Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 15, 1963 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 15, 1963
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

ALTON EVENING THURSDAY, AUGUST 15,1963 Orefg Vessel GOOD T6LL 1O03MEONIN KEUKY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola RI66IE.'..THAT HE'D KICK OFF SUDDENLY/.. BUT I NEVER DREAM6DYOU'P- LISTEN TOME/.. WE'RE T IN BIS TROUBLE/ r^ WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS, J — JOHNNY/FERNOLD'S DEATH DIDN'T SHAKE THAT SIRL, BUT THE NEWS THAT HE WAS MURPERED DID/ AND WHAT IS HA2ELL TO HER? /'"NO THEORIES, I BUT I DIP PICK UP SOMETHING V FROM AN ASHTRAY IN MISS DUBLIN'S SWANKY SUITE/ FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry MelOOTf fllOfYoU'lL HIT JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbins WHILE, AT THE SCENE or- THE THEN YOU CAN TAKE THE PLACE OF MY ILL PILOT, N\K. KANE? HOW VUNPEKFUL,,,WE HELP •Y EACH OTHER, YAH?\ y ,,,BUTIH6H"77TOO SREAT A RISK OF BLOWING- HIM OFF WITH THE POWNPRAFT OF OUR ROTORS/ SETTER. USE VDLIR TELESCOPIC LENS / IW AN EXPERT COPTER PILOT, MISS ENS5TROM,,,ANPI HAVE A VERY PERSONAL CAN'T TELL FROM HERE WHETHER HE'S ALIVE OR NOT. JOHNNY.' CAN STAKE IN THE LIFE OF THAT POOR SUIPE TPAPPEP ON THE CLIFF/ THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith SIR BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney ARENT YOU GOING TO RUN AWAY i> SIR, WE ONLY RUN AWAY FROM THINGS WE FEAR THROUGH LACK OF KNOWLEDGE- -AND I AM UNDER NO MISAPPREHENSIONS ABOUT THE SITUATION IN WHICH WE FINP V OURSELVES V NO. I KNOW PERFECTLY' WELL I'M TOO FRIGHTENED TO MOVE. PROFESSOR PHTJMBLE By Bill Yates WELL, LIZZIE, HOW AREVOU GOING TO LIKE ^SOARING OVERTHE EARTH MILES UP?/ /WONDER IF... \ TILLX > GET / THE HANG V OF IT... .. .COULDN'T i START ON LOWER, ORBITS DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney you said ft! I ...but why? ITS CHECKMATE IN TWO MOVES... H Al SOT yOU CORNEKEP.' YOU'LL NEVER GET OUT OF THAT.' C..NP MATTER WHArX ) "THC THIRD DEGREE" . . . o roughing up, in order to get information from a prisoner. In medieval Nuremberg, exe- cuf/oners and torturers gave a victim the First Degree; merely questioning. If this failed, the Second Degree consisted of showing him implements of torture, along with threats. Then come the Third Degree — the actual torture. e-is Heirloom Quill iii By Mil Cullfttt BIG mt* sot? iAtmm\vGoirH\m^ eauLD you MCW, OP \ eat to* is Mf M S&INS _1t?8B-ALL(?ieHff H/WE TO REPORT fHISdCClDEMTTO THE POLICE ? LITTLE EVE RIVETS By George Slxta PERSONAL.../ IT WAS JUST TURNED OFF IN THE BASEMENT: THE BERRYS By Carl Gruberl »l»w, ruMUMr* nr*tiMi«r Symltc*^. n*t L'.«. Ptt. Off. FIRST THEY HAVE TO BE NOW WATCH CLOSELY/ I WONDER IF THIS IS GOING TO BE LIKE THE TIME HE GAVE ME HIS CHOO-CHOO TRAIN/ CLAMPED ON TIGHT,,,JHEN THANKS. FOR YOUR ROLLER SKATES, JACKIE/, ,-^-.r TRICKY JIM-.. I'D BETTER SHOW BUCKLE THE STRAPS AND Quill that's fuii lo piece—alternating [nbrics croale a varied effect. It's a pri/c. "Square! Danco" — delighttul 2-palch quilt th»' requires only •I fabrics; an heirloom. Pattern 815: charts: pattern pieces; directions; yardages. Thlrty-rivo cents In coins 'or this niiltorii — add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mull- IHR mid special handling. Send to Laura Wlioelisr, wire of Alton Telegraph, (l(i, Newltaeraft Dopt., P.O. Box 1(11, Old Chelsea Station, New Vnrk II, N. V. Print plainly I'liMi-rii Number, Nnm«, Address iind /one. Newest rage — smocked accessories plus 208 exciting needlecraft designs in our now .1963 Neetllecrafl Catalog — just out! Fashions, furnishings to crochet, knit, -sew, weave, embroider, quilt. Plus free pa I tern. Send 25 cents now. Curvy juniper PRINTED PATTERN 4549 HENRY By Carl Anderson TRUDY "Another hot clay in the city, dear?" ' k True Life Adventures 8 'Cell Me By A. LEOKUM \Vl»o Was the First Person to Have n Last Name? Win the Britannica Junior 15- volume encyclopedia for schoo and liome. Send your questions name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. In case o£ duplicate questions, the authoi will decide the wnner. Today's winner is: Brenda Wlieeler, 8, Baltimore Mel. How ninny people do you know whose first name is Jim, Bill, Mary, Sue, Tom? It's hard to imagine being able to set people apart with only one name. We feel it's only natural for people to have last names too. Yet man got along for thousands and'thousands of years with just one name! Probably the firs ancient Greek — whose name we will never know! There were a few families among the Greeks who identified themselves W Hh the name of an ancestor. But the tjrst people we know of who made a custom of having last names were the Romans. The Romans gave each child a first name. A second one was added to indicate the family or clan .0 which he belonged, Later a third name, usually a sort of descriptive nick-name, was added. The Romans cajled this the "cognomen." It often became the fam ly name. However, this custom died out in time, chiefly because Christianity was opposed to it. The Christians recognized only the single baptismal name, As (owns grew, many people in lie same group had the same jiven name. So different ways of denlifylng people begun to'devel* op as part of their names. One way was to mention Hie father's lame. William's son John be* came John Williams or Williamson or Wjlson or Wills, Brian's John might become John O'Brian Jrjsh), or Donald's John might become John MacDonuld (Scot- Ish.) Another way of identifying a per- was to aUach to his name the )lace where he lives or came . That's how we got names Wood, CJ-een, FoiTest, HaU. Sometimes a name was derived from a nickname. Such name: are Doolittie; Drinkwater, Scat tergood, Longfellow, White, Brown Very often a name was attached to a person because lie hac acted a certain part in pageants or plays, as for example, Angell Pope, King, Knight, So there were five ways in which last names developed: 'J. Descriptive of Hie person's appearance o i character; 2. To record some incident or activity; 3. Connect him with some person like the father; 4. Give his residence 01 where lie came from; 5. Give his occupation, but these last names were not hereditary unti centuries later. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Frank: A train just passed. Ann: How do you know? Frank: I can see its tracks * * * * Nature Counselor: What's the best way to prevent infection caused by biting insects? Camper: Don't bite any. CROSS WORD 1'V'MLE Becky Henry, 10, Nashville, Tenn., wins a Britannica World Atlas for this original cross word puzzle. Send your cross word puz to "Cross Word Puwle," Tell Me Why, uiid ;glve your name, age, and address. ACROSS: : 1. Part of a pluy. 3. Drawing in an atlas, 6. Not yes, 8. I. 0. Dine. 11, President on Penny, 12, Female deer. 13. 7th musical note, IK That boy, 16, Sore on the eye 17. Fuel for car. !•,, SJiorj, SPeKf gii:ls wear. 2. Company (aljbr,),^/' Before loon. 5, Copper eehjs. 7, jyj ea t for breflkjasL 8, Ftnjih. 10. Part o| tgo(. 14, -Qja| J|nj,;^, fugli- ng sound, Win the Sritoitnto • World Afc as pr Yearbook of Events. Send, SIZES 10-20 On campus, in town, (lie jumper that's a joy—it's princess curved to fit, flare in the right places. Crisp blouse is a perfect companion. Printed Pattern <15<19: Misses' Sixes 10, 12, 1.4, 16, 18, 20. Size 16 jumper 294 yards 54-inch; blouse 1% yards H5 inch. Vltty cents in coins /or this patlorn — add IB cents for each pattern for first-class mulling mid special handling. Sejid to Anno Adams, earn of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dopt., 848 W. 17th St., Now York 11, N.Y. Print plainly Name, Address, Zone, Size and Style Number. Pattern Free! Mall coupon inside new Full-Winter Pattern Catalog, ready now! Over 300 design ideas, all sizes. Send 50 cents for Catalog. MILLION YEAR {'JUNTO OP DINOSAUR FOUND DORCHESTER - An unusual operation has just been carried out In the Swanage Quarry, Dorset — the lifting of a 24-yard rock which contains.the footprints of a biped dinosaur, made millions of years ago. Curators of fossils, reptiles, and birds, Dr. Alan Charig, said that some of the prints might belong to the Iguanodon type of dinosaur, an animal that weighed about seven tons, Eventually, the fossilized tracts will be embedded In the lawns of the Natural History Museum, to nuke a permanent dinosaur walk ii Uie heart of Condon. UL8TJSR ASKS MCKN8E8 fo» xojMCQO jwtuqns BELFAST - The government tts urged by members of th e vorthern Ireland, Senate recently o take steps to cpmpiie a register of people wiling cigarettes and obucco. your riddles, jokes to: Riddles, Jokes, "Tell Me Why!" today's ^Stamp* SoiBB, u, ttoWjfa •

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