Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 19, 1963 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 19, 1963
Page 9
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AUGUST 10,1963 ALTOtt EVENING TELEGHAPii Hospital Ntftes r>oftiy flfftttOH, vttft Mltftdf. i-. twee, St, Louis, Mrs, Martene Hdato, MM illldjfel Irpfti, 1TJ4 Bom. William Klehflel, Blu 'Fountain Nutwhg -Maner, Loyfl" Fatter*aftj; Sottth MM, Nahey mm, EdWardavllle Mrd. Effllll&KUflUtej KdWflfdsvllle Mrs, Aifletfraablta, 2318 Santord mwned, 1304 State, g/. Gottftgc Hills. Misa^Sfthtfrfl. Whaley, Gnifton. .tos6ph Befghflff, Bothnlto, Mts.vilmma Ruckmati, Godfrey, John MeCfedio, Wood ttiver. Miss, : Audrey Clark, 805 Gold. Michael Beflsmlth. Bflfthton. Mrs, Roge*B6nd, Hnrdlii* Daniel Brooks, East Alton. Mrs. Julia Posllewttlte, Wood Klvor. Billy Spencer, Knsl Altoni Jersey Gommutiily M10UICAL Mrs, Dale Grace, Jerseyvlllo. Mrs. Lena Mnckwlth, Fleklon. John MuiiHtermnn, Jorseyvlllo. DISMISSALS Rebecca Bowman, .Toi'seyvlllc, Vnll Long, Mardln. Donald Farrow, Jorscyvllle, Mrs. Myrtle Presley, Mardin. Mrs. James Slrunk, Mcdora. St. Joseph's Pearl Greene, S15 Lincoln, Ea'si Alton. Douglas Pleshman, 250 Madison Mrs. Cora Fowler, 1200 Coppingci Lurry Franklin, 922 Seventh. Miss Jeanne Allrocl, 709 Park. Mrs. Cretia West, 121,<1 Adams Mrs. Mary Wargo, Slreatdr. Gerald Swcaringini Jot'seyvlllc. Mrs. Dolores Flanders, 118 Park Wood River. Robert Updike, Rlc. <|, Jerseyvill Bert Peyton, Rle. 4, Edwarrl'svlll Mrs. Carrie Chunut, G7S1 Mil dred, Wood River. John Brown, Piasa Chaiilauqua SUKGICAI, Mrs, .Margaret Kirsch, Godfrey Mrs. -.Tacqueline Blackmore, 61' Oak. Mrs, Elsie Dcvening, Ficldon. Mrs. Vera Baescr, 3504 Bloomci Mrs. Isabella Adams, 678 First Wood Rlvor. DISMISSALS Henry Crux, 2715 I torn. Robert Foster, 433 Cobb. Patriqk, Gent, Edwardsville. Mrs. Peggy Gibson. Jprseyville. Tcqullla' Goodman, 2118, Claw.sor Mrs. Mablo Heiir.v,"2729 Vlewlan Fred Goodwin/ 2331 'Slate. Timothy Kann,: Wo6d River. Mrs. Phyllis Koenig, Edvvardsvill James Levy, 2300 Moore! William Lipscbmb, Wood' River. John MUnsterman, 'Jerseyville. Bessie Richards, 1803 Oakwood Mrs. Alice Turner, Cottage Mill? Mrs. Vivian Wallace, 3205 Edg wood. , - . . ' Miss Evelyn Beasley, Wood Rive Mrs, Myrtle Bishop, 7i5 Sixth. Charles BOedeker, 809 'Henry. Walte£:,~F.iggdj . rEdwardsville. Matt • Harris, 2517. Humbert. • Miss Janet .Hillor, -703 -Luligdon William Peach, Wood River. Mrs. M,ae P.eipert, '2410 Sherwoo Mrs. Bbtty Powell, Godfrey. Stephen 'jPoycUick, . Edwardsvill Mrs. : . Brqtida ; Rceci, Wood Rive ft, AtttiA Rice, SHgnton. tv : fcrtmemi SkUndMch, Wood fttV|£» •'.. •: "- ; !ss TliereS'a Ukena, 1819 Cfesl. eter Wclscn, Cftrrollton. Alton Mcmarial MEIiiCAf/ If*., .Cnttil Cofrlptl, Cdttnge Mrs. Raftiona Depptr f 320.1 Edsall Steve Kltyk, Btmld. MA. Bennie.PatWri, Wood River Woorl ftiv<# Township MlCtitCAL MM, Florine Wheeled Cotlftse Hills. r Grihkey, 3819 Omega, o&crt Haney, Cottage Hills. "Marshall, Bethalio, „„ Barker, 2807 Delia, rthufv Lafflparler. 810 Shelly In-' Mildred Clark, 818 Sixth, on Cravens, Medora. It*,' Alma Hartman, Edwards* 'vllle. 4ark Carter, Mom, Ichard Ruedin, 1635 Jersey, Ira. Gwendolyn Carroll, Cottage Hills, loyd Corn, 3716 Berkeley. SURGICAL .udolph Mendrlckson, 864 Wash Ington. trs, Laura Reeves, 215 Harriett. firs. Thelma Walters, Cottage homes Wlllman, Belhalto. amcs Vanausdoll, Dow. /llss Adeline Bauer, Brighton, firs. Bonnie Wolfora, Cottage Mills, ynthla Brannan, Carrollton. /Irs. Demona Stoddard, E. Alton ernon Thornsburg, Brighton. /Irs. Barbara Blumfleld, 3210 Edwards. /Irs, Deloros Roach, East Alton. Cathy Brown, Jerseyville. firs. Gorilla Bllllngsley, Godfrey /Irs, Frances Stockton, Staunton, amuol Dofsoy Jr., Wood River. /Irs, Alice Richardson, Cottage Hills. DISMISSALS Mrs, Virginia Davis, Collage Hills. Mrs. Charlotte Schrelber, 2309 College. Miss Nancy Seago, 3117 Lcverett. M». Kuhiwfllt, 30? W. St, Louis, fiast Alto«< F, Ooyle, Hartford/ Mfs. Aflttft Rate, 341 Qffulding, East Alton. ^ , ' Mrs, Befnlce •$. Seoggins, 411 Whltfitaw, Mast Alton, Mrs. Helen Loafman, 628 Haltoratt Prank Hatlen, 606 Stowell, Alton, Bert S, Woodson, 38 Lincoln, East Alton. Laura D. Evans, Cottage Hills, Tracy E. CoVey, 612 Longfellow, •tenson Hetlln, Central Ave., Alton John Qulnn. Cottage Hills. Mrs. Myrtle Burdett, Cottage Hills. Ferguson, 2800 Horn, <im Wood, Edwardsvllle. lichard Johnson, Bethalto. tVilliam Wadsworth, 3327 Brown. ,eo Varble, 2513 Amos Lane. Mrs. Sadie Hunter, Kane. Wrs, Carol Gettings, Grafton. Mrs. Janet Hunt, Bethalto. Mrs. Jackaleen Dreon, Bethalto. Andrew Lawson, Jerseyville. "llmor.Lynn, 3718 Western.. Mrs. Angela I-Iagen, 405 Condit. Coster Bilyeu, 1122 Milton Rd. loci Jun'ger, 2131 Dunnegan. Wrs. Carol Ogle, East Alton. Wrs. Myru Hills, Roodhoitse. ? rnd Andrews, Edwardsville. Mrs. Lucille Helens, 2711 Saiu. iSdward Diestelkamp, 513 E. llth ilonald Jenkins, 3319 Jackson. Cathy Veach, East Alton. Vernoh Schmidt, Alton. Mrs. Barbara Callahan, '1957 Brown. Bonnie Kramer, 117 Brentwood. Mrs. Ida Mathews, 3309 Franor, Mrs. Linda Mundy, Jerseyville. Lucille McCourtney, 208 Wisconsin. Mrs. Esther Keidel, 1205 Seventh. Mrs, Alice Seels, Brighton. Mrs. Marie Emde, 2729 Hillcrest. Mrs. Thelma Williams, 819 E. Sixth, Alton. DISMISSALS Elmer McNIsh, 169 Thirteenth. Mrs. Irene Rhine, Cottage Hills, Mrs. Dorothy Bradley, Cottage Mills. Mrs, Flora McGheo, Rte. 1, Ed< wardsvllle. Robert Rollf, 502 Mildred, Michael E. Miner, 1131 Ferguson Mrs. Ruby Adams, Bunker Hill Mrs. Isabelle Adams, 678 First. Mrs. Watida Walker, Rte. 1, East Alton, Mrs. Thelma Russell, East Alton Mrs. Lorene Hack, South Roxana. Raymond Phillips, 258 Edwards. Brenda Kay Palmer, Roxana. Ruth Ann Davis, Cottage Hills. John S. DcSherlia, Elsah. Mrs. Gloria Dodd, Rt, 1, Bethalto Slier'ry Mutton, 1332 Monroe. Mrs. Louisa Frenz, 91 Jennings Karen Smith, Cottage Hills. Mrs, Alice Logsdon, 201 Central Keith E. Eyer, 509 Stowell. Hale's Dahlia Wins Trophy At Stale Fair A while dahlia exhibited, b; Paul HaJe of Brighton, a membe of the Telegraph's advertising staff, was awarded the gover nor's trophy at Illinois State Fal Saturday. The trophy went to the bes Dahlia of Illinois origin. Th winning dahlia, Hale said, wa raised at Brighton but was orig Inated by Ardel Rees, a commer cial grower at'Tilden, 111. l l.«ll Of CHILDREN'S SHOES Values to 3.95 -i Most Sizes I 8V 2 to 3 . WESTERIV SHOE STORES 804-00 K. Brniuhvuy Heavy Damage Caused In Train Derailment EUREKA, Mo. (AP) — Mofe and .fight how we have three hafl 400 residents wore evacuated rom the business district of Eurea Sunday night w.h<*n 20* cars 6f Missouri-Pacific freight train, nc of them leaking highly ex< losive liquefied gas, derailed in he tern Police Chief Charles Branson irdered all persons out of a one- ialf mile area of the wreckage- trewn business district. Eureka IBS a population of about 1,100 ind is located 25 miles southeast if Si. Louis. Some of the derailed cars knocked down utility poles, dis rupting electric and telephone iervlce. Fire Chief George Manetzko said "the gas car has a slow leak Says Goldivater Would Bring GOP Landslide ELGIN, 111. (AP) - A Cook County Republican leader said lundtiy that selection of Sen. Barry Goldwater as the GOP presidential nominee would result In a Republican landslide in 1964. Hayes Robertson, Cook County Republican chairman, boosted Goldwater at a fund-raising picnic sponsored by supporters of the Arizona senator. "But it will not be easy to get him nominated," Robertson said. "Every trick In the bag will be used by left-wing propagandists because they know that If the Republicans nominate Goldwater, he will carry every.state that (former Vice President Richard) Nixon carried, with the possible exception of California." Robertson, who is campaigning for the Illinois Republican nomina lion for governor, said the man nominated for governor "is going to be without any question the leader of Illinois' delegation to next year's convention. pieces of lire equipment and hbmtt 3Q 6r 35 men out there to keep it from catching fire." The train tracks run through the town parallel to the main business street. Trftffid on three main highway arteries, Interstate 44, U.S. 50 and 66, all of which also run through town, was rerouted, Missouri Pacific Work crews be gan repairs on the tracks late Sunday night. Cause, of the de raflmenl of the 111 car train was not determined. The engine and a number of cars continued on for about one mile before the crew realized it had lost part of the train. Some of the cars at the rear of the train also remained on the tracks. The Missouri Highway Patra said the derailment was caused when a greasebox used to oil an axle overheated and melted, caus> ing two wheels of one of the cars to jump the track. Missouri Pacific work crews rushed to the scene and worked through the night clearing wreck age and closing the leak in the propane car. Early today, residenls relurnec lo Iheir homes afler the leak wa repaired. Census Bureau Lists State's Property Value the assessed value of all .prop- rty on local tax folts in Illinois was $34.9 billion in 1961, accord- ng to a report published by the Bureau of the Census, U. S. Department of Commerce. Locally - assessed real estate accounted for $27.1 billion, or 77.6 per cent of the total, locally- assessed personal property for iG.2 billion, and State-assessed property for $1.6 billion, Property tax revenue In the Slate totaled $1.2 billion in 1961, or $121.45 per capita, and accounted for 54.2 per cent of all State and local government tax revenue. In the Nation as whole, property taxalion averaged $98.35 per caplla, or 46,3 per cent of all Stale and local laxes in 1961. Illinois' local tax rolls carried 3,829,000 separate pieces of real estate in 1961. There were 2,069,000 residential (nonfarm) properties, 691,000 pieces of acreage or farm property, 818,000 vacant lots, 94,000 commercial and 29,000 induslfial properties, and 128,000 properties classed as "other and unallocable," consisting mainly of, separately assessed mineral rights. Aluminum Foil-Wrap Roast Potatoes Scrub medium potatoes and plae* each potato on piece of heavy,duty aluminum foil. Wrap like package and place among heated eoali Iff barbecue grill. Cook for 30-35 minutes, or until potatoes feel tender to touch. Remove from coals and place on side of grill to keep warm. Allow 45 minutes to an hour for "too-of-grid" cooking. YOU'LL FIND ALL YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLY NEEDS AT ' 114 E. Broadway Phone 465-7756 GODWIN'S Alton's Commercial Stationer i. Wl M5MVI tHE ftlOHf TO LIMIT OUTDOORS HOW TO MAKE A HOUSEWIFE HAPPY, Any housrwife would ba happy to llvt in i home free of dust, dirt and pollen. -It's euy to accomplish. Juit install »n Electro-Air cleaner in your forced air heating, cooling o* ventilating system. This electronic marvel removes over 90% of all air-borne particles . . . even cigarette smoke, cooking odofi and bacteria! There's t lizf and shape to fit any homo. And It will pay for itself In lavingi on cleaning and <!•» orating alone in fivt yeartl ELECTRO-, men Co// for o FREE DEMONSTR ATl O N 'In your own horns ... TODAY ALTON BOTTLED GAS CO. HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING SPECIALISTS Godfrey Road "We Sell Comfort" Phone 466-3461 Northern Washed Red Variety U.S. No. 1 Grade of Better Values* rpURNITURE CO. 16 WEST BROADWAY ALTOl STARTS TODAY!! OPEN TONITE UNTIL 9 PM!! fl RECORD SHATTERING RPOflDLOOM RUG SALE!! We've combed the markets for months to bring you these colossal rug buys! Famous name tweeds! Plains! Textures! One-of-a-kind! A few imperfects and irregulars! Hurry in for first choice! CHOOSE FROM: {QQO ° woou i°°V NYLON ' ALL VISCOSE, NYLON VISCOSE, VISCOSE RAYON CHOOSE FROM: SOLIDS OR TWEEDS> BROWN ' BEJGE, SANDALWOOD, GREEN, IVORY, BLACK TWO BIG GROUPS- VALUES TO $86.50 VALUES TO $129.95 SIZES 11x12 12x14 12x15 12x12 12x13 12x16 12x18 12x19 SIZES 12x14 12x12 12x15 12x16 12x17 12x19 12x20 12x21 FRESH FRYER •i •• \M %F 1^1 m\ wf . . . THIGHS TERMS TO SUIT YOUR PURSE QUICKLY ARRANGED! WE GIVE AND REDEEM EAGLE STAMPS! Leg and Thigh intact Whole U, S* Government Inspected Ib,

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