Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 28, 1963 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1963
Page 2
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PAGE .ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Rail Strike 25,500 in Local CLOUDY AND COOLER Scattered showers and thimdershow- ers are forecast for Wednesday night for the Great Lakes and Ohio valley westward through the middle Missis* sippi valley into portions of the central and southern Plains and parts of the Belk Golf Donors Get Mone Back southern Plateau. It will he cooler to partly cloudy elsewhere with cooler Weather in the upper Lukes region, the upper Mississippi valley and the northern and central Plains with little change elsewhere. (AP Wireplioto Map) WeatherForecasl Heavy industries, withii? days, would begin to shut down if rail- workers walk off the job at one minute after midnight tonight putting as ninny as 25,000 per SOUP out of tliPir jobs in the Trie graph area. Industries and businesses in thr Alton - Wood River area, which have work forces of 25 or more, altogether employ more than 25.500 persons, the Illinois State Employment Service snid today. Thesp employers include industries, contractors, food SPIT- iccs, utilities and retail establishments. It does not comprise those) businesses and small manufacturers with less than 25 em- ployes and which eventually • would be affected by a cut off of , ALTON and vicinity - Partly 'supplies through a rail strike, cloudy, with little temperature! T i, P u . or | { f orce j n o, r Edwards- change tonight. Low in the low- ville.Highland, Collinsville and er 70s. A 30 per cent chance of showers or thundershowers to• night. Partly cloudy and a little Donors to the proposed Belk Park golf course in Wood River Township are getting their money back because legal obstacles have brought the project to a standstill, Omar Lyon, chairman of the project's finance committee, said today. land, attorney for tion. Greenville region totals 2.748 in establishments of 25 or more em- ployes, the state employment the corpora-, cooler Thursdav - High in thc mid office at Edwardsville said today. SOs However, an employment offic- Kramer said the corporation's position "is to give the City Council time to clear up the title) legalities to the park and make it possible for the Belk Park i Golf Assn. Extended Forecast Southern Illinois — Temperatures will average 2-6 degrees below the seasonal normals for the next five days. Near normal tern- Pledges, checks, and cash from legal right for orderly develop-1 raturos » ^ ^ . u *..:u..j -. i.,. _i ..— u* j o> *n nnn nifmf nf rho art If pniir^P ml* InP < . . . contributors bad reached S'10,000 for the proposed golf course which was scheduled to be completed this fall. Lyon said some ment of the golf course for the City of Wood River." in the period, turning cooler over the weekend. Precipitation will aver- immediate use for the funds, of the money has already been Kramer said, contributors and funds will be released on request. returned. The Belk Park Golf Course Assn.. a corporation organized to develop the golf course, has been made inactive by legal obstacles, Ivan Kramer, member of the corporation's board of directors, told tlie Telegraph today. The standstill resulted because the Chicago Title and Trust Co. refused to insure tlie title to the golf course, it was announced. The refusal was based on the possibility of legal cases testing the legality of the city's leasing a portion of the park under the terms of the will donating the land to the city. A suit for declaratory judgment on whether or not private leasing can be arranged for park property is presently being prepared by the city attorney, Marshall Smith, and Thomas Hol- Since the corporation has noj age .54 inch with marked loca i variations. Scattered showers and thundershowers are expected over the remainder of the Finance Committee Chairman week, The normal high is in the Lyon said contributes will be 80s. the normal low in the 60s. restricted when the legal obstacles are removed. The project stemmed from the City Council which organized ai Belk Park Commission, which i in turn organized a Belk Park! Golf Course Committee out of 1 which a finance committee was created to raise funds. Later, a golf committee was chosen by the City Council. This committee organized the Belk! Park Golf Course Assn. Mine Rescuers Hit Gas Ttvo Canadian Miners Freed From Rock Fall BULLETIN MOAB, Utah ff>—Voice contact was established today \vith nine of 25 minors trapped more than 2,700 feet below the ground in a phosphate mine. By R. GREG NOKES ial there said he did not think more than one - fourth to one- third of these would be affected by a rail strike. This, he said, is because the 2,748 figure includes employes of hanks, Southern Illinois University and the Madison County Sanatorium and similar agencies who would not be directly or immediately affected by a shutdown of railroads. A "wait and see" attitude has been adopted by railroads serving the area in regard to freight and passenger embargoes. Railroad representatives have said that no orders to stop accepting freight or passengers had been issued pending tlie possibility of eleventh - hour Congressional action. ! Edward H. Moody, ticket agent, for the G M & 0 Railroad at A1-; ton, said operations here will' close when the new job - elimi-S nating work rules are posted ati midnight tonight and rail work-, ers strike. He said a train to Chicago is scheduled to pass through the Alton station at 12:38 a.m. Thursday, standard time, and will remain on that schedule as far as he knows. Moody said that while he has received no official word, there is a possibility that this train may; WIDE OPEN SPACE Alton's municipal off-street parking lot off 4th Street near Ridge is occupied by single vehicle. Aldermen, facing problem of keeping parking meters in one form or another or doing away witli meter parking have bumped into remaining debt on off-street parking bonds which must be paid — with or without meters. Some aldermen proposed that the city sell the above lot. 2 Charged in Burglary At Try Finer Cleaners A Moline, 111. man and an Idaho man were charged today with the burglary of the Try Finer Cleaners. 2501 State St., Alton, following VIRGINIA-TOWN. Ont. (AP) -j MOAB, Utah i API-Rescuers , be dispatched from st . Louis eai ,|their early morning arrest. small change in his possession. Gibson had S8.77, also in bills and small change. Police discovered a quantity of Orphans to Get Top 4-H Steer CARROLLTON — Among buyers of tlie first-run steers at a 4-H Club and Future Farmers of America steer show Tuesday night at First Baptist Church at Jerseyville. "We intend to have it butchered, cut into steaks and roasts, then send it to our orphanage after it is frozen," one of the members explained. Two dirt-blackened, exhausted miners were freed from under about five tons of rock early today after being trapped 3,200 feet underground for five hours. Two other miners were injured but six escaped injury when two falls within" minutes of each other blocked sections of the Kerr-Addison gold mine. Rescuers freed Stanley Pieluck, 42, of nearby Kearns and Joffere Paul, '18, of Larder Larke, east of here. Both were admitted to a hospital with severe bruises and deep facial gashes. Their condition was shaft. ran into deadly carbon monoxide gas today in the depths of a potash mine in which 25 men were entombed?,, by an explosion. Presence of the gas further dimmed already slim hopes the men would be found alive. State Mine Inspector Steve Hatsis said the gas was discovered at tlie bottom of the 2,712-foot sliatt, one of the largest and deepest in North America. The missing men are somewhere beyond and below that level in Her in order to reach Chicago before the strike deadline. George Lee White, 27. of Oro-:t°ols in the pair's ifina, Idaho, and Jack Gibson, 281 Gibson was observed: by a spec- jof Moline were arrested in the | North Alton area about. .1,: 30 on Tools I suspicion of intoxication. Later in Stolen From Car On Towing Lot A burglar broke into a wrecked car parked on a towing | the morning tlie break-in at the cleaning establishment was discovered. Gibson was found hiding in the weeds in the rear of the shop. About $170 in bills and change were taken from the cleaners. ial police officer running through an alley between the cleaning establishment and a tavern and was found later lying in tlie weeds in the rear of tlie cleaners. White was arrested in front of a variety store about a block away. Both Police said the building was' en- were intoxicated and covered with dust. This morning the pair was being held ,at Alton police jail. They waived preliminary hearing before Magistrate George Roberts and are being bound over to the grand jury. Bond was, set at $10,000 each. , '''r^',''-'•''•? Barely a tenth of the earth's surface is crops. suitable for growing WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28, 1963 ! Peake Will | Speak to NAACP The mnn who recently K-iidetl tlio civil rights demonstrations In Enst SI. Louis will be ho main speaker at the Alton ACP rally Friday afternoon. .tames Penke, rt white NAACP field representative, Will heftd HIP grnm of three speakers at the rally In front of the city hall from .4 to 6 p.m. Other speakers inchkde Clarence Willis, president of the Alon Chapter of .the NAACP and Clayton Williams, vice president. Willis said more than 200 people arc expected to attend the •ally protesting discrimination of Mngroen in Alton. Willis said "invitations were sent lo several organizations to participate. "This Is not a sit in or march only a meeting In front of the city hall." Parking Ban at Alby West Cnrh R ecommended The Traffic Committee of Allon City Council at a meeting Tuesday night recommended approval of a resolution by Al- devrmin Clifford Dnbbs proposing Ihut parking be bnrinod on both sides of Alby Street, from .161 h northward lo Elm. Pnrking is already prohibited on tho wesl .side of Alby. Dtibbs said today that elimination of parking on both sides is needed because of the narrowness of (he Alby pavement and the heavy volume of traffic it carries. In personal contact* with Alby residents, lie said, he found there vvas almost unanimous sentiment to, extend the parking ban to both sides. Almost nil residents north of 16th Street, he found, • have driveways so they do not have to park their cars in the street. Last night's meeting of the traffic committee was conducted by its chairman, Alderman James M. Bailey. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ... _,„..„ „ ... service parking lot since Sundayj tered b >' climbing through a hatch one of two lateral tunnels extend land made off with S45 in too]s in tlie roof. The burglars apparent ing from the base of the main and a tool kit: Alton police re-| described as good. Council to Act Tonight on Fair Employment Law One new ordinance will be introduced and five others will advance to passage stage in the city council, tonight. The proposed new or tenure, terms, or conditions of employment. Any violation of the ordinance is declared a misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $200. Before rescuers can go farther, , Hatsis said, they must establish a nesv air supply in tlie main shaft, which goes straight down the distance of nearly 10 football fields. He said this would involve installing new tubing in the bottom of the shaft and pumping in fresh air. The old tubing was destroyed by the explosion. The mine inspector said it would take about five or six hours to enactment, Mayor Day said the ordinance 1 complete the new ventilating sys- spohsored by Mayor P. W. Day is a "fair employment practices" ordinance. ft would make it unlawful for any department or official of the city in connection with public works "to refuse to employ or to discharge any person, otherwise qualified, on account of race, color, creed, national origin or ancestry". It would also ban, for the same reasons, any discrimination as to tenure, terms or conditions of employment or deni;il of promotion or increase in compensation. Tlie measure would further provide that no contract be entered into by the city with any firm, person, or corporation refusing to include in its contract the foregoing provisions. Also in tlie ordinance is a general provision making it unlawful for any person to discriminate against any other person by reason of race, creed, color, or national origin with respect to hiring, application for employment provisions have been reviewed, tern and continue the search. and approved as to legality byj However, Hatsis held out hopej City Counsellor J. W. Hoefert. It the men might still be alive. He allows closely provisions of state aw on fair employment practices ported today. Police said the burglar entered Hie lot by climbing a< ly climbed pipes to reach the roof. Police report that the thieves forced a metal desk containing fence, stepping onto cars parked inside then jumping to the ground. Once inside, the burglar entered the car through a wrecked left door, removed the rear seat of the car and tore out the cardboard partition. Police said the burglar wore rubber-soled shoes. The car belonged to a Thomas L. Moore and was on the Cliff's Towing Service lot, 229 E. Elm | about $150 in bills, and pried open the most advanced camera in the world! New! Polaroid AUTOMATIC 100 COLOR PACK CAMERA PHOTO-ART SHOP WOOD RIVER a vending machine. When arrested, White bad $139.71 in bills and a large amount • of said they could have found air pockets in the two lateral tunnels and is much like a recently en- 1 in which they were working, acted E. St. Louis measure, he Frank Tippie, head of tlie pot- added, i ash division of Texas Gulf Sulphur Scheduled for adoption by the'Co., operator of the mine, said council tonight is an amended tax! the rescue teams had not estab- evy ordinance which would com-ilished contact with the trapped plete city financing arrange- i men. ments for the current fiscal year.! Asked if there was any chance The ordinance makes a grand, the men were alive, Tippie said: total of levies for the city and alii "I wouldn't even attempt a its taxing agencies in amount of i guess. I think there's a chance." $998,184. This with anticipated H e sa id they had been using receipts from sources other than! dynamite. taxation in amount of $1,345,197' ~ —would provide total estimated municipal revenue of $2,343,381. Other ordinances going to pass- Police Car in Collision Today An Alton police car. driven by Officer Ronald D, Gowan, 28, of 1134 Vernie Ave., collided with a car driven by Arthur C. German, 48, of Kenosha, Wis., Ibis morning, as the police vehicle was backing out of a parking stall on Alby Street. TOO provide: A' with Junior age stage tonight lease agreement Service League on the former I. T. passenger depot; removal ofi two parking meters on State near' "*" 3rd; naming of Rufus Easton Triangle; and provision of some traffic stops. DAVID ARST FURNITURE Mr. Russell Wade is pleased to announce MR. RUSSELL WADE is now associated with us as Sales Representative He brings with him 30 years experience in the Home Furnishings field and we extend an invitation to his many friends and customers to visit him. DAVID ARST FURNITURE 449 St. Louis Ave.—at Hit Viaduct last Alton Fine 4 St. Louis Youths on Intoxication Four St. Louis youths were fined $15 each this morning by Alton Police Magistrate George | Roberts on charges of intoxica-i tion. I The four were arrested all 12:30 p.m. Monday after tlvyj were discovered parked in the 3f)G block of W. 9th Street with! an open bottle of beer and a full case on tlie floor of thoir car, police said. The youths had been observed earlier b>' police in the 2500 block of Staro Street when they tried to force another car, driven by David Bull, 16, of Godfrey, off the road. All insurance is NOT the same. If you own a CAR, a HOME or a BUSINESS, it pays to check with Millers' Mutual before you renew your present policy. Phone today to find out how you can receive MORE PROTECTION AT A LOWER COST. Feo Robert E. Muehleman Office HO 5-5551 After 5 p.m. HO 2-1887 MILLERS' MUTUAL OF ILLINOIS NSURANCE i- AUTO • HOME BUSINESS H hoppani (a m«* «f tit. Suddenly w* r.gliit that w»'v« to<) many bill) lo pay. Thal'i whtn w« (go htlp you, W*'ll tenwlldatt oil «( your billt-l»gn you fkt mon«y lo pqy all of th«m. Th»n you can pay ui In poymtnti lo fit your budget. HOWABD FINANCE ___ 626 E. BROADWAY. 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