Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 24, 1963 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 24, 1963
Page 7
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ALTON EVEMNG TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, AU009T Sf4,«fl« Evangelist At St,John's On Monday V St. Jbhft'il Baptist Church/Fifth and Market streets, ftpens a five- day t evangelistic service series Mbttday evening, led by the Rev. Otis' Arrtistead, pastor of College Aventta Baptist Church, Indianapolis, the Rev. Artiintead, a cousin of the Rev, Thomas P, Wright, pastor q! St. John's Church, Is to be assisted by MB son and daughter both Instrumentalists, In the serv ices. The meetings are scheduled for 7:30 each evening, Monday through Friday, Rev. Bryant At Jerseyville Church Sunday JERSEYVILLE - Rev. Lurry M. Bryant, assistant director o the Illinois Church Action on Al cohol -Problems, will speak at the Sunday services nl the Firs Methodist Church Sunday at 9 a.m. The Rev. Bryant, of Springfield a minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), has servec for several years as pastor o the Lynnvllle Christian Churcl near Jacksonville. Active in Youth work and with keen interes for the problems created by men tal illness and alcohol, the minis let 1 served in a voluntary capacl ly as an associate of the Chaplai of Jacksonville State Hospital. The Rev. Morgan Davis will b guest speaker Sunday morning a the First Bapitst Church of Jet seyvtlle. The Rev. Wayne W. Hoxsie pastor of the First Presbyterla Church in Moro will fill the pulp at- the First Presbyterian Churc in Jerseyvillc Sunday. Musical Rail} Sunday for True Church The True Church House of Prayer to All'Nations, 5 E. 17th St., Alton, will hold a musical rally Sunday starting at 3 p.m. The St. James Baptist Church young adults choir will perform at 3 p.m. The Shining Stars and the Fox Sisters will provide the music starting at 8 p.m. Rev, Anderson Says He Never Met A Real Atheist MINISTER IN STUDY The llev. Orrin Anderson, who says he has never met an out-and-out athiest. The Rev. Orrln M. Anderson, pastor of First Baptist Church of Alton Would like to take a look at art out - and - out atheist. Me. says he never met one. The minister feels that practically everyone believes In God. By this he means that although people have doubts about God's existence, they have the basic need to possess some kind of faith — something that's more or less solid, mainly because man Is a social being. Clmnglng Concept Even though people believe In a power greater than themselves, many problems arise today because of the constantly changing concept people have of God, he said. The concept of God used to be very simple, the Rev. Anderson added. He was thought of as a powerful God — a God of wrath — who punished disobedience with sickness or death. "I think this has changed today because people no longer fee! lhal God punishes them for thcii own foolishness," the ministet said. Formerly many superstition- existed about God, that, he feels intelligent believers in God today have sifted through then stll come out With as great a God as ever — but with a greater under standing. Atheism aside, a difficulty fo clergymen arises from people eellng that God must be proven o them. However, the Rev. Ah- erson suggests that you can't )rove God to anyone — n person ias to experience God for him- elf. Time of Crisis This may happen In a time of crisis such as an accident or personal danger, he adds, and It usually happens when man has to have answers to ultimate tjues- lons, he said. One of the reasons people withdraw from God today, is that the nslllutional church, In many cases, doesn't make the people 'eel close to the church and to God. The church doesn't give some people the answers, and science offers no answers. Even sclen- Ists today tell us that we neec moral rearmament as well as nuclear armament. People must find thnt the church is relative to their everyday life rather than just a place to go for an hour on Sunday, tho pastor stated. This is a way to feel the existence of God. Therefore, although churches have changed in past years, theri is a need for them to change con linually to meet the needs of th people. Failure to change rapidlj enough is a problem for churches he said. Moro Than Forms People have to feel that t h church is more than iorms creeds and traditions — the must feel that It really Is the way i God, the Rev. Anderson said. Then the existence of God can e more easily seen. Another problem, he adds, Is hat too many churches today end to be all - white, upper class nd they don't appeal to the less- r educated lower classes of peo- le. This, ho noted, Is one reason hy churches are growing rather lowly because many of tho hurdles have become highly so- ihlslicated and fall to adminis er to all strata of society, incltid ng rich and poor, intelligen nd ignorant. Again a clear path o God is Impeded. Interpreting God A church tries to interpre od's will, he adds, through its study of past civilizations and heir relationship to God. The Rev. Anderson feels tha lowcver, or whatever, aids mar to better understanding of God is thus doing the will of God; and 1 this could or could not be I he, church. j "The written word" he says] "makes possible the existence of] the church, and our problem then lies in interpreting tho will of God through the interpretation of the written word. "As Christians we believe that Jesus Christ is the revelation of God, he said, and this is the way Christians find God — through the written and living word of God. ST. MARTS PARKING LOT Now parking lot tor Alton's St. also will he, used as a playground for Mary's Catholic Church. Several build- the school children. Formal dedication ings' were torn down and the ground will take place Wednesday at 8 p.m. at resurfaced with asphalt. The site asocial. Commission On Worship Will Meet The Commissloon on Worship of the First Baptist Church of Wood River will hold it's first meeting of the new church year at G p.m. Sunday at the church. Making up the committee are: Mrs. Arlcy Greer, Mrs. Ira Kll- lam, Mrs. Harry Hanson, Mrs. Ray Allen, Mrs. Harold Helvie, E. II. Hartwig, Mrs. Paul Yenne, Mrs. Kenneth Ross, Mrs. Gavin Crandall, Mrs. L. P. Pierce, E. H. Ilartwig, James Davis, Howard Nelson, lay leader; and the Rev. Edwin Grant, pastor. Al Hanoi will appear as vocal soloist nt. the 10:40 a.m. worship service Sunday and Brent Ragsdale will be featured in an organ solo during the 7 p.m. service. Walter Jqhler, chairman, h a s announced the Commission on Finance will meet at 8 p.m. Wednesday. New Curriculum For Godfrey Congregational The Community Congregational Church of Godfrey (United Church of Christ) on Sunday will hold a service of thanksgiving and of dedication of the New United Church of Christ curriculum. For morte than a decade a program for all ages between three years old and adulthood has been in preparation and has been tested In "pilot churches" of (he former Evangelical and Reform Church and the Congregational Christian Churches of America, who united in 1957 to form tho United Church of Christ, a spokesman said. The curriculum Itself begins In every class on Sept. 1. Preparing the program In God' frey has been tho board of Christian Education, Mrs. James Richard Welch as chairman. The su- perjntcndents, Royal Marsh, Mrs. Oliver Schroeder, Mrs, Herbert Harding, and Mrs. Irene Witty, and the secretary, Miss \VIIma Bricker, ns well as the teachers and co-teachers. The morning worship service at 10 a,m» will center about the program. •'/ *• _',_' l_«MM««WIIIII HIIJ'" "II— »•»»' l « l »1WSMPJ-*"l ' "'""' '*'**• Ex-Altonian Ordained In Indiana The Rev. Errol D. Bosley will be ordained at the Gosport (Ind.) Baptist Church Sunday, at 2:30 p.m. The Rev. Bosley is a native of Alton. He was reared by his grandparents. The home church of The Rev. Bosley and his grandmother is the Upper Alton Baptist Church where the minister also served for two years as youth director. In addition to the Upper Alton church, Rev. Bosley has served the Kemper Baptist Church, north of Medora and the Cherry Street Baptist Church in Alton. He received his education in the Alton school system and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Alton S1U. Following that he went to Louisville, Ky. and received a Bachelor of Divinity degree from the Visiting in Alton Jamaican Pastor Keeps Busy With All Kinds of Duties The Rev. J. Carter-Henry, a visiting minister from Jamaica, hasn't heard of the 35-hour work week. The 49-year-old minister snatches five hours of sleep' each day but from then on he manages eight churches, is a Justice of the Peace, serves as a prison chaplain and supervises six schools. Leaving Alton Friday after a 12-day visit with Rev. Howard Todd Taylor, the Jamaican visitor continues his busy schedule even while vacationing. His major job is as pastor of the Phillippo Baptist Church. The church was made a national shrine two years ago by the Jamaican government. :i,078 WiHltliiiK* A minister in Jamaica Theological Southern Baptist Seminary in 1963. Mrs. Bosley is the former Charlene Bonner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bonner o£ 2510 Maxey Ave. The Bosleys have one child, Matthew Deen, two years old. past 22 years, the Rev. for the Carter- Henry has performed 3,078 wed- REV. CARTER-HENRY Music Month Ends Sunday »• At Calvary - Music Emphasis Month will be climaxed this Sunday at Calvary Southern Baptist Church of Alton with provision lor special music in the morning services and the use of five choirs in the evening service. The Church Choir will*be singing the director's arrangement, of "His Eye' Is On The Sparrow" with Dick Gross, tenor, as soloist in the 10:35 a.m. service. Music Emphasis Month was launched Aug. 4 with Music Survey Cards issued to the membership of the Church. A talent program and choir enrollment night were held last Wednesday. Enrollment hit the 191 mark and the Talent Program included a variety of religious numbers. Church-Goers Class Tours Grant's Farm The Church-Goers Class of Calvary Southern Baptist Church and friends toured Grant's Farm in St. Louis Thursday. Ten persons traveled in two cars for the all-day outing. Mrs. Chauneey Clayton, teacher of the class, arranged the tour. lings and demonstrated the work load by marrying six couples the day before he left for a vacation visit to the United Slates. He has visited the United States once before and Canada once, he said. As chaplain of nearby St. Catherine District Prison he has witnessed 52 executions by hanging. He serves as spiritual advisor to the condemned men. "I bear with them as their last earthly friend," lie added. His position as justice of the peace of bis parish is equivalent to being a circuit judge in the United States. Wife Busy Too His wife loo leads a busy life, more ethical than ethnical. The problem would be solved best if the Christians on both sides would endeavor to fulfill their Christian obligations in the racial crisis." Largest island in the British West Indies, Jamaica lies in the Caribbean Sea, about 90 miles south of Cuba which is about 90 miles away from Florida. The island is a tropijal paradise of high mountains, soft breezes and colorful flowers. Battle Rastafarians Rev. Carter-Henry and other Spanish Town area ministers have a big job with the turbulent Ras- lafarian sect of Jamaica. The group's terrorist activities in the Spanish Town vicinity have diminished a great deal, the minister said. Throughout Jamaica, the group's size is estimated to be about Rev. Farmer At'Roxana First Baptist Tho Rov. Richard Farmer, pastor of the Cahokia New Testament Baptist church will conduc'l the 9:45 a.m. unified worship and (lie 7:30 p.m. worship Sunday at the First Baptist Church of Roxana while the pastor, the Rev. Roy Gihbs, and his family are on vacation. The Rev. F. A. Welsh of St. stone of the new educational]Louis, formerly superintendent of building, Sunday 2:30 p.m. The| lhe Missouri d ' stri1c ' t '^ ** ^ speaker of the 10:35 a.m. and 7 p.m. worship Sunday at the Bunker Hill Cornerstone Laying Set BUNKER HILL —The Methodist Church will lay the corner Hospital Notes St. Anthony's ' MEDICAL Mrs. Clara Gum, 3408 Fullerlon. Paul Hubbard. 3209 Fernwood. ' Mrs. Mayde Eucly, 833 Broadway Craig E. Perry, '2419 Elizabeth. DISMISSALS Mrs. Pearl McPherson, Rte. 2, Edwardsville. Tamra Northcutt, East Alton. Roosevelt Wilson, 1130 Hampton. Mrs. Eva Warner, 3109 Mission. Lcroy Schwear, Edwardsville. Mrs. Carol Pohlman, Rle. 2, Godfrey. Lucian Curry, 1901 Pleasant. Mrs. Jane Hartwick, Carrollton. I Mrs. Susan Barthi, Edwardsville. Church of the Nazarene of Roxana while the pastor, the Rev. Allen Dace is on vacation. The Rev. William Rice, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Roxana will conduct the 10:40 a.m. worship Sunday and will speak on "Growing Up Worthy." The trustees will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the church and the first half hour will be church he said, conducting a commercial school which meets day and night, offering all commercial subjects such as typing shorthand, bookkeeping. She teaches and supervises the school. Rev. Carter-Henry and his wife have two daughters and a son, ages 18, 14 and 12, respectively. The minister said he is greatly impressed by the courtesy of the people of the United Slates, and especially the courtesy which the young people here show for their elders. In regard to the current racial strife in the United States he said "I feel that the problems here are 30,000. In the Spanish Town area, he said, there were more than 30 members of the group and of this number, about 14 have reformed. The Rastafarians members wear their hair shoulder length, use drugs and terrorize the country. They were strongly anti-white. The minister now is in Chicago and from there will leave for home. The Rev. Carter-Henry will speak Sunday evening at 7:30 Rev. Vernie Barnett, district superintendent of the Vandalia district, Southern Illinois Conference, will be guest speaker. 'Off to College* Day at Curdie Heights Baptist officers training taught by the Curdie Heights Baptist Church Rev. Rice, of Alton will sponsor an "Off tO| Bcrean Baptist \ To Have Movie Shotving Sunday The film "Monkey Business" about the search for compatibility between science and the Bible will be shown at the Berean Bible Sunday. The 50 - minute color film traces the adventures of a teen- AJlon Memorial MEDICAL Mrs. Anna Comley, 2005 Sycamore. Jeffery DeBruce, 1818 Market. Mrs. Elsie Devening, Fieldon. Kenneth Duval, Fieldon. Mrs. Theresa Funk, 2 E. llth. Mrs. Alice Grace, Rte. 1, Dow. Mrs. Gertie Herman, East Alton Mrs. Elba Hickerson, 3 Hickerson Sharon Homann, Wood River. Bobby Jones, 1708 Belle. Mrs. Alta Lippincott, Edwardsville. Mrs. Betty Lucker, Bethalto. Mrs. Jean Morton, East Alton. Craig Perry, 2419 Elizabeth. Bert Peyton, Rte. 1, Edwardsville Pearly Poindexter, 1723 Maupin. Paul Sauls, East Alton. Mrs. JoAnn Schmitt, Cottage Hills Clifton Smith, East Alton. Donald Smith, 818 Logan. services at Alton's Union Baptist Church. At 11 a.m. Sunday he will speak at Alton's St. John's Baptist Church. College Day" Sunday with high school seniors and college students taking over the services. Leading the morning worship Sunday will be the following students: John Garner, song service; Cindy Martin a nd Carol Bass, duet; Terry Arnold, scripture readings; Sonny Irvin, offertory prayer; and talks will be given by Connie Combs, Hershell Wilson Jr., and John Garner. The pastor's sermon will be "Christ's Purpose, Mine." Coming events include a meeting of the nominating committee Monday eindn a young people's mcetiii'. Tuesday night in the home of the Rev. Lolard Simmons, 203 Alben St. 'Outpost Berlin* Movie at Faith Community "Outpost Berlin", a Billy Graham movie on the larget city of (lie Communists, will be shown at 7:30 p.m. Sunday at Faith Community Church, temporarily meeting in the grade school opposite the Post Office in Godfrey. The film depicts the startling comparison between war - torn and rebuilt West Berlin, and includes filming of the greatest youth gathering since Hitler. On Aug. 31, Jack Hosman, a missionary returned from the Grand Cayman Islands will be the featured speaker. Adult Class Confirmed At Zion HACK OFFERINGS UP NASHVILLE UH - Methodists across (he nation gave a record $493,643 in their "Race Relations offering" during the past fiscal year to help support 12 Megro colleges rsluled ID the church, are BUNKER HILL - The Zion Lutheran Church will receive n class of adults during the 10 a.m worship siu-vice Sunday, The class has received an ex tensive preparatory course foi church .membership based on the manual-litled, "What Does the age oj foreign wcchange In Yugoslavia, in Christian Science Services First Church of Christ, Scientist 533 East Tenth St.—AU Ar« W«lc9m» Sunday Service 11 A.M. Evening Testimony Meeting 8.P.N. ; Sunday School 11 AM, Mursflry Open During Each Service ttoom, 100 Kast Oro»4\v»y Sunday ^Holidays from 11 to 4:30 P.M. 1st Bethalto Baptist Revival Scheduled The Rev. Don E. Dillow, pastor f the Pennsylvania Avenue Bap- isl Church of Urbana, will conduct a revival at the First Baptist Ihurch of Bethalto, beinning Sun- lay morning and continuing " hrough Aug. 31. >v The R«V. Dillow holds a BA de- <* ;ree from Southern Illinois Uni- 'crsity, and BD and TliM degrees rom Southwestern Baptist Theo- ogical Seminary, of Fort Worth, Tex. He has been professor of Bible at the Baptist Student Unon of the University of Illinois. In has been invited to partici- >ato in an evangelistic crusade in Australia early in 1964. During college duys, the Rev. Dillow lettered in basketball, and •eceived a contract from t h e Chicago Cubs baseball organiza- ion, which he turned down to en-! .er the ministry. He attained the rank of sergeant major in t h P Air Force during World War II. The Rev. Dillow has pastored churches in Illinois and Texas. Hu is married and has two children. Gordon Shophurd of Jerseyville, music director of Alton Industrial Brown Street Baptists Hear Dr. Woolsey %/ Dr. Arthur Woolsey, former pastor, will be guest speaker Sun- Miss Judy Hinman, Wood River. Lee Moreland, East Alton. Mrs. Helen Olive, 3614 Horn. Thomas Heitzman, Dow. Mrs. Grace Bower, 3720 Berkeley Robert Parks, East Alton. Suzette Kaulen, Godfrey. Mrs. Calliope Copulos, 224 Lampert. SURGICAL Mrs. Betty Taylor, 2102 Hickory.; Kevin Goode, Gillespie. Mrs. Rosic Feliz, 910 Market. Steven Hicks,' 2122 Rockwell. John Caperton, Godfrey. Ronald Younger, Godfrey. DISMISSALS Mrs. Julia Corzine, Wood River. Mrs. Betha Mortland, Batchtown. Mrs. Anita Colman, 2424 Main. Mrs. Betty Sternes, Cottage Hills Joseph Henson, 606 Emerald. Mrs. Evelyn Lofts, 1405 Spaulding Mrs. Maurita Swain, Godfrey. Jeffrey Tite, East Alton. Mrs. Lee Viernum, 321 E. Eighth. Mrs. Josephine A. Vandevord, Wood River. Mrs. Janet Winson, 240 Dooley. Mrs. Mary Perkins, 735 Humboldt Henry Burch, 2510 Donald. Paul Arnold, Godfrey. Jesse Johnson, 232 W. 13th. Robert Denby, 2632 Grandview. Wood River Township MEDICAL Mrs. Jane Bennett, S. Roxana. Mrs. Ethel Harp, Benlon. Mrs. Verda Vroman, 198 Goulding, East Alton. Miss Judith Mueller, 2325 Brandt. Mrs. Emma Brown, 303 Whitelaw, East Alton. Susan Ann Nolan, Hartford. Walter R. Jones, 6 Ferguson. Mrs. Marguerite Janke, Cottage Hills. ' Timothy Wiemers, '792 Birch, East Alton. Mrs. Mrs. Fail-view. ager and his friend who search I Mrs. Laura McPherson, 2337 for answers between science and the Bible. Guest, Speaker Sunday at Zion Lutheran The Rev. Kenneth W. Henschel of Belleville will fill the pulpit at Bethalto Zion Lutheran Church while the Rev. D. A. Brunnette is in Spokane, Wash, attending the funeral of his father. Rev. Brunette's father died Friday, and the Rev. Brunette is ex- Carol Schoessler, Bethalto. SURGICAL Mary Simpson, Belleville. DISMISSALS , Mrs. Jo Ella Sparks, 532 N. First. (Richard Han-is, 607 Brookside. Joe Woodson. 29 Missouri. 'Mrs. Maude Jones, Hartford. Mrs. Wanda Meyer. 3207 Mission, i James Jones, Rt. 1, Edwardsville Mrs. Phyllis Beutlel, Brighton. Mrs. Maurita Franklin, Rte. 1. Mrs. Phyllis Titchenal, Bethalto. Mrs. Laura Reeves, 215 Harriett. Terry Schmidt, Wood River. John Goetz. Collinsville. Mrs. Shirley Halcom, Edwardsville. Mrs. Esther Goans, Wood River. Sandra Stanton, Wood River. REV, DILLOW Baptist Assn., will direct the mU' sic during the revival, and spec- at music will be featured at ouch service. Evening services wll start at 7:30 p.m. Barber shoppers Sing Sunday At Brighton The chorus of the Greater Alton Chapter of the men's Barbershop singers will appear at the 10:15 a.m. service of the First Presbyterian Church of Brighton on Sunday. Prospect Hill First Baptists Visit St. John's Members of First Baptist Church of Prospect Hill will visit Alton's St. John's Baptist Church Sunday at 3 p.m. Rev. C, C, Waters of Prospect Hill church will be guest speaker and a group from his church will sing. Mrs. Frank Thompson is chairman of the event. The Baptist Youth will sponsor a pastry sale n the church dining rooms Sunday morning, she said. CHURCH OF CHRIST GODFREY, ILL, MEETING AT THE PRESENT TIME AT GODFREY CIVIC CENTER PAUL HUOHEY, Miniiter BIBLE STUDY , ',. 9;45 A.M. WORSHIP SBRYIQB I0i45 A.M. 1YENIN® SERYlQi ,,,, 7:30 P.M. WiDNiSOAY iYgNIN© BI8U STUDY ,,. 7s30 P.M. day at Brown Street Baptist jpocted to be gone for over a Church. Now president of Baptist Bible Seminary, Johnson City, New York, lie will speak at the 10:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. services. His wife and daughter will accompany him on the trip to Alton. St. Michael's Picnic Slated For Sunday St. Michael's annual church picnic at Michael will be Sunday on the church grounds. Other attractions will include games, con- essions and refreshment stands, fancy - work stand and handmade religious articles. The Rev. Walter Deppisch is pastor. FAMILY UI'SISTS CITED PHILADELPHIA W) — Unless America "comes to grips" with the rising crisis in family life" tnd breakdown in homes in this country, all the nation's efforts to build military defenses to safe guard its "way of life" may prove futile, Rubbi Albert G Minda of Minneapolis, told Iho Central Conference of America! Rabbis at its recent conventioi here. Come to The Congregational Church Of The Redeemer on Henry Street at Sixth in Alton SUNDAY SERVICES: 9:30 A.M. — Church School Cl<met lOsOO A.M. — Service of Worship Sermon: ''Putting Sreat and Wonderful Meaning in Your Life" Robert CharfleId Kompcr, Paitor St. Joseph's MEDICAL 'Irs. Jane Ory, 794 N. Ninth, Wood River. iuy Hobbs, 237 Lindenwood, East Alton, ilpli W. Luken, Godfrey. Irs. Sidney Barrow, 737 Humboldt Ct. ohn J. Glynn, 1033 E. Fourth. Irs. Fannie Hersman, 714 Elfgen SUHCICAL VIrs, Anna Pattengill, Cottage Hills. DISMISSALS Vlichae! Balaco, 3011 Forest. VIrs, Janie Glower, 2718 Brown. Alton. Mrs. Verna Rice, 679 Lorena. Mrs. Helen Loafman, 628 Halloran Henry Snyder, 3517 Hoover, Alton Mrs. Anna Ranz, East Alton. Jenson Heflin, 715 Central, Alton Jersey Community MEDICAL Mrs. Dale Bick, Jerseyville. Mrs. Howard Freeman, Brighton. Mrs. Emma Lanham, Jerseyville. Vern Waiters, Hamburg. Mrs. Mary Terry, Jerseyville. Mrs. Mary Wallace, Jerseyville. Mrs. Albert Roth, Carrollton. DISMISSALS Mrs. Cyrus Bunting, Des Moines. Charles Zimmerman, Golden Eagle. Mrs. Wesley Powers, Fleldon. Mrs. Emma Halemeyer, Brussels Matching Watched ROME — Italian educators are conducting a study to see whom students pick as room mates. angelical jB^P 0m Kill f\ f+ • 8 CHURCH Eighth and Henry Street* CHARLES L, STEVENS, Pastor CHURCH SCHOOL 0 A.M. MORNING WORSHIP 8 and 10 A.M. Sermon: "The Man of the Kingdom" Guest Speaker: Rev, Oscar J. Rumpf, Professor of Practical Theology at Eden Seminary in Webster Groves, Mo. 10:30 to 11 lirowlouNt Over WOKZ Nursery Service lor Church School and Church EVERYONE WELCOME t LUTHERAN <»«*» of the Greater Alton Area Welcome You To Worship Tomorrow We Sponsor HO Radio KFUO—"The Goipol Voice"—850 k,o, "Thl$ It The Life 11 —Sundayi 9i30 «,m,, Ch, 6 "The Lutheran Hour"-Sundayi 2i?Q p.m., KFUQ 7i,ro, KWK 1310, I0il5p,m. K5D880 Fo; information on tht n«ar«t l,uth»rftn tNw cull HU s-asaa or writ* 617 Marih St., Alton,

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