Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 19, 1963 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 19, 1963
Page 2
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rwa ALTON MONLUY, AUQUSf 19, OCCASIONAL SHOWERS, WARMER It Will be generally warmer in the northern Plateau. Showers eastern half of the nation Monday night as warm air will move into the northeast and continue to dominate the south- are expected in the Ohio valley, portions of the Tennessee valley, lower Lakes region and middle Atlantic coast states em Plains and the south Atlantic and and in Washington and Montana. (AP Gulf states. It will be cooler in the VVircphoto Map ) WeatherForecast Some Taxpayers Sending Checks to Wrong Office Box Board, Union Talks Set Tuesday Representatives of the striking printing specialties union anc the Alton Box Board will meet a .10 a.m. Tuesday in the offices o the federal mediator in St. Louis The negotiating session w a f originally set for last Wednesday but illness of a member of the Box Board negotiating team forced a postponement. A total of 70 employes of the Printing Specialities and Paper Products unions, Local 409 went on strike midnight July 31 at the Godfrey plant of the Alton Box The strike is over wages. Scotland Yard Checking Clues In Rail Robbery By. RAYMOND E. PALMER LONDON (AP)-Scotland Yard experts, studying 15 sets of fingerprints found at the farm hideout used by the great train robbery gang 10 days ago, hoped, today that the ; prints would identify more ' of the ' men who got away with $7,28 million. The prints were found in buildings at isolated Leatherslade Farm at Oakley, the gang's hideout 18 miles from where the Glasgow-London mail train was held up. Police hoped they would match prints in the yard's criminal records. Other possible clues included: —A Monopoly set, a card game .usually played with stage money but believed used by gang members playing with their banknote loot while they waited in their hideout to make their getaway. —A house in a respectable district of London where, detectives were told, 12 men began holding night meetings behind darkened windows last March. —Five men sought for questioning because they have been absent from their homes since the robbery. —A trail of five-pound banknotes in St. Helier, Jersey, one of the Channel Islands. —A suitcase and e briefcase found stuffed with 5282,520 in £ Surrey, wood last Friday. —A ;second-hand black Austin Healey sports car, found in i parking lot where it had been left by a dapper man and a plump pockmarked woman. The couple bought the car for $2,338—all in five-pound notes—the day after the robbery. Police found the car Friday night after giving nationwide pub licity to its registration numbe: and to a descrption of the cou pie. Richard Jamas, an employe o the 'firm that sold the auto to the couple, said the police knew th< registration number and detail of the sale when they came t check on the buyers. The implica tion was that they already knev a good deal about the activitie of the couple. Scotland Yard detectives alsi believe'they have found a hous ,in West London where the ganj planned'the raid in such minut detail, Detectives were told that 1 men began holding night meet Jngs at the house last March. Th windows of the conference roor were always blacked out. Th drapes were carefully drawn. Th meetings sometimes lasted night. Investigators are confident the now know the Identity of a coupl 3(Yh,9 dumped $312.520 in two zip n«rad grips In 8 Suriey wood, * Police 69id $678,179 of iHQpey has been recovered. th Many Alton property owners now paying second installment? of real estate taxes are sending checks to City Treasurer M. 0 Elliott when they should be mail ed to Edwards ville, it was learn ed today. Payment of the second install ments of real estate taxes are due at the county treasurer's office by Aug. 31. Elliott said today that during the last week he has been receiv ng an average of three to foui second installment checks which ie has to forward to the county treasurer. Because he long ago •etumed the Alton tax books to dwardsville, he no longer has authority as ex officio town col- ector to accept tax payments. Unless the payments are sent direct to the county treasurer, in- tead of to his city hall office lliott warned, those mailed in ie last week of this month may ail to reach the county collector efore the Sept. 1 delinquest date. Boycott National Stockyards EAST ST. LOUIS, 111. (AP) — he National Farmers Organiza- pn launched what it -termed "a biding action" at National stock- ards today but receipts on live- ock were nearly normal. The hog receipts were 8,500 ompared to 9,000 last Monday. "he market was reported by the .S. Department of Agriculture i be moderately active and teady with Friday. Receipts on cattle were 4,500 nd calves 250. Last week it was ,000 and 250. Sheep receipts of 1,200 were [own only 100 from last week. There were no pickets at the itockyard gates as there have )een in past holding actions but wo Madison County NFO mem- jers, Wllmer and Edwin Klenke, at in a car at the entrance becking receipts of trucks going hrough. NFO representatives said the mrpose of withholding action was o discourage farmers from mar- meting livestock until they obtain rice increases. Ray Iberg of Highland, farmer and assistant NFO organizer in St. Clair and Madison counties, aid the move is an attempt to orce meat processors and pack. ers to sign contracts establishing minimum prices. The NFO members described his as a "grass ronts. action," Oren Staley, head of the NFO, said this is not an organization- vide move and the NFO board of directors has not established a x>ycott. Slash in Space Funds Proposed WASHINGTON (AP)-The U.S Chamber of Commerce urged Congress today to slash $1.2 billion from President Kennedy's budget requests space program. for the nation's Death Toll Mounts BERLIN — Germans report tha' 62 people have been shot by Com munist guards since the wall has gone up here. Alton and vicinity — Considerable cloudiness tonight, becoming fair to partly cloudy Tuesday. Little temperature change tonight but warmer Tuesday. Low tonighi around 6 ; J. High Tuesday arounc 80. Extended Forecast Southern Illinois — Temperatures will average five to ten degrees below normal. A little warmer at first, turning coolei again late in the week. Normal highs, 84 to 88. Normal lows, 63 to 70. Precipitation will total three - fourths of an inch to an inch or more in scattered thundershowers mostly Thursday and Friday. Kennedy to Meet With Marchers WASHINGTON (AP) —President Kennedy will receive leaders of the civil rights march on Washington some time during the day of Aug. 28, the White House announced today. Prseidential press secretary 'ierre Salinger said leaders of he march formally requested an audience with Kennedy and that he chief executive agreed to see hem at the White House. Salinger said he had no list now of the leaders, who will call on Kennedy and no information on the time they will come to the OTiite House. Asked whether this would rule out presidential participation in a arger civil rights gathering, Sal nger told reporters: "I think that possibility has always been ruled out." Cuba Charges Oil Refinery Was Bombed HAVANA (AP) — The newspaper Revolucion charged today a 5lane, probably based in Nicaragua, attacked an oil refinery west of Havana Sunday morning. It said rockets from the plane set fire to a tank car holding only 8.12 gallons of crude oil and others hit near a dump holding 2 million gallons. The blasts opened a small hole in the big dump, but militia men and workers repaired the damage. The paper did not report any further damage to the large installation. The refinery is located at Casilda in the Las Villas Province. Revolucion said the plane flew off in the direction of the United States after the attack. Case of Marion EscapeeRef erred For Prosecution MARION, 111. (AP)— Authorities say a man who fled from a penal camp at the U.S, penitentiary south of Marion is being referred to federal prosecutors for possibly an escape charge. Tarrant Lott Smith, 48, was captured Saturday five miles south of the prison a few hours after he was found missing. Carpenters Talk Today On Proposal The District Council of Madison County Carpenters will cotv sider a proposal from the South erh Illinois Builders Asstl. at Its regular monthly meeting in wardsville tonight. The proposal came at a negotiating session between the two groups Friday in Belleville after three days of meetings. The 35-man District Council of Madison County Carpenters .represents local unions in Mad! son. Bond and Jersey Counties i and parts of Calhoun, Macoupin and Greene Counties. W, 0. Hays, secretary-treasurer of the District Council and a member of the negotiating team said the proposal was not whai the carpenters had been asking The carpenters seek a 60-cent an hour pay hike spread over three years. The contractors have offered 30 cents spread over three years. The construction strike on $150.000,000 worth of projects in Madison and other Southwestern Illinois counties started Aug. when the cement finishers and iron workers quit working when their contract expired July 31. The Madison Co. carpenters worked on projects until last Wednesday when picket lines were placed on all jobs dealing with SIBA contractors. Contractors outside the SIBA signed interim agreements with the three unions calling for retroactive pay and many jobs resumed. Included in the resumption of work was construction of the Alton sewage disposal plant which is 70 per cent complete. The sewage plant work resumed Friday. Alliance Program Bill .5 Billion WASHINGTON (AP) — The Alliance for Progress, President Kennedy's master plan for helping Latin American nations, has cost U.S. taxpayers $2.5 billion. There are mixed views on how well it is doing. The 10-year program marking its second birthday is a U.S.- Latin American undertaking aimed at replacing poverty and stagnation with economic and social progress. A long weekend of second anniversary observance will be climaxed here Tuesday. Kennedy will meet with Alliance for Progress visitors and Vice President L,yndon B. Johnson will address the Organization of American States. Kennedy said in a weekend statement that he was "heartened by the advances that have seen made in a short space of :ime," but cautioned that much more needs to be done. A gloomier assessment came recently from a former Brazilian Dresident, Juscelino Kubitschek, ,vho reported to the OAS in June that the alliance suffers from "uncoordinated and confused implementation" and is "drifting farther and farther away from the needs and aspirations of the Latin American people." The record on self-help and re- iorm by the Latin American countries — termed the "cornerstone of the alliance" — is spotty. To File Plans for School Desegregation BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — School Boards of Alabama's two largest school systems turn In desegregation plans today which will take effect Sept.' 3. The school boards of Mobile and Birmingham are under mandate from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals at New Orleans to presen 1 the plans in District Court, Hartmann's Annual Summer CLEARANCE Savings iti All Departments SgYiNTEEN EAST FERGUSON DOWNTOWN WOOD RIVER Two persons were injured) onie tn the above auto, when ft large truck skidded on Etc. 100 Sunday and slid into Wet Streets Cause Truck, Auto Crash Wet pavement Sunday caused a large van truck to slide into an automobile at Rte. 100 and the Beltllne, resulting in two persons being injured, one seriously. Allen Cribbs, 22, according-to Illinois State Police, was driving his large North American Van Line truck on Rte. 100 near the Beltline highway" when an unidentified car pulled in front of him. He hit his brakes and the large vehicle skidded into an auto driven by John L. Kirsch, 3402 Morkel Dr. in Godfrey, State Police reports stated. Mrs. Kirsch, 54, the only passenger in the auto, was injured seriously and taken to St. Joseph's Hospital where she was admitted. Cribbs was also taken to the hospital and treated for contusions to his knees and lip. He was then released. State Police SAVE WITH THRIFTY S. D. P. UTO INSURANCE Through the Safe Driver Plan, your rate is based on your own driving record, Why pay for the careless and reckless driver? For a better deal with thrifty S.D.P. auto insurance, call your Millers' Mutual man todayl No Membership Fee S. HAROLD (Cotton) KOBBBTS Office HO 5-5551 After 5 p.m. 408-5818 MILLERS' MUTUAL OP ILLINOIS :- AUTQ t BUSINESS SLICK ROAD ACCIDENT have been unable to identify the driver or auto that pulled in front of the truck. Offers Aid In Ford Settlemeiit CHICAGO HEIGHTS, 111." (AP) —The government offered assistance today to officials of Ford Motor Co. and the'United Auto Workers union as they met to seek settlement of a strike which threatens to idle 10,000 workers in three states. Commissioner Douglas Brown of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service told both sides his services were available. Two pickets were assaulted with beer bottles Sunday at the stamping, plant where 3,750 members of the UAW's Local 588 have since midnight st of delay in solving a backlog of grievances filed by plant workers. A foray by four men left Royce Bullock of Kankakee, with a broken nose, and Earl E. Sexton of South Holland, bruised. Seek Bail Gear BUENOS AIRES — Argentina has plans for large purchases of railroading equipment. the car, A woman passenger was Injured In the car and a 22-ye;ar->old man was injured In the truck. ,' Goldwater Studying Test Ban By JACK BELL Associated Press Political Writer WASHINGTON Barry Goldwater (AP) appears Sen. to be struggling with a decision on the limited nuclear test ban treaty that could' affect his 1964 GOP presidential aspirations. If the Arizona Republican vote: against ratification of a treaty he has called "one small Step toward peaceful coexistence" of a kind that could only give "tyranny a protected sanctuary from which it can erode or attack freedom," he will set himself apart from a majority of politicians in both parties. , •• By a negative vote he would sharpen — if, indeed, they need sharpening —; his foreign policy differences with President Kennedy. Kennedy is certain to be his party's nominee for a second term. ' That the Democrats intend to plug the treaty in next year's campaign as a significant step toward world peace was indicated in today's issue of the party organ, Democrat." A front page story is- bannered "Test Ban Support Grows." In mentioning opposition, to ..the treaty, it refers to Goldwater as a "frequent ally" of the, "far right-John Birch element." ' A "no" vote by Goldwater on the treaty would add to the already voluminous evidence that if he were the Republican nominee opposing Kennedy he would be no "me too" candidate. Such a vote would pur him at odds with a majority of his Senate GOP colleagues and probably the big majority of the party leaders. He said in an interview that while he hasnt' finally made up his mind he is inclined to vote against the treaty wh'ch would ban all but underground tests. He said he has not been satisfied by pledges received from the administration that American efforts to develop new nuclear defenses won't be slowed down by the treaty. But Goldwater has left the way open to vote for the treaty if the Senate preparedness subcommittee, of which he is a member, comes up with a satisfactory report on the military aspects of the pact. Beauty . . . Plus Convenience CHAI'BI. RECEPTION ROOM MODERN MOTOR EQUIPMEN1 PARKING LOT SLUMBER ROOM PRIVATE FAMILV ROOMS WITH PRIVATE ENTRANCE AJR-CONDITIONED »••«•**»»•*» »»*»M»MMMt Yes . , , Beauty plu» convenience was our motif In design. An outstanding highlight In beauty Is this red carpeted circular stairway tp pur second floor slumber room. An outstanding convenience Is our main hallway which allows access to any room without gplng through another. A private phone Is also available on 'the reception desk (or the family use. Alton's Only Funeral Homy /or $e Purppse Funeral Home 2409 STATE STREET MT.QN,- IMJNQIS , Superior Ambulance Service—Pay pr Nltrht—Ph. HO fi-T7?J USSR to Give Factory to Yugoslavia MOSCOW (AP)-On the eve of Premier Khrushchev's visit to Yugoslav President Tito, the Soviet Union today announced the gift of a factory to manufacture prefabricated housing sections for the quake-ravaged city of Skopje. Observers saw it as a bid to rival the popularity of U.S. aid to the city before Khrushchev tours Skopje later this week; There already is a Soviet army demolition unit working in Skopje wrecking damaged buildings. The Soviet aid, however, has been overshadowed by the arrival of a U.S. Air Force field hospital immediately after, the Skopje earthquake and the later U.S. gift of $50 million for relief. .At the time, ' Yugoslavs were saying, "The; United States sent us a hospital: the Soviet Union a telegram." This was a reference to a cable from Khrushchev expressing condolences. Khrushchev's plans for traveling to Yugoslavia were secret. He is scheduled :'to spend a week or 10 days with Tito. Many States Active WASHINGTON - Firms in 44 of the 50 states are now sharing in orders from the Agency For International Development. WouldTestlO'Hour Meters on Market A 90 •> day test of new 10-hoiir parking meters on Market street, between 3rd and 6th, will be recommended by Mayor P. W. Day to the Alton city council's finance committee at Us next meeting. The meters have been offered free of charge for fKJ-day trial, said Day, and he will ask the committee to accept the offer and make Market the testing area. The mayor believes. that replacement of 2 • hour meters oil the west side of Market with 10 * hour meters will Indrease patronage of the, •','Market street meters and better Serve' the public, The 10 - hour meters Would sell parking time,at 2 hours; for a nickel with maximum of 10 hours for a total of a quarter.! The offer of a'manufacturer to install new meters for a: free trial, Day suggests, Will serve as Q test whether long * time meters are more heeded on Market than the 2-hour variety, and at :he same time, will test reliability of the meters offered. Already referred to the aldermanic finance committee Is a resolution of the mayor proposing replacement of the city's present out - worn meters without necessity of a bond issue. New meters, Day said, may be acquired on a time - payment plan. The company offering a free test of its meters has offered to take payment at about $1.25 a meter per month or on a basis of 40 percent of the city's monthly receipts from its meters. Because of age and worn mechanical condition of the city's present parking meters, and be- cause the model,Is tfow but of production,,Day's resolution proposes that a suitable plan lot their replacement bo devised ahd the mayor aiid public \v6rki department authorised to Carry It out. The city flow has 1,232 meters, but Day said It Would not be nee- essary for all to be replaced at one time. Estimated IS that about 900 meters need Immediate - replacement and that new metera would Increase the city's revenue by about 15 percent. Present worn meters are resulting In high maintenance costs and a loss ot revenue as meters get out of order and thereby lose earning'capacity. Day estimated there are about 50 parking stalls on the west side of Market that should be equipped with new 10 - hour meters. There now are a few 10 • hour meters near the 6th Street end of the lot, but most of the present Installation Is of the 2 - hour type. The mayor expressed the belief that new meters may be obtained without Interfering In any way with the plans for obtaining additional off - street parking lots and for paying of the last bonds on the present off-street lots by next spring. 62 Dead, 67 Missing In Ferry Sinking NAHA, Okinawa (AP) — A police checklist today showed that (i2 persons were known dead and 67 missing in the sinking of the Okinawa ferry boat Midori Maru off Naha Saturday, Congratulations To JEAN LESSLY Brussels, III. SECOND WEEK'S WINNER IN OUR 1st ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION! Phiko Portable Television/ SELF-SERVICE DRIVE-IN 2708 GODFREY ROAD GODFREY YOUR pSHKOSH .STORE SINCE THE YEAR'1884 Phone 462-9751 "SEE MY MUSCLE!" That's what OSHKOSH 420 NYLON DENIM jeans really say and mean, because they give, 7,0% more wear. Jet age jeans made with NYLON REINFORCED DENIM which wears 70% longer. Vat dyed: color won't wash outl Never shrink out of size) Double welded knees sires 4 to 12, Heavy duty zipperfly lasts life pj the jeans. All sfees regular, glim, husky. Say "CHARGE Sizes 4 to 12 Sizes' 14 up Vi-l. IT'S FUN TO 8HPP AT,,, havt children register for road racer pet Stap Won,, Thuis,, frl, nitestlll 9

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