Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 17, 1963 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 17, 1963
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

flATUftBA Y, AUGUST 17,1603 By Idhtt Cuilen DAVID CftAftIS RIG HEN HOLT 1H40 tOlELLTH§M tH§) V6U COULD TRUTH, DIDNT t, B§N ? / HAVE LIEG>, I'M PR6UP OF YOU HUN6&V A BEAR LITTLE EVE By Alfred AmIHola KEKtt¥ DRAKE SO MAYBE 1 WO CHE W / MAYBE ALL US THE SUV OUT ABOUT % WAITERS THE SIZE OP HIS TIP/ IT'S A OUSHTA NO REASON HA2ELL SHOULD ) WALK OUT, FIRE ME/ ^^_^iSr LOUIE/ POLICE OFFICERS. TO3EH MR.HA7ELL.' HEY.. IS THE BOSS IN SOME JAM?.. MAYBE YOU WANT I SHOULD? SIVE HIM.. LIKE A CHARACTER REFERENCE? HUH? As DRAKE AND JOHNNY COLT ENTER THE "CLUB 88'... s A^i^ILL^^?^! YjL CUTE ASA KITTEN By George Sixta FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry THE SOUND OF 6UNFIRE STRIKES TERROR IN THE HEARTS Of TH£ NEANDERTHAL TRIBESMEN. SPED BY PANIC, THEY flEE WITH THE/K QUARRY.' JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Bobbins FONT SHOUT, MISS ENSSTROM,,, I'M T-TRVIN&.' 5-BUT I'M F/6HTIN&AHEAVy WINP CURRENT,,, FlSHTINS- IMA6INAKV TURBULENCE, KANE'5 COPTER VEERS CLOSER TO THE HANSINS GUIPE/ WHAT'S WITH THAT METOWAR7 ft IPIOT71 HE'S,,, CLIFF.' ^Jjf'i TOO CLOSE' T-THIS IS CLOSE ENOUSH, MR, KANE.' fo You HEAR ME,„ THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith SIR BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney WHAT V SNERK THE BROUGHT ^v MAGICIAN YOU HERE? 1 SENT US- GOOD OLD SNERK I HIRE ALL MX HELP FROM HIM VE5, WHENEVER ) HAVE •MV SPIRITS A(?E / YOU LOW I 60 TD /SEEN HIM SNERK• ,—. tT LATELY? 1 NO.' ITS THE OFF SEASON-I'M OPERATINS WITH A.SKELETON CREW, PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates ALL RIGHT.' ALL RIGHT/ I SAID I'M* SORRY/ ANP STOP BANGING YOUR SHOE/ / i GOT THE HOT LINE TO KHRUSHCHEV DARN NUMBER DIALING I DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney XO1J REALLV DON'T- THINK SO ? NOT A CHANCE, CHICK/ AS LONG f=t?EE SOUL'S LIKE ARE MAKING THERE'S NO PANSEI? OR.. you said ft! ...but why? "HUSBAND" An Anglo Saxon wore/, from "hus" (house) and "bua" (io dwe//). Hence /he word is literally a house owner, and /here- fore the head of the household ., . well, sometimes. Later this came to mean a man joined to a woman in marriage, to form a household. THE BERKYS By Carl Grubert WAIT, DEAR.' HERE'S NICE SANDY PLACE/, BUT THE BOYS WANT GO CLOSER TO THE WATER.' WHATS THE MATTER WITH THIS SPOTS] NO, WE'LL GO DOWN TO THE SHORE IT'LL BE MUCH COOLER/ Towels to talk about! Embroider « smart set for a hostess, shower gift, YOU! Gingham - goy look — choose 2 shades of a color, Six diffcr- j )e | S _ all fun to embroider. Pattern 731: six G'/ssxTMi-inch •notifs; directions. Tlilrly-flve w.nls In coins 'or his pattern — uclil 15 cents for ouch pattern for fh-sl-clnHB ninll- UK mid special luintllltiR, Send o 'Laura Wheeler, cure of Alton Telegraph, (if!, Neeillecrufl Dcpl., P.O. Box Uil, Old Chelsea Station, New York Jl, N. V. Print plain- y Puttern Number, Name, Ad- Iress and /one, Newest rage — smocked accessories plus 208 exciting needlecraft designs in our new 19G3 Needlecrafl Catalog — just out! fashions, furnishings to crochet, tnil, sew, weave, embroider, quilt. Plus free pattern. Send 25 cents now. Gay Back Talk PRINTED PATTERN 4506 SIZES 6-14 HENRY By Carl Anderson TRUDY "Ran into an old friend today—our cars collided at Third and Main!" k True Life Adventures ,MTOTHm^Sf^T^ <ST?AVlTATlbNAU FULL. TEAKS Tf AFAK.Y, SHATTEKSP' FRAjSMEWnS MAY KSVOl^/S AKOUNT? THE FAKEMT FLAH^T R3KSV1SK,. OF THE SATUfcN & )N TH3S KNOWN 8-17 tell Me By A. LEOKUM What is Puin? Win the Britannica Junior 15- volume encyclopedia for school and home. Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. In ease of duplicate questions, the "author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Alfred Lindner, 10, Nitro, W.Va. Do you ever wish you couldn't feel pain in your body? Well, you should consider yourself lucky that you can feel pain! Pain is your protector. If you didn't feel the pain of a toothache you might not care for that tooth in time to save it. If you didn't feel pain from touching something hot, you might cause yourself serious injury. Did you know that there are some people who have a disease which prevents them from feeling certain kinds of pain? It's called "syringomyelia." A person with his disease can touch hot things without feeling it, or stick a nail in his hand without feeling it, But what happens to such people is that they often do themselves great harm — Burning away tissue, receiving wounds without taking care of them, all because they didn't have pain to tell them something was wrong. Strangely enough, fSciencc still cannot explain fully how pain arises. It is believed that pain is due to an injury to the free nerve endings in the skin. F o r this reason, a very weak stimulus will not produce pain. In other words, these nerve endings in the sWn will pick up something as a "sensation" -r but unless there is a great deal of energy Involved, we' do not feel it as pain. In a very hot object, the molecules are moving with great energy, and so when we touch it we feel pain- As far as we know, the body doesn't have any special "receptors" lor pain. But there do seem to be special nerves that lead from where the stimulus is received up the spinal cord to the brain. The points on the skin that respond to stimuli with a sense of pain are known as pain spots. These pain spots are not distribu led qver the body equally, because there are some places where prac tic-ally no pain spots exist. Bu on the average there is one pair spot for every part of Ihe skit as big as Ihis letter "o." So there are aboul three million spots on the skin where pain can be produced! There are different types o pain — burning, cutting, gnaw ing, boring, and so on. What you feel as pain is probably a com bination of sensations, .including pressure, higher temperature etc. So pain is a "composition 1 of unpleasant sensations. FUN TIME The Glmcklu Box Pullman Porter: Brush you off Sir? Passenger: No thanks. I'll ge off the usual way. Pedestrian (knocked down by car): Couldn't you have.gone around me? Driver: I wasn't sure whether I had enough gasoline left. DID YOU KNOW? R O Homing pigeons have been known to make long flights. The world's record is that made by a pigeon released from a sailing ship off West Africa In 1845. Fjf tv-five days later, It dropped dead a mile from its loft in- London. The airline distance is 5,400 .miles — but the pigeon probably flew 7,000 m|les to avoid the""-Sahara Des art! Grant Kruse, 11, Edmonton Alberta. Win the Prltannioa World Alia o«- yearbook of perits, Ssjid ypui riddles, jokes to: Riddles, Jokes "Tell Me Why!" today's winner She's sure to catch teacher's eye in a clever dress with back pleats held by a low belt. Simple lo III, a trend-setting school fashion. Printed Pattern 4506: Girls' Sines 6, 8, 10, 12, 14.- Size 10 short-sleeved dress takes 2% yards 35-inch fabric. Thirty-five conls, coins', for Mils pattern — add 15 cents (or each pattern for flrxt-olusa mailing and Hpoolul Imndling, Send to Anne Adums, caro of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dopt,, 243 W. 17th St., New York 11, N.Y. Print plainly Name, Address, Zone, Slzo and Style Number. Pattern Free! Mail coupon inside new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog, ready now! Over 300 design Ideas, all sizes. Send 50 cents lor Catalog. NEW AIK SERVICE FOB PACIFIC ISLES PORT MORESBY - Polynesian Airlines, Ltd., started an air service recently between Western Samoa and Aitutaki and Rarq- tonga in the Cook Islands. The Cooks have been wthout an air service since TEAL abandoned its Hying boats, two years ago. The new service started after PAL began using, a new DCS aircraft on its flights between Western Samoa and Pago Pago. After the pook Islands service is running -smoothly, PAL will consider starting a service from Western Samoa and Tonga and on to Fiji, TIME OUT PIIOM PHOENIX NEW YORK (AP) - T. Edward Hambleton takes time out from his duties as cosponsor of Phoenix Theater productions next fall for independent presentation of a new musical,' "Morning Sun." His qojlaborator on the venture is MjWlJn. Tahse, a specialist at av- nj),n! show |qyrs. Ppfttelfk Neway Js fp, star jn the musical drama which has a sc«re .by p au i Kj B j ni j^tto. and. lyrics by Fred Ebb.

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