Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 26, 1963 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 26, 1963
Page 20
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PAGE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONBAY, AUGUST 28, 1963 Telegraph Reports News of Business, Industr Area Thousands Swatnp Arhtn's Between 8,000 and 10,000 people shopped at Arlan's Discount Department Store in East Alton Thursday, Christopher Ghilarducci, store manager, told the Telegraph. Thursday's crowds at the store contributed to major traffic jam reportedly never seen before in East Alton. Police Chief Harold Riggins and another policeman handled the jam assisted in the afternoon by two state troopers, The parking lot traffic was directed by 1C security guards employed by the store. The guards' supervisor said he had never seen anything like it. It was estimated that 4,000 people were in the store at one time. Chief Riggins said, "all you could see were thousands of bobbing heads". GE Air Conditioning on Display General Elcctric's traveling display of latest central air conditioning and heating equipment for the home will be in Alton Wednesday. Housed in the world's only vehicle heated and cooled by a G-E Weathertron heat pump, the display known as the "Comfort Caravan" will be open to the public at the Alton Plaza from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Homeowners visiting the Comfort Caravan will be able to better judge for themselves the quality of heating and air conditioning installations, according to Alto n Home Improvement, 652 E. Broadway, Alton, and 12 E. Ferguson in Wood River, whose firm is sponsoring the local visit of the show. On display in the 74-foot Comfort Caravan will be panels explaining air conditioning, examples of proper and improper equipment, and cutaways showing and explaining compressors and other components. The displays are illuminated and many of them operate. Savings and Loan Opens A former Alton resident and now secretary-treasurer of Carbondale Savings and Loan Assn. announced plans for the construction of a new building last week. Douglas Heaton, formerly an employe of Germania Savings and Loan said a 4,000 square foot building will be erected in Carbondale to house the offices of the Carbondale Savings and Loan Assn. UE Outlines Power Development Union Electric and 21 other midwestern power suppliers last week outlined a $2^4 billion power development program for mid-America to the congressional delegations of 10 states at a meeting in Washington, D. C. This power development program which may set a national pattern for coordinated power operations includes a $280 million network of extra high voltage lines, tlie lawmakers were told. It is being carried forward by Mid-continent Area Power Planners. MAPP power suppliers operate in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska. Tri-City Expands Warehouse Because of increased tonnage and the necessity to load trucks faster every morning, the truck loading facilities at Tri-City Grocery Co.'s Granite City warehouse have been increased to 8900 square feet. The deep freeze space, which is kept at a temperature of five below zero, has been increased from 2,600 to 3,300 square feet with the addition of a 700 square foot freezer. The freezers at Tri-City will hold about 379,500 pounds of frozen foods, which take nine railroad cars to move. If a home refrigerator holds an average of 25 pounds of frozen foods, then this freezer space would be equivalent to 15,180 refrigerators. The cooler space for handling dairy, fruits and produce has been increased to 9,772 square feet. Granite City Steel Men Promoted Two executives have been promoted to new positions in the operating division of the Granite City Steel Co. Frank J. Burgert, who has been assistant to the vice president in charge of operations and divisional superintendent, hot metals, has been appointed manager of operations. In that position, Burgert will have charge of all production and maintenance at Granite City Steel. Russell C. Solomon, who has been assistant works manager, has been appointed manager of staff operations. Reporting to Solomon will be the company's industrial engineering and production control departments and it's operations analysts. American Barge Announces Dividend Floyd H. Blaske, president of American Commercial Barge Line Co., has announced today the declaration of a quarterly dividend of 37 V-, cents per share, payable Sept. 13, to stockholders of record September 3. This represented an increase from 30 cents in past quarters. Blaske reported that earnings for the seven months ending July 1963 were $2,664,653 or $1.74 per share compared with $2,225,878 or $1.42 per share for the same period last year. Earnings for the 1963 period include 14 cents of tax benefit resulting from investment credit and guide line depreciation against 12 cents in 1962. Barber Promoted at Brown Shoe W. F. Barber Jr. has been elected vice president in charge of sales of Brown Shoe Company at a meeting of the Board of Directors recently. He succeeds Louis J. Schaefer who resigned last week. Barber has been general manager of the Air Step division since joining the company in 1954. NEW BIEVENUE STORE Bievenue Orthopedic Appliances Co. opened for business last week in Its new location at State and Third Streets in Alton. The store was formerly located at 831 Union St. Richard W. Bievenue is owner of the store. News of Grains Bean, Corn Trade Active CHICAGO (AP)—Trade in soy beans and September corn became somewhat more active today in the final minutes of transactions on the Board of Trade vith prices becoming strong. Soybeans posted gains of around two cents in spots nd September corn was ahead a cent or so. Brokers said a good deal of the support was an in :rease in volume of short cover- ng. Demand for soybeans was redited mainly to a government eport on fats and oils situation vhich dealers said was slightly )ullish. Commercial dealers were fairly active buyers of corn. Estimated carlot receipts were: Vheat 50 cars, corn 147, oats 16, rye 1, barley 39 and soybeans 51. CHICAGO W — Wheat No 2 red 1.83%. Corn No 1 yellow 1.35- J6; No 4 yellow 1.32%. Oats No 1 extra heavy white 67. Soybeans 1 yellow 2.67. Prev. High Low Close close Wheat >ep Dec Vlar Vlay ul 1964 !ep Corn Sep 3ec Mai- May Jul Oats Sep Dec Mai- May Rye Sep Dec War Way ul 1.79% 1.78% 1.787s 1.79% 1.85% 1.84% 1.84% 1.85% 1.88% 1.877s 1.88 1.88% 1.84% 1.83% 1.83% 1.84V2 1.58 1.57% 1.57% 1.57% 1.60 1.59%'1.59% 1.59% 1.25% 1.24% 1.25% 1.24% 1.13% 1.12% 1.13% 1.13% 1.16% 1.16 1.16% 1.16% 1.18% 1.18% 1.18% 1.18 1.20% 1.20% 1.20% 1.20% .63% .67% .69% .697s .63% .67 .69% .69% .63% .67% .69% .63% .67% .69% .69% 1.31% 1.29% 1.29% 1.30% 1.34% 1.33% 1.33% 1.34% 1.37% 1.35% 1.35% 1.36% 1.36% 1.35% 1.35% 1.35% 1.32% 1.30% 1.30% 1.30% Soybeans :ep 2.59% 2.58% 2.58% 2.58 >v 2.55% 2.54 2.55% 2.54% an 2.59% 2.57% 2.587s 2.57% War 2.62% 2.60% 2.617s 2.60 day 2.64% 2.63 2.64% 2.62% ul 2.65% 2.63% 2.65% 2.64 Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. AP) — (USDA) — Hogs 12,000: 90-260 Ib barrows and gilts 17.008.00; sows 275-600 Ib 13.00-16.50. Cattle 6,500; calves 350: good to irime steers 22.50-25.00; good and 'hoice heifers 22.00-23.75; utility md commercial cows 14.50-17.00; good 1.00. and choice vealers 25.00- Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS (AP) - Eggs and ive poultry: Eggs, consumer grades, A large 38-39, A medium 29-31, A small 8-20, B large 32-33, wholesale trades, standard 31-32, unclassi- ied farm run 24-26, checks 18-21. Hens, heavy 14%-15%, light over i Ibs 8-9, under 5 Ibs 6%-7%, commercial broiler's and fryers 16-17. Prices on 16 Mutual Funds Following Is a list of 16 mutual investment fund stock quotations provided to the Telegraph by Newhard, Cook Co. through its Alton office. These stocks are selected on the basis of their sales and ownership in the area. The quotations are yesterday's closing. Issue. Bid. Affil. Fund 8.35 Broad St 14.60 Bullock 13.81 Capit. Shrs 11.82 Divid Shrs 3.51 Fid. Cap 9.16 Fid. Fund 16.76 Fid. Tr 15.21 Fund Inv 10.18 Keystone K-2 .... 5.38 Keystone S-4 .... 4.31 Mass. Tr 15.36 Mass. Grth 8.48 Nation W. Sec. .. 23.09 Nat. Inves 15.76 Tevev. El 7.55 Asked. 9.03 15.78 15.13 12.99 3.85 9.96 18.12 16.53 11.16 5.87 4.71 16.79 9.27 24.98 17.04 8.23 12 Selected Stocks Following are today's 1:30 p.m. quotations of 12 New York Stock Exchange issues research has indicated are widely held in the Alton area, as supplied to the Telegraph by Newhard, Cook & Co., from its Alton office. (The New York Exchange closes at 2:30 p.m. (Alton time), so these are not the closing quotations). AT&T 124, Gen. Motors 74%, ranite City Steel 287s, Olin Mathieson Chem. 43%, Owens- Illinois 81%, Shell Oil 45%, Sinclair Oil 48, Socony 71, Standard oil (Ind.) 63%, Standard Oil (N.J.) 70%. U.S. Steel 51%, Sears 94%. News of Stocks Early Rise »/ Slackens NEW YORK (AP)—Profit taking skimmed some of the cream from another stock market ad vance today. Trading was fairly active late this afternoon. Volume for the day was estimated at 4.7 million shares compared with 4.89 million Friday. Gains of key stocks went from 'ractions to about a point or more. Youngstown Sheet was up more han 2, American Smelting about i Gillette held a 2-point gain fol- owing active buying on news it will begin selling its new stain- ess steel razor blade in early September. Eversharp reacted sharply lower to word of this competition, sliding more than 4. Xerox spurted 4 points. Merck gained more than 2. Chrysler held a gain exceeding a point. General Motors, touching another historic high, was a fractional gainer. Hupp and AVC Corp. gained fractions in brisk dealings. Fractional losers included Polaroid, Control Data and High Voltage Engineering. Rails were narrowly mixed. Prices turned mixed on the American Stock moderate trading. Corporate bonds were mixed, with rails lower. U.S. government bonds were mostly unchanged. 27 Injured in Crash Of Bus, Ambulance CHICAGO (AP) - Twenty-six children and one adult were injured Suncjay In the collision of an ambulance and a Sunday school bug, Police sale] the driver of the ambulance, Frederick Martin, 29, told them that |>e was answering an emorgeticv^all, The umbulafce hit the left rear of the bus and spun it around Four of the 26 children were hospitalized. The others were given first aid. Police ticketed the driver for conditions light. ambulance driving too fast for and running a red Bacon Help Wanted COPENHAGEN - Danish packers are being asked to come to England to Ay ana improve t]ie quality of tye British product. OWN YOUR SHARE OF AMERICAN BUSINESS Have you considered the idea of having a second income addition to the income from your job? Millions of American families have a second income from Common Stocks or Bonds. Serving Alton Investors lor Over 31 Years NEWHARD, COOK 6? Co, M CM (MRP NBW YORK iTOCK KXCHAN9I HI rtfft IrtttQMl Bum Bldi.—JUtos rupMi no. I'Hii EVQENB B. SJHyvm JOHN E. GRBBKWOOD Rtlidcnt MtRlfCf Rcgi»ter«d Reprtienuilvt Our OM'ce Is Open Saturday Mornings St. Louis Boycott of Schools Set ST. LOUIS (AP) — A boycott by civil rights protesters against St. Louis public schools is scheduled Sept. 5. The St. Louis chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People called today for students not to attend school to protest what the NAACP called racial discrimination in the schools. "It has not been determined how long the stay-at-home campaign will last," said Mrs. Ina Boon, administrative secretary, of the St. Louis NAACP. Elementary schools will open Sept. 4; and high schools, Sept. 5. Mrs. Boon said Negro and white parents who agree with the VAACP charges were asked to <eep their children home. Miss Evelyn H. Roberts, president of the NAACP, called the planned boycott "pupil's stay-at- lome campaign." She said details of the boycott program will be explained at a parents rally Sunday at a park. Rev. Arthur Marshall Jr., chairman of the NAACP education committee, will direct the pupil boycott, Miss Roberts said. Blast Damages Tracks at Struck Plant ROCK ISLAND, 111. (AP) — A dynamite blast caused minor damage Sunday night to railroad tracks leading to a strikebound plant of American Container Co., a division of Gould-Naationl Bat teries, Inc. The blast, near midnight, was the second time dynamite had been set off at the plant. A blast Aug. 17 blew a hole in the ground but caused no damage to the tracks, A company spokesman said the damage from Sunday night's blast could be repaired quickly. The detonation occurred 18 feet outside the rear gate. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has been on strike at 15 Gould-National plants across the country since May 22. The dispute involves a contract agreement. The union, representing some 4,500 workers striking since old contracts expired, is seeking a 35-hour work week without reduction in pay, uniform expiration date for all Gould plant agreements, improvement of a company-paid insurance program and eight paid holidays, one more than under the old contract. The FBI was notified of Sun- dav night's blast, which occurred on a switching spur at the Davenport, Rock Island and North Western Railway. Her Time Conies VIENNA— A 91-year old woman lias been converted to a new church in religious ceremonies in Southern Austria. Greer Agency ~ * Real Estate Sales Listed Ell M. Greer Agency hns announced the following real estate transactions: Mr. and Mrs. Arotus R. Gum purchased a four room home from Mr. and Mrs. Glen Colley at 3213 Clifton Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Faulkner purchased a five room dwelling on Cedar Lane, Brighton, from Mr. and Mrs. Antone J. Maggos. Mr. and Mrs. William 1. Hazelwonder purchased a five room brick dwelling on David Lane, David Acres, from Mr. and Mrs. Rolla B. Cox. Mr. and Mrs. Antone Maggos purchased a home at 614 E. 20th St. from Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Zehner. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kaylor purchased a five room frame dwelling at 184 West Haller St., Rosewood Heights. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Broderick purchased a four room dwelling at 68 Thompson Ave., Wood River from Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Sileven. Mr. and Mrs. William L. Capps purchased a four room dwelling al 3626 Coronado Dr., from Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hilgendorf. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Gray have purchased a five room brick home at 128 E. Elm St., from Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sleeker. Russell Logan purchased a five room frame dwelling on 1818 Ervay St., from Mr. and Mrs. Bert N. Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Jones purchased a six room home at 840 Oakdale, Rosewood Heights, from Mrs. Shara L. Richards. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert J. Lowe purchased a five room dwelling 3864 Western Ave., from Mr. and Mrs. L. William Payne. Forest Fire Spreads Near Yellowstone GARDINER, Mont. (AP)-Forest service officials said a spreading forest fire in the rugged Cin nabar Basin near Yellowstone National Park swept through 700 acres of heavy timber Sunday night. Smoke jumpers were dispatchec by airplane from Missoula, 100 Indian firefighters traveled to the fire from Billings and bull dozers were moved into position to build fire lines.- NOTICE OF NAMES OF PERSONS APPEARING TO BE OWNERS OF ABANDONED PROPERTY Pursuant to Paragraph 112, Chapter 141, Illinois Revised Statutes, 1961, notice is hereby given that the persons listed below appear to be the owners of abandoned property. Information concerning the amount or description of the property and the names and address of the Holder may be obtained by any person possessing an Interest in the property by writing to the Director. Department of Financial Institutions, Abandoned Property Division, Room 103M, Capitol Building, Springfield, Illinois, giving the name, number, and address, as shown in this notice. Unless proof of claim is presented to the Holder and the Owners right to receive the property Is established within 65 days from the date of the last published notice, the abandoned property will be placed in the custody of the Director of Department of Financial Institutions, not later than 85 days after such publication date; and all further claims must thereafter be directed to the Director, Department of Financial Institutions, Springfield, Illinois. In the addresses shown below, the City of Alton and the State of Illinois are Intended, unless otherwise stated. JOSEPH E. KNIGHT Director, Department of Financial Institutions CARTER BROS. PAINT SHOP GUTHRIE, CECIL G. 1027 W. 9th St. HANKER, J.M. JAURETT, FRAN, MRS. JACKSON, JENNIE B. 2009 Seminary St. KRAMER ELECTRIC CO. 112 E. Broadway McCORMICK, JOE E. 2738 G. ST., Granite City, III. PAYTON, THEODORE 714 Swartz Pi., Edwardsvllle, III. WOTIER, JOSEPHINE 859 Mndlson Ave., Edwards- vllle, 111. WOTIER, MAX 859 Mudlson Ave., Edwurds- vllle, III. ONOTON HEARING AID CENTER If you can hear but don't understand, Sonotone would like to help you. Whether you wear a hearing aid or not, let us give you a free audiometric hearing analysis in the privacy of our office or your home. LEARN ABOUT OUR NiW HEARING AIDS • Latest All-in-Ear • Smart Eyeglass Models t Midget Behind-Ear Models • 6-Transistor Models for Difficult Losses • Easy Listening with AVC Our new model; are the smallest, lightest, most convenient hearing aids possible through Sonotone research. Let us help you enjoy good hearing again. Budget prices, top* JOHN LEANDER SONOTONE OF ALTON THE TRUSTED NAME IN IETTER HEARING FOR 33 YEARS 651 Broadway i'hono HO 3.0730 Prisoners Escape in Struggle with Cops CHICAGO (API — Two Negro youths, handcuffed together, es capcd from four white policemen Sunday night after, a police official said, the arresting officers scuffled with two off-duty policemen. Lt. Charles Balch said the four policemen, in plain clothes, had arrested the youths for question' Ing after they found revolver cartridges in the youths' pockets. They were arrested near 73rd St. and Lowe Ave., the scene of demonstrations recently against Installation of mobile classrooms. The nleghborhood is predominately Negro. Bnlch said the four policemen were searching bushes for a gun which they believed the youths had hidden. He said they were appronced by Policemen Marvin Bell, 29, and his brother, Jerome, 25. Balch said the Bell brothers Pair Robbed In Chicago Motel Room CHICAGO (AP)-Police in suburban Northlake said a Miami Beach, Fla., investment broker and his wife were robbed Sunday night of $15,000 in cash and jewelry in their motel room by four masked gunmen. The victims were August A Mayer, 77, and his wife, Lorraine 54. Police said the Mayers had just returned to their motel room from dinner when the bandits emerged from the bathroom and forced Mayer to lie on the bed and his wife to sit in a chair. Each of the bandits carried a blue steel 38 caliber revolver, Mayer told officers. npprently did not know the men in plain clolhcs were policemen and produced their police badge? and demanded that the arresting officers identify themselves. Robert Connelly, one of the policemen on duly, told another version. Connelly, a patrolman, sale he and Patrolman John Garrlty displayed their police stars when the Bell brothers demanded tha they identify themselves, but tha the Bell brothers refused to show him their badges. Balch said the Bell brother? told him the white policemen re fused to identify themselves. The Bell brothers were in plain clothe: and were off duty, Balch said. • "A small melee occurred,' Balch said, "during which th prisoners slipped away." One of the white policemen Sgt. Frank Doyle, 38, was treat ed for minor injuries at a hos pital and released. Merlin Nygren, assistant depu ty superintendent, who questions the six policemen Involved, declined to comment on the incident Amt*SctiiiUt* Signs Appear hi Berlin BERLIN (AP)-"Hltler raised Germnny from the depth of democracy," the posters snld, "but the .lews forced BrHnin to de- clnre war on their hehaif." Tho posters, bearing Adolf Hitler's portrait nhd nnti - Semitic slogans In English, were found tacked to the doors of West Berlin's Jewish community center Sunday. Investigate First 1 1'art.ako hits ptogffttti to match qualified men with pfofltnblo tested franchise opportunities. Act now to got into your own tiustrtess, full or pnrt time. Write or call for Information without obligation. , 15. P. MAMEL Area Director 103 Dowey Drive ColllilBvlllc, III. 848-0082 114 E. Broadway Phone 465-7756 YOU'LL FIND ALL YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLY NEEDS AT GODWIN'S Alton's Commercial Stationer Fourth in a series -ALTON ILLINOIS BELL TELEPHONE Part of the Nationwide Bell System *~*^ * " •»• JIL "ALTON CALLING" (60 Million Times a Year) Illinois Bell Telephone Company serves everyone! Ort duty around the clock, 340 Illinois Bell employees in Alton and Wood River complete more than 60 million telephone calls a year. During working hours... and after .,. Illinois Bell men and women demonstrate by their actions that they are worthwhile members of our community. Much of the financial stability and progress of Alton can be traced to such industries as Illinois Bell Telephone Company. The many factories and places of business located in Alton help us all grow and prosper through the taxes they pay and the active part they play in the community. Their progressive attitude and efficient operation attracts new business to Alton. It attracts new people, too—and every 100 new manufacturing jobs add 65 more service jobs to Alton's working force.* Thus, each Alton business and industry contributes to our prosperity no matter where each of us is employed. So Alton continues to grow, backed by the stimulating enthusiasm and aggressiveness of its business community. It's a growth reflected In the energy of our city and its people, Truly Alton is a great place to live and wortc. •Source; U. S, Dept. of Commerce This message presented by Piasa First Federal as a community service flRSTFWRAl SAVINGS H PIASA FIRST FEDERAL SAVINQS AMP M?AN ASSOCIATION Account? Insured to S1Q.QQQ by Federal Saving? & Loan Insurance Corporation DIVIDENDS PAIO fQR QVBR 79 CONSECUTIVE

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