fashioned white spats/' v * * * *, .,• ,;. , The highest, boots' yet are Yves.. St. Laurent's which reach to tjie thighs like .fishing boots. ' But these are skinny and the leather:so lightweight and supple that it bonds at the knee joint without pinching. • * * * ,-,* ...... • Sneakers have taken such" a foothold thai everybody is busy trying to create a better one. Wheii 'podiatrists complained that certain rubber shoes were not 'good for the feet, leather sneakers were made. Now canyas has more com- pe/jtion from wool. The sheep's con'trlbution to Iho .sneaker business 'is made in a rich assortment, of wool checks, plaids, and herringbones, coordlnate.d to,, match wool skirts made by sportswear manufacturers. Honienuthing Hints Grass stains on children's clothes should first be soaked in alcohol. Mary Ann March, home economist, recommends using a strong detergent after soaking to remove the 'stain. Country- fried. Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, AT LAST.., DEODORANT THAT KEEPS YOU Combination Salad; Brea,d, But- ter. MUk, Ice Cream. FRIDAY: Cod Fillets, .Golden Glow Salad, Buttered Peas, Bread, Butter, Milk, Peaches. Wood River TUESDAY: Hamburger on Bun,, Baked Beans, Potato Chips, Fruit, Milk. WEDNESDAY: Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Tossed Salad, Bread and Butter, Milk. THURSDAY: Sliced Ham Sandwich, Cantaloupe, Buttered Peas, .lello .Salad, Milk. FRIDAY: Fish. Potato Salad, Beets, Salad, Bread and Butter, Milk. Salads, Dixie Cups and other Desserts available dally. Roxana TUESDAY: Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Tossed Vegetable Salad, Milk, Applesauce, Brownies. WEDNESDAY: Roast Pork with Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Buttered Peas, Calico Slaw, Bread, Butter, Milk, Cherry Cobbler. THURSDAY: Barbecued Beef on Buns, Buttered Com, Sliced Tomatoes, Milk, Apple Crisp. FRIDAY: Tuna Salad Sandwiches, Potato Chips, Gelatin Salad, Buttered Green Beans, Milk, Peanut Butter Cookies. Labor Day. he said, the onset of the disease will occur 10 to 14 days afterward, during the second week of the new school year. Saves Concern "Immunization of children before the holiday can save parents undue concern over last-minute exposure, as well as the expense and inconvenience which accompany the high fever, rash and the oftentimes more serious symptoms of measles." Illinois doctors have sufficient quantities of both the live and killed varlelies of the measles vaccine, according to Dr. English. The live vaccine — introduced last spring — offers permanent immunity against measles with just one visit to the doctor. Parents are warned that, about 10 per cent of all Immunized children develop a reaction In the form of rash, fever and cough about a week or so after being vaccinated. Dr. English assures them, however, that the reaction Is not serious, not contagious and will not lead to any complications. Cooking Cues If you cover eggs to be shirred fbaked) with a tablespoon of heavy cream and use a slow (325 degrees) oven, your eggs will have a sofe rather than a tough top. , FooA Rei > iew Supermarkets Take Labor Out of Meals This Weekend fty ASSOOlAttefJ PftKSS The nation's supermarkets are cooperating to help take the labor out of meal-fixing this Labor Day weekend. Hamburger and ground beef are widely featured for quick meals. Hams, picnics and Boston butts are easily prepared pork items. Chicken fryers are another entry In the simple WORD-A-DAY By BACH TELEVISION OTHER. KID6?/ "bibliophile fli- o-f i A PERSON WHO LOVES BOOKS; A6, DESPITE TELEVISION, THE BO/ BECAME A BIBLIOPHILE li*3, PuhliiLirt K*»»»ipi» O r~t a ; »i<»u Aliiik'ga BACM S-iS meal derby. Sandwich items include canned dinn nncl peanut butter. Kggs. ^specially small ones, are economic-ally priced for egg- salad this weekend. Those? desiring a season-end cookoul will find an ample supply of rib steaks and spareribs at. meat counters. Small turkeys and quartered turkeys are other economical dishes that kind themselves to oven or grill preparation. Vegetable selections continue broad, though some items are diminishing as the summer peak wanes. Best buys nationally include green beans, cabbage, topped carrots, celery, bell peppers: tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, onions and lettuce. Regional vegetable features Include eggplant in the North- past, blackeye peas and squash in the Southwest and artichokes and broccoli on the West Coast. Among fruits, watermelon and cantaloupe are still the best buys. Other attractions include nectarines, peaches and plums, with some areas getting a good supply of apples. Grapefruit is attractively priced in the West. Grape bargains will become increasingly attractive in price in coming weeks as a bumper crop comes to market. OF THE the swashbuckling look of boots . . . classy indoors . . . openly admired outside, you need sportive boots for Fall's Country - Casual Look! Attending all the best bonfires, starring in stadiums and seen everywhere the fun is ... you'll love the way these look with pants or skirts! (Top) Create corridor sensations in low. tapered styles with smooth leather "uppers" insert. Otter kid with elasticizecl medallion strap. (Middle) Adventuresome, brightly swashbuckled contour strap in Black smooth leather "uppers". (Bottom) Low 'n tapered with smooth leather "uppers" side-interest. Black trim on grained Black, with medallion trimmed elasticized strap. $8.99 GET THESE NOW WINTER KEEPING . Get These NUTRITiOUS, DELIC90US PRODUCE BUYS AND SAVE RED Potatoes POTATOES MAKE THE MEAL! LB. BAG Now CHAP.ERONE ANTI-PfiRSplRANT give? you total promotion tgtlnit perspiration problem* evsi) if you Dtrsolre heavily...koflps underarms W«T CHAP RNE stops lon so sffoctlvoly, many, use nly once pr twjcs a week, Yet ONE 1» «flb jo lumnl Ikln n used 95 iieod wAtim not . prlttltii if 12.95 QRUQ STORES FANCY GOLDEN RIPE BANANAS LB. THE KIDS LOVE'EM •••••••••• OH, YES, FRESH COUNTRY CRISP JUICY JONATHAN OR GOLDEN DELICIOUS EATING APPLES LB. BAG THE BEST DIXIE ^^••PB*^^" QUEEN WATERMELONS 1C RIPE, EATING FREESTONE PEACHES HALF PECK BASKET LARGE SIZE SWEET EATING EGGS DOZEN CALIFORNIA SWEET EATING ORANGES HOME GROWN TOMATOES DYED TO MATCH ANGOLAMB SWEATER AND SKIRT . I A dogwood branch Intarsia with flared collar and matching ribbed border. Blend of 65% lambs wool, 25% fur fiber, 10% nylon. Sizes 34-40 Slim skirt of 85% wool, 15% fur fiber. Sizes 648 Lovely Fall color combinations. Skirt - Sweater each 12' LB. BASKET \ A GRADE; SMALL SWEET CORN DOZEN FOR PICKED THE PAY YQU IMY If „. ANP CHEAP, TO01 ROADWAY «> MAIN ALTON, 111, DRIVE-IN PRODUCE MARKET WE sen WHOUMLE ' U30 W5T IROABWAY FIRM FOR SLICING! ^"""•Wlilp NEW ONIONS 5 •» 29° FOR THE TYPICAL AMERICAN SIZE by Leslie Fay i ''! As Advatitit inVogut One of the most elegant of the now casual ideas. The three-piece costume with a sleeveless, almost full length coat over a soft-sleeved oyevblouse wind slim skU'Un jwre wool double knit. Brown/Beige. Sizes 8 to i6. 95 49

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