Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 24, 1963 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 24, 1963
Page 9
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SATURDAY, AtiQUSf 24, 1963 ALtOM EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE NINE iiiiiiiiiiiiim /it Bunker Hill Quilt Attracts Attention Stamps in the News •lust cutting out this design of a "Great Seal ol the United Stales" quill was a four-hour job for Mrs. John Weldndr, 72, of Bunker Hill, who spent a total of 500 hours on the project. Now thai the quilt Is finished, with the Untied Slates seal In gold on n white background, Mrs. Weldner will give the quilt away. It was made as n wedding gift for her grandson, Ensign tlonald Dean Bar- lels now slalloned In Hawaii, who will be married Oct. 31 at Marlon, 111., to Miss Barbara Mills. tn the meantime, the quilt has attracted such wide attention that Mrs. Weldner has hung It on a wall so that It cun be seen by callers, many of them .strangers, Thursday, Mrs. Weldner said, 31 persons visited her home to examine the quilt, which, Incidentally, Is no ordinary quilt. The sections making up the golden design were stitched five times, the final stitching being embroidery. To prevent Iho quilt from becoming soiled during the long sewing process, Mrs. Weldner says, she worked with most of it covered by sheets, leaving only a small working section exposed. Mrs. Weldner says she has worked at quilting, off and on, .since she was 16 years old. "I've quilted in five different churches as a member of their ladies' did societies," she says. M iss H utchinson Is Bride In Iowa Dr. Donald Paul Byington and his bride, the former Miss Martha LaClare Hutchinson, are honeymooning in northern Minnesota and will live at 21 W. First St., Spencer, Iowa. They were married Saturday, Aug. 17, in Helser Chapel of the Collegiate Presbyterian Church in Ames, Iowa. The Rev. Robert D. Leas officiated at the ceremony when the bride was given in marriage by her uncle, R. C. Cunningham. She is the daughter of Mrs. E. F. Hulchinson, formerly of Rosewood Heights, and now of Ames, Iowa. Her father is the late E. F. Hutchinson. The couple received friends following the ceremony, in Barlow Lounge of the church. Mrs. Vornon Sonksen of Ames was the bride's only attendant. Dr. Byington, son of, Mr, and Mrs. Glenn Byington of Plymouth, Iowa, had Dr. Judson R. West of Royal, Iowa, as best man. The former Miss Hutchinson was graduated from Roxana Community High School, and Is a 1963 alumna of Iowa State University. Her social sorority is Delta Delta Delta. She is employed on the faculty of South Clay Community School District in Iowa, us a home economics teacher. Dr. Byington is a recent graduate of Iowa State in veterinary medicine. He is associated with Johnson and Watson Veterinary Clinic in Spencer. Mrs. John Weidner of Bunker Hill put 500 hours of work into this "Great Seal of the United States" quilt which she made as a wedding gift for a grandson. Safeguard Your Health Don't Insist on Tonsilectomy (From Illinois Medical Society) Parents who insist upon the removal of their child's tonsils at the first sign of a sore throat or irritation may be making a serious mistake. Why? Because tonsils are not the culprits most of us think they are. Quite the contrary, in fact. Tonsils play a vital role in the child's defense against infection. They are veritable vaccine factories, producing special cells which kill invading bacteria. These patches of spongy tissue, located at strategic points on the inside of the throat, are constantly trapping and battling bacteria and other air pollutants. Advantage In Traps Not only germs in the air, but also germs that get into the Mbther's Helper by Heimonn & Pcorton "SWASH-WASH" Seven DayH Per Week *«ri"*wr V Open 24 Hours Dully "in the heart of Wilshire" IT PROBABLY isn't a vrry ffood idea to buy your young student's entire school wardrobe now. He may think he knows what he wants—and possibly he does—but he may change his mind when school •starts. Don'I underestimate the power of what "they" are wearing! Should you disapprove strongly, reach a compromise. -I l.lfi.1. New York Herald Trlbunr. Inc. mouth are likely to be destroyed if trapped by tonsils. Since small children seem to enjoy placing dirty fingers, toys and various strange objects in their mouths, the advantage of these automatic, built-in germ traps is obvious. Why, then, are some parents so anxious to have them removed? Medical survey show that the two major reasons for removal of tonsils are size and frequent respiratory infections—colds and sore throats. As for size, it has been proved that large tonsils have no effect on the child's health whatsoever. Size is no more reason for removing healthy tonsils than it is for amputating healthy feet. (Only when tonsils are enlarged because they are overloaded with germs are they likely to be a source of infection. Then, of course, they • should be removed.) As for respiratory infections, H hfis been found that they are just us common in children after the removal of tonsils as before. In fact, one extensive study of 909 children in England found that those who had their tonsils removed actually had more colds than those who retained them. Fatality Risk The popular belief that ton- sill ectomy is a minor operation with no risk involved is also erroneous! Tonsilectomy is a serious operation and may prove fatal. Sure the falality risk is small, but it's still a risk which—in many cases—may be unnecessary. Certainly there are instances where tonsileclomies are essential. The decision to operate, however, should be made by the physician—not the parents —and then only after a thorough examination and an extended period of observation. Parents should never try to talk a doctor into performing u needless operation. (AP Switzerland';! anwial Pro Pa- trla (National bay) scries this year consists of five stamps, font 1 of which commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Ked Cross. The n franc plus 5 stamp bears the portrait of Anna Heef, n Zurich doctor who Initiated and co-founded the Swiss Murse Training School. The four other values depict other activities of the Red Cross—a bandaging roll, a gift parcel, providing blood plasma, and a Red Cross nrm band, reports the Swiss Philatelic Agency In America. Also Issued by Switzerland was a stamp honoring the Swiss Pro Aero Foundation, established in 1938 for the encouragement of civil aviation In that country. The organization Is celebrating Its 25th anniversary and to mark the occasion this special stamp was issued. The design features jet planes and a glider. * * * + Ascension Island, discovered by the Portuguese Navigator Joao da Nova in 1501, has issued a now set of stamps, reports Ihe Crown Agenls, Washington, D. C. This new issue consists of 14 stamps and features various birds of the Island. Also prominent on the stamps is a head view of Queen Elizabeth and the Crown. Although the Island is under British control, it is part of tlie Bahamas Long Range Proving Ground for guided missiles and Born to: Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. Thielemann, 643 Brookside Dr., East Alton, a daughter. 8 pounds, 8 ounces, 5:05 p.m. Friday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Elder child, William Brett, 2. Mr. and Mrs. David Dabbs, 828 Hawley Ave., a daughter, Theresa Lynn, 7 pounds and 5 ounces, 9:45 a.m., Friday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Varble, 3428 Badley, a son, Johnny Ray, 5 pounds, 12 ounces, 9:13 p.m., Friday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mf. and Mrs. Carl E. Baker, 715 Rice St., Wood River, a daughter, Rene Belynda, 7 pounds, 11:05 p.m., Friday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs'. Kobert Nelson, Middlesex, N. J., a daughter, first child, 5 pounds, 13 ounces, 9:40 p.m. Friday, Muhlenberg Hospital, Plainfidd, N. J. Mrs. Nelson is the former Ruth Ann Hendrick, daughter of Chester Hendrick of Roxana. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Nelson, Roxana. 2 Foster Oaks Garage, repairs seamltlller ......... * 197.64 3 Navy Brand Co., spray material 300.0C 4 Fred Sauorwein, labor • 140.00 5 Ed Huck, labor 88.00 6 Road and Bridge Fund, transfer 1,000.00 7 Bond and Interest Fund, transfer 50.00 8 Navy Brand Co., spray material 276.68 Expense $ 2,086.29 Balance March 31, 1962 $ 127.96 County Treasurer 2,326.81 Total Income • • $ 2,454.77 Expense 2.08G.29 j 36S.4? Balance March 31 1963 BOND AND INTEREST FUND Wan-ant No. To Whom Paid On What Account Paid First National Bank $ First National Bank Amount 151.00 5.153.5C contains a U. S. Military base. It is interesting to note that prior (o the installation of this base, the resident population consisted of employes of a radio company and their families, plus two St. Helena constables, * * * * Do you know how many countries were members of the United Nations in January 1963? Would you be interested in seeing what the official flag of each member nation looks like? The United Nations has issued a sheet of perforated slickers, alphabetically arranged, showing the flags of member nations with the date of their admission inscribed. The cost is 40 cents per sheet or three for $1. Check or money order may be scnl to the United Nations, % Chief of the Commercial Management Services, United Nations, N. Y. If you go quite a distance to shop for groceries in warm weather, pack the meat and dairy products in your portable picnic cooler to eliminate any chance of spoilage before you can get them home. Expense $ 5,304.50 Balance March 31, 1963 ... i $ 53.01 County Treasurer 5, Transfer 50.00 Income S 5,317.61 Balance March 31, 1963 $ 13.11 Oil. KUND Warrant No. To Whom Paid On What Account Paid Amoun C. M. Lohr, rock $ 180.4! Missisippl Lime Co., rock SOO.Of Walter Slrohbeck, oil 2,006.7! Mississippi Lime Co., rock ....- 506.1' Plasa Motor Fuels, gas 71.2! Walter Strohbeck, oil 3,000.0 Walter Strohbeck, oil 1,248.0 Waller Strohbeck, oil 989.0 Mississippi Lime Co., rock 394.2 Expense $ 9,195.9 Balance March 31. 1962 .? 24.4 County Treasurer 7,878.5 Gas Tax 1,140.4 Rood Commissioner 234.0 Total Income 5 9,277.4 Expense 9,105.9 Balance March 31. 1962 . ...^ $ 81.5 WORD-A-DAY By BACH IF YOU WANT TO GET A SMILE,TALK TO HIM ABOUT THE GOOD OLD DAYS BEFORE HIGH TAXES ' reactionary /" -I. W., / \_< <_, / (jre-ak smm-er ONE WHO FAVORS A RETURN TO FORMER CONDITION5,E6PECIALLY IN POLITIC5 OR POLICIES; AS, TO FAVORABLY IMPRE55 A REACTIONARY -•*. Mbta. kn^r,, „ ^^ TOWN FUND A Financial Statement of the Town of Foster, Madison County, Illinois, for the year A.D. 1963, made by Thomas Harris, Supervisor o£ said Town: Balance March 31, 1962 $ 1.753.8C Amount collected and paid over to me as Supervisor.... 7,511.26 Total Receipts $ 9,265.06 Warrant No. To Whom Paid 1 2 3 4 5 On What Account Paid STATE OF ILLINOIS. COUNTS OF MADISON— ss. TOWN OF FOSTER OFFICE OF TOWN SUPERVISOR The following is a statement by Thomas Harris, Supervisor of the Town of Foster, in the County and State aforesaid, of the amount of public funds received and expended by him during the fiscal year just closed, ending on the 31st day of March, 1963, showing the amount of public funds on hand at the commencement of said fiscal year, the amount of public funds received and from what sources received, the amount of public funds expended and for what purposes expended, during fiscal year, as aforesaid. ' The said Thomas Harris, being duly sworn doth depose and say that the following statement by him subscribed is a correct statement of the amount of public funds on hand at the commencement of the fiscal year above stated, the amount of public funds received, and the sources from which received, and the amount expended, and purposes for which expended, as set forth in said statement. THOMAS HARRIS Subscribed and sworn to before me this 23rd day of April, 1963. EARL D. WAGGONER, Auditor. • BACK-TO-SCHOOL SPECIAL! MON., TUES., WED.-AUG. 26-27-28 00 •I TROUSERS SKIRTS SWEATERS Any 2 " S 1 Receipts Amount of public funds on hand at the commencement of the fiscal year, commencing the 1st day of April, Income , $ 5,084.86 33,397.90 Total Income $38,482.76 Expense 31,178.76 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 Amount Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 156.00 Gubser & Apple Jns., bonds 220.00 Alvin Stahl, moderator 5.00 Thomeczek Oil Co., hall 29.87 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 134.00 13.72 3.98 12.50 14.56 102.00 9.73 8.80 167.77 121.27 7.01 11.21 9.73 MIXED OR MATCHED DELUXE SHIRT SERVICE SHIRTS LAUNDERED TO CRISP PERFECTION STARCHED OR SOFT AS YOU PREFER • ALTON * FREE CASH Inquire nt our Store. 4th & STATE STS..-DOWHTOWN ALTON r..'.' . "'"* ONLY LOCATION ===== I 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IE 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 Amount 154.00 168.00 13.55 92.03 70.20 20.80 300.00 Balance March 31, 1963 $ 7,304.00 ROAD AND BRIDGE EXPENSES PAID Warrant No. To Whom Paid On What Account Paid 1 Fred Sauerwein, labor Ed Huck, labor Alton Oil Co,, gas A. L. Edsall, labor and repairs, truck The Climax Co., grader tips Kutter Bros., culvert Navy Brand Co., weed killer Foster Oaks Garage, labor and parts 103.27 Ed. Huck, labor 116.00 Fred Sauerwein, labor 136,00 Standard Oil Co., gas 113,32 Stahl's Store, supplies 15.49 Stobbs Tire Sales, truck tire repair 5.50 Foster Oaks Garage, repairs 75,15 Fred Sauerwein, labor 340- 2x Ed Huck, labor 300,00 Golike Sales and Service, repairs and parts Saale Bros., culverts Vonderheld & Voumard, repairs Helmkamp Bros., grader repairs Kutter Bros,, repairs Standard Oil Co., gas Fred Sauerwein, labor Ed Huck, labor Plasa Motor Fuels, gas Lamport Ins. Co., truck and workman's comp. Navy Brand Co., weed spray Standard Oil Co., gas • Lee's Garage, repairs Jim Jones, Inc., gas A. L. Edsall, repairs 245.75 14.0C 75.00 10.40 129.72 216.00 200.00 123.16 266.00 390.07 99.57 10.55 , 14.90 155,62 Union Electric Co., hall Harvey Keene, garbage pail Stahl's Store, hall supplies Union Electric Co., hall Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor Alton Hardware Co., hall supplies Lee's Garage, hall supplies Mary Gabriel, bond and supplies Leroy Bierbaum, hall and insurance Malt Horn, meeting expense Union Electric Co., hall J. Lewin Bookbinding Co., assessor's book Leroy Bierbaum, assessing and expense 950.00 Ed Huck, painting Fred Sauerwein, painting Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor Herb Gvillo, contract Don Golike, salary Thomas Harris, salary Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor Union Electric Co., hall Alton Telegraph, printing Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor Union Electric Co., hall Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor Matt Horn, moderator , Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor Union Electric Co., hall Union Electric Co., hall Thomeczek Oil Co., fuel oil Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor Dewey Wagenfeldt, tractor work and labor Union Electric Co., hall Leroy Bierbaum, meeting, Springfield .... Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor Union Electric Co., hall Gubser & Apple, Ins., bonds Thomeczek Oil Co., fuel, hall Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor Lamperi Ins. Co., compensation insurance Donald Miller, painting hall Robert Legate, painting hall Alton Hardware Co., paint, hall Union Electric Co., hall Thomec/ek Oil Co., fuel oil Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor Union Electric Co., hall Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor Earl Waggoner, salary Oscar Vonbergen, salary Merl Collins, salary Donald Golike, salary, postage and expense Thomas Harris, postage, mowing, salary .. Thomeczek Oil Co., hall Stahl's Store, hall supplies Union Electric Co., hall Byers Printing, election supplies Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor • Ace Printing Co., ballot printing 32.00 32.00 102.00 500.00 100.00 100.00 378.00 10.93 136.50 168.00 9.44 168.00 5.00 216.00 10.9: 11.3C 18.9C 216.0C 310.0C 15.76 10.0 96.0C 96.0C 16.6( 82.& 30.4: 60.0' 99.62 123.3! 123.3!: 67.5J 21.0' 28.66 111.00 21.25 72.00 .112.5H 112.50 112.50 65.00 580.90 30.43 5.24 16.60 50.78 78.00 31.50 Expense $ 6,773.68 Balance March 31, 1962 ? 1,753.80 County Treasurer 2,585.48 County Treasurer 4,925.78 Total Income $ 9,265.06 Expense 6,773.68 • Mi EL I* n will INQUIRE AT OUR CALL OFFICE I I Stobbs Tiro Sales, truck and grader tires 681.02 Fred Sauerwein, labor 16 .9.'9°, Ed Huck, labor Rull Hardware, repairs Lee's Garage, truck repair Vonderheld - Voumard, snow plows The Climax Co., grader repair .. Jim Jones, Inc., gas Slobbs Tire Sales, tire repair .... Stahl's Store, supplies 56.00 14.66 60.56 65.00 80.78 37.25 30.89 9.37 »•**•**•»• •* •-w»*-» w»»|-|-?--— . . • . r r T . T ,,,,.. one* nfl Saale Bros,, lumber 329.96 Lee's Garage, truck repair ......... ,•• jo. A. L. Edsall, truck repair • ••• £;•' piasa Motor Fuel, gas 74 ' Total expense $ 5,667.54 Balance March 31, 1962 $ 84.32 County Treasurer 4,306.28 'Gas Tax 1,000.00 Road Commissioner ... ........ . ...... • .......... 309.50 Total Income ................................ $ 5,700.10 Expense ....... , ................................ $ 5,667.54 Balance March 31, 1963 5 2,491.38 RELIEF FUND Warrant No. To Whom Paid On What Account Paid Amount 1 Goodwill Industries, clothing, Mrs. R. Shaw $ 9.67 2 Werts Gro., groceries, Robert McBride 20.80 3 Stahl's Store, groceries, Mrs. Richard Shaw 10,40 4 J. C. Loftis, rent, Mrs. Richard Shaw 12.50 5 Willis Ealey, rent, Mrs. Richard Shaw 30.00 6 White Bakery Co., bread, Mrs.. Richard Shaw 30.57 7 Stahl's Store, groceries, Mrs, Richard Shaw 20.80 8 Werts Gro., groceries, Robert McBride 62.40 9 Quality Dairy, milk, Mrs. Richard Shaw 22.04 10 Willis Ealey, rent, Mrs. Richard Shaw 30.00 11 White Bakery, bread, Mrs. Richard Shaw 23.69 12 Alton Memorial Hospital, hosp., Mrs. Robt. McBride 300.00 13 Werts Gro., groceries, Robert. McBride 62.40 14 Stahl's Store, groceries, Mrs. Richard Shaw 20.80 15 Willis Ealey, rent, Mrs. Richard Shaw 30,00 16 White Bakery, bread, Mrs. Richard Shaw 28.36 17 Quality Dairy, milk, Mrs. Richard Shaw 14.72 18 Union Electric, electric, Mrs. Richard Shaw 10.23 19 Stahl's Store, groceries, Mrs. Richard Shaw 15.6C 20 Werts Gro., groceries, Robert McBride 41.60 21 Willis Ealey, rent, Airs, Richard Shaw 30,00 22 Stahl's Store, groceries, Mrs. Richard Shaw 78.00 23 Werts Gro., groceries, Robert McBride 41.60 24 Cyrus Johnson, moving, Mrs. Shaw • 20.CX 25 Campbell's Drugs, medicine, Mrs. Shaw 10.50 26 Stahl's Store, Mrs. Shaw 31,20, Hiram Turner 46,20, William Sherman 10.4C 88.4U 27 Stahl's Store, groceries, Wm. Sherman 10.40 28 Union Electric, Mrs. Richard Shaw 13.7^ Union Electric, Mrs. Richard Shaw 27.0 30 Piasa Motor Fuels, fuel oil, Wm. Bennett 8.9; 31 Thrifty Drugs, medicine, Wm. Bennett 23.45 32 Piasa Motor Fuels, fuel oil, Wm. Bennett 9.0! 33 Stahl's Store, groceries, B. O. Walters, 10.40, Henry Belcher 31,20 34 Alton Memorial Hospital, hosp., Henry Belcher .... 150.00 35 Stahl's Store, groceries, Henry Belcher 20.8C 36 Stnhl's Store, groceries, Henry Belcher 20,81. 37 Stahl's Store, groceries, Henry Belcher $20.80, Wm. Sherman $10.40 31.21 38 Alton Memorial Hospital, Joseph Satterlee 155.4 39 St. Joseph's Hospital, Wm. Bennett 303,81 40 Alton Memorial Hospital, Lawrence Wright...... 200.0( 11 St, Joseph's Hospital, Henry Tinsley 100.01 Balance March 31, 1063 BJUPGJ5 FUNP 32.56 Warrant No, Tp Whpm PaW On What Account Paid Amount I Thompson Asphalt Co., bridge repairs .. .......... ? Expense 5 2,150.8; Balance March 31, 1962 ? 3,041.3 County Treasurer • 3,426.4 Total Income ..,..,....,. t ........<• i »•• •$ 6,467,7 Expense i •. 2,150.8 Balance March 31, 1063 ? 4,316,0 o 5 / \ O z SMALL CHANGE- O s < \ U < tfl Yes, small change can make a big change in your life! By making regular deposits in a savings account, those coins GROW into dollars... dollars for any emergency or worthwhile purpose! START NOW! BANK 8c TRUST COMPANY THIRD AND BC STREETS ALTON, ILLINOIS ilimbti ndixl p.po.11 Iniumrwi Corporation Mimbw Mini Mdtvt ftll«i I

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