Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 22, 1963 · Page 25
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 25

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1963
Page 25
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Page 25 article text (OCR)

AUGUST 22., 19,63 ALTON 1 Salad Platter Is Refreshing Choice on Hot Day My M)itit Sf. lUHBlClt I fcttjtit • A salad platter or tray js a refreshing cbolcti for the evening men! on ft hot, day. this may be moat attractive In appearance as well as satisfying to l«s(o If Iceberg lettuce Is cut Into wedges and arranged with sliced hard- cooked eggs, green olives mid perhaps beans. M you want n heartier meal, slices of cooked ham may bo one of the Hems oh the platter. Many of us feel that nothing is as satisfying ns tills meat when served cold In combination with salad vegetables. ••• By the way, one of Uiose food weeks which are proclaimed for apparently ho reason Is scheduled for Aug. IB to 24. My curiosity has never been satisfied as to why certain dates are chosen for a promotion. PATIO PLATTER SALAD 2 medium heads western iceberg lettuce 1 package (10 ounces) frozen French-style green beans, cooked according to packagp directions and drained % cup olive oil % cup wine vinegar 1 teaspoon suit % teaspoon crushed tarragon 1 teaspoon s«ltl % teaspoon pepper 10 thin slices cooked linrn 1 cup plmienlo-sliiffed olives 3 hard-cooked eggs, sliced Core lettuce; rinse in cold witter; drain well. Reserve outer leaves. Cut hearts in quarters; place with green beans in shallow pan. Combine oil, vinegar and seasonings; pond over lettuce wedges and green beans. Chill. Wrap each lettuce wedge in ham slice or place on ham slice. Arrange with drained green beans on platter. Shred remaining ham arid lettuce; loss will) remaining marinade. Mound on platter; garnish with olives and eggs. Yield: 8 .servings. * * + Variation If desired, any cold meat may be substituted for the sliced ham. (© 1063, General Features Corp.) SOVIET SCIENTISTS TO STOP VIOLENT WINDS MOSCOW — In the Tien Shan mountains of,. Central Asia is the fertile Ferghana Valley. It lias been plagued for many years by (lie hot. winds that sweep into it through a narrow opening from the Kyzyl Kmn Desert, These winds often develop into storms causing serious damage to crops as well as ..burying irrigation canals and roads. Until "recently H was considered that forest belts were the only protection agaiiist the. effects of these winds. Now Soviet scientists have suggested that turbines be installed in the gap at the uppei; entrance to the valley. Turbines 165 feet in diameter, slow down the wind and at the same lime generate electric power. KARACHI — A great demand for cutlery and scissors now is apparent in East Pakistan. NELSON DIETSCHY'S MARKET SAJVirOKO AT MAIN ST. HO >J- Phonos IK) ^Delivery Service SluirfhiB Ucff. or Drip COFKIQI5, Lb. S. F. Mustnrd, l« or., jup l!»c Plillndelplila Olieese, 8 oz. »fic Vclvccta Cheese, 3 His. ..8l)c Kraft Aniorlcuii, 2 Ibs. ...liOc Pillsbury Biscuits, 8 ciins 37o Sandwich Ounlcios, ',' Ibs. 3Uc S. F. Onlmi]), J4 or.,, 2 for 85c Charcoal BrliiuotH, 5 Ibs. Hflc 10, pound bug 'll)c SUGAR ORIS18K BUTTER .... rounil 79c Llbhy's J'l ox, can Butter Beans and Hani Sauce 47o Cranberry Sauce,- S00..3/-1SO S. F. Pears, 303 3/60o All Green Asparagim, can H.'ld Out Groon Beans, 303, 2/3»o Klnidalo Toinatues, 303, S/83e LaChoy 303 can Chow Moln Noodles..a/SSo IJpof Chop Suoy ........ fitto Chicken Chop Suoy fl5c Soy Snuco ,,... lOc Sliurflno Shortening, 3 Ibs. U5o Spry, 7o off, 3 Ibs 70o Navy Beans, 24 oz, bag . .27o Groat Northern, 24 oz. ..SOo Qalnos Dog Meal, 2 Ibs. 37o Milk Bone, 22 oz. pug. OQ» BISCUITS, Bihall WWV Stronghoart Dog, 2 cnns..23o Corn V,, 13 »z, 20o Variety Pack, only 45o Ohcorlos, JOMi oz. pkg....35o Whealles, 12 oz. pkg. ....85o Upton's, 13 qt, bags ,,..45o LIpton'M, 100 In $1.10 Tender Loaf Inst., 1W oz. 70« Instant Neste», 80 off .. .4-le Powdered or Brown Sugar 2 nkg*. 80o Murbliimillo>vs, 10 o?...!}/JtUo S.F. Peanut Butter, 11 p. SOo S.P. Applo Butter, aSo*. 81o Applesauce, 8Q8 .,.•• Fruit Cocktail, 803 .. Sparorlbg, nqunil <•<• Skinless Wiohorii, in. Boiled Hani, .. Pork Steaks, choice, Itlb StmlUi ueof, Ib. i Pin Bone Sirloin. Ib, Hwnburgor, a pouudi D/tiiok, BT°um', Ib, ... i rr9Una, lit. M Ib .400 ,400 .400 .70P ,700 ,800 rfiQP Bttiwiuw, Lettuce, 8 llT. UouUn ,... ( 20o Dabhage, 8 pouuua ....,.18o ......85p HT y DOUBLE TOP VALUE ON ANY PURCHASE WITH COUPON AT RIGHT DOUBLE TOP VALUE STAMPS With this coupon arid any purchase except tobacco products. Coupon expires Sat, nlte, Aug. 24, 1963. Limit one coupon. ;t*$ t< >v '•&( l*?<* > <• rf k » «w»j <&' ,' Jr ,3V Jfc*^- 1 ,•"» IV ITENDERAY It't th» snth Annlvertfti? of «Miunnlw<|.|cnHer Kroter Tendernj tlMind Ike/1 And nil jenr lont, Kroirr In tn- tnr to Im celclirnllni with •pcclnl href buj» «ui;b IK these . • , U.S. Choice Tendcray Brand Round Steak U.S. Choice Tenderay Brand Sirloin Steak U.S. Choice Tenderay Brand T-Bone Steak Lb. U.S. Choice — Tenderay Brand Cube Steak .... - $1,09 U.S. Choice — Tendcray Brand Breakfast Steak . " $1.49 Swift Premium Baking Hens . . . . »> 39e Fresli, Lean Ground Beef .... •* 49c Sliver Platter— Fresh, Picnic Style Pork Roast ...... «•• 29c Mayrose or Swift Premium Sliced Bacon .... U» 59c Silver Platter — Lean Pork Sausage — «*• 49o Fres-Shore Breaded Shrimp % 49c We reserve th« rlrht to limit. Mix nr Match" Kroger 20-Oz. White Bread or 1%-Lb. Sandwich Bread Loaves "Mix or Match"—Kroger—Regular or Iced Raisin Bread, 01' Southern Spice Cake, or Fresh Orange Parfait Ring ...... 2 *» 49c 2 «••. 39c ........... V 2 £ 29c Kroger — Onion, Rye, or Sesame Buns f ' Hunter— Sliced Boiled Ham ...... «* 99o U.S. No. 1 — "New York Ripe" — Jumbo 5 size Honeydews ............. »*<* 49c U.S. No. 1— Italian Prune Plums .......... 4 "•»• 49c % Bushel . 53.89 Large Cello — 12 Size — California Snowball Cauliflower . . . ^ 25c STOKIiLY CREAM STYLE White Corn 8^.890 Kroger — Sandwich Buna or Butterfly Rolls AVONDALE Shell Beans .... • 7 990 Large — 80 Size — Thick Meated Bell Peppers .......... 6 «« 29c U.S. No. 1— California Bartlett Pears ........... **• 19c Tasty — .Tumbo 27 Size — Coit Cantaloupes .......... 3 $1.00 f < v «< Fresh — Michigan Blueberries 3 ^ 89c Kroser Gelatin 8J)I All Flavor* Krorer—Minlatur* Marshmallow 2%|-4te Hwantott—WTitte, Pink, or Yellow Facial Tissues. 5 "JK" $1 Fleece — Wtilt* »nd Ansortftd Towels $1 BRENNER Banana or Chocolate Pies :... Ellch 490 Ludington—Dark Sweet Pitted Cherries StokeJy—Whole Fine Products from our Dairy Department . Eatniore—Quarters Margarine 1-Lb, Ctns. j ...s^s^^asav^^ i? x i>Hd _ 6 i-ii,. cartons 96c Krocer—Swiet, American, and Pimento Processed Cheese «£ 59 C Margarine Kroger—Buttermilk or Homestyle Biscuits 6 8Ca °»'47c 6-l'ack 8-01. Cans 47c Delicious, Tasty, Tropical Bananas Minute Maid—Frozen Orange Delight Polar Pack Ice Milk 6 6-Oz. C1 Cans •*>* Cl.OVIiR VALLliY — 2 LI3. Peanut Butter •x Gal. 59c Potatoes .... 7 Stokely—Cut Green Beans I.MBA.SHY — 2 l.U. Peach Preserves U.MBASSY — 2 l.U. Plum Preserves LMBASSY — 2 l.U. Strawberry Pies Your Choice Each Avondale-r-Cut Green Beans 7 <? a °,?» 99c Avondatc Tomatoes 6£99c 4 No. Z 1 A cans—.99o StokeJy—Whole Tomatoes Kroger Fruit Cocktail 5 303 cans $1.00 K roger—Freeston* Peaches 5 S $1.00 Avondale—Cream Stylt Gold Corn ,,.8.J5,99c Kroter—Frotm Orange Juice Hanyuol—Frozen Pot Pies 6 KT Clilckrn, Turkey, und Beef SW!M Nl»»—Peach, Appl«, or Clierry Frozen Pies.; 4 100 Extra Top 4 Vtlui Jt»mpi with thli coupon Mid Ui* purchiwe o( u\j Teiid 8on»l8M Rout 90 fxtri Top Valui Stampi with Dili coupon ind (he purcliats ol S bead. o< lo«b«rg Lettuo* «MfK,?W" w Coupon ejprrM Sat. oliht, «4, 1063. Couiion tMilrtf 8*1. ollht, JOWL

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