Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 27, 1963 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
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Tuesday, August 27, 1963
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, AUGUST 2t, 1963 Engagements Being Announced speaking e e Mutton HIE engagement and approaching marriage of Miss Judy Button, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hutton of Jer- seyvllle, atid ..Terry Dompscik, son of Mr. arid Mrs. Albert Dorriescik, of Auburn, was announced Friday afternoon at a tea given by Mrs. Wilber F. Hacker at her home. 18 Oak- Wood place, Jerseyville. The Wedding will take place Dec. 28. The secret was revealed when the guests arrived and were asked to meet the prospective bridegroom's mother. Announcement of the wedding date was given on the table centerpiece where two rings were encircled by pink and white flowers, one bearing the inscription "Judy and Jerry" and the Other the date "Dec. 28, 1963." The bride-elect attended Millikin University in Decatur, where she will receive her de- Your Health by LESTER L. COLEMAN, M.t>. Doctor, Vd Like to Knote MISS SCHWARTZ MISS HUTTON MISS SAMPLE Social Briefs Schroeders to Host Rehear sal Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Schroeder of Godfrey will be hosts to a dinner honoring their son, Richard, and his bride-to-be, gree in elementary education in Miss Connie Ketchum, Thursday January, Mr. Domescik was night in Moonlight Restaurant. party will follow * My sister uses cortisone. 1 am worried since the enclosed clipping states cortisone is dangerous.— Mrs. It. S. Illinois. Dear Mrs. S.: If you will read the article again, you will find that the doctor who wrote it considers this valuable drug a boon to Its Users.. He does emphasize, and rightly so, that cortisone should be taken only under careful supervision by the physician. Dosages of cortisone must be constantly adjusted according to the patient's needs. Pimple In the Nose My teen-age son gets a pimple in his nose every few months. Then the nose gets red and swollen. this?— Mrs. R. F. Wisconsin Dear Mrs. F.: These pimples in tbe nose are called furuncles. They are tiny abscesses usually around the base of visible hairs in the nostrils. Almost always they are caused by nose-picking, with or without a handkerchief. The In. many instances, this treatment has been responsible for the saving of lives. There Is now an additional suggestion that the hand or foot that is bitten be Immersed in ice water. Salt water must not be used, for It mlglll cause frostbite. Anti-venom serum and immediate treatment by a doctor are, of course, most important. Typhoid Shots I travel a great deal on business to the Far East. How often should I have typhoid booster shots?—D.M. California tl The Family Miss Milnor Wed in Winnetka Houseman- and Suddes Nuptials Read inChampaign lowing their marriage Friday In Winnetka Presbyterian Church are Thomas Anthony Calhoun and his bride, the former Miss Marilyn V. Milnor. The bride's parents are Mr. and Dear Mr. M.: The United Mrs. George B. Milnor of Win- States government has only re- netka. The Rev. Donald Kuntz cent'ly inspected this problem What causes because o{ lhe var i e d opinions and a reception In the Skokle graduated from pre-medical school at Millikin University last year and is a sophomore student in the medical school at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. Miss Button's sororit'y is Pi Beta Phi and Mr. Domescik's fraternity is Delta Sigma Epsilon. Parker- Schivarts Announcement is being made today of the engagement and approaching marriage of Miss Sylvia Charleen Schwartz and AiS.C. Philip Brian Parker. The bride-elect is the daughter of Mrs. Charles L. Schwartz of 2341 State St., and the late Dr. Schwartz. Dr. and Mrs. Frank N. Parker, 846 McPherson Ave., are parents of the prospective bridegroom. The dinner rehearsal of the couple's wedding in Elm Street Presbyterian Church. The ceremony is scheduled for Saturday at 7 p.m., and a reception will be held afterward in the Christian education building of the church. Miss Ketchum has been honored at a number of showers in the past few weeks. Mrs. Marvin Bott of Brighton was hostess to a party Sunday in the Westerner Club. Last Thursday Mrs. Arlyn Rosenthal gave a luncheon-shower in her home in Roxana, for the bride- elect. Miss Ketchum's bridesmaids had a shower in her honor last week in the Pine Room of the Westerner Club. They are the Misses Roma Vanfossen, Charlene Haynes and Janet Daniels. Members of Alton Bethel of Job's Daughters showered Miss Ketchum earlier this month at Favorite Recipes . redness and swelling are part Mrs. Ralph Byron of 915 Cedar Drive, Wood River, has sent Q{ naU]re , s healing mechanism two of her favorite recipes. The Potato Candy and Three Fruit Sherbet appeals to us as something different. Mrs. Byron and her husband, who is a 30 year em- ploye of Shell Oil Co. in its experimental laboratory, have four children. Two daughters a're married and they have a teen-age daughter and a 12-year-old son at home. Mrs. Byron likes to sew, play golf and dance, in addition to cooking. She works part time in the admitting office of Wood River Township Hospital. Potato Candy 1 medium potato (boiled and mashed) 2 teaspoons butter 1 teaspoon vanilla % pound coconut 1 pound powdered sugar 2 squares semi-sweet MRS. BYRON on it. They have now made Country Club followed the cere- suggestions for military per- mony. Brigadier General and Mrs. Frederick E. Calhoun are parents of the bridegroom. Miss Susan Ball of San Fran- sonnel that can also be applied to civilians. Public Health officials advise that a single dose of typhoid The wedding of Miss Helen Louise Suddes and Douglas Winston Hauseman look place Sal- heard lhe couple's nuptial vows, m -day noon in McKinley Memorial Presbyterian Church, Champaign. The Rev. George S. Easley performed the ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Suddes of Jerseyville. She wore a booster Is all thai is necessary cisco servo d as ma id O f honor. go \vn of silk organza over tat- for people who have been fully Bridesmaids were Miss Anne f e ta fashioned wilh a controlled Milnor of Wllmelle, cousin of skirt flowing into a chapel Irain. the bride, Mrs. Rostislav Ro- The gown was detailed at the as a defense against bacteria. These infections are usually not dangerous but should not be neglected. Guarding Against Snakes My children are going on a camping trip in an area where there are snakes. Are there any special precautions to be taken?— Mrs. C.K.D. Arkansas. Dear Mrs. D.: Obviously, the best precautions is to keep the children away from areas that are known to be infested with snakes. All children and devotees of outdoor life should be taught the standard emergency treatment for snake bite: A small cut, followed by mouth suction and tourniquet. immunized before. Some physicians, however, still prefer to repeat the complete typhoid immunization after an interval of two or three years. Vitamins and Dieting In a strict reducing diet can large amounts of vitamins alone sustain the body?— L. C. New York. DEAR Miss C.: No, definitely not. Vitamins represent only manoff Jr. of Evanston, Miss Hallie Will of San Francisco, Mrs. Michael Halle of Tucson, Ariz., and Mrs. William T. Woodard of Northfield. The bridegroom was attended by Kelvin Booty of Oakland, Calif., George J. Milnor, brother of the bride, Frederick Henry and William Geisler of San a small part of the nutritional ^^^^^ ^^ needs of the body. No one should undertake a rigid dietary regime without the advice of a physician. While Dr. Coleman cannot undertake to answer individual letters, he will use readers' questions In his column whenever possible and when they are of general Interest. Address your letters to Dr. Coleman in care of Alton Telegraph. © 1963, King Features, Synd., Inc. Rapids, Mich, and David Schwan of Washington, Ohio. The bride wore a gown of neck and sleeves with embroidered lace appliques which were repeated in an apron effect on the skirt. Her double tiered crown of seed pearls and sequins secured a three liered veil of French illusion. She carried a cascade bouqucl of Killian daisies centered wilh a white orchid. Mrs. Dale Lyvers of Wheeling, sister of the groom, was matron of honor. Bridesmaids were Miss Linda Lee Pirtle of chocolate Mash potato while hot, and add butter and vanilla. Add ._«. ..... ______ Q _______ _.. ...... ............ ________ The couple will be married a par t y in the home of Miss sugar after sifting, and then the coconut. Spread in pan, then Here's How Fence Off Neighbor's Yard Nov. 9 in the Twelfth Street suzie Shy, queen of the bethel Miss Ketchum is bethel guardian. Let stand two hours, then Presbyterian Church. Miss Schwartz is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, and is employed by the Gillespie High School, Gillespie, as a home economics ^Ht^iance attended Southern &* a rehearsal dinner . at 9 Illinois University here, and the University of Illinois. He is presently stationed at Chanute ^ Martha Hur . Air Force Base, Rantoul. ^ daugh ' ter Q{ Mf afid Mrg Johnson-Sample Mr. and Mrs. George E. Sample, 138 Dalewood Drive, Rosewood Heights, are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Susan Margaret, and Leroy E. Johnson. Mr. Johnson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnson, 404 Center St., Edwardsville. The bride-elect is a graduate of Roxana High School and attends Southern Illinois University here. She is employed by SIU in the Edwardsville purchasing department. Her fiance attended Edwardsville High School and Southern Illinois University here. He is employed by Granite City Steel Co. Crotchett Family Twenty-four families attended the Crotchett family reunion in Shipman Park Sunday. The event was in honor of the Rev. and Mrs. Elliott Jones of Mor- rillon, Ark. Mrs. Jones is the former Miss Faye Crotchett. melt chocolate and pour over top. cut. It's similar to white fudge. Three Fruit Sherbet 2 extra ripe bananas Juice of three oranges Juice of three lemons Make basic syrup by bringing to a boil 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water. Cool. Mash bananas in ice cube tray. Add juices p.m. Friday at the Park House and stir in the syrup, which will still be like water. " " three hours. Stir once after the first hour. * * » * Send your favorite recipes, together with a picture of yourself to the Family Page of the Alton Evening Telegraph. Recipes will be tested by home economists in the Union Electric kitchens before they are used. Your picture will be returned if requested. By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer Most people want privacy, even when they have only a above the ground. Foliage could be planted below taking up the slack left by the space and softening the lines of it. If you Rehearsal Dinner Mrs. W. Vincent Felton of 303 Thomas St., Roxana, will for the wedding party of her son, Benny Joe Felton and his tiny plot of ground surround- adopt tnjs method) consider get- Freeze Wesley Hurley of 418 Doerr Ave., Roxana. The wedding will take place at 8 p.m. Saturday at the First Presbyterian Church, Roxana. soon to New Haven, Conn., where her husband has been transferred by Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp. Mrs. Petten- The Beldens Mr. and Mrs. Russell Belden will celebrate their silver wed- Mfg Austin windsor ding anniversary Sunday Sept. & 1, at their home, 137 Hawthorne St., Hartford, from 2-6 p.m. Friends and relatives will call, and their two daughters, Miss Wanda Belden and Mrs. Ralph Pickelt, and a friend of the family, Mrs. Lloyd Lewis, will be hostess. served refreshments. The Wilkinsons Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wil- Mrs. Leland Rea of Litchfield. Mrs. Rea is the former Ann Narup. Miss Howard Miss Mary Jane Howard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Howard, 1106 McPherson Ave., will leave Sept. 1 .for Denver, Colo. The student will kinson, 246 W. 19th St., honored ^ ^ West before beginning Mrs. Thompson Mrs. Max Thompson was honored at a farewell party by members of the Alton Area Auxiliary of the National Guild of Piano Teachers Sunday. Fourteen persoas had dinner at Hearthside Restaurant, after which they adjourned to the home of Mrs. Clare Pettengill. Musical games were played and a gift was given to Mrs. their son, Ronald, at a dinner in their home Sunday. Ronald left Monday for San Antonio, Tex., where he will serve with the Air Force. Twenty guests were present at the event. The Reas Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rea and son, Charles, have returned to Rossville after spending a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Narup, 2134 Mar- her studies Sept. 16 at St. Anthony's Hospital School of X-ray Technicians in Denver. ESA Fifteen members of Epsilon Sigma Alpha, Alpha Psi Chapter, attended St. Louis Municipal Opera last evening. Chairmen of the event were Mrs. Clara Peirick and Mrs. Harold Berger. The next meeting will be in the home of Mrs. Emma Bean quette Drive. Before coming o D to Alton, the Rea's visited a Thompson who will be moving week with his parents. Mr. and o f Godfrey Road, Godfrey, at 8 p.m. Sept. 4. ing their home. "We love our house, but our neighbor's backyard looks like a junk head," writes a woman, "and everytime we sit with friends on our lawn, she has her wash blowing in our faces. My husband says it would cost too much to screen their yard out with trees, as we would need to get some six feet ox- taller if we'd make a hedge. Is there a better solution?" No Hate Walls Wooden fences do not need to look like hate walls. An attractive basket weave style fence made with wide boards and 2 by 4s woven through vertically could be pretty, and you could plant a few fast- growing trees in strategic spots to soften the look. Louvered designs with the boards placed in a vertical position have become popular in recent years. It is a good fence where you do not wish to shut out cool breezes, but would still like privacy. The same louver idea may be worked out horizontally. Some people like woven fences, made of saplings, wired together, but neighbors sometimes resent them. If you want to have a fence higher than funds permit for materials, you could place horizontal boards on uprights, starting the board about two feet ting some of the inexpensive tiny evergreens in bulk to use as a border. Wants Patio Another outdoor problem is this one: "We'd like to do a little patio on the side of our house. My husband says he doesn't mind doing the work, and could do it in the fall. But just about anything worthwhile we want to do seems expensive. Bricks and flagstone would make the cost prohibitive as we would need to put a cement foundation down first. A wood deck wouldn't go with our fieldstone house," writes a new homeowner. A cement foundation alone could do the trick as one couple discovered. When he had poured the cement, he decided to try an experiment based on an Oriental idea he had seen done with sand in a yard. He took a rake and threaded a wavelike pattern down the almost-dry length of the concrete, matching the entire area into a uniform series of the waves. He decided not to use flagstone, and as a matter of fact decorated the little patio in an Oriental theme with windchimes hanging from house overhang, potted white pines, borders of bright flowers. peau de sole, appliqued with Dallas, and Mrs. Stanley R. re-embroidered lace and fea- Houseman Jr. of Roselle, sis- turing a chapel train. An heir- ter-in-law of the groom, loom headpiece of seed pearls and lace secured her illusion veil, and she carried a cascade of white roses, stephanotis, and lilies of the valley. Her attendants were attired in white chiffon floor length gowns and carried coral bouquets. Their hats were small bands of ivy and coral roses. The bride attended Mt. Vernon Junior College in Washington, D. C., aand the University of Oklahoma where she was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta social sorority. She made her debut in 1957 at a garden tea at her parents home. Mr. Calhoun was graduated summa cum laude from Duke University where he was a member of Phi Delta Theta social fraternity and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He will continue work on his master's degree this fall at Stanford University. The couple will live in Menlo Park, Calif. MRS. HAUSEMAN They wore ballerina length dresses of white summer peau with controlled bell skirts banded at the waist with moss velvet and secured with flat loop bows. White horsehair picture hats, crowned with moss green velvet completed their ensembles. The young women carried white fireside baskets filled with yellow and while Marguerite daisies arranged with leather leaves and moss green ribbon. Stanley R. Hauseman Jr., Hairdressers See Guest Artist Perform Steve Ostrowski of Chicago was guest artist at the dinner meeting of the Madison County Hairdresser's & Cosmetologist's Association Monday in Mineral Springs Hotel. Local members serving as models for Mr. Ostrowski were Mrs. Robert Bohart, Mrs. brother of the groom, was best George Kauble, and Mrs. Fran- man. Groomsmen were Dale cis Giles. Lyvers of Wheeling, brother-in- law of the groom; Richard Morris of Benton, cousin of the bride; Tom McFaul of Northbrook, and Bernard Havel of Wilmette. The bride was graduated from the University of Illinois. She is a member of the Chapter GB . of P.E.O. Sisterhood and Gamma Alpha Chi, national advertising fraternity and is assistant to the advertising nor, Miss Alice George Milnor. Milnor and Attending the wedding from here were Mrs. M. Ryrie Mil- manager at W. Lewis & Co., Champaign. Mr. Hauseman is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Hauseman of Northbrook. He is a pre-law student at the University of Illinois and is a member of Phi Kappa Tau social fraternity and the University of Illinois Varsity Men's Glee Club. The groom's parents entertained at a rehearsal dinner for the young couple at the Urbana Lincoln Motor Inn the night before the wedding. Following the wedding Mr. and Mrs. Suddes entertained at a wedding breakfast in the Lincoln Room of the Urbana Lotve- Voivs Said In Ladue Mrs. Larry Meyers, color and permanent wave technician from Southern Illinois University was also a guest. Seven new members were accepted. They are Mrs. Betty Angle, Mrs. Lillian Lilies, Mrs. Norma Graham, Mrs. Geneva Ufert, Mrs. Irma Berry, Mrs. Ruth Jolly, and Charles Mayberry. Final arrangements were made for attending the slate convention Sept. 20-23 in Chicago. Contest rules are available through the local unit. No meeting is scheduled for September. The Meisenheirners The Meisenheimer family reunion will be Sept. 2 at the Onized Clubgrounds, area 2. A basket dinner will be served at noon. Co-chairmen for the event are Mrs. Louise Meisenheimer, 822 Condit St., and Mrs. Alice Clayton, 326 Logan St., Bethalto. Weir Reunion The Weir family reunited Sunday at Western Clubgrounds to celebrate the birthday of four niember.s. The honorees were Mrs. D. L. Weir, Russell Puterbaugh, Harold Weir, all of Pleasant Hill, and Harvey Weir of East Alton. A potluck dinner was served to the 25 persons. Summers Port Plans Barbecue On Saturday Summers Port Swimming A Lovelier You How to Gain Weight By MARY SUE MILLER A lovely writes: I am painfully thin. I cannot gain weight, no matter how much I eat. Besides, when I eat the so-called fattening food, my skin breaks out. Seems I can't win, What's your advice? The Answer: Unless there is a medical problem, poor nutrition is the basic cause of underweight and the lead-in to blemish skin. The quality of the foods a slim-Jane eats to gain is quite as important as the quantity. Maybe more so! An overall plan for gaining 8 rtrn' fr" 'cIS intake It by taking a bit more at each of 3200, daily, and invest those meal than you desire and by calories in a well-balanced va- acquiring a taste for foods you hosts at a family dinner in their -"-'"" ' home following the ceremony. Mrs. Wanetta Bright, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Faye Hibbs of Fairmont, W. Va., and James Lowe were married in Ladue Chapel, Ladue, Mo., Saturday at 4 p.m. The couple received friends in the church social rooms following the ceremony. The bride has been living with Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Brandt, 3525 California Ave. Mr. Brandt escorted her to the altar. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lowe of East Alton are the parents of the bridegroom. Mrs. Donna Kivett served as matron of honor, and Miss Patricia Arnold was bridesmaid. The bridegroom was attended by his brother, Ronald, and 'a cousin, Russell Monahan. Until her marriage, the bride was employed by Roosevelt Federal Savings & Loan, St. tfouis. Mr. Lowe is an em- ploye of International Harvester Co. Following a honeymoon through the East, the couple will live in Cape Girardeau, Mo. Baby Baptised * Michele Rene Schwaab, daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schwaab, 4300 Wedgewood Dr., was christened Sunday in St. Mary's Catholic Church by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. James Suddes. The infant was sponsored by •her aunt and uncle, Miss Nan Schwaab and Jacque Schwaab. Mr. and Mrs. Schwaab were Lincoln Motor Inn. Mr. and Mrs. Hauseman are at French Lick, Ind., for their honeymoon. Upon their return they will reside at 302 N. Prairie, Champaign. Cooking Cues When you are planning to make sandwiches from cold sliced lamb, spread the bread with butter creamed with a little oregano. A buffet size can of crushed pineapple makes a good topping for ice cream, but it's even better if you add diced bananas to the other fruit. Some cooks like to add a small garlic clove, along with the other seasonings usually used, when preparing chicken or jeef broth. Join Our SLIM & TRIM CLUB SLENDERIZING the easy, inexpensive way. Ask for details. Paulene's Monticello Plaza Gold Waves $095 Oup Princess 53 E. Ferguson, Wood River lie E, Main, East Alton 1106 Milton Road, Alton NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED) riety of foods. Under no circumstances o v e rl o a d with Neither your complexion can excesses. In planning s, follow this pattern; dislike. 3. Get all possible- stride. Hustle and nerves use Membership Drive Begins Alton Children's Theatre Board began its membership drive Monday dur- toi a meeting in the home of Mrs. Hillary Hallett. Mrs. Robert Elliott, at teTeDhone, is chairman. Her committee, from left, are Mrs. William Nagy, Mrs Stemund Reid, and Mrs. Don Jacoby. The goal this year is $1,500. Three tvnes of memberships are available which include general, donor, nnd natron Members of the committee will call residents of the community during" the drive. Goals of the organization are to bring live theater, of the hiehest calibre, to children of the community; to encourage children from 6 to 17, to participate in the creative arts; to sponsor an adult HPtine srouD to troupe amateur productions to the schools free of charge; to acquire a permanent center for activities of Children's Theatre. ''•"""" if"'" urday for members and guests at the club in Godfrey. Ribbons and medals for this year's swimming contests will be awarded following the meal which will be served from 5:30 until 6:30 p.m. Swimming and games will be the feature of the afternoon from 2-5 p.m. Reservations must be made by Thursday at the pool. 6 glasses whole milk (may be. taken in soup or on foods); 2 eggs; 4 pats butter; 1 tablespoon salad or cooking oils; 4 portions meat, fish or fowl; 1 serving each, fruit juice and fruit; J serving each cooked green leafy and yellow vegetable; 1 potato or other starchy vegetable, like rice; 2 plain desserts; simple snacks, such as graham crackers. 2. With a how-to-eat-all problem, you must and can solve ' k More Curve (or the l#gllne II your loveliness problem Is thin, shapeless legs, send for my leaflet, "Mure Curve for the Legline." It shows how to build up contours with spot-increasing exercise. The leaflet also includes your ideal leg measurements, and tips on a graceful stance as well as flattering footwear. For your copy, write to Mary in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope > Publishers Newspaper Syndicate Summer Magic from— R. Urcmdwwy—AHon DIAL BO Mill- ST. MARY'S 536 E. 3rd Street ICE CREAM AND WATERMELON SOCIAL WED,, AUG. 28th Storting at 7 p.m. t Music f Games f Nove|tlc» v • Coffee t Cuke OMEGA and HAMILTON WATCHES See Our Selection EDWARD OTT JEWELER Authorized Distributor Stratford Hotel Bldg, CURE PETTENGILL At Home Again anil Will Resume Teaching Next Friday, September 6th Classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Class limited to 10 children, For j.essuiih, Appointments, mia for Information Bw»rdlnjf MPSJO «IN»K«GAJiTJSN, Cull or J'norie 2710 Celltgt Avt. Telephone HO

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