Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 21, 1963 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1963
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

a ALTON EVENING TELEGftAPM WEDNESdAV, AUGUST SI, Evening TV Digest K*Vt 6, li 4 5 News 6:10-4 I Weather 11 three Stooges (ft) 9 Eric Hotter 6:15-2 City Camera & Weather 4 News: Cfohklte 5 Huntley.Brinkley 11 Rocky & ttls Friends 6:30-2 Wftgofl Train (ft) 4 Special: The Press and the Race Issue" 6 Virginian (R) U People Are Funny tiOO— 4 Eye Oh St. Louis 11 Best of Groucho (R) 7:30-2 Going My Way (R) 4 Dobie Gillis (R) 9 P.S. 4 11 Wrestling 8:00-4 Beverly Hillbillies (R) Mystery Theater (R) What's New? Our Man Hlgglnp (R) Dick Van Dyke (H) You Are There Naked City (R) Reckoning (R) Bing Crosby Show 6 9 8:30-2 4 9 9:00-2 4 5 Interview It Movie — "Showdown" (1950) Walter Brennan, Wil- liatii Elliott, Henry Morgan 9:30—9 Special.' Secrets of St. Louis IO:ott-2 4 5 News 10-16-2 4 5 Weather 10:15-2 Steve Allen 4 Eye on St. Louis 5 Johnny Carson 10:30-4 Movie - "Camille" (1936) Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore 10:50—11 Movie — "Secrets of a Nurse" (1938) Dick Fbran, Helen Mack 11:45—2 Dragnet (R) iZioo—5 Tonight In St, Louis 12:15—2 News & Sports 12:20—2 Mahalia Jackson 12:30—4 Movie — "Honeymoon Ahead" (1945) Allan Jones, Vivian Austin 5 11 News 12:35—5 Almanac 12:40-5 Weather 11 Newsreels & Religion l:!tO—4 News & Religion Thursday, Daytime, Aug. 22 High School Teacher Hero Of New Show (R) Denotes REPEAT Program KTV1 (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KSD (NB(J> 6, KPUt 11 8:45—4 Give Us This Day 5:50—4 News: Tom Brooks 6:00—4 Town and Country 6:30-4 P.S. 4 7:00—4 Morning Scene 5 Today: Hugh Downs 7:30—4 News: Carmichael 7:40—4 World of Mr. Zoom 8:00—2 Mahalia Jackson 4 Capt. Kangaroo 8:05—2 Farm Report 8:10—2 News 8:15-2 Spotlight on KETC 8:45—2 Cartoons 9:00—4 Calendar 5 Say When 9:15-2 King & Odie 9:25—5 NBC News: Newman 9:30—2 Romper Room 4 I Love Lucy (R) 5 Play Your Hunch 10:00—4 The McCoys (R) 5 Price Is Right 10:30—2 Seven Keys 4 Pete & Gladys (R) 5 Concentration 11:00—2 Tennessee Ernie 4 Love of Life 5 1st Impression 11:25—4 News: Reasoner 11:30—2 Father Knows Best (R) 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Truth or Consequences 11:45-4 Guiding Light 11:55—5 NBC News: Scherer Noon—2 General Hospital 4 News-Weather: .Roby 5 News: Jim Burke 11 Newsreels 12:05—4 My Little Margie (R) 12:15—11 Modern Almanac 5 Charlotte Peters 12:30—2 Divorce Court 4 As World Turns 11 Jack LaLanne 1:00—4 Password 5 People Will Talk 11 Movie — See Wed., 10:50—p.m. Ch. 11 1:25-5 News: Kalber 1:30—2 Jane Wyman (R) 4 House Party 5 The Doctors 8:00—2 Queen for a Day ' 4 To Tell the Truth 5 Loretta Young (R) 2:15—11 Movie - See Wed., 9 p.m., Ch. 11 2:25—4 News: Edwards Who Do You Trust? Edge of Night You Don't Say American Bandstand Secret Storm Match Gamr News: Vanocur Discovery '63 Millionaire (R) Make Room for Dadd> 2:30-2 4 5 3:00—2 4 5 3:25-5 3:30-2 4 5 (R) 3:55-2 4:00—2 4 5 American Newsstand Day in Court S. S. Popeye Wrangler Club U Three Stooges (R) 4:25—2 Movie — Annie Oakley" (1935) Barbara Stan- wyck, Preston Foster 4:30-^ Movie — "RiffRaff" (1935) Jean Harlow, Spence Tracy 5 Maverick (R) 5:00—5 Range Rider (R) 11 Mickey Mouse Club (R) 5:30—5 Sea Hunt (R) 11 Yogi Bear 5:55—4 Sports: Carmichael Mrs. Grisivold Named to Post In Unit No. 10 GREENFIELD — Mrs. Mae Jriswold has been employed as a secretary in Unit School Dls- rict 10 and will also serve as .ecretary to the board of educa- ion. She will succeed Mrs. Mar- :ella Cannedy who recently resigned. Mrs. Griswold served from 957-1960 in asecretarial position n the district and is presently employed by Morrow Brothers r ord Agency. She will assume her new duties Sept. 3. Celebrate Anniversary GREENFIELD — Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell Shields enter- ained at a buffet supper Saturday night honoring Mr. and Mrs. Finice Doyle on their 16th vedding anniversary. Other ;uests were Nancy and Jane Doyle, Greg Bauer, and Mrs. Dora Bauer. Attending Baptist Camp GREENFIELD — The Rev. nd Mrs. Raleigh Gordon and Mrs. Amol Greer are serving as ounselors at the Baptist Camp, ^ake Springfield, this week. luth Ann Greer is attending the senior high camp at Lake pringfield and Stanley Gordon vas enrolled in the junior high camp last week. Ruth Ann accompanied the larter Gospel Team on a tour of the New England states ear- ier this month. Greenfield Notes GREENFIELD — Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goodman, Mr. and Mrs. James McKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Louis B. Meng, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cole, and Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell Shields, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bishop at a polluck supper Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Bishop left Monday for Las Vegas, Nev,, and will also visit with Mrs. Bishop's brother, J. R. Shields Jr., and family in Lompoc, Calif., and with her sister, Mrs. Don Luketich and family in Denver, Colo. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Valentine and Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cole have returned home after a trip through the western states, Miss Julia LeBeau of Bloomington visited during the weekend with her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. James Perkins. Mr. and Mrs. James Nash ant Mark and Shelia left Monday or a vacation trip to Micliigan. Ronald Arras, who was the \\y cVNtMIA At* TolPvlsloti-ftrtdio Writrr HOLLYWOOD <AP)~felevision scries, no matter what viewers sometimes suspect, are ftot always found under cabbage leaves like Topsy nor even between the covers of a book. E. Jack Neunmn Is a writer- turned-producer whose MGM job is developing formats for new programs. Two years ago it was "Dr. Kildare," and last year "Sam Benedict." Neunian reports that the genesis of his creation this season. "Mr. Novak." was in the following conversation, months ago, with Boris Sagal, a director. Sagal: "Hey, how about doing a scries about a high school teacher?" Ncumnn: "Well, it doesn't sound so good to me. What do we do when we're finished with smoking In the school basement, the star half back who is a lousy English student and the kids who run off and get married?" A short time later, however, Neumnn dropped into a high school during school hours. "It was an entirely different picture than I'd thought," he said. "Then 1 started talking to administrators and getting an idea of their problems and what school life is like." Finally he had an idea for a central character— "a practical idealist, a man who wants nothing more man a chance to take a crack at ignorance eight or 10 hours a day, a great hero for the public." "Young people today are begging for discipline and understand ing," he said. "They aren't the way they were shown in 'Dobie Gillis' and 'Our Miss Brooks.' " At any rate, James Franciscus, an idealistic-looking young man, will play the hero-type teacher. Dean Jagger will co-star as the wise, older school principal. And except for guest stars, the rest of the cast will be bona fide high school students, recruited in groups from nearby communities and paid the regulation $25 a day as extras. MGM has reserved space where the students can continue their studies, with their teachers, when they are not needed on the sets of the NBC show. ABC has a new head of its news operations, Elmer Lower, veteran newsman who left NBC to take over the job vacated by James C. Hagerty, recently moved into another broadcasting area. Shipuiaii Group at Wisconsin Base SHIPMAN -— A group from lipman is at Region 7, Canoe ase at Boulder Junction, Wis. here they began a 50 - mile ca- oe trip for Scout Explorers. Dens Skaggs left on August' 11 to :tend voyagers training. The oth- rs from Shipman, are Charles -caggs, assistant post advisor, aul Kahl, Tom Cravens and Edward Bunt. Attend Institute SHIPMAN — Members of t h e ocal Methodist Youth Fellowship ave returned from a week at fouth Institute at McKendree Col- ege at Lebanon. Those who at- ended were Dan Hubbard, Keneth Beckham, Mary Lee and Saren Bohlmeyer, Carolyn Weider, Mary Lou Halliday, Lenora Maxwell and Jill Pointer. For VACATION Money I • oe PUBLIC FINANCE . , . Fast Service . . . Up to $80O . . . On sensible plans Money to Go Now—Pay Later, Thousands UN our plans every year for their vacations— you can, too. With good credit and steady employment, you're all set, Call/ write, or come In today for the amount you want. Life Insuronce Is Available On Your Loan FINANCE CORPORATION 331 Belli, Altgn-HO 5-5556 29 Eaitgar* Shcp, Ctr., E. AlroB-^fc 4 26 N, Wftfld W*«i"" ""' reene County winner in the! fouth 4-H tractor - driving con-| est, participated in the state con- est at the State Fair in Spring- leld last week. He was accomp- nied by his parents, Mr. and /Irs. George Arras and Richard durphy. aching back Nagging backache, headache, or muscular tidies and pains may come on with over-exertion, emotional upsets or i day to day stress and strain. And folksi who eat and drink unwisely sometimes! suffer mild bladder irritation . . . with i that restless uncomfortable feeling. If you are miserable and worn out because of these discomforts, Dean's Pills often help by their pain-relieving action, by their soothing effect to ease bladder irritation, and by their mild diuretic action through the kidneys — tending to increase the output of the 15 miles of kidney tubes. 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