Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 15, 1963 · Page 33
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 33

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 15, 1963
Page 33
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mn.^.,.»^.^^..^,,. M ALfOtf EVENING »BGftAftt JUNIOR BASEBALL In tile D-lQ-yeftr-old league the HttfrlcAfies flipped the Yank- 688, 4-3, the Bftnrs whitewashed the Cardlhato, 20-0, and the Astronauts pounded the Hawks, 26-8. Mugge homefed for the Hurricanes whJ'3 Mike Andre doubled and singled for the Yankees, Hoget Pace fired a one-hitter for the Bears, striking out U and walloping two doubles and two singles. Wallace homered and doubled tor tho Astronauts as De- GergUa slammed three hits. Clark got a pair of safeties for the Hawks, In the li-ia-ycnr-old league the Oardltuts edged the Braves, 9-8, the Eagle* walloped the Dodgora, 8-2, the Athletics eked out n 2-1 victory over the Pirates, the Bears slipped past the Indians, 8-2, mid the Iluwks topped tho Falcons, 11 •». Reldt homered and doubled for the .Cardinals and Van Makctls tripled for the Braves. Scott Davidson flred a one-hitler for the Eagles as Davis doubled. Tom Pendt fanned 19 for the Athletics and Clarence Willis banged a pallet hits. Gary Pratt doubled lor Uie Pirates. John Lnuglilln tripled fur the Indians. Boh lluft hom- ered lor the Hiivvks and Fleming and I'ollagrlno got triples. Mike llyaii lushed two triples for tho Falcons. Tn the 13-14-year-old league the Redbirds shutout Uie Braves, 1-0. Terry Webb fired a one-hitter for the Redbirds as Hard tripled and Esles doubled, Greg King took the loss. TwoWillMiss Big Reel Trip LAKE FOREST, III. - Guard John Wiltenborn, who sprained Ills shoulder last week, and offensive halfback, Joe Chlldress, suffering from a knee Injury suffered lasl week, will not make the trip tocluy to Salt Lake City where (he St. Louis Football Cardinals will meet the San Francisco 49ers Friday night at the University of Utah Stadium in the first exhibition game for both teams. WUtcnborn's spot, left guard, will be filled by Ed Cook, a converted veteran tackle. The Cardinals will start their veteran offensive line of Sonny Randle and Taz Anderson at the ends, Irv Goode and Ernie McMillan at the tackles, Cook anc Ken Gray at the guard spots anc Bob DeMarco at center. Charlies Johnson will he calling the signals for the Big Red with John David Grow, Prentice Gautt and Bobby Joe Conrad rounding out the offensive backflcld. The Cardinals will return to Lake Forest after the game. They meet the Detroit Lions at Omaha Aug. 24, By MtJttttAV ttOSB Associated prow Sporl* Writer The Yankees' runaway In the American League apparently hasn't dimmed the enthusiasm of lie fans In Minnesota where the Twins are making a strong fight to lake over second place again. A crowd of 25,014 in the Mimic- :polis-Sl. Paul area was on hand Wednesday night and boosted home attendance to 1,017,146—Uie third straight year the Twins have lured more than a million customers. The fans had a ball Wednesday night. They watched the scoreboard and cheered as the Yankees took a double beating from the Red Sox at Boston, 14-7 and 5-4, and the Cleveland Indians nipped the second-place White Sox at Chicago, 1-0, In 11 Innings on Wll- Yanks Lose Twice, But Sox Flub Dub Bowling ACME 33 LAN10S Wed. Summer Mixed Women — Timmermier 165, Patlerson 157, Muehleman 155-176-156, Mitchell 157. Shcff 1.62, Ballard 151-172-186, Folles 156-160. Men — Arnold 229, Ackerman 209, Taul 203, Kolk 205. Trout Fly Title NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP)-Dlck rletzel of Kansas City won the trout fly distance event Wednesday In the National Casting Tournament at Centennial Lake. His average cast was 166 1-3 feel, lie Klrkland's homer. Then they whooped it up as Bernle Allen's single drove In the run that gave the Twins a 13th-ln- ning 2-1 edge over the Baltimore Orioles who had been nipping at their heels, As a result of the night's activity, the Yanks were eight games In front of the White Sox with the Twins just another length behind and the Orioles 10% behind the league leaders. In the other AL night games, the Angels beat the Washington Senators at Los Angeles, 2-0, and the Detroit Tigers whipped the Alhlellcs at Kansas City, 5-2. Allen, benched most of the season by a weak bat and hilling .195, lashed a Slu Miller serve into right field to score Vic Power who had doubled, with the winner. Bill Daley, who hurled four innings of shutout relief collected his fourth vlctoiy. He has lost two. The Yankees saw their six game victory streak ended by a barrage of 19 lilts in the Boston 'daylight and Ihen hod a four-run rally in Hie ninth inning just fall short under the lights in the day- night doublclieader. Dick Stuart had a picnic against the Yanks. He collected six hits and drove in six runs. The Sox first baseman clouted his 29th homer, a two-run shot in the eighth inning of the second game. The crowning blow, however, was relief pitcher Jack Lamabe's first lilt of the season—a three-run homer in Boston's five-run sev entli inning of the first game. Julius Boros Shoots a 66 At Hartford tiARfFORD, Conn. (AP)—The crowd is rooting for a local boy a/id U.S. Open champion Julius Boros has shown thai he Intends bartenders: Please post and pre* Baseball Puzzlers Finally Answered fly BOB Associated Press SpoM* Writer- NEW YORK (AP)- Note to to please them In the 1.2th Insurance City Open Golf Tournament starling today. A native of Falrfleld, Conn., Boros scored a stellar five-wider- par 3.1-35-66 Wednesday In the pro- am trial, preliminary to the tournament competition. The 43-year-old • master has failed In several attempts to win the Insurance City crown on the par 71, 6,515-yard Wethersfleld Country Club course. Looking as if he were putting In his back yard, Boros rolled in three of 12 feet or better to win the $300 top money in the pro-am, There Is $40,000 at stake in the 72-hole competition starting today. And Boros has said: "I want to win this one, with the home folks looking on, very much." Jack Nlcklaus, Boros' toughest foe among the 160 entries, Is making his first appearance on the course. The current Masters and PGA champ seemed to take it leisurely Wednesday. He scored a three-over 37-37— 74, getting the feel of the course. Boros had six birdies, four on the front nine. He finished three strokes up on former U.S., Open winner Billy Casper, who had a 31-38-69. serve. Ilils Is the: time of the year, what with the baseball season at Its height, that barroom arguments blossom in full flower. At newspaper sports departments throughout the country telephones ring at unlikely hours of the early morning and fuzzy voices say: "Shay, ol' buddy, I wantcha seddle an argument. Who started for the Yanks in the second game of the '42 Series?" "Lemme look It up." (Long silence.) "It wwas Ernie Bonliam." "Haw. I told 'im. Just repeat that to my friend here, will ya?" (Silence, with vague, barlsh sounds In the background.) "Yeah?" "It was Ernie Bonliam." "You sure?" "Yep." "Better check it again, I know it was Spud Chandler. I was there." About this time things can get a bit awkward. So, in the interest of cutting down telephone calls to harassed spoils departments, here are some of the more frequently dis- puted questions, with answers. 1. Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs in 1927. Who held the record before that and how many? 2. And who held the record before that and how many? 3. Who's the only player ever to win the triple crown — home runs, batting average and runs batted in—two limes? 4. Only eight other men have ever won the triple crown. Who were they? 5. What's the most home runs hit by a player who won the baiting championship in the same year? Who was he? 6. In modern ball, has a player eligible for the batting championship ever hit .400 or better and failed to win Uie title? If so, who? Answers: 1. Ruth, 59, 1921. 2. Ruth. 54, 1920. :?. Ted Williams, 1942, 1947. 4. Rogers Hornsby, Heinle Zimmerman, Quick Klein, Joe Medwick, Ty Cobb, Jimmy Foxx, Lou Gelirig, Mickey Mantle. 5. Mickey Mantle, 52, 1956. G. Yes. Ty Cobb, .401, 1922, Joe Jackson, .408, 1911. A Rice victory against Baylor this fall would tie their football series at 21 victories each. Two games were ties. German Ruth Team tn Finals FARMINGTON. N.M. (AP) - Thr- Frankfurt, Germany, Babe Ruth league team was the firsi to nrrivp Wednesday for the Babe Ruth basnhnll World Scries begiri- niriE Monday. Ton loams will compote in the national event. Frankfurt and the Farminglon Americans open tho week - long double ellmlnatiot tourney. II rnds Aug. 24. Among the competitors will be three repealers in series play They are Tulsa, Okla., Joplin Mo., and Oakland, Calif. The Frankfurt team traveled 6,000 miles, by plane and bus and finally by car from Albuquerque N.M., to Farmington. The re mainhiR eight teams are expect ed during HIP rest of the week and Include Tulsa, Joplin, Oak land, Klamath Falls, Ore.; Allan ta, Ga.; Oak Lawn, 111.; Freder ick, Md., and Puerto Rico. Hartford Wins The Hartford Hornets defeats the Benld Indians 8 to 7 last week end in Khoury League Bantarr Interzone playoffs at Benld. Lon nie Moore was the winning pitch er with assistance from Ken Zumwalt. Clifford Jerman's firs Wt of the year sent across th winning run. In interzone play offs the Hornets have defeatC' Madison 8-1, Dupo 12-2 and Benlc 8-7. Boston College leads Holy Cross i its football series, 29-27. Three ames were tied. Georgia flnd Georgia fsfeft U rit 26-20. five fcnmw/ended JirlfJJ . ; ! - -.?'••' .«•*.. .«*.'«. * ta**. THIS SERVICE jSAVEYOilil LIFE! BRAKE SAFETY ADJUSTMENT We Do All This For Only.,».• • ADJUST EMERGENCY AND FOOT BRAKES • INSPECT BRAKE LININO • CHECK HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: ADD BRAKE FLUID • LUBRICATE EMERGENCY BRAKE CABLES CALL HO 5-4249 FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT GENERAL TIRE COMPANY THI GENERAL TIRE ffen •* NINTH AND BELLE STS. Sales nml Service Department Now Open Till 8:30 P.M. Friday Nights Service You Can Trust - Savings You Can Count On. fra/fieered *)&& yot/rsftfte, 1 -'- trunk 00 down easy credit terms SPlHVt AMERICA U: S. Royal AIR RIDE® Nylon 2 for $1990 6.70x15 Tube-type Blackwall Whitewall...2for$25.90 All prices plus tax and smooth tire off your car. Tires mounted free. DRAKE TIRE CO. 1214-16 E. BROADWAY HO 5-8897 U.S. ROYA1-TIRES Engineered to keep your spare in the trunk SOB Plymoulh In action on "Empire"—NBC-TV Some convincing reasons why the clearance-priced Plymouth Is now your fces* new-car buy. RED-HOT PERFORMANCE-^ PLYMOUTH Winner In 8 of 10 events for standard V'8s In competition with Ford and Chevrolet at Riverside. Top ppjnt scorer of all class winners In '63 Pure Oil Performance Trials. Class champion,'63 Mobil Economy Run..»seventh successive class vie- out of time... so he's giving the year's tory for Plymouth in this test. hbttest;deals on all his 1963 Plymouths. Ivmoulh-Valiant Dealer 1 ! Warranty u)i\m\ defepta In material and worknianihlp on 1663 curi liu been etpanded loement or repair, without oharoe for ;«qul«d parti »r labor, lor 5 Maw or 60,000 mllei, whlclwvtr oomet flnl, .head and Internal parti; tranamlitlon ewe and Internal parti (excluding manual clutch); torque converter, ,..1 lolnta (exoluolna dull covori), rear a*le and dlfferontlaL and rear wheel bearlngi, proved the vehlele hai r«Monabl« mtervali ao$oralna to tni Plyrnoutfi.V*Hant Certified Oar Care aohedulei. RED-HOT VALUE-'63 PLYMOUTH With America's longest new-car warranty* ...5 years or 50,000 miles. With sales up 52% over last year.,. the type of popularity that should mean higher value at resale. Your Plymouth Dealer Is running MAKE YOUR WOVE TO PLYMOUTH NOW i PIWOUTH DIVISION fit r'- The Spirit of America is a superb product of three years of development. The 3-ton racer is powered by aJ-47 jet engine and rides on the 600-mph Goodyear tires. NEW LAND SPEED RECORD! 407 M.P.H. ON GOODYEAR TIRES Monday, August 5th Craig Breedlove, with a wingless jet, Goodyear tires and 170 pounds of heart, hope and guts brought the land speed record back to America. 7:15 a.m. The silence of the Bonneyille Salt Flats was shattered by the whine of a 35 foot long jet racer. That whine became a roar as Graig Breedlove in his Spirit of America thundered into the record books.* His speed: 388.49 rnph one way, the other way . . . 428.37 mph! For an average of 407.45 miles an hour! Smashing the record held by England's John Cobb of 394.2 mph. A 1947 record that many experts thought could never be topped. One of the most important problems that Breedlov* faced when'he first decided to give the land speed record a try was summed up in a statement that appeared in a leading automotive magazine: "... there is no point in thinking of a land speed record car if there are no tires that will stand up to the required speed." Goodyear engineers accepted the unique ... almost impossible challenge ... and ... A TIRE IS BORN In his initial talk with Goodyear engineers, Breedlove said, "I need a tire that can take it. One that's practically indestructible. I'm going to go 400 to 500 miles an hour. That's two to three times as fast as they drive at Daytona or Indianapolis. This has got to be more than just a racing tire. When I get to top speed, the tires will have about 100 tons of centrifugal force trying to pull them to pieces. That's why I came to Goodyear because you people have the know-how." Goodyear engineers began to design, produce, and test the land speed tires. Most of the tire was cord... for strength. The cord was treated with Goodyear'a exclusive 3-T triple-tempering, triple-toughening process . . . the same 3-T processing that goes into all Goodyear auto tires. Each tire was tested on Goodyear's multi-stage dynamometer at speeds in excess of 600 miles per hour. Not one failed! Goodyear engineer checks 4-foot high tires. Special Goodyear high-speed dynamometer test simulated the 12,110 pounds of centrifugal force that is exerted at the tread surface at speeds of more than 600 mph. Craig Breedlove — first American to hold the Land Speed Record in 35 years. Breedlove built the "Spirit" in his garage. His estimate of a $10,000 car was exceeded ten-fold, before the car even left for the Salt. TIRE OF THE FUTURE In the making of Breedlove's record breaking tires, Goodyear scientists and engineers came up with developments and discoveries that will affect the tires you drive for many years to come. Goodyear engineers say that the tire of the future may well be built around a key design feature of these land speed record tires. When Craig Breedlove and his Spirit of America started at the far end of the 10-mile black stripe that marks the Bonneville course, he knew he was riding on the finest tires in the world. With that worry off his mind... he sped to the record speed of 407.45 roph.,. and became the fastest man on earth. Today you can get the benefit of Goodyear's superior high-speed developments in great, new Tufsyn tires. Built only by Goodyear, Tufsyn tires deliver up to 25% more durability, giving far more mileage. You can buy these Goodyear tires in all sizes for all cars from your Goodyear Dealer or Store . , . today. *Breedloue't speed — <u an official world record — it lubjtct to confirmation by tht Federation Internationale Motocyelittt, tince thit event uxu held under their International Sporting Codt, GOOD/ MOIWB PEOPWS BIDE ON GOODYEAR TIRES THAN ON ANT OTHER KIND WELLS-SCHMIDT TIRE CO. 1011, Ftrguion, Wood RIvtr-CL 4*3821 WELLS TIRE COMPANY 833 i, Proodwoy, Alfon-HQ 2*9284 Slore and Service Dept. Open Friday 'Til 9 P.M. WELLS-MORRIS CO. Jerseyvllle, IH—Phpn* 39

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