Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 20, 1963 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
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Tuesday, August 20, 1963
Page 3
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TU&SfcAY, AUGUST 20, 1963 ALTON fcVEMNd BOOKS FOR HOSPITAL Miss Virginia Oramblott, right, director of nursing at Alton Memorial Hospital, assists David Earl Holt, librarian at Haynor Public Library, in arranging books presented the hospital by the li- brary. Thirty books were given to Alton Memorial Hospital; 19 were presented to St. Joseph's Hospital. Donations of books are being accepted by the library for the program. Myers Murder Spree Trial Postponed Until Sept. 16 RoxaimtMt Increases Tax Levy the Roxana,Community Unit School [District i Monday High! adopted a budget $322,005.75 higher than last year and approved a tax levy $115,000 higher than the previous year. Increases in the budget and tax levy were mainly due to salary hikes, employment of new teachers and new construction^ This year's budget totals $2,469,847.50 as compared with last year's $2,147,801.75. The tax levy approved for the 1903-64 school year was $1,318,000 as compared with last year's $1,203,000. The budget showed increases in all funds except for the bond and interest fund which dropped $7,874. An Increase of $158,570 was shown in the educational fund's total of $1,594,000. The increase was due to salary hikes and employment of new teachers. The construction fund jumped $131,624.75, and the building fund was raised $34,750. Both hikes were made for payments on new construction. An increase of $4,974 in the educational fund was due to the employment of additional drivers. The lax levy increased only in the educational fund which was approved at $1,222,000 as compared with last year's tax levy education fund total of $1,107,000. Other funds listed in the tax levy remained the same. They were: building fund,- $80,000; and transportation fund, $16,000. Laverne Snyder was employed as a custodian and bus driver. Bills approved by the board totaled $37,681.45. Bethalto Schools OK $64,580 Budget Hike A $1,300,080 budget — representing an increase of $64,580 above last year — was adopted Monday night by the board of Be- lhalto Community Unit 8. A break down of the new budget for the 1963-64 school year shows $1,097,280 for the educational fund; $47,500 for the building fund; $41,300 for transportation; $14,500 for municipal retirement; and $99,500 for bonds and interest. The board approved a tax levy *^J of $390,000, which includes $310,000 for education; $55,000 for building, $14,000 for retirement; and $11,000 for transportation. Kermit L. Harden, superintendent of school, said there is one full week's work left to be done on the construction of the four- Boys Said They Got Beer At Inn, Bowman Testifies SPRINGFIELD, 111., (Special) —Louis Bowman, special Investigator for the Madison County Sheriff's Office, testified Monday that four Roxana teenagers last May Identified a Granite City area tavern operator who had sold them beer. Bowman testified before the Illinois Liquor Control Commission in a hearing on an appeal taken by Mrs. Ludie Shastid, operator of Irish Inn Tavern, near TAFIOKA, Tex. (AP) - The trial of John Edwin Myers, accused of four murders on a trip from near Chicago into Texas, was postponed today until Sept. 16.. Defense and state attorneys Will Open Bids Oct. 8 onSIU Class Building CARBONDALE, 111., — Efforts to meet extensive building needs at Southern Illinois University received impetus today with an nouncement that bids will be opened Oct. 8 for construction of a General Classrooms Building. Estimated cost of this and other currently pending projects at the Carbondale campus is $21,430,000. Associate University Architect Willard C. Hart said the project will include two parts: one, a two - story section containing lecture halls, the other a three-story section containing classrooms, offices and research facilities. The brick structure, to be built in the area o[ Grand and Lake Streets where a number o£ residences owned by the University have been auctioned and moved, will cost an estimated $3,250,000. The money will come from the State University Bond Issue funds. Other bids will be opened Thursday for construction of Phase 1 of the Communications Building, to be constructed wes of the Life Science Building. Thli phase of construction will include space for the departments o. speech, speech correction a n t theater and for radio - television The project will cost an estimat ed $3,250,000, with money also coming from the university bond issue. Site work was scheduled to start this week (Aug. 19) for the $11,000,000 University Park Resi dence Halls to be built with rev enue money on the campus eas of U.S. Route 51 and south o Park Street. The J. L, Simmons Co. of Decatur has the contrac for general construction. Hart said work is progressing on the new $3,330,000 College o Education Building facing Grand that University officials arc pressing to get some of the classrooms and the office of the dean ready for the fall term. Thi building, with more than 100,00 square feet of space in its three stories, will be completed in tlr spring of 1964. Hart said the $600,000 re leased by Governor Kerner Aug 15 for work at Southern will b used to lay water mains and in stall electric service to the Un vorsity Park complex and fo renovation and remodeling job in campus buildings, Work continues on the SJU Arena and on additions to th Morris Library. Those project are expected to be completed b mid-1964. aid absence of witnesses made a elay imperative. Authorities said they had ex- ected Myers to plead guilty in eturn for a sentence of 119 ears. But before leaving B i g pring, Tex., where he had been i jail, he changed his mind. The trial will be the second for le 34 - year - old dishwasher, x-convict and divorced father of ve. He was assessed the death enalty in a trial at Rusk, Tex., ut the Texas Court of Criminal ppeals threw out the conviction n the grounds of jury miscon- uct. Myers and his 13 - year - old distress, Donna Marie Stone of Chicago, were arrested near Big ipring after four slayings that netted them only $16. Donna Marie lived with her grandpar- •>nls in Edwardsville shortly be- ore she disappeared with Myers. Myers will be tried for slaying Arthur Lee DeKraai of Ottumwa, towa, whose bullet-riddled body was found in September, 1961, near Big Spring. Donna Marie was sent to a girl's reformatory in Illinois af- :er she admitted an active part n the four killings and pleaded guilty to two. Myers' first trial was over- :urned because a jury foreman lad made remarks to discredit a defense witness, the appeals court said. His attorneys based their case in the first trial on contentions Myers was insane. The three other slayings occurred in Illinois. Myers also is accused of killing George Ballard, 47, and Ballard's daughter, Carole, 11, near Belleville, 111., and Miss Margaret Wernicker,' 39, a St. Louis department store employe. Driver Swerves, Knocks Over Sign An Alton man swerved his car and knocked over a "keep right" sign Monday evening and was ticketed by Alton Police for destruction of property and a traffic violation. Edward Louis Hicks, 3802 College, told police he was trying to avoid another car and hit the sign on College Avenue near the Beltline. Granite City. She was charged with the sale of liquor to minors on May 23 and 24. Last of eight hearings heard before the commission, the Shastid case was continued until next week when the liquor commission reconvenes. No definite date has been set. Bowman testified that he took the youths in his car to Irish Inn toward the end of May and called Mrs. Shastid out of the tavern. Sioux Plant-Hartford Power Line to Be Built Sanitation a Problem On Outer Space Trips The problem of sanitation is a consideration of scientists work- ng on the two-man Gemini Space Program, Mike Hethcote of McDonnell Aircraft Corp. told Alton Flotarians Monday night. "We haven't had this problem tvith our one-man flights into space, because of the diet the astronauts are put on prior 'to their flights," Hethcotc said, "but when an astronaut is put into space for a period of days or weeks special equipment will be necessary." Ad Club Hears Talk on Iii's, Out's of Radio The in's and out's of Radio was the topic presented to Public Relations and Advertising Club members Monday by Lee Allerton, general manager of radio station WBBY. Through a slide and tape presentation, Allerton explained the operation o£ a radio station. He explained the music, news, and public service programs and the sales promotion of a station the size of WBBY. Allerton told of the catridge tape that eliminates much of the work in cueing the programs anc advertisements that have been recorded, It was announced that Jeanno Yakubian of the East 10 Publish ing Co. in Wood Rivor has joinec the Ad Club. Eckford J. do Kay, a charlei member of the club, submitted his resignation as he will be returning to the Episcopal Semi nary this fall. De Kay will have three years of study before beinj, ordained a priest. Hethcote showed a film, »"The /oyage of Friendship 7," which r as the John Glenn flight into pace, after which he answered uestions concerning the film. Bob Jourdain said there are ome 30 Rotarians who will parti- ipate in the golf day and dinner at Lockhaven Country Club Wednesday. The men will join with he Alton Kiwanis and Exchange clubs, and the Wood River Lions. Fine Collection Drive Brings $100 First Day lie drive to collect more than 15,000 in back fines due to the Alton Police Magistrate netted 100 in the first day of the crack- lown Monday. A total of seven mittimus war•ants were issued. The drive was started on the irders of the city council to col- ect the fines that have been on he books since 1960. . George Roberts, police magis- rate said warrants will be issued every day until the list lias been completed. The council appropriated $500 .0 the police magistrate and $500 :o the police for extra clerks to lelp handle the bookkeeping. No one was lodged in jail, so far, due to the warrants being served. Judge Roberts has worked out an arrangement for the payment of back fines of those served warrants. Asthma Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors-Available Now Without Prescription Stops Attacks in Minutes Niv York, N. V. 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So iQQMpmrd to ileep at nig d Irwdoffl |ro« «itbw» IPM Get etiptlUkt ft 107 ght, Doesn't Fish Much; Finds Gear Stolen An Alton man who apparently doesn't fish very often reported to Alton Police Monday the theft of three fishing reels. George Cowan, 1118 Alby St. told police the equipment valued at $50 was taken from his garage sometime in the past year. Charge Viet Nain Plans Phony Plot SAIGON, Viet Nam (AP)-Buddhist leaders said today they believe the South Vietnamese government is planning a phony assassination plot against U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. to discredit the Buddhists. Lodge is arriving in Saigon Aug, 26 to take up his post. Buddhists said they had heard from reliable sources that government agents pretending to be assassins would show up at the airport, would be arrested and would implicate a Buddhist leader. An electric transmission line to eventually carry the huge output of the Sioux plant of Union Electric Co., in St. Charles County, Mo., is being erected between Hartford and the plant construction site. Construction of the Sioux plant is just getting under way and the transmission line, mostly on "Missouri Point" between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, will be completed next May, approximately two years ahead of the completion of the first unit of the Sioux plant, Edward P. Foeller, local Union Electric Co., manager, said. The new transmission line, to hang from elaborate steel towers, will not stand idle during the plant construction, however, but will be hooked up with a high ransmission line that now extends south from Keokuk, Iowa. Temporary wooden structures will be used to extend the line slightly more than a mile past the Sioux plant site to the Keokuk line to hook up the newly-built transmission channel until the Sioux plant is completed. The transmission line between Hartford and the Sioux plant will carry 138 kilovolts at first, but will be capable of being steppec up to 345 kilovolts. Mennonite Meeting Opens in Iowa KALONA, Iowa (AP) — About 2,500 persons are expected in this town of 1,200 for the 33rd bien nial session of the Mennonite Gen eral Conference beginning tonighi and ending Friday. le said the three youths identi- icd her as the one who had sold hem liquor. One of the four youths said that Mrs. Shastid sold him seven six >acks of boor on May 23. Another youth said he was there on May 23, and again on May 24. He said le had bought three sixpacks on May 24. A third youth said he was there on May 24 but that another bar- .ender had sold him the beer. The bartender had asked Mrs. Shastid how much the beer cost and then sold him the beer. The fourth youth said he was there but could not recognize who was behind the bar. He said he couldn't remember the date. At that point testimony for the day was concluded. The liquor license of Mrs. Shastid had been revoked on order o: County Liquor Commissioner Harold Landolt following a "show cause" hearing June 20 when three Roxana high school sophomores testified they bought beer and liquor at the tavern on sev eral occasions prior to a party the night of May 24. The case was presented for the state by Richard Allen of Gran ite City Assistant State's Attorn ey of Madison County. Also a witness he called Ear Herrin, member of Madison County Board of Supervisors who is also chairman of the board's Liquor Control Committee. Herrin testified that Mrs. Shas tid had been, warned once before about the sale of liquor to min ors. He testified in the place o the county board chairman wh< was hospitalized. oom addition to Forest Homes Ichool. The strike by carpenters, ement finishers, and iron work- TS has halted progress on t h e milding. Bethalto schools begin lasses next week. Hclmkamp Conl Service was iwarded the bid for providing coa! or the different buildings in the chool system. Hclmkamp's bit ivas $7.85 per ton. Sinclair Refining Co. received he oil and gasoline contracts by ubmitting the low bids. Sin- lair will provide oil for $.101<< por gallon and gasoline for $.1310 >er gallon. Harden reported on parking lot •egulations at Civic Memoria High School. He said the tentative jlan is to issue parking permits 0 students and teachers, and designate certain sections of the 01 for the two groups. He said his will bo done lo facilitate thi ow of traffic and to eliminate parking problems. Falls From Bike; Suffers Abrsaions Linda Newton, 9-year daughte of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fischer 610 Anderson St., suffered abra sions to her right knee, elbov and foot Monday night when sh fell from her bicycle. She was treated at St. Joseph' Hospital and released. Alton State Work Plan Revamped The activities therapy department at Alton State Hospital be;an Monday using a "unit ays- em" to govern the work responsibilities of its members. The revamped program, which nvolves the creation ot units tb cover particular areas of the In- silution, is the first step toward n hospital-wide unit arrangement. Mrs. Edna Westover, chief therapist, said the new system, with Is emphasis on continued attention lo certain wards by specified units, means that therapists wi)l have a better worklng'khbwl- dge of the patients. "Irt this sense, an employe will be able to follow a patient's progress easier throughout his stay at the hospital." She pointed out, 'such close contact will lend itself to smoother coordination of therapeutic program." Under the unit arrangement, the 24-member staff is divided into hree groups of eight. One group is responsible for patients with acute afflictions, another unit looks after geriatric patients and the third attends to a cross-section of the patient population, ranging from senile to able-bodied patients. The program calls for a schedule of activities for each ward devised in accordance with the physical and mental abilities of the patients residing there. Dr. Abraham Simon, hospital superintendent, said this unit system can be incorporated easily into the over-all one proposed for the institution at a later date. FINANCING Downtown Alton Months t Open 9 to 9 Won. to Sat, SMITHALSOP FINE PAINT FAMOUS WALLPAPER ART MATERIALS EASTGATE PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER I'hone 254-3023 DISCOUNT! WESTERN SHOE STORES 801-OfJ E, Broadway Special lot of Ladies' Shoes, values to $5.00 —nil heels, nil sizes, but not In all stylos. Pair REAL COOL PRICES HOT CARS WHY IS A STAR FARM & RANCH BUILDING 1 PAA PLYIVlOUTH is hotter than a pistol! 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