Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 19, 1963 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 19, 1963
Page 6
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•*. Illinois Girl to Get Dog From Kennedys IB. <AP> — 't, bom* usually ends up ir« our SJorrfe. btoe-«ypd arri frecfcled-j house." lace Karen tkuse a n .* i o u s I y Butterfh- was Own from «**itt tn* sfrrral ol hex firs*, dogj Kennedy' "hotw? to Hyarais Port, today — a famous White House i Mass.. to Washington this rr.ocn- I^PPy- ;tna. Sh< is expected to arrive by ; "U you only knew how long It air freight at' the House h-3roe fcraited for a puppy." said the lO^sonvetinK today year-old sixth grader, "you would', j^ j^ Kerens f a t : -e' know how happy I am that Presi- ftjr o^^^ salesman' f«.| dent Kennedy changed his mini.". about ^ « jtya{i(X ,, Mr , On Jttiy 29. Karen received * rsrorted his C3minert a < j^ letter from the White House de- ..,: m rumb .. _, £ ^^ nyuig her request for ore oi four ^ ^^ poppies owned b>- the Kennedy femify. Bat Sunday, the White telephoned the House family to taform them that Karen had beer; selected by President and Mr?Kennedy- to receive a grand- daushter ol Soviet space dog Strelka. Streika's daughter. Push;nk.a. had been presented to the Kennedy's by Soviet Premier Khrushchev-. The puppy, named Butterfly by Caroline Kennedy, the President's: daughter, was on* of a litter oJ fc'ir bom to Pusiunka and Charley, a Welsh Terrier, on June 14. Tbe otter pups were raped j, rfrCl5s ^ ^ing •«„ satisfied it's-. Streaker. Blaoae and «<~h;;s r.c^ning." Pierre Salinger. Evers Rap Negro ~ Leadership BY HEX SIXER DETROIT (J* — Two thcu^arri Neeroes marched r*o rniJes in a peaorfTii deanocstratioc. Smdaj. only to be ceolded by oo? of •heir Khrushchev To Visit Belgrade •'A*» Jte^i-.^A^t fa,, Kttri^ir^^-^—*^^-^'^ Ar BfKCMI UW I Cfl|NMDm ;. fh* slav rttnant* basks *$»!» . thb week. Pmnfer Wmisb<*cv for Belgrade, and Ms visil to -betoken a « horn* fof fjte Whatever KhrusliiJ lev's trouble seems Apollo Moon Trip May Cost as Much As S40 Billion MONDAY* AO&USf 10, 1963 miTir-'""-""lii1HHilnt" J ''^'' J '***^~'""*"^Wri _ Says Ceiling Fell and Asks For By HOWARD BENEDICT CAPE CANAVERAL. Fla. (API The tannctdng ol the three-man North American estimfltwi that about half it* conSract dollars will BO to subcontractors and sup- iLK — Art East Alton hmwevww today filed suit .rot $10,000 Itt circuit Cotlrt over Injuries incurred vvh«n A targe sef.llor) of pliiftter allegedly fell from »be kitchen celling of her rented hortin, striking her on may be with «\-i*fct» tit the Cam- imunisl world, fe«Jeettt«T\««fayf flwn 'with President tBo flkficatcs tart! The Estimates of tbe total cost range billion to MO Milton. fat price tag was tinder- in his own bailiwick, Khrushchev j scored last wsek wfce*i the Natfoo- -3 Admin- PRAYERFUL PROTEST Charles Evers. brother and sue-; leader Megar Presidential press secretary, explained that some 5.CCO requests for the pup* had been received and ail were ^ answered in the negative so no ^^ industrial Detroit suburbs one wooid be disappointed- ^.j too fc £,» occasion to larcbasi At the siggestioa oi her moth- {be •.• Uaci . c Toms" and the coca-. Girls a&stnne prayerful px>ses as they join 15,000 others In area around the main Pagoda Jn Saigon, \"iet Najn, In the largest anti-government demonstration bv the BuddMsts, The demonstra- tion today was part of a continuing protest against government policies by the Buddhists, that has included the suicides by fire of five Buddhists. (AP Wire- photo) er. Mrs, Harold House. wrofe a letter to th? askiffii for cts of pups. Karen never had a dcz before. she said. "1 only have gypptes." House said tbe tamib' pUo?l:t N,> 2ro . could not believe the;.- were cfeo- OJ , racU sen for the honor and caUed the White House to verify the good ^ a ^ •numerically, but •ara^ foikwred by r a spiritsd raiiy in a high scfecci 1 siaditsa where Evers compared J the Northern ar.d Sotrtherr brands ' Violence Flares in Viet Nam j Vandalism Continues j Pf»r\f pof T T i i- o» M •*• * UlCoi In Telephone Strike TAMPA. Fla. (AP) - Tbe al- T ]",-.£„-!« most tws> miUkm citiraEs of tbe UJUJLclAl I Tampa Bay area have been asked; 'to catch vandals responsible for damage in the vioien* and eosiSy General Telephone Co. strike. Tbe jlaw enforcement agaxnes of th* I six-county area asied citizens to jstep forward wfth an>- Tax Base is at the pinnacle of his persooal political pcm^er. Soviet. Yugoslav rdfiCiom get a perkJdic defrosting. The defroster, switched on again about a year ago. I* going hill blast • j Once again, the reaming Be4-j mirarJon" will arouse questions to the United States, which, since! Stalin cast Tito from the Cbm-i"* munist fold in 19&. has invested [^ more than a billion dollars in ooei or another form oi assitance (of Yu^Klavia. } supporting equipment. Khrushchev, in Stalin's rime.; Earlier, iNASA signed a Apollo spaceship toward the moon j pliers. late to this dearie will dfroax the While North American, OtiJin- mas* expehsfr* peacetime venture!man and their subcontractors ev«r nodertaken by man. jwwk on the lunar ferry, hundreds more firms are busy developing the hundreds of thousands of ports, large and small, for the gigantic Saturn V rocket which in two mln- ntes will consume 2,100 tons of fuel to start the astronauts on their way. More than $1.3 billion has been earmarked for Snturn de\-ek>pment in this fiscal year. Estimated cost for each launching erf the 350-foot vehicles, Including booster price. Is tlOO million. Before the hardware cnn he Bow-n, H must be thorougly groundtested, and launch pnds rtKHt be built. For fiscal al Aeronautics and Istratioa announced signing of the targes* contract it has ever negotiated. North American Aviation Inc. received the SSJ4.-I million plum for Initial development andj production oi the and service modules. Tbe command module will house astronauts ea route to Ibe be return mcdole wttl con-j SJS7.3 joined with other Soviet leaders ^million contract with Grumman that mfonna- lead to the ar"You don't krxw ?and for dynamiting By MALCOLM WV BROWNE Ajwociated Press Staff Writer SAIGO.V CAP) — BuddhJ . 'leaders said today a Vietnamese I t&Jd tbej near:"/ all-Negro sjadium aucii-j. _^ ., "I'm sire this Irttte do-g is go- ^.^ .. fe jossisstrai, we know.-}. 111 ,." 3 "^ff *-B»a.v. fpoactuated tfae strike wtnch be-'on Coont\- taxe* ing to be the m« to«d thing m ^^' j^i^^^^^^l^ivn July 11. the ^orld." Mrs. H^* said- We ^ ^ s ^ e ^ ^g^if^A CEOTRALIA, DI (AP) — Tax- m calling TWo a traitor for jetting total Moscow domination. Since Stalm's death. Yugoslav- Sosie* relations have served as a fair barometer oi Khrushchev's authority. When relations with Belgrade were good, he seemed to do welL When relations sagged. I Khrushchev appeared to be having j difficulties at home. Tbe Soviet leader ostensibly Is oa vacation but to tbe Red Chinese Oocp. to de- j veiop the third section ot the ship, tbe hmar excursion modei ta which tw oi tbe ptkxs wiB rid* to the lunar sarfaoe whffle the main body of the ship ortrts One moots. Both cocSracts owwr in CenHalia Township have organized a protest move- agains? wisat the>- argue in cn/air tax distribution that and the cofjidn't believe such a thing like , : this owld happen." Karen has wanted a puppy ever since the age of three. But it was not until the family moved, oat off Chicago to the suburbs that Mrs. I Hc«se n>3cn "Karen tn their eiforts to vote, acd coced that Negroes in his aadJence were registering to was ceaters. Boddhist that have forcei th* state to iccrease Marl- A meeto oi axpayers was toW the assiessed \-aluarJoa oi a protest againsl the regime ; : unimproved land in tbe tovmship PyigigitJ^.ag^ 1 ^ !V%*^^ r\»n5» T\re»mt -» : ;_ ^1 J : _*_ ^ *• A3 »„ -j .u v ^ j ™ sct-sa5d i:of President Ngo Dinh Diem. a ; is ure than twice they had received news ol the in-;p,™., n ritKrjfo . , . , . . i Koman LatEOttc. , oxnay a%-erage. - " * . , . , . , . orient, in a cable from monks sa; that Twelve of the the _ Four [Da Xang. a coastal town in cea-f ^"^"^"^ sra °?f ... "S?op hJarrdng the white maiHtral Sbtrth Viet Xarc. .committed fiery sanade to press the . . ,_ __ .. . . have coufitys li tDwnsniDS are below V V-f **.*>- ^SJl^VJi o^ fci«^> f ,^m ... ^ ^ *ii_ *•. »" agreed there vras arifidan! 1 " 18031 «qual«>'. the Negrof ^^^^ to ^ BuddMst to keep a dog happj-. j 534 * 5 - n s >T!Ur fauli now ' S count, a democsaation ol ai demands for ndigk«s : Tfae Hiinois Department oi Revand gwernmeat re- euue par a muldpiier on Marion denies f County taxes doe in 1964 after re- eep a twy IKWJ. s . v^v^^^ T^ v * ^ uu =««"*" « atuui :fonn&. The gOT-^rnmait denies f Count>- ta.xes doe in 1364 after re- tos-es ««j*taB tat; He »ade to o( N^^ £~ Wdh* ^°^" ^-jB.KJdhist charge, tot their re-fpontag te coum^s assessed vai- aves or breathes," Mrs. Hous*:>who sent old doifoes ard earned asserted. "She keeps guppies. She:fruit to Sxitherc NAACP offices. late Sunday in a De Xang street, y being persecuted. ' oat5oa is only 96 per cent of what T'ce mulaplier, spokssmen said, DEAF MAN PEEFECTS MIDGET TKANSISTOE HEABIXG AID distribution oi valuations s artxxig townships. Centralia Tovm- tfae countj r 's roost popu- An officer reponsdiy tried to'i Boddito deJegatioas siuriied it sfeooW be. brings boms sick birds, squirrels; "You may not believe it, but «-e| drive his jeep into the crowd, ard|bacJc and forth between Saigon i and other animals aad insects to have enough food and ctofoes in | fired sixtfs when he found Mm-1 and Hoe, *0 miles to tbe north, icouM t* eliminated bv a more nurse Any turtle who hasn't got;Mississippi." be said. "You canjsel! surrouuded. fto coordinase tfae antigovernm ! " help us not with canned peaciies.! 7^ cable said five or sis dan-1movement in the two centexs. but by regisierin-g and voting tojonstratofs ^-ere wounded, after; About IT.CGO demonstrators.! get tbe civil rights bills through, j which tfae crowd pulled tbe offi-i mostly young people, crowded; "Scop fighting among your-seer from the jeep and teat him,;around Saigon's rnam pagoda? selves. Stop caUing yourselves;while burning his jeep. |Sunday. They caeered amisovera- { If you can hear people talh Republicans and Democrats, We Boddhist Boy Scouts intervened! meet speeches by the £a and" can't make out the words;are our only party. Get togetherand dragged the officer to safe- : -monks and TO \-ed banners _-«. |ws j dcHts are ^^^ to ^ county's increase of township continued a 45-feour hungers Police stood watcii bat did not? „ _.,'... Jvisiai ao-| bar- A sjmiiar protest has been or- ^ganized in'.Franklin County where and Frankfort township isissipoi. Alabama. Louisiana, Cape Canaveral and other centers. The biggest construction expenditure in the next lew years will b* at Cape Canaveral where nearly ooe billton dollars will go into launching complexes and support facilities. Already, 5,000 construction workers are on the job. Next fvear there will be 4.000 more. Ta« Apr&i «fiSart to. so spoeac sfei* S cussiajt be by a feficiiftrii ci The T ^ ,_ . Khrushchev Delivered ;££ who call Tito the arch-enemy^of: ^ . mm worid communism, T "—• -'--*-—' hardly could have more calculated slap in the face.I For almost 10 years Khrushchev has tried to have the Belgrade- Moscow feud swept under the ru^. He was just emerging as top man among equals in the post-Stalin worW. CmM'siriiSi sift.. Si to leadership" eariy in [difficult » p?>aiii:!t itte Si«S Oa>- great the high price for tho moon adventure? Walter C. Williams, associate di- recSor of the Planned Spacoflight Center, recently gave this explanation: pu^. "Increases in technology since jltfae days of Ferdinand Magellan I ho is Mrn. Knthryn Full. She named fl» deffenrtfltlts Qus lloblnson of 291 \V. Airline br, IlosewoOd t-IclBhU, and Karl Ilohlnson, fi05 Bowman, East Al- Ion. ' Mrs. Full recited In her com- pldlnl that she and her husband, Kverett, hod rented a house at 2ftS W. Main St. in East Alton from the defendants on Sept, 1, 1881. She and hef husband notified the dufendaiHs Iliut plaster in (ho kitchen needed repair, and repented i'C(j'ui?sts for repairs were made in 1962 and Into 1I183, Mrs. Full's complnint avers. On April 17' this yenr, while she was cooking breakfast In the kitchen, a section of plaster fell from the celling and struck her on the head, Mrs. Full charges and asks $10,000 judgment for injuries, hospital and medical expenses, j and wooden salting ships have not come oanlly, nor have they been cheap. "To be nblo to fly higher and faster, researchers found that they not only needed a vehicle thnt would give high engine pnr- formance, but one that could protect is pilots from heat and cold and provide an environment In which u pilot or crew could survive." final stsse ai nEoanriDiiiiiifm it ing YKgctsiirnis ftuiufe to loll iufi <natil3 1354 when there was a report gestures from Tito seeking a conciliation and a common effort | toward worid Communist victory-j By November of feat year there! were clear signs of thaw. Khru-jj sbchev and other Kremlin lead-f ers showed up at a Yugoslav reception to Moscow. naacsxc &&• Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain The recondliation faded quickly. Relaxations in tbe Red bloc after Khrushchev's denunciation of Stalin at the 20th Soviet party congress generated trouble: unrest in Poland and finally revolution in Hungary, winch the Sonets stamped out. The West wfll eye this week's Khrushchev visit with mixed fee!-! d»ariv then thi< will be your :behind <X5:S %&** msn - ;t >'- ** message said. cosing the government of answe'r. An extremely s^all "Just because he's Negro: &i Saigon, meacwhiie. Boddhi*;• barism. hearin' aid using a tinv en-Jdoesn't mean he's a good man," has been" oer-.'Evers warned. "You're in worse^;strike ard university snid-enss hoy- interfere with the 12-hour demon- ergized unit fected bv a man per tbe nps aad downs o* Belgrade-] TSto ciever de-ji cue zrecerai Eae o3i who hirns°!f shape with a no-good Negro tfaan'««.aJ classes in Hue as the Budis hard of hearing and has been with any white man in for over 20 years. With his new you trust him more." aid. even whispers are crystal Evers said the blunt dear and your closest friends board segregation of Mississippi^, will never know you hear so was easier to fight than perfectly. If interested it is sug- sub-tie discrimination practices in^ gested 'you write: HEARING, the North. ! Dept. DQ-22, P.O. Box 154, "The persoo-to-person reiaticsj-; Florissant, Mo, you will receive , ship betweeji Negroes and whites \ fuH information at no cost or is better in Jackson, MLss., thar/ obiigation whatsoever.—Adv. ,it is here." be said. For VACATION Money office— ^dhists stepped up then- campaign against the government. ; siraDon, the biggest tbe Bodd- have held. ' 11 * 6 two valuatioas to; 3 * levds Toe ore&$ SStSBS TERMFTE SPECtAi Airy Stee Hnn-« $97,50 suns roow uw i3! iif Al!»i»m. DEPENDABLE Terwite Control Go, 2.615 StotvSt. PHONE 442-9647 la one hernorrhoid ease after ,"Tery striking imprpve- was reported and verified by * doctor'^ observations. I P»in wiu relieved promptly. i A.nd, while gently relieving i pain, aetDAl reduction or re' Cr*etson (shrinking) took place. Afid roost amazing of all — thii improvement was maintained in cues where a doctor's O'b,i«rr»tioru were continued over a period of many months t In lact, r*rolfcs were so thor- ottgb th»t tofferers were able ![ to injkJci mch astonishing state- The moota announced they had? "Franklto Count 1 .". above-* ^utborines sought to head od> started a 4^hour hunger strike: The Empire State Building inj further ousbreaks, but anotherfaiM asked the crowd to join-;New York, with its TV tower, is; monk was reported deter-j iheia for one day. Yoatfas in toefmore than a quarter of a mile; to burn himself to death (gathering shouted assent. ihiga. ] k mined »ee PUBLIC FINANCE . . . Fast Service . . . Up to $8OO . . . On sensible plans to Go Now— Pay Later. Thousand* o&t our plans every year for their vacations — you can, too. With good credit and iteady employment, you're ail set. Call, write, or coma In today for th* amount you want. Life Insurance Is Available On Your Loan FINANCE 331 Belle, Alton—HO 5-5556 20 E«tgote Shop. Crr., E. Alron—CL 4*38e4 20 N, Wood River, Wo^d River—CL 4-4327 "Week- End" I Hoi New 360 I*»ffle5yrf«».il-| IMOWSWCUjWg-l L prf ^ICHff] iimW WW3J *"• ' \ |gDSj4KJN«!J Mony Oth»r 22 Imh DELUXE tutftti AUTOMATIC STARTER • 3 HP Brigg* & StrottM Automatic Slorter Engrae • "Height Cert" AdjiKtratnt levers on euch Wheel— • Many other fine feature*. SHARPLY REDUCED Low as IONEV *5|00 59 99 Less A "GIANT TrooVra AHowewt. -for yper operoftug »W mower- J«R AUTO STORES CLEARANCE on LAWH ro 400 Belle St—Downtown Alton—HO 2-9*81 t>pi«*el Catalog- Order Desk at U>U JAR Store. Westinghouse AIR CONDITIONERS F/o-or Samples SPECIAL LOW PRICES — Easy Terms — MEG. 1.17 6100 BTU's 3Iodel Xa Ml «•(« BTU*.« HotUi Na ioi U,«l* BTU'S ... Mod** -Va 15! BTITS Daly Model Xo. 18? Wlrfa Easy IwraiJaHofi Kit 00 \YITH 5-VEAB SERMCE \VABRAXTY FREE Estimate Survey CL 4-4364 59 E. Ferguson—Open Fri. Till 9 P^L—%Voo4 .River •*.* % Tort, N. Y. (Special) Far tbe first time science hat fatrnd a new healing substance wfti tie astonishing ability to skrink hetnorrhoida, stop_ itch- iog, and relieve pain — without ments as "Piles have ceaied to be a problem 1" And amon£ these sufferers were a very -wide variety of hernorrhoid conditions, some of 10 to 20 years' standing. All this, without tha use of narcotics, anesthetics or astringents of any kind. The secret u a new healing substance (Bio- Dyne*)—the discovery of • world-famous research institution. Already, Bio-Dyna Is in wide use for healing injured tissue on all parts of the body. This new healing Bubstanc* is offered in tuppository or ointment form called Preparation H*. Ask for individually sealed convenient Preparation H Suppositories or Preparation H Ointment with special applicator. Preparation H is sold »t mil drug counters. Now! Lowest cost in years for GAS HEATING AVERAGE COST \FpR A S-ROOM f C AB . COMPLETELY INSTALLED HOME '595 Call Oujr QitglUied Bngjnwr /or Free Bs«imaies-~No OJb)jo;a<ion ALTON SHEET METAL CORP. JOSCEKTRAl. Al/TON PHONE no «meoB OR no 3.4388 mothers want to spend more time with /heir families like the convenience ot paying all their bills,,, the modern way,,, by check. wedge

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