Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 28, 1963 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1963
Page 19
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TfW? > •>&* -' , ,'" ? AJUfON DRAKE WISH TO SEE USALLSITNTrHEitEC- By Alfred Atidrlola SAID I SHOULD MAKE A FOOL OF 'B66tS' F6*NOLP,. CON HIM IN1O RJf TIN<S ME IN HIS WILL FOR A PIBCE OF THE CLUB..THEN SIT BACK Afo(? WAIT FOR HIS BUM JICKER TO FINISH HIM." «IO Ifflti BOLT tty .rebtt Ctiliftg Mo^y I'LL SHOW YOU to ftOQM. LITTLE EVE By JolltA FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbins RIVETS By George Slxta HBY- ITS JUST A FIGURE SPEECH-- FORGET IT. 6Q FAR NOBODV5 EVER SSBN A MOLE AROUND HERE/ I IT WAS JUS X^ A LITTLE JOB ( BUr GRAMPS IS OUT WERE M4KINSI A MOUMrAlN OUT VoFA MOLEHILL Fruit Fwlte •*. THE BERRYS By Carl Grubert I TOLD HER TO TAKE'IT EASY BUT YOU KNOW HOW SHE IS./ x 8-2B WHY DONY HELP DADDY 1 HAS MY INTERESTS HEART HE KNOWS.IF HE EVER OFFERED TO HELR I'D DROP DEAD/ BUT IN THIS FOUOW-UP SHOT YOU SHOULDNV \ /-* THINGS ONT WHATEVER HE WAS FOIN&.' SO HARD WONT GET THERE 'IS SOMETHIN& 6CRATCHEP ON THE ROCK FACM&,,,.IVOXpsJ 5EE, THIS FIRST SHOT WHERE HE HANSS By Carl Anderson THE SMITH FAIML1LY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith CAREFUL, HENRV, YOUR COCOA IS VERY HOT } IT «£KV& WEV5E PEOPLE \NCLWEP 10 SIR BAGBY By«R. and B. Hackney DO YOU WRITE FDR ANYTHING BESIDES MAGAZINES"? I HAP A NEWSPAPER COLUMN. I HAD TO GIVE IT UP FOR REASONS OF HEALTH. IT WAS \ fT WAS MAKING } MAKING THE YOU SICK f / EDfTOR SICK HIS CIRCULATION DROPPED OFF AND HE'GOT COLD FEET. By A. LKOKUM Wlmt Is Rock? Win The 15-Volume Britannia Junior Encyclopedia for schoo and home. Send your questions name, age, address to "Tell M Why!" care of this paper. In case of duplicate questions, the autho will decide the winner. Today' winner is:. Dorseth Palmer, 14, Trelawney Jamaica. PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates SET OFF THAT SPACE COUCH I/ WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE... AT HOM€ ffl Klnj FuMra Syndluir, Inc., 1P6J. Vali t'frlt rtumd. "Well! Jean Weber! Am I glad you called! 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I TOLP THOSE NOT TO SMIUe WHEN you THAT PAKDNER.' 1C 1HI ».n Illnu frotiuUMI Krtl «I|M> Rw.r.™ HEAD ' OFF AT THE PASS/ you said ft j t.. but why? k True Life Adventures HARE SCARE CHARES Bull-baiting was so popular in medieval Europe that a specie/ breed of dog was developed. He had a. short, strona neck, and snort /eas so that the by//'s horns wouldn't get under him. His nose in such a Many people ask if grow." Of course rocks don' grow the way living tilings do but they do increase in size dur ing periods of formation, so this ii a kind of "growing." Rocks are solid substances, bu at one time all rocks were eithe: very hot liquid or soft deposit settled under water. Rocks are made up of one or more minerals In "different amounts. The exac ke^ • up of rocks is differcn at different places on earth There are about 30 minerals tha make up most of the earth's rock. Rocks are formed in three main ways, and this is a way of grouping them into three main kinds Some rocks are cooled from melted rock deep in the earth or are thrown out from volcanoes. There are-called "igneous," or fire» made rocks, Such rocks are gran» and basalt. Basalt is one of (he common lava rocks. Granite if one of the strongest kind of rocks, Other rocks are formed large* y underwater. These are "sedj mentary," or stratified rooks. Tjiey are constantly being buijl up on the bottom? qj lakes oceans by piles of small stones, mineral, and other substances brought down by the rivers. Sjjaje and limestone are examples of sedimentary ,rock formed, under water. Sometimes the se ery rocks have been disturbed., olded yp into mountains, or via. ently turned on end. Then they show much older layers of rock, n which there may be fogails oj ancient dinosaurs and piaflts/ Some rooks formed; In the eea are made up of mpy ihejj «& mals and opl poJypj t As these features die, their shells pile un Jito a klw] of rock, IJmestone ia composed of ancient shells and corals. The third way rocks are formed is when great heat or pressure changes either igneous or sedimentary rocks into another, kind. This kind of rock is called "metamorphic, which means changes examples of metamorphic rock are gneiss from granite, quart Homemakers and career girls zite from sandstone, from shale. and slate in form. Marble is such a rock Jove it—our new cardigan cas- and comes from limestone. Other ual with crisp bias trim at neck' line and pockets. Sew it in easy- care blend. .'. Printed Pattern 4593: Misses' Sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size'16 requires 2 # yards 54-inch fabric. Fifty cents in coins for tJU* pattern — ndd 15 cents for cadi pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Anno Adams, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dopt., Z48 W« 17th St., Now York 11, N.Y, Print plainly Name, Address, Zone. Size and Style Number, ' Pattern free! Mall coupon inside new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog, ready now! Over 300 design ideas; all sizes. SendJiO cents for Catalog, » PUN TIME The Chuckle Box Boxer: Isn't it a long distance from the dressing room to the ring? Manager; Yes, but you may not have to walk back. Jack: How did you break youi arm? Mac: there? Jack: Yes. Mac: I didn't. See those stairs over Win a Britannlca Junior for Writing About "I WISH I COULD BUY" What single thing would you buy if you could buy anything you wanted? Why? Write a short Jeter about it and you may win a 15-volume set of Britannica Junor Encyclopedia. Important! en* ries must be addressed: "Buy," Tell Me Why, and give your name, age, and address, Win the Britannica World AUss or Yearbook of Events. Send your riddles,'jokes to: Riddles, Jokes, 'Tell Me Why I" Today's winner s: i ftiley Hickerson, 8, Austin, Old Ironsides hain't been ou> side of Boston Harbor since 1934- Bttlnier, Warmer Weather * HOME (AP) - Sunny Italy•-]» slowly gettler rainier, A government weather- survey showed that from 1953 to JB62 the number ol rajny r^ays had, increased from 85 to m That count^'any day when,any raln^or snow fell. , ' , . £ Italy. w«» also g«tttog wflrmSv, Over the same period the aver, age year - rpund high tempera, ture remained unchanged at 64,4 degrees Fahrenheit. But the ay. erage year - round low tempejs- ture rose from 48 to 49.1 degrgji Fahrenheit. H *T TOOM QH) 111UUOK8 The fisherman )g not ovevlooKed when Florida build* new bridges. Frequently, the pW span is lejt n place and converted into a (isliing pier, jn other capes, c& walks are built alongside tfie brjdjges to glvo tlie fishejinnn^a safe place to BtancJ while, casting. Sometimes, U he's brave enough o compete witli traffic for space, 4)e caster is allowed to fish from tho spun Itself but thJi danger- om form of the iport s<semi to be ' '

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