Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1965 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1965
Page 6
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yEW-l'H I'H'H'l H H l l ii44Hl4<H4HhH^44^*t'H'-1-'i--lVl-H-HH"<H "INK In my VEINS'' •y MARIAN INMAN 1 have just returned .from Des Molrtos, where T at, .tended an executive board meeting of the Iowa Tuberculosis . and Health Association and ihe two day annual spring meet- ihg celebrating the SOth anniversary of the association. .In 1*1$ a Study Cdmrtiittae of the towa State Medl- eal Sotfity reeernfnendtd to iti House of Delegates the formation of en Ant!-Tubereulos!« Association which would b« an iiid*bendent erganitation but receive support and approval of th» Iowa State Medical Society. On October 4, 1915, tho Iowa Association for tho Prevention of Tuberculosis was organized al the City Library, Des Moihes, Iowa at a meeting attended by about fifty men and women, doctors and laymen. The State Board of Health adopted a resolution pledging its cooperation with the Association, and the Association accepted a Contract as the Iowa Atient for the tale of Christmas Seals, and so it began. 50 golden year*. ; The theme of the meeting was, "We are. Inheritors <pf ihe Past, Guardians of the Present, and Architects of the Future. On* very interesting presentation, Crosses Through The Years, was given :by Mrs. Phil Thornton of Storm Lake. She was Ruth Miller, formerly of Algona, was married in Algona. I recommend her to any group who wants an extra special speaker. You will hot be disappointed. She has a marvelous collection of crosses, drawings of crosses from ancient times to crosses for kisses and their significance. I suggest that .if you engage her you provide ' one of the speakers that you wear around the neck as this will give her both hands and opportunity to move * abbUt among her properties. Aside from all of her re" search on crosses she has studied archeology and has interesting crosses in stones.'She really will interest everyone. • Mrs. Thornton reminded me so much of Mrs. Lovestad of Burt, who teaches the Bancroft Public School kindergarten-that I asked her if they are related and she said no, but *he would love to meet Mrs.'Lovestad. Perhaps if I see them together I will not think this so plainly but there in Des Moines this drew me to her. We heard the Boys Chorus and Bell Ringers of the • .Des Moines YMCA who are on their way to the World's Fair. ,' " ' • . . : "; The youngest speaker on the .program was Miss Julie Sartor, of Newman high school, Mason City. The content of her talk and the wonderful poise she has, again spoke * favorably for our young people, the many who are doing constructive, not destructive things.. I The companion bills to allow permissive legislation ' to set up county, multi county or city .health departments and permission to levy up to two mills for this purpose have passed the house and have been sent to the Senate j where they may get lost if we are not 'interested enough to write our Senator to consider favorably this bill'SF 46 and get it out where it can; be discussed. We must help • him see that this is permissive legislation only and if I passed will raise taxes only for those who use it. Many \ counties wish' to do so and haven't a legislative leg to stand on without it's passage. ' ' 'The , Supreme Court'decision,, of last June struck a ! major blow at the most successful!;forin of representative government yet conceived by man. This Court has said that the cit'Jzens of a state do not have, the right to decide the method of selecting their representatives in the state legislature. " ; ' ; . „•• •. '„ '•'•" ' ' .' Some weeks ago I mentioned that Resolution M had been proposed to petition Congress to ;c*ll a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution so that the membership of one house of a state Itajslatura may be .apportioned oh factors other than population. We citiians hed battsr be up and at our responsibilities to protect our freedom •in this matter. Write our congressional delegation in Congress that we want, this convention to speak our rights. Ask them to support action for a constitutional amendment. Now is the time tor all good citizens to come to the aid of the American way, our Republic so we may have continued checks and balances on the powers of government. Just wishing, won't make it so. Think this over and write bur .Congressmen. While in Des Moines I saw the delightful movie, Mary Poppins. It's Super-Cali-Fragil-istic-Expi-Ali-Docious.' It has song and color arid just the right amount of magic. I have always loved magic and as grown up as 1 am I always say, "Open Sesame" when I go through'the electric eye doors and before me I see the cave of Aladdin open. An Expi-Ali- Docious feeling, When ever this movie comes your way, be sure to see it. I can't describe it's wonders to you, you must see it. One of the songs runs through my mind so often, A spoonful of sugar in the shape of a tmile, a helping hand, a bit of kindness, a bit of tact, would be made easier to go down. So many things in life heed a little sweetness and light. |f we use a little sugar to lessen the sadness of another, both will taste the sweetness. Smile, the sun is right there back of the clouds. It will be/but bright and shining one of these days. So perk up, wear your Easter bonnet. A smile is so much prettier than a frown, umm'm just taste that spoonful of sugar. 6-ALGQNA (Iowa) ADVANCE MONDAY, APRIL ft, IMS State »•*»****«*«***«***«*«*»« Corwith Mrs. Harry L, Maw , Methodist Sunday v church In Algona Burt — .lane Bars,lou, .., 17 .laughter of Helen Schwietert,.of lurt, lias been named delegate from the Burt Legion to the Girls State in June. She as a junior, active in band, mixed chorus, small groups, speech and plays. She is assistant editor of the school paper and on the annual staif. Sho; sings in the Methodist choir and is^ac- live in MYF and Sunday school. Burt — Victoria Kbestler, daughter of the George Koest lers, has 'been -named 'alternate delegate to Girls Stab by the Burt Legion post. She is a majorette, in band, a cheerleader, secretary of the ' FTA, assistant editor of the annual, in chorus, Mrs. Gertrude ThfofibUry.alrd Alma Iteise went to Eagle'Grove Simtfay to stay with her daughter's children, Mrs. DarWln Kaulen, while the Kaulens attended the funeral of his mother at Missouri Valley. The Max Sloans returned after 12 days with their son, the Richard Sloans, Inglewood, Calif.; a brother, Reha Schaller; and a sister. Mrs. Mary Maxsoh, at Delane, Calif. They also visited former Corwith residents, the Art tithes, Ralph Oxleys 'and Alfred Schmidts. • ' , ' A son Mikeal John was ,born April 9 to the Robert Sloans at the hospital at Britt. and he died on Sunday. Graveside services were held on Monday afternoon at the Corwith cemetery. Mrs. Dee Wilhile spent a week with the George Yeomahs at Algona. Skip Fish, Des Moines, spent the weekend with his parents the Albert Fishes. v Kenneth Gregson. Mason City, and Mrs. Viola JJrpjwn were Sunday guests at v Ellmgr Marr's. . ',••..' ''>-;> The Albert Fishes visited Sat- Mrs. C. W. Fairbanks hid her contract Bridge dub Wedfies* The Robert Skelieys had as guests fdf 800 Saturday the Kenneth Wagners, Ben Widens, Ben Krebsag, Vil Nddr^ms, El wood Geiryi, Paul Viti Hel' tons and CharpH HaUswirths. Monday gUesta at Ben Krcbs were her parents, the W. D. McCutchebhS, Goldfield, and Cecil Hurshmans, Aurora, Colo. Craig Dawson, student at Iowa City,, is spending his Easter vacation with his parents, the LaVoy Dawsons. Kara Sue, daughter of the Paul Van Heltons, and Jonathan Edward, son of the Norman Chambers, were baptized Sunday at the Methodist church by Rov. Herman Smith. The Roy Johnsons Sr.. Hume^on. were guests Wednesday at EH Hnuptman's. Ralph Miller. Whit* B^r Lake. Minn., vte'ted Thiirsd*v and Friday at Ed Hatm'tman's anH Richard ¥pnnpwirth!s. The; George Fishers, White Hall, Mich.. .vjsUed the wek- ;p.n d tfith Ws brother. |he Victor Fishers, and his parents in Algona. The Tuesdav- ;wUh Auxiliary met ,,Mrs, William ,Wood, Mrs. James Veldhouse assisting. Mrs. Lafe Oxlev Sr. She attends St. John's Lutheran church and is active in Walther League. •. The Dean Andrews and Dais Ftrutlws soeiit tlie weekend in Oakdalo at A, L, Struthers'. Mrs. 'A. L. Struthers ys the sis- tar of Dean Andrews. The group were guests Sunday in Cedar Rapids at John Knowling's. Mrs. Knowling is a , niece. The F. L. Pratts .went to Colesburg Thursday for Easter at Ronald Elvidgc's. Judith and Janet Mitchell took care of the drug storq wbile they were gone. '• ,.;;-, .-* s .'i : ,v.." . Mrs .Eugene : Meyer wais appointed as, representative of the Aid of St. John's/. Lutheran church to.heljp'With public relations for the Honte Finding Society at Fort Dodge, The .LWML Spring Rally will be; April '30 at Lotts Creek.'; - 1 ,;.. .i, v , Mrs.. Sowers, vPatsy Zwi.eflpl, ' Mrs. Louise Fish, Wesley. Edith and Delia Welter. Algona, visited Sunday with their brother, the R. C. Welters, and at Robert DeGroote's. *•> The Albert Fishes visited Thursday with her parents, 'the F. F. Fetts. LuVerne. , • Mrs. William Gourley took her mother, Mrs. Hattie Hoick, Kanawha. to the university hospital in Iowa City. Sunday guests at the Elmer Kraus's f)r Shirley's confirmation were the 'Howard Cham- oions, Alfred Champions, Britt. George Krauses, Lester Kraus- es, Mrs. Nellie Thompson,-.the Marvin Sloans and Marilyn Kraus, Webster City, ' The C. R. Williams'were Sunday guests at Calvin William's near Lyle, Minn. . > ( " Weekend guests at Joe Ezarski's were the Roger Bushings and Marlene Ezarski, Des:Moines, and Carla Ezarski, Mason Citv. The Jack Shipmans and Tjeran Nerems attended a Nerem reunion Sunday at Renwick fpr the Sgt. Dennis Nerems, Pirie.- hurst, N. J. 1 The Robert Perkins, took the Jack Sliiiks to Iowa City, Mojo:, day. Mr. Sluik will have su/-' gery. • • . •' . • . . '; •'';.,• The Roland Lenzes, LuVerne, were Simdav guests at Elwood Lenz's for Randy's first birthday. The Jos Ezarskis visited Sunday at Maurice Devine's. -,'"' Jnckie Shinman. student o p Waldorf, Forest City, scent the weekend with her parents, the. Jack Shipmans. ; The James Clabaughs, Cherb- kee, and Diana Evans', Kanawha, were Sunday gusts at Oral McCullough's for Melissa McCui- lough's confirmation. \ The Charpel Hauswirths, and a talk.'The county meeting will be Aoril 27, Si Kanawha. > The Harolrl vPeSarts. Lake Citv. visited Thnrpdnv with her father, L»wis Schaller. .. • Mary Ellen lOxley returned home Thursday .from the Bel- moid hospital after-surgery. The Duane Heinp.ns .moved into the house of Wilmer Tabb Which they purchased Vacated by the Don. Ausborns who moved into the farm home of the ..Chester Williams. Kenneth Terhark is now stationed at 'Ft. 'Leonard Wood, Mo. in the army. • ,: The - Jim Mullins 1 returned hdriie Monday aftef a visit with her patents, the L. C. Blunts, Evanston, til. The Paul Houstons returned to EMnvef, Colo., being called hete by the death of her fath- er, Dr. G. t. Severn's! Lee William is the figw dent of tHe Mefchahts dub, Ben WidehY vfcg, Mfsv D*dh Pbage, see.*lfeas. TOg MefehahtS are sponsoring the Athletic Banquet April.2?'. ' / \ Mrs. Elsie oley A^as aVsallr- day guest at elaeehee ilUf$m- sefi*s. The Wilbur. Meffiaws yiitted Sunday with the Frank Webefs. The Victor Netifeihs, Algdha, were also Visitors. it's ham to . . . electric home heating really is silent- no moving parts, so—no noise! -with resistance electric heat there are .. . there are no drifts, with modern electric heat; no blowers to hurl blasts of air,' across your feet—just the even warmth of electric heat . . . with electric heating you can control the temperature In each ream. Yes, it's hard to believe, but it's here now—the best home heating system—clean, silent, convenient electric home heating, another magical feature of electrical living. Algona Municipal Utilities il READY-MIX PLANT NOW OPEN Place Your Orders Today! Cowan Corp. "Formerly Ready-Mi y Concrete £ Lumbtr Co." 55266 AUGONA . Jean Mescher, »n$ >Ricb'drd Al GeB- ken attended 'the; F,T.^. ibanqi^et at Lakota April' '14.;" ';'-^'>p Seniors will go to\Minnerapoiis April 23 for skipVaay.f \Chip^r- ones are the Richard 'Johnsons and Thomas HerripKsA ^ ^ ' ' ^ U.P.W, will m«pet "April' 21- at the Presbyterian church, hostesses Mrs. Harold Andreason, Mrs. Ben Bahling and Mrs. Tom Trenary. Devotions are by Mrs. Harold Becker and the program* is a film. Cheryl Passehl, Clear Lake, Elwod were Sunday guests at Geary's. The Albert Fishes attended the funeral of his cousin Don Perry at Otho Thursday, The Fred E. Marks visited Saturday at Albert Fish's. The C. W. Woodburys, Hampton, visited Sunday with Mrs. W. C, Woodbury. Henry Weber is spending a week with his daughter, the Maynard Woodburys, Arlington, Va. Mrs, Gary Schichtl and Kurt, Britt, spent Wednesday with her parents, the Bernard Spang- lers. Mrs, John Daniel Sr. and Jerry attended the baptismal of Brenda Kay Daniel, the daugli' ter of the Jim Daniels at the HERE'S SOMETHING WORTH LOOKING INTO! A SIMPLIFIED SERVICE, OFFERED FREE, TO GIVE YOU A HAND WITH YOUR MONTHLY GAS BILLS GAS BUDGET FUN WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED ! club news WHITTEMORi BOYS Wbittemore Boys met April 13, at the Legion hall Pledge was led by Jackie De trick. Guests were Earl Schmitt, Harold Poppen, Art Elbert. Matt Erdman, Francis IUg. Phil chen, Frank Dogotch, Vern mann, and Joe Besch. Earl Schmitt gave a talk. Taking electricity as a project were: Rjck Elbert, Tom Loebach, Mike Mosbach, Mark Besch, Mark Erdman, David Besch, John Winkel, Pale Weber, Tom Kol- iasch, Jim Walker, Steve Cte- trick, Jerry Besch, and James Elbert. Dick Beding and Harold Poppen gave talks. Demonstrations were by John Winkel and Steve Detrick, James Elbert and Joe Detriek. A talk was given by Barb Reding and Jackie Detrick. Reporter is Jackie De•trick. DOES SINUS CONGESTION .,. keep you awake at night? Make you feol miserable all day? Then you u-aiit relief and want it fast! And that'f just what you get when you taki SYNA-CLBAR TDecongestint Tap, lets. One exclusive "Hard-Core" Tab? let gives up to 8 hours of relief! Just S tablets give round-the-clock comt fort. Restores free breathing; relieveif HERE IS HOW IT WORKS: Amounts at 'left .are dollars, and the monthi ara thbWn «cr«tt the top. The solid lino portrays a <month-bymonth look at a John Doe 0as bill. Total lor the entire 12 months is ONLY $192 for boating, cooking; water heating and'incinerating in this typical homo. now - get 8YNA-CLE4B in the WuS white carton today, SetUfacUon guaranteed. At your druggist's. Ao remember, SYNA-CtEAR relief lasts longer, so it actually costs les», SYNA- CI.RAR PfCQNQRTANT HONSBRUCH DRUG lowi THE DASH LINE ACtOSS THE GRAPH indicates what this satisfied GAS customer would pay each month, IF on the / ',.- > , - BUDGET PLAN. Instead of paying bills rahoinf from |M in February to $3 in Juno, --,'•: ) . , July and August, the customer pays $14 each month, y«ar around, with no poak highs .•t, >-:'-• -l\ '••:• • '•••': ' ' : 'andlows! •'•. ; ..',-• :; • ..'.;.;.,:•.• '..•';,," / : ."•. : \ THIS GAS BUDGET PLAN CAN HELP YOU, JUST AS IT HAS MANY Of OUR CUfTOMf US IN RECENT YEARS! AND HERE'S HOW: -. .. . • '. ,-;•;- r:-;- 1 '-- • .;. ^••jtf^.fr: :*•?<?*• ''" ' '&* \ •• . " ' • ; ' ' ' •• ' • •. : ; '.'<i\:,\ l< .;,'-.'>•'. 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