Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 21, 1963 · Page 24
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 24

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1963
Page 24
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t,< EVENING i 4«H "•R V Members Get H«t6c1t, Mr. und Mrs. , \v h o re- the ^4! clubs of Greene in this mistress of cere- WIN $1063,001 FREE PRIZES Novv During our Hirst Ahhlversnry celebration OOD17REY ttOAO, GODFREY Paper for details Woody I* Self Service Drive-In monies contest last week at the state fair, won an A rating and was therefore a fjartlcipstrt m the state share - the - fun festival also ld during the Fair. Miss Christine Qilmorfe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Oil- more of Roodhou&e, also wort an A rating in the public speaking contest at the state Fair, Members of the'Wrights .tolly Pals Club who also parttcpated in the state contest with their Skit, '"Doggie in the Window," Were given a participation rib- boJi. Carl Sheffer is the leader of the cltib. Family Dinner CARROLLTON — Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hall entertained at a family dinner at their home Sunday celebrating thrpp anniversaries, including the 33rd wedding anniversary of Mrs. Hall's parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Bert A. Bohll of Alton, which was Aug. 17, the 4th birthday of Richard Hall, which was Aug. 20, and the birthday of Roy Hall, wh'ch was Aug. 2. The Rev. and Mrs. Bofon were rnarried in St. Loutyand he has been the pastor of 4 number of Baptist churches sink? their mar- rlage, including afj" ! eleven-year jjastorate at the Baptisl Ghiirch in White Hall and his present pastorate of the Main Street Bap list church in Aitoji, where he has been for the past two afld a half years. Mrs. Hall is the only child of the couple. nithop Reunion CARHOLLTON - Children of {he late Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Bishop had a reunion Monday evening at the home oi Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bishop of this city. In (he group were Mrs. Joe Lackey nnd daughter of Hillsdale, Mich., and Miss Martha Dell Bishop of Rock Hill, S.C., who WPI-P over Might guests nt t h n Bishop home. Also present were Mi', and Mrs. Francis Morris and sons of Carlinville. Carrnljto|i tyote* CARROt,LTON — Miss N i t a Ford and Miss Ella Black of this City and Mrs. David M. Smith of Peoria will leave Friday fpr Qreen Lake, Wls., where they will spend a week at the American, Baptist Assembly. Mrs. Robert Bontz arkl son, Qeorge. of Baltimore, Md., arrived Saturday to spend several days with Mrs. Bontz' mother, Mrs. OJlie Henkel. . ' Mrs. George W. Whiteside returned home Monday from Passavant Hospital in Jacksonville where she had spent two weeks following surgery. Mr. and Mrs. John Andrews alKt son, Day-id, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Andrews and Mrs. H a 111 c Freeh spent Monday in St. Louis at the home,of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Collier. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wagner and daughter, Mrs,. Andre Alba of Burbank, Calif., ttho are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Trancis Qeers, are spending this week with relatives and friends in Pekin, Bpardslown afld Canton. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Garrison of Detroit, Mich.i are spending this week as gqests of Mrs. Cjaude Bishop and at the last pf the week Knne '— Guests at t Ham* reunion Sunday at Park in Carrollton Western Springs, 111.! Now, a remarkable way to get clothes cleaner with less water, less detergent, less wear! PRfSCRUBS FOR YOt! KELVINATOR ? GOLDEN TOUCH VIGOROUS WAJHINQ LESS.LINT, IfSS WEAR SAVES WATER, QETER6E[<T 'a<> Mrs. Bishop will on p trip to Longford where will spend three days at theiiome of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sohrip- tet. ; • f ' Mr. and Mrs. Leonard'Hatr ftnd granddaughter, Sherrill, of t|e- troit, Mich,, returned to their ome Wednesday, having been guests, since Friday of Mrs- Herbert llarr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert. Qarrlsofi and Mrs. John Beamis left Sujv day to return to their home -In. Detroit, .Mich,., after spending last week with Mrs. Clja tide Bishop. Socialists On Move TOKVP — Japanese socialists say (hey will gain more places in the next elections. B WITH THE FAMILY »•"• al... - t ,.- MIU-TOJPN^, DINING ROOM . OPEN. v / SUNDAY at NOON/' 7th & Centriil , Aitqn, III. / .Jr •- CLEAN OVERFLOW RjNSINB Your clothes last longer and you save money every time you wash with wonderful Kelvinator Golden Touch agitator action! It prescrubs for you. Clothes are completely cleaned by squeezing sudsy water through them 300 times a minute. But it doesn't jerk your clothes or pound lint out of them. It's so safe it can even wash a paper napkin without tearing it. You save on water, detergent and electricity. Other washers use as much as 50% more hot water. With Kelvinator you get two speeds, normal- and small-load cycles, special wash-wear cycle, lint filter, and 4 water temperatures. Come see this advanced washer today! WASHES EVERYTHING SAFELY : , '•&Mt\<tr5i*&S*&%K.t^& sis* NO GEARS TO WEAR OUT , ,'1 WASHES 1 TO 12 IBS. Model W-522 r ^^. 50 LOOK! LOOK! Subscribers of Saturday Evening Post and Reader's pigest! Ypg may have won $10,000 plus a 1964 RamblflUJ/os 10 Kelvinator Appliances or one of 105,265 other pri?es in the Kelvinator GoldeTi Touch Sweepstakes! Bring in your numbered ticket frpm the August 24 Post or September Reader's Digest and see! 5-YEAR PARTS qUARAMTEEJ i»Kelvinjitpr w)|| repair or replace any def«c- live drive-mechanism part for five years «pd any other defective part for one year. And we pay lor »ny labqf costs tl)e frst year) B.F.Goodrich 440 E. BROADWAY HO 9-7754 ROXANA. tfiL. ' J AIR-CONDITIONED, . THUHS.—FKI.-^SAT. Continuous from 7 p.m. Sunday Continuous! !- , from 1 p.nii j • ' No Parking Problems Ph. CL, 4-6613 or CL. 4,7271 : THURS.-FRI.-SA'T.-SUN. "THE BIRDS" Cojpr •) Kott Taylor, Jessica Tandy Suzanne Pleshej;te -; |: Thurs., Fri., Sat.'i8:£!8 '". Sunday 1:00, 4:58, 8:48 ; ., "I COULD *GGT ^ ON SINGING" ; Color^ itc • ,/ •: ^|| Judy Garland, D^rk Bo^ar^l Jack Klugmart ( y'V Thurs., Fri., Sat; 7Vl4 Sunday 3:00, 6:58 . SELECTED nnd is, ^fln.: wm« Htflij «. Alton; Normandy, Mo.; Kans. Mf, arrd M«. dlfford Robert pough?r|y weirt (6 gonville Sunday to see Mrs. Dougherty who is in Our Snylour's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Winston Williams p! Cast St. Louis spent Sunday \vtlh MV. ftnd Mrs. .w. M; fcutes. I\\Q annual reunion of the descendants of the late George Witt was held Sunday at t"? Hayes clubhouse at N" l ,\f®jL Guests \vevc present fixjflV'^fllck^onville, Carrolltpn, Alton, ljR4 Kane. Charles Naylor Sr-, w^s named president! for next ye(J?. Miss Barbara beShasier return- KMred sutfday visitors at the hwtte Mr. «fid Mr*, Marty Hoiiord f, attf Mrs. fiornalne fate nHjy ol t-afnafr. " , Mr. npd Mrs. p»e fcusfineil and aughter, Linda, returned Sim- day front severs,! days visit with Mrs. Bushneil's. brother - in - lew artd, sister, Mr. and M«. Prei^ofl Curry Of OaHyvbod- finshnell has beert on vacation'from his duties at Cooke Valley Farms. Mr. ftnd Mrs. \vi|Hani and son, Charles, and Mr. artdl Mrs. William Srymour and daughter, Crystal, of aarroljton ttfcft SjrtidW at »»<»•«vo»4 Heights as guests of Mr, and Mrs. llUBtn %m\ and fanilly. Mr, H MP- Ol |tfofd Ea * le !2" of tftitw»d VisitM Sunday at the Glenn Ansejl home. 'Mrs. fidward Hsvejka and daughter M!M D« rl * »*velka attended the graduation «* pf the' 81. Joseph Sphool of N Sunday in ed honie Monday from Jacksonville where she' sfiejil the Week, with her 8isl6l>1 Mrs,. Comfortably COOL WI1DEY LAUQH ^ mm^m^mm^.^. „ -with- IT IS! 25!™!r!!T^SS.T.rzrr LCOJ, oobb Shown 7:10 9:10 FWNKSiNanW CbmiBiow YOUR HORN JJH St. .John Starts FRIDAY-COMf ON, EVERYBODY! See SUMMER'S SHOW OF SHOWS Please Note: Matinee Friday, Open 12:30 Legend $ Mightiest Warrior! „,.,„..._ „„_ WILLIAMS PLUS 2ND BIG IUT FRANKIE AVALON^'MPRUMS O'F AFRICA" FRIDAY .. fATTHP GRAND & WILDEY T.AOOS, Nigeria a 1 — A Nigerian official hft» b^efl gahylka Stoverfttyent It) Ina Its civil WfVicf . 0. Anl, , of the Mln" and Service revise Hi* sal Tanganyika civil (Writf. Tan. ganylka follqws U||RA| as the apcont! Bast ^fricnif t19t|«n to re- 11 serv < ice roorgnn(zatlnn. TODAY AND TIIJJBS. .$ Family Prices§^—All Seats 25c liiddjps ftlatinep'" »>jaJ!^^^^ l BSy tVcd. i :po, 4:19, 7:ap P,HI. I FANTASCOPEiTECHNICOLl ( Wed. 2:45, 5:47/ Thurs. at 8:3p YOUR FAVORITE FA^HLY DRIVE IN TARLIGHT COLLEGE AVENUE, ALTON, ILL. BOX OFFICE QPEN^ Af 7:Jfl Tonite for | week If yo\i were a your grpwng up pihe^'yWj^ .naturally p on Spenger's Mountain., Stamng HENRY MAUREEN IN TECHNICOLOR rny n i n'u ID i JAMES Mac ARTHUR • DONALD CRISP rUNUA-unAKA wAUYcpx MIMSY FARMER THE DEADLIEST OIL EMPIRE OF THEM ALL! BLACK Pi'iPCAREY-DipMcBAJN JAMES BEST-FAY SPAIN-CUUDE AWNS Color Cartoons—Free Playground—Children Adinitjpi) Frp.e. ''-^. ir« - ,.,..-.-„.,-*.-^ • ... welcome to our money ... for booka, clothes, fee« or whatever your faffljly needs... at Tlie Associate* where rate^ are reasonable and terma a?$ feir. So when cash caii help you, just phpne us, or stop by t|» AfBociatea office nearest yqji. Ypu'jl find Associa|ji service pleasant, prompt.. .and privatel Lpqps tp $7500 ASSOCIATES FINANCE, INC. . Alton: 1828 East Broadway .Phone: HO |-9715 yya.od Riyer: 68 (East Ferguson St.. .P|jone CL ilf-3879 under $800 hnndlcd hv Assoclflipf J-,onn Conjpany TONITE TJ^ru SAT. OAPRI DID ST IOUIS RO. 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