Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 22, 1963 · Page 31
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 31

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1963
Page 31
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Page 31 article text (OCR)

AtWt»P-'» t 1963 •DAVID mum $64 By John Otillftii Mtifphy BIO BEN BOLT DIP HIS jr toy wet PML I MfAH. sefcSffANf ? J" Minute. SEE KERttY DRAKE By Alfred Atumola I'LL BE THERE \H A MINUTE By George Sixta FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry TOMORROW: PARTLY CLOUDY AND MUCH COOLER... I TOLD VOU TO LEAVE HIM ALONE! HE OOBSN'T LIKE 70 BE ANNOYED HOT WEATHER! FLASH HAS SILENTLY PICKED OFF THE ENTIRE REAR WARD OF OM.i?S CAPTORS. AND NOW. t . By Carl Grubert THE BERRYS JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Bobbins I SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF MYSELF FOR GAMBLING..I ALWAYS LOSE/5 I'LL BE DOGGONED/L,.;/ TAILS/ ILL MAKE IT BEST HIS FLYIN6 SURE V M-MV 1 PHOT TOOK KANE f WASN'T HE THE CLIMBER WHO WAS WITH THE SUIPE, ALFREPO,,, WHEN THE FIR5T FALL TOOK PLACE? M-MAV5E NOi; JOHNNY,,, BUT IF I NOT SO ANXIOUS FOR TO (SET PICTURE OF I?E5CUE,,, I NOT USE STKANSE PILOT.' , ^ x i^ TWO OUT OF THREE/ HEADS I TAKE A NAR TAILS I MOW THE LAWN WAS STRANGE/ WHERE'P YOU PICK UP THAT PUFFER? SICK AT LUNCH,,, MR, KANE OFFERED TO FLY ME,,, L-LIKE A FOOL I ACCEPTED..' N-NOW THAT POOR SUIP'E IS By Carl Anderson By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith THE SMITH FAMILY TAKE A TOUR OF THE WOP UP rnzAva BUREAU \ Hfe- I CAW CO \<=> WE.V-P HER OUT SHOPPING By R. and B. Hackney SIR BAGBY <£) King F«tyre* Syndiotc, Inc, 196}. World ri^htt ORDINARILY HE DOESN'T ACT LIKE THIS,THERE /MUST BE A FULL TONIISHT. BECAUSE, THE REST OF THE TIME HE'S MV UNCLE MORRIS By the way, members of Bv A. UEOKUM: How Old Is (he London Exchange used to meet in Slock Exchange? Win the Britannica Junior 15-volume encyclopedia for school and home. Send your questions, name, chance Coffee House! age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of Ihis paper. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Maria N. Y. By Bill Yates PROFESSOR PHUMBLE 492,336 492/357 "But, Mom, if I use soap—it'll kill the goldfish!" Khgnnee Bed* Border H spread beautifully— add the newest touch with this smart scroll design. Decorating news! Easy cross- stitch border adds color, richness to a spread. Pattern 564: four motifs; one 5x15; directions. Tliirty-fivo cents in coins for (his pattern — add 15 cents f«r each pattern for first-class mall- ing and special handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, care of Alton Telegraph, fifi, Nccdlecra/t Dcpl., P.O. Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York II, N.Y. Print plainly Pattern Number, Niimn,, Address and /one. Newesl rage—smocked accessories plus 208 exciting needlecraft designs in our new 1963 Needlecrafl Catalog — just out! Fashions, furnishings to crochet, knit, sew, weave, embroider, quilt. Plus free pattern. Send 25 cents now. Skirt It Smartly PRINTED PATTERN a coffee house. When they organ- their building was called the Stock Ex- DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney you Said it 1 /•:' ...but why? "HEAD OVER HEELS" Medieval judges could sentence a man to he "hanged , by the neck until dead" or "to hang by the h^eels," which, while somewhaf uncomfortable, was nor fatal, The expression "heels over head" became reversed to "head pver heels," signifying complete helplessness... like, In love, <s True Life Adventures LESSONS In. UV1NG <SOAT AT N)c3HT. « 1MI SOMETIMES THEV STANP TO ^AKMEFZ.S' HOMESTE At?S . THE T)NV ANTEJ-Or-ES KNOW.... I fintiii 8$i$i$&^ LL_ WHO SHUM HUMAN HABvTArriONS 8-22 W.ltiWI.a I)* Kllllt FMtVM S rfl (!(nt« Thorp arc many stock n.x- •hanges in the United States, but he most important one is in New York. A stock exchange is simply a place where the slocks and londs of companies arc bought and sold. The prices are not aled by anyone, but depend on low much buyers arc willing to pay for a stock, and how cheap- y owners are willing to sell. The New York Stock Exchange vas started in 1792, to meet cer- ain needs of the new nation. At hat time New York City had only 10,000 people and occupied five square miles. To pay for the cost of the Revolutionary War and to inanee other activities, Congress authorized the government to issue stocks and bonds unless they could also resell them easily, So. it was clem 1 that a market place for such a purpose was needed. A few business men who met to rade in stocks and bonds, decided to set a place and a regular :ime for their meetings. They decided to meet every day under the wide branches of an old button »vood tree on Wall Street. These men were the <!4 original members of Ihe New York Stock Exchange, They dealt only in government stock, and some hank, insurance and canal company stock. From this market place uiv der the branches of a tree, grew the great New York Stock Exchange of today. But stock exchanges have existed in Europe for a long time. The Paris Bourse can be traced back to the money - changers market of Ihe year 1138. The first exchange in Amsterdam was found i>d in 1U11. And the London Stock Exchange, like New York one of the most important ones in the world, was started in 1773, KUN TIMK The Riddle Kox ]. Why do TV stars keep cool. 1. Why is a chicken sitting on a fence like a penny? 3. What made the lobster blush? Answers 1. Because they have so many fans. '2. Because it has a head on one side and a tail on the other. 3. It saw the salad dressing. WOK1) PU//I.K T U R N B A C K Two versions of fall's favorite skirt—with and without side pleats. Sew one or both in flannel, tweed, faille for town-campus activities. Printed Pattern 4558: Misses' Waist Sizes 24, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32. Size 28 (side pleat) 1% yards 45-inch fabric. Fifty cents in coins tor this >attern — add 15 cents lor each IH'rn for first-class mailing ind special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept., 248 W. 7th St., New York 11, N.Y. Print ilainly Name, Address, /one, Sizo and Style Number. Pattern Free! Mail coupon nside new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog, ready now! Over 300 design ideas, all sizes. Send 50 jents for Catalog. Can you change Ihe first word 'Turn" to the last word "Back," in 4 moves: Change one letter in the word with each move. See tomorrow's paper for the answer. Win the Britannica World Atlas or Yearbook of Events. Send your riddles, jokes to: Riddles, Jokes, "Tell Me Why!" Today's winner is: Rosemary Marro, 13, Troy, N. Y. PUltOlt DIDN'T AKJUVK LONDON (t/fi)— A political melodrama with a sensational plot — the return to power of Adolf Hit/ ler — has arrived on London's stage without Ihe fanfare created by Us television version last year, "Night Conspirators," written ay German-born Robert Mullet', ;ms the Nazi dictator return Iron) Hidden exile in Iceland. When done on TV, the German embassy protested, but this time commein was limited, to somewhat inlxec appraisals by the critics. Hots Not MANCHESTER Twelve racetracks may close If they ore cut off from English govern* menl aid, Too IMuny Contributors NEW YORK (AP)—Too many people wanted to contribute In ihis summer's free Shakespeare Festival in Central Park. As part of its fund-raising campaign, the festival repeated a 19C2 invitation for public donations. In exchange, each contributor was assured of a seat at the performance of his choice. The response exceeded expectations, so founder-producer Joesph Papp sent money back to 1,300 people. Papp explained that Via.OOO others had already sent nionoy, and that if the rolls were kept open enough seats wouldn't be available for people who Una up at each performance for gratis tickets. The subscription total represents about one-quarter of the seats available during a play's run. The open-air theater has room for 2,300 spectator* per performance, HONG KQNU Two brother* plan to sail from, Hong Kong on a rufl they have bull! front tin cans.

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