The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1966 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1966
Page 16
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4-Algono (fa.) Upper D*« MofaM Thurtelay, October i7, 1966 NOTICE THE SECURITY STATE BANK AND OFFICE AT LU VERNE WILL BE OPEN MONDAY Thru FRIDAY 9 A.M. to 3 P.M, BEGINNING SATURDAY, NOV. 5th WE WILL BE OPEN 9 A.M. to 12:00 NOON FOR ADDED CONVENIENCE, USE OUR DRIVE-UP WINDOW All Accounts Fully Isureti up to $15.000 by the Federal Deposit $ Insurance Co. THE SECURITY STATE BANK "Algona's Friendly Bank" Evelyn NOW IN MINNEAPOLIS i Nationally Famous HYATT tooqe When Old-world Innkuplni Hospitality It Rivlvid l-.verythinij! \ou e\cr imagined. l-:\crv thing >ou expect !•> provided lor \our complete 1 cnjo>mcnt uml comfort at the NI-W H>.iu I oitjic •• Large OCCOI.IIOI-|)CM'|!IK\| Luxury Koomv King-Size Beds. InJisiJu.ilh Koonv Controlled Yeiir-Around ";i> you like it" I emperaturc. Direct-Dialing Telcphoncv NeweM IV and Kadio. K\cel- lent hood, CotTec Shop. Kcituurant. ( ockiail Lounge, Norihv.CNt'» Finest Automatic Howling t .12 lanes I. Billiard Lounge..-)!:,. , ..,•'.' 'S '...". A -.'.'. '"-Near Shopping Cehw£CisSpT)«!>"Ai'i'i;icti*«nN and I lieaierv Minutes to Downtown - |-.a\il\ Acco>ihle to International Airport and Metropolitan Si.idium. F« Rmnilloni, Win. Writ* cr Phorw C12-M4-3M1 or Contict Tout Nurtil Hyatt l«f|t, Hyatt Chalet Mold, or Hyatt HOVM Hotel. HYATT looqe th« HYATT LODGE 8625 Wayuta Blvd. (Nov. 12) Minntipolii, Minn. 55426 Acmi From aiNIMl MILLS . M«IN OFFICES FREE •Hi I" >r,l Ct>" to Do J"0 Stv > B'.i lull' .IHD M nneJt . ILL'^r -SlAIt. I have mentioned that Mrs. Merle Pratt, nee Shirley Vinson, Peila, had won a trip to the Ozarks and was joined at Pell a by her mother Mrs. Milton Dahl. They planned to stop at other places and yesterday I had a card from M.irg post marked Bella Vista, Ark. She said "Nice trip down, and it is wonderful. Cars from Iowa and all states here." America sure does run on wheels and this is the time of the year the same Algona "gang" will be heading for various favorite spots. I've been in California and Texas and I wouldn't mind a try at Florida. I have no hopes that anyone will invite me, have no relatives there so I'll just stay put and cozy In my room. Because of being in the county courthouse as an office holder auditor-for many terms, Bertha Johnson will be well remembered. She went from here to Cedar Rapids and joined her brother-in-law, Marshal Brown, and wife, Edna, sister of Bertha. They had a rest home for a time - possibly do yet. Edna was to have had surgery a little over a week ago, but died of a heart attack before the surgery was done. She was 69 years old. She and her husband had adopted two children, a boy and girl. The boy appears on TV ads for a car company and the girl on a tooth paste ad. My informant didn't know for what companies, but we can be on the lookout for children of an age suitable for such ads. Do you remember back to the time when the Chubb twins appeared in movies? Their mother is Philomena Quinn and their father was the late Peter Chubb. Philomena lives in Santa Monica and the twins are widely separated. Michael is in Viet Nam and David has been in training in Georgia, but expects to be transferred soon. * * * Some time ago, I had a feature story and picture of the house north ^LcrTrss from my {Kbnife known as the John Grove's years ago. A good many families have since lived in it and the Quinns lived there until their home on State street was built. It is now owned by Mrs. Marie Ogren. Added interest in the Grove house is that Madonna Quinn White was born there and Kate Wernertwas the nurse. * * * Mrs. Alwin Huenhold has a brother and sister-in-law, Mr, and Mrs. Otto Aalderks, who live in Memphis, Tean. They left, Oct. 20 on an extended tour of the South Pacific and will be in Japan and surrounding areas. It is only a short time ago they made an extensive European trip. Mr. Aalderks is a retired chemist. Well, as I said, I'd like to make a tour, say "Around the World in Eighty Days." Mrs. Roy Christensen and her sister, Mrs. Joel Herbst, recently were in Des Moines and saw "Funny Girl" and "Hello Dolly". I wish we had our old Call theatre back and could have some good road shows here. Well, at least I can boast of having Walker Whiteside here years ago, and we used to have some fairly good entertainment. One was a musical comedy, "The Prince of To-Night", and for a troupe that played a week's engagement with change of program nightly, the Trousdales were entertaining and the "lead", Boyd Trousdale, a very good looking male. Brother! Does that date me ? And I might add "Chris" and Duke Wilson were ushers for awhile and back even farther, Ambrose Bowyer passed out opera glasses, ten cents for the evening. - ; * * * I wonder how the men of the old ages, the prophets, etc., cut their long hair. Surely scissors hadn't been discovered then. And how in the world did they shave and get their women without "Aqua Velva" men? * * * Velma Hagg had a few friends in one afternoon recently and had us play a little game that was amusing. Each was given a piece of paper and on it we wrote our second names. The object was to attach the name to the right person. I was voted Evelyn Edith by two or three, when actually if s Laura Evelyn, so I couldn't conform exactly to the rules. I guessed Minnie Matilda and Jane Frances correctly, but one guest didn'tknowher sister's middle name, believe it or not. * * * Dick and Lavonne Post attended the Minnesota-Iowa tragedy and ran onto Bill Hutchison who married a Vander Wall girl. Again "small world." * * * October birthdays observed at the Good Samaritan Home, Oct. 18 by the "Pink Ladies' auxiliary were Sidney Cunningham, Let the good guys proteet you! DODGE TRUCK 5YEAR/ 50 000 MILE «Urn Dlffllc Win WARRANTY HERE'S HOW THIS WARRANTY COVERAGE PROTECTS YOU: Cr-rysier Corporation /.ar'onts lo' 5 yean or 50.000 miles or 1500 hours o' operation, whichever comes first, against delects m materials and workmanship and will replace or repair It a Cir,sler Motors Corpora'iin aulhcn/ed dealer's piare of business gasoline and Perkins diestl engines i e . block, reads, ar-d mter-ai parts . intake mamio'd. water pump, flywheel, llywheel housing clutch housmg. tn>Que convener, transnvsvon 'i e . case and internal parts, including. manual clutch,, transfer 'Ase and all internal par's, dn.-e shafts, center bearings, universal joints, driving ai'ffs *nri o"'('erpnt>ais and drive wheel beanngs o' its new Dodge trucks, provided trie OAner nas 'I the *ngir>e oil cnangid ani universal iomts 'eicept seaTed-type) lubricated and tne oH-rntf type raiburelnr a^r finer cleaned every 3 months or 4000 milei (every 2 months or 200(1 rrv'es on models 400 innue" 1100" whichever comes first. f2) the enilne oil filter replaced and dry typr> carburetor air finer rje.ined every second oil change, and dry-type carburetor an filter e:errent repMre-i e/ery 24 000 n^es 3, the crankcase ventilation system cleaned and serv-ced every MOO ovcs and 4 tnn tMn<.mi S sion transfer case and driving ule lubricants changed every 32 CCO rrrn e<ery 20 COO miles on models 400 through 10001. The foregoing services n>usi te per'ormed more o'len ^nen reasonably required due to severi dust or regular "stop and go" onera'mn. t.ery & months the owner must lurmsh to such a dealer evidence o' performance ot me requ red ser^ce and request the dealer to certify (I) of such evidence and '2; Ine truck's lien current mileage (You can tell they're good guys they all wear ff\ white hats) DODGE 0-100 This famous Dodge Sweptline Pickup, like alt other Dodge trucks, is protected by this exclusive warranty. PERCIVAl MOTORS, INC. 800 SO. PHIUIP3 ST., ALGONA, IOWA whose date is Oct. 5, Nannie Lindhorst, Oct. 6, Louise Young, Oct. 8. Cake and coffee was served to all residents. * * * Newest residents at Home 2 are Mr. and Mrs. John Gerber and Frank Butts. * * * Sunday services are conducted at Home 2 and heard via transmission at Home 1. The sermon is preceded by songs and Harold Hutchlns has had some familiar words printed for participation on various ocassions. They Include "America", "A Hunting We Will Go," "My Bonnie', "Hallelujah", "Daisy", and "God Bless America.' Harold loves to sing and 1 am sure I will be able to hear his voice. Seems to me he sang in the Congregational choir. Am I right, Harold? I know Don and Art Smith did, and 1 believe their father "Dunt" before them. * * * Knute Mehl was back for a short time Tuesday to get a few belongings before leaving for the west coast after a short time with his parents at Newell. It was so good to sei him. He's one of "Oar Family" and I have mentioned he goes to San Diego for schooling, then to San Francisco for several months and then aboard ship. His line is radar. * * * They say a well dog has a cold nose. If that applies to humans, I am a well .woman. Just let the temperature get down to Fallish, andtho' "pug-nosed," mine is cold most of the time. Isn't it Eskimos who rub noses as a sign of affection? Shall 1 import an Eskimo? Oh, I guess I'd rather have the cold nose. Now get it straight - "cold nose" NOT "nose cold." * * * One of our residents here is the nicest person and has been a very patient and quiet one, but of late when he wants to be put to bed he calls "Nurse, lay me down." He repeats it quite frequently even though the nurses get to him as quickly as possible. I told him 1 was going to put it to music - "Lay Me Down Nurse, Oh Lay Me Down" and I'll probably add a line, "If you'll come quickly I'll add a star to your crown." Doesn't that sound sort of "Beatleish?" * * * Having seen plans of the 0. B, Lalng house when it was the beginning of a dream, I've been interested in seeing the finished product, but from time to time something has come up to delay seeing it. But I did get over a short time ago and vote it a lovely place, roomy, full of interesting antiques and favorite gifts over the years. And how nice to have such a cute homo built over the unsightly Ferguson barn site, and the beautiful Martin apartment across the road. How this neighborhood has changed in the past year. Mrs. Laing had attended a "teachers get acquainted" party for the married women, some faculty, some wives, and she pinned her corsage on me. When I got home I took it apart so the blossoms would last longer and few callers have exclaimed. "Where did you find the dandelions" to which I indignantly respond, "For heaven's sake don't you recognize baby mums?'' The blossums are still as perky as can be. * * * If an apple a day keeps the doctor away I should be in pretty good shape. On the other hand, it might be an apple for the teacher. At any rate, I've been given several red beauties, all shined and glistening beautifully. Then we have been served very good apple crunch-very tasty with cinnamon which I like. Grandma Cady went to nutmeg which I didn't care for. Mother was a cinnamon person, too. How about a piece of apple pie a la mode? * * * Well, I dunno about this "Most of us could dress like Jackie Kennedy. All it takes is the figure, the flair and fiscal fitness, 1 - and lots of us could use some of her hair. * * * What's that? "Young mother addressing a school board - "In this small group of women here we have 49 children, so you see we haven't been sleeping." * * * The Register Oct 20, carried a write-up on a change in personnel of the Iowa Bankers Association and one picture was of Frank Warner, former Algonan and graduate with the 1908 high school class. He was a protege of the George Clarkes and is now retiring after 50 years with the association. He was held In high regard and a painting of him is to be htm; in the Iowa Bankers Association offices. He was presented with a gift certificate by the association for a trip to any foreign country he chooses, transportation via plane or ship. He was also presented- an honorary membership in the Iowa Bar. THE UPPER DES MOINES Kossuth County's Largest Newspaper Circulation. WOULD YOU BELIEVE... ONE BRADY MULTI- CROP CHOPPER WILL HANDLE ALL OF YOUR SHREDDING, TOPPING, PULVERIZING AND GREEN-CHOP JOBS? Yes, here's the BIG BUY in the chopper field . . . with your choice of models (506 or 608 offering full 60" or 80" cut. Built-in deflector lets you combine both chopping and shredding operations. Cleans up waste croplands or brush. SHADY FIELD CHOPPER Features tough Brady "free- swinging" knives for more efficient chopping action, longer wear and less replacement. Also, special double strength patented Brady cylinder, machined for perfect balance. Here's the machine with the plus features . . . your top buy! BUSCHER BROS. IMPLEMENT "Komtfc Cwnty'i favorite Newtwper" OFFICE SUPPLIES? Wft < 1015 No. Mdln ALGONA "We wanted you to be the first to know" Happy news travels fastest by Long Distance, and nothing can match the warmth of a telephone visit. Inexpensive, too, thanks to new rate reductions. Lowest rates in history are now in effect every night after 8 and all day Sunday. Enjoy a relaxed chat with loved ones far away ... it's the next best thing to being there - Northwestern Bell STRONG » * I Make Strong Communities "With my whole heart I seek thee; let me not wander from thy commandments!" , — Psalms 119: 10 How often do you acknowledge God? Once a week? Even less? A good life is a life of faith day-to-day, sunrise to sunset, twilight until dawn. Let every action of your life be according to God's will. It is not always the easy and popular way; yet in faith there comes a certain wisdom and a lasting belief in God's eternal promise. These Special Weekly you by the following ROY HUTZELL - DIST. Gulf Petroleum Products 295-2362 ESSER PRY CLEANERS FREE Pick-up and Delivery Phone 295-2827 - Algona, Iowa ZENDER'S Clothing for Men and Boys POST MOVING and STORAGE Local & Long Distance Phone 295-2275 - Algona, Iowa PIONEER HI-BRED CORN CO. Herb Hedlund, Production Manager Perry Collins, Experimental Mgr. METRONICS, INC, O. B. Harmes "Super Speed" Tool» FARMERS SERVICE CENTER, Inc. Merton Ross, Mgr. COLONIAL MOTEL Junction 18 & 16? Read your BIBLE daily and GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY Church Messages brought to PUBLIC-SPIRITED BUSINESSES: ERNIE WILLIAMS John Deere Farm Equipment Highway 18 East - Tel. 295-3561 ALGONA VAULT SERVICE Algona, Iowa JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Oliver - Massey-Ferguson GMC Trucks - Firestone Tires - Algona KOSSUTH MUTUAL INS. ASSN. Your Friend - Before and After the Fire ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO, Your Friendly IH Dealer — 295-3501 IH Tractors - Trucks - Farm Equipment KLEIN'S FARM SUPPLY ^i7^ F *t d8 ~c We By y E 99» and p o«"»ry 216 West State Street, 295-5206 BENNIE 0, WIBBEN, Bldg. Contractor 122 S. Heckart St. - Algona, Iowa SHUTS SROWNBILT SHOE STORE "Th» Shot Store That Takes Care of Your Feet" Algona Tel. 295-5371 Iowa VAN'S CAFE Junction 184 169

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