The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1953 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1953
Page 12
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fAGF TWELVE BLTOnSVTLLE <ARK.V COURIER KEWS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, 19CT Gourmet Dishes Utilize Norwegian Sardines By CECILY BROWXSTONK Associated Press Food , llditor SARDINES 00 GODiniKT these [called for. Recipe may be doubled l heated in one larg bakincr dish or pie plate. shallow days. Turn a French chef loose on' SAKDI.N'KS U'lTH SIHHRKI) EtifiS a couple of cans oi" the Norway va- | lnsn-cHents: 4 teaspoons butter riety, and ho comes up with such 11" 1 maryarinc (soft.), >$ aip fine recipes as these for Sardines Orion- ( iry l«™d rruinlw, 8 eggs, one 3-li- tale and Sardines with Shimxl EHRS. I mina; can Norway sardines. Method: Sardines Orientale makes a per-1 Spread butter over the bottom of feet luncheon entree when prefaced 4 individual shirred egg dishes. by a soup and served with crusty Sprinkle bread crumbs over butter, hard rolls and a preen salad. You Break two eRK-s into each dish. Ar- need the rolls to dip into the won- . ninijt .sardines over CRRS. Rake in derful sauce of this dish. For drs- ! "low '32,1^) oven until eggs are serl, we suggest n fruit compote j fii'm -about 15 minutes. Makes four and thin rich brown-edged vanilla i servings, wafers. 1 • • Sardines with Shirred Efcirs arc , A flne brunch dish. But do acmm- J ApriCOf FlQVOr pany them with a special bread. If j • there's a French bakery in your j neighborhood, maybe you can get Croissants or Brioche—or if you're adventurous, you can make, your Own. Failing these, heated Parker- Pnrlr Ruff rOfK DUtT Apricot preserves glaze a .smoked pork butt to perfection. Yankee Recipes Make Delicious Recipes AI'KICOT GLAZED PORK BUTT* Ingredients: One '2 \' 2 - p o u n d 2 tablespoons orange juice. Method: Cook pork butt according to directions on cellophane wrapper. Mix together apricot pre- house, butter-flake or clover rolls will make mighty good substitutes. After the sardine-egg dish brinu on - . * bowl of fresh pears ay>p!os (about' honed smoked pork shoul- grapes; top your pretty "fruit nr- l lor . bll[t - ' : ' C »P Apricot preserves, rangement with dates or figs. And don't forget to have lots of good hot strong coffee all through your brunch. SARDINES ORIENTALK Ingredients: I medium-si'/.e onion, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 pound firm tomatoes, 1 fat clove of garlic (crushed), 2 tablespoons cooking sherry, pinch of saffron fif available), salt and pepper to taste, one 3-)i-ounce can Norway sardines. Method: Peel onion; quarter and cut into thin strips; there should be about 1 cup. Heat olive oil in 8-inch skillet; add onion and cook slowly for about 10 minutes; it, should be partly crisp a ml not browned. Meanwhile pee! tomatoes by plunging them into boiling water; quarter and .scoop out seeds TPllh your fingers; chop; there should be a generous cupful. Add tomatoes, garlic, sherry, saffron (if used), salt and pepper to skillet. Cook slowly, stirring a few times, lor about 10 minutes. Drain sor- dines, place half of them in two individual 6-inch heat - resistant glass pie plates; pour the sauce over; arrange remaining sardines over sauce. Serve at once in pie. plaes. Makes 2 large servings. Note: One cup thoroughly drained chopped canned tomatoes mny he substituted for the fresh tomatoes In tha basement of Miner Grant's general store In Old Slur- bridge Village, Mass., a colorful re-creation of a typical Yankee town of the HQO's, 60-year-old Mrs. Eleanor Allen bakes dozens of cookies A day. Using authentic Yankee cookie recipes dating back as far as 1750, she turns out rich, fat, sofUnsltlc- hard-outslde ones. "Zulus" and "Quakers" are the most popular. Old Sturbrldgc Zulu* (48 large cookies) Two cups sugar, 6 ounces chocolate, melted, I cup rich.sour milk, /a cup shortening, 2 eggs, 2 teaspoons vanilla, 3 cups flour, l lea- ;poon .salt, 1 teaspoon soda, 1 cup broken walnuts, '/a cup raisins (or other dried fruit.) Combine the sugar, ehor \^ itc and' shortening, add the vanilla. , Add the eggs, bcatnn, then Hour nilk. Sift dry ingredients and Btir into first mixture, beating until smooth, Add nuts and fruit. Buke at 375 degrees. Quakers (24 large cookies) Two cups brown sugar, 1 cup shortening (preferably butler), 2 teaspoons vanilla, 2 eggs. 2 cups lour, 3 cups prepared oats, l',£ teaspoons soda, 1 teaspoon salt. Melt the shortening and add to ugar. Add beaten e^jgs and vanilla, beating until well blended and smooth. Combine flour, soda, salt and sift. Add oatmeal to first mixture, then add dry ingredients. Otp hands in sugar, pinch off balls (•t the dough, place in cooky pan and pat more KUtfur over the top-f- of each. Bake at 375 degrees until light brown. Oyster Stew Is Old Custom' It's an old New England custom to serve oyster stew; delicious, too. OLD-FASHIONED OVSTKK STKW* Ingredients: 5 tablespoons butter. 00 1 teaspoon .salt, ''' Here's a Way To Serve Fish Differently with aprtcot mixture; l>:ike in slow (325P) oven 20 to 30 minutes, basting several times. Serve with a lit- rika, da.^h of ihyme, dash of wh pepper. 4 cups milk, 1 pint oyste mineerl parsloy. Ali'lhnil: Melt butttcr with si celery sail, paprika, thyme, wh pepper; add milk. Heat to just I low boiling point; add oysters heat Kcntly until edges of oysters curl. 15o not allow to boil, Cover and let stand 10 to 15 minutes to hlead flavors. Sprinkle with minced parslrv. Makes c servings. OYSTKK STKW 18 OH4 Solon was a wise Athenian lawmaker of the sixth century B, C. Here's a way to .serve fish that's it little different, FISH rt'KFS" Inirrftdients: 1 pound flounder or i porch fillets. VJ, cup milk, 1 spoon butler or margarine, 1 nashod pot-.unfs, 3 egfjs (sepa- '), .salt and pepper to taste, 1 spoon finely grated onion, C'ook lillets in small amount ol boiling salted water, covering arid simmering just until fish Is opuquc and Hakes easily. Discard any skin and (lake tish; there should be 2 cups. Heat milk and butter; add to potatoes with egg yolks; beat well, i Stir in salt and pepper, fish, and ! onion, Beat egg whites until stiff ! and (old in. Turn into greased Indi- j vldtial baking dishes. Place In pan \ of hot water and bake in moderate I oven about !0 minutes or until browned. Makes 4 to 6 servings. QUICK QUIZZES What will always Win your favor — It's hickory-smoked For finer flavor? I Burns serves and orange juice. Place pork] tie of the glaze over each slice.] butt in shallow baking pan; spread Makes 6 servings. WEAVING [Moth (Holes Tears Ladies & Men's Garments WHY I'AY MORE? RUTH McCLANAHAN —SKIL WEAVKR— <t2! K. Sycamore Blytheviile The favorite is Evergood Ham, 10 tender and juicy. Serve it and please the whole family. Buy it at your grocers. eveij , iro e Distributed By D. C'anale & Co., Memphis, Teiin. Snowdrift gives you this £ of good _.. |^ •tit HOESSQfV SHORTENING* Test Snowdrift in this CREAMY CHOCOLATE ICING (Quick, no cooking, never fails) \Vc say, "T:iMe Snowdrift icing by itself." See how nil the rich chocolaty flavor is yours to enjoy. The light, clolR-.iie magic you get in Snowdrift comes from the skill of its makers, the Wesson 00 People, who give you shortening as fine and delicate as Wesson Oil itself. So all foods you bake and fry with Snowdrift taste delicious. What':; T--.\,its- Snowdrift's crcaminess makes the icing ideal for decorating, because it keeps spread- able for days. CREAMY CHOCOIATE ICING 1 pound confectioners' sugar, sifted ': cup Snowdrift ? i teaspoon snlt 1 'i teaspoons vanilla •4 to 5 tablespoons creom or evaporated milV 3 squares unsweetened chocolate, melted Glvml i-onlVrlionors' sugar. Snoivilrifl .ind salt. Slir in vanilla ;m<] criMin, l.lwn nu'liod chocolate 1 . Enough lor targe 2-hiycr cake. Snowdrift Guaranteed AH-Vegetable EBERDT'S GATEWAY STORE Friday & Saturday Specials Chase & Sanborn Instant COFFEE - - - ib. 89c Large Size PET MILK - 2 (or 25c POTTED MEAT can 5 C Tomato 2cam25c PORK CHOPS Center Cut Lb. 49 C NECKBONES-ib.15c HYDROX COOKIES - Pkg.25c All Flavors JELLO - - - pkg 5c Red Delicious APPLES • - each 5C ORANGES - bag 33c •LowerPrices •SelfService • Plenty of Free Parking SIMONS FOOD MARKET 104 W. Main Phone 9660 HAMBURGER 3 IBS. FOR 85 BEEF ROAST 39 C Cut From Cherry Red Beef LB. Lamb Legs 49? Steak or Roast Ib. Beef Liver Fresh & Tender Ib.. . Veal Sfeak Chops Ib.. . Salt Meat Streak- o-lean Ib. .. Beef Stew fresh Cut Icon Ib.. . . Pork Sausage S/mon's Fine Quality Ib. Hog Jowls Sugar Cured Ib. . . Pig Hocks Fresh Ib. Fresh Dressed Fryers, Ib. . Beef Steak Rib CARNATION or PET MILK TOMATO Donald Due!: 46 oz. can for35 c BUTTERKIST 2 Guaranteed Fresh Medium Carton doz. 52 C CRACKERS VIFNHA SAUSAGE SARDINES FOLGERS COFFEE Sunshine Crispy No. 1 Lb. Box 230 can 100 S tall SJ.OO cans I 030 '/z Ib. can WONDER FLOUR Money Back Guarantee 25 Ibs. 2 . raJ . r 49(S PETER ['AN PEANUT BUTTER MOTHERS OATS SHIHLEY'S BEST FLOUR , 2H - s T r ..™ B . 25 u,, ? r BLACK PEPPER 2*-250 SEEDLESS Grapefruit - 6 lor 25 C Tanaerines5for10 c GRAPES E - ib.10 1C POTATOES Rc : !No :! 10 lbs 39ji COCOANUTS F : csh 2 for 250 ORANGES "°: la 5,1'-330 POPCORN c !"° R ! g 2..J90 PRICES GOOD FRIDAY & SATURDAY

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