Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 28, 1963 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1963
Page 15
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ALTON EVENING , AUGUST 28,1963 jnnnn—'--°"""'- Cdlumn Expensive Hay Faces County Dairy Farmers By fHtiMAN W. WAV , Madison County farm Advise* Maklftg Wore corn silage of feeding more grain are two alternatives for dairymen faced \vlth a hay shortage because of the dl-y Weather of midsummer. May prices are expected to be high, balryttien would be money ahead If Uiey made more corn silage than usual to replace part of the hay in the milking herd ration. An acre of corn made into silage will usually provide more feed nutrients for milk production than an acre of excellent alfalfa hay. It's best to harvest corn for silage when kernels are well dented and the lower leaves have turned. H o w ever, dairymen who will not be able to make extra corn silage this fall may still save money by substituting grain for part of the hay in the ration. Relative prices between grain and hay are the key to deciding which will be less expensive feed. For example, a grain mixture T. w. May containing 700 pounds ear com (or 600 pounds shelled corn), 400 pounds of 44 per cent soybean meal, and 20 pounds of either steamed bonemeal or dicnlcium phosphate is about equal in feeding value per pound to two pounds of average alfalfa hay. Therefore, dairymen who can buy one pound of this grain mixture for less than they Would pay for two pounds of alfalfa hay can save money by limiting hay consumption and feeding more grain. They Nued Houghngc Dairymen can't take all the roughage out of a dairy ration. Digestive upsets occur and milk fat tests sometimes drop severely when roughage intake is cut too much. Cows need at least one pound of hay or hay equivalent per day for each 100 pounds of body weight. Also, vitamin A should be added to the ration when hay allowances are limited. It's best to give each cow about 20,000 to 30,000 international units of supplemental vitamin A per day. Production, feed cost and income records on each cow provide the best guides for economical concentrate feeding. In addition to the concentrates used to replace hay, feed a grain mixture containing about 15 per cent total protein at the rate of about 1 pound of grain to each 3 (o 4 pounds of milk produced by Holsloins and Brown Swiss. Give Jerseys and Guernseys 1 pound of grain to each 2'/£ to 3 pounds of milk produced. Don't sot an upper limit on the amount to give her. Treat each cow individually and don't forget to feed more grain than production indicates during the first few weeks of lactation. Boar Sale The Southwestern Illinois Swine Testing Association will hold a boar sale at the association testing station at Mascoutah the evening of Sept. 3, starting at 8 p.m. Average daily gain, pounds feed per 100 Ibs. gain, back fat, carcass data for litter mates and other test information will be given for each of the <15 boars in the sale, with boars of six different breeds. There seems to have been less trouble this year from insects affecting crops and livestock than for many years. Webworms may attack fall- seeded alfalfa. In severe infestations the small seedlings may be killed. If the worms are numerous and damaging plants, apply 1V4 pounds of DDT or toxaphene per acre before webbing becomes general. Do not use for hay or pasture- this fall. If the seeding is to bo pasteured or cut for hay, use I 1 2 pounds of methoxychlor or sovin per acre. Allow 7 days betwern treatment and harvest oi pasturing when using mcthroxy chlor. There is no waiting period for sevin. House fly populations have In creased greatly during the past few weeks. A continued increase can be expected until cool wen ther arrives. Follow these three steps: * Practice good sanitation; clean fly breod'nR areas often as practical. Apply a barn spray material, such ns dimethoatc, diazinon or ronnel, to the point of runoff to the ceilings and walls of all livestock buildings except poultry houses. Use only ronnel in poultry houses. Supplement the spray application with spray bait applications, using the same insecticide with a corn syrup and water solution (2:1 ratio). Other insecticide baits may be used at supplementary measures. Livestock Meeting Beef cattle producers are in- vited to attend a beef tour and livestock outlook meeting ott Friday, Sept. 6 at the Raymond Frailey farm (Producers Livestock Marketing Association farm), two miles north of O'Fal- Ion and eight miles south of troy. The program starts at 10 a.rn with a cattle grading demonstra lions by Ktl Lamb of the Producers, then a discussion of feeding and handling different grades of cattle by Dick Carlisle, University of Illinois livestock spec iallst. Lunch will be served at noon, followed by a discussion o the livestock outlook by Duanc Erickson of the agricultural eco nomics department, University o! Illinois. This is an opportunity to learn directly from livestock special ists what kind of cattle are in demand and how to care f o) them. In addition, you will gel an idea of what the future holds for . the beef business. The '25th annual meeting of the members of the SoUthwesteri Electric Cooperative, which in eludes Madison County, will bp held at the high school at Green ville Sept. 7, starting at 10 a,m Have you examined your cort for fertilizer deficiency symp toms? When corn is short of nitrogen the lower loaves turn yellow am then die. The yellowing starts a the leaf tip and spreads inwurc along the vein, leaving a V-shapec yellow area. The lower leaves art attested flfirt, and the damage moves Ufj fee plant as the season progresses. Lower leaves gradually withe* and die, resulting In firing. 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THIS SALE BUNK BED GROUP $ 58 NO MONEY DOWN 2 Beds, Guard Rail, Ladder, 2 Springs and 2 Mattresiet, 10-PC. SOFA BED GROUP THIS SALE 118 NO MONEY DOWN Sofa Bed and Chair Step Tables, Cocktail Table, Decorator Pillow* OPEN 'TIL 9 P.M. MON., THURS. & FRI. - OTHER iYENINOS BY APPOINTMENT It's Easy To Buy At FRANKLIN UNION, No Down Payment! the leaves. Unless the shortage Is extreme, ytm'Il generally see this symptom only lii young plants 6 to 18 inches tall. If you didn't USe a Soil Insecticide, you may 666 the same results when grape colns- „ _.._ ,, pis chew oft roots and reduce abli- ns reddish or purple coloring of ity to pick up phosphorus. Fotflssittrri deficiency first in the bottom leaves and then progresses upward. This pattern is similar to the one caused by nitrogen shortage. But Instead of attacking along the midrib, potassium deficiency occurs along the leaf margins, which develop a scorched . tips ot ears will be pcW filled; ears may be small am daotmed. 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BIG SAVINGS IN EVERY DEPT.I Wilshire Downtown Village Wood Kivn OPEN EVERY NIGHT " Open Friday 'tU 9,

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