Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 20, 1963 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 20, 1963
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPtt TttESt)AY, AUGUST 20, 1963 DAVttt CftAtfE Cfelg Flesscl It DOES SOUNDS IP N6EDS SOME ESVCHIAteie HELP, MRS. M.COX-.PERMPS I? VOt) LEFT, HER HERE toft FEW WEEKS KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola ..AN'MRS. FERNOLP REALLY SOT AN EAR PULL, $61. DRAKE/ LOOK, HONEV/.. WE'LL WORK SOMETHING OUT/.. MY WIFE,. WELL.. SHE QUIT CASING 'FOR ME VEAR5 AGO! 1 KNOW IT'S A STALE BIT OF DIALOGUE. BOOT5IE .BUT WE CAN'T 6O ON LIKE THIS/ RISSIE PUT TOY KAN NEXT TO A TABLE WHERE HER HUS- BANP AN' DORELLE DUBLIN USED TO SIT AN' HOLD HANDS BETWEEN FLOOR .SHOWS FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry THEY'RE STILL TOO TERRIFIED BY THE GUNFIRE TO LOOK BACK! IF I ALARM THEM, IT MAY COST DALE'S LIFE, AS THE CAVEMEN FLEE WITH DALE, FLASH PICKS OFF TWO STRAGGLERS.... JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbins ^C-COULTN'T HELP IT, MISS ENS5TKOM,,. I TRIEP, BUT,,,/ I MEAN TO KILL Hl/i I'M-I'M JUST A JINX' SHOOTIN& WITH MACHINE-LIKE PRECISION, SNAP REODRPS THE ENTIRE TRASIC SCENE. AS THE (5UIPE IS SWEPT TO HIS PEATH BY THE PDWN7RAFT FROM KANE'S COPTER' THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith I'M fiONH/X TURN OVER ^ NE.W Y.E.KP. FIRST I'LL - I'LL ROOM. -TUEM ru_ POT OH CLEAJK CLOTHE 1 , W\V SWOEa W\OV\ \T=- 1. CAsH CO TOR VAHC J' SIR BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates WHAT DID OUR LITTLE LASSTRONALJT WANT THIS TIME, PHINEAS SHE WANTED TO KNOW IF HER SEAMS WERE STRAIGHT' YE9, THEY ARE, LIZZIE. NOW STOP BOTHERING ME/ DONALD DUCK you said ft! ,.. but why? By Walt Disney REMEMBER WHAT HE HE BOUGHT IT REMEMBER WHO SAIC? "NEVER BUV GADGETS UNTILTHEV(?E PROVEN /y /r* w >' ep ' /r r-iFrrpoe WORK RIGHT, NEW *•>• you CAN... ALWV/S TAK£ IT BACK'J LOCK-IN SEAT BEU wmmmmmmmmm ••• "THE JIG IS UP" JIG, usually associated with a lively dance, was a slang term for a practical joke or bit of trickery, in J7//1 cenfury England. "The jig is up" meant that the victim is wise to you, and time for settlement has come. So tike run, manl BIO ttOLf By John OtiHen SdJW—t DIP A LOT OF FOOLISH THIKIGS.PlTY'lSt DlDN't LISTEN TO You, YOUNG As / , YOU/ARE. SUt rt'S NEVE* TOO LATE TO LP/4KN. MOW I'M §OiUd tO SPEND TH* NEr*T FEW YE^S f*flN0 MY REST 13 LITTLE EVE By Jollta RIVETS By George Sixta HE CANY FOLLOW A TRAIL I STILL DOK/T BELJEVe NBS MUCH OF A HUNTIWG DOG.' HE'S TOPS/ [ PHooev/ --_iusr WATCH HIM WORK. •' . HE COULDN'T TRACK AN ELEPHANT THROUGH H£'S FOLLOWED \\ WHA ITALLrHROU6HI\ COMI _ TUB weeos..^r OUT? - NOW IT'S ) WHATfe HE COMINS rrkf .1 TRAILING OUT. THE BERRYS By Carl Grubert PETER, I SAID... ICE CREAM WOULD GO GOOD ON A T HOT NIGHT LIKE THIS ? YOU DIDNT HAPPEN TO RUN OUT OF TOBACCO BY ANY CHANCE, DID YOU ? SWEETIE, HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT..»,WHAT FLAVOR DO YOU WANT? WOULDN'T BUDGE FROM THE TV. EVEN IF THE HOUSE WERE HENRY By Carl Anderson TRUDY , (D Kin; Fcuure, s^Jjgt,, !«, I»i3. V.rfj rt^u ff-ZO Zell Me By A. LEOKUM Win the Britannica Junior volume encyclopedia for schoo and home. Send your questions name, age, address to "Tell M Why!" care of this paper. In cas of duplicate questions, the autho will decide the winner. Today' winner is: Ira Korff, Milton, Mass. How Does a Boomerang Work Sometimes modern science i "Yes, sir, that's your color all right!" ftkr£>&itewk True Life Adventures BURNING BEANS! <% c)<5L«-7$js -*^$r$3i2s \£/HEN WSTUKSEr. , BRANDBOONTUieS OUT A OT= HAIRS THAT ST)N<S, <£>NIL.V VERVET MQNKEVS SEEM TO KSU6H THIS SFICV BEAN - - • • - Y/)THQUT IKKHXTION.' amazed by the wonderful thing very primitive people do and ere ate. The boomerang is a fine ex ample of this. It is one of th oldest weapons used by primitiv men and one of the most re markable. Although It's hardly more than a curved club, the way it per forms when thrown into the ai has puzzled science for many years. The boomerang is used b; savage tribes in Australia, Africa southern India, and by the Hop Indians of Arizona. Isn't it amazing that it was developed in so many different parts of the world? There are two kinds of boom erangs: the return and the nonre- turn. The nonreturn boomerang is the one that really matters t< the natives. It is the heavier, anc nearly straight, and as a weapon in hunting or in war it is deadly! Natives can throw it at a smal animal and almost cut it in two! To us, the return boomerang is better known and probably more interesting. But the Australian natives, who,are the greatest experts with it, think of it pnly as •toy, not as a serious weapon. The return boomerang is made of hard wood and is curved at an angle of between 00 degrees and W degrees. One side is flat and the other is rounded, The arms are very slightly twist' ed in opposite directions, so that they are aboul !i degrees off « plane drawn through the center. What makes the boomerang ravel in a circle and return? Two things: tjje pressure o( the ajr on the bulge of the rounded side, egether with the (wist. The iushmen of Australia can a boomerang curve in an ama? ing manner. They can throw so that it will travel straight fo 30 yards, describe a circle yards in diameter, and then re turn to the thrower. They ca make it hit the ground, circle i the air, and return. Some people enjoy makin; boomerangs and learning how t throw them. It takes a great dea of practice to use one correctly But there have been cases whei people were able to make boomerang travel as far as 4G feet before returning! FUN TIME The Chuckle Box ' The Boss: Where's my pencil Helper; Behind your ear. The Boss: Come, come, I'm a busy man! Which ear! First Salesmen: What do y o t sell? Second Salesman: Salt. First Salesman: Why, I'm a salt seller too! Second Salesman: Shake! EXTRA PRIZE! YOU FINISH IT Always Tulip Time You may win a Britannica (Vorld Atlas plus a Brilannica Yearbook for finishing this draw, ng. Originality and imagination :ount. Use this drawing, or copy t any size. Important; entries nust be addressed "Drawing," [*e|l Me Why, and give y o u r name, age, and address. Answer to yesterday's Box: \ Apple. if: Win the Britunnicu World Atlas Yearbook of Events. Send your kes 'ip; RiddM Jokes, Whyl"\faday 8 w^ner riddles,, jokes 'ip; '' " Sylvia McGrude, Rochester, N, Unlimited fun! Embroider as many articles us you like — no Inmsfer needed. Cross-stilch tulips 'n' rosp.s (irltl charm to gingham towels, cloth, apron. Chock sixe decides slilcli size. Patlci'ii 58fl: cluii'f, color key, 'riilrty-l'lvo (MMlls In coins for this pultoni — itclil 15 ooiils for ciicli pul((;rii I'or first-class mull- Ing anil spccinl haiullliiK. Send (o Iiiiiirn Whwiler, c.nrc. of Alton 'IVIi'Kraph, (ill, NccHllccrafl Dcpt,, P.O. Ko.v Ilil, Old Oliulsi.-a Sin- lion, New York 11, N.V. Print plainly Tattorn Nuinber, Name, Address and /OIK;. Newest rage—smocked accessories plus 208 exciting needlccrnft: designs in our new 1063 Needlecrafl Catalog — just out! Fashions, furnishings to crochet, knit, sew, weave, embroider, quilt. Plus free pattern. Send 25 ccnls now. Doubly Smart PRINTED PATTERN SIZES Go basic by day in the high- neckline version— go feminine for dinner in the scooped style with graceful, scarf tie. Styled-to- slim. Printed Pattern 4985: Hall Sizes 12%, 14 V4, 16V 2| 18%, 20%, 22V Sl 24%. Size 16% takes 3% yards 39-inch, cents In coins for this pattern — udd 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Anno Adams, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept., 843 W. 17th St., New York 11, N.Y. Print [ilalnly Name, Address, /one, Size and Stylo Number. Pattern Free! Mail coupon nside new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog, ready now! Over 300 design ideas, all sizes, Send 50 cents for Catalog. GAGE'S 500th BOILING SPRINGS, Pa, (Ml) Richard North Gage, managing director of the Allenberry Pla>- wuse, is presenting "Oklahoma!" at the stock theater as the 500th deduction with which he has been nvolved during his 25-year the trical career, Over 200 of the shows him- eon staged nl the Allonberr.v. Prior to his nctivity there, Guge was associated with community groups in Hurrlsburg, Pu., Youngstown, Ohio, Charleston, W, Va., directed at the Milford, Conn,, Playhouse, and produced hows for the armed forces in California. MOWOMAT1NKE8 NEW YORii (up) ^. Charles yer's reputation us a matinee dol is being token literally in omiecUon with appearance here in "Majj And Boy, iheiaay which opens in Nj «r 8t % Atkinson Theater, will ly§ tteep afternoon mb t Uwtead of nd drop ojiie BvenJ «[|8nlay,

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