Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 8, 1963 · Page 23
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 23

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1963
Page 23
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, AUGUST 8, 1963 Agpym, aii,,..^.^ r ... a rrrrrr , m ,,,,, r , ...:. n . .. _ | , . Entertaining With Molded Salad Easy ALTON EVENING M. so ninny members of the bran family that it is dlffl cult lo dnsalfy them. Those best known arc the green bearm which Even heat-wave entertaining needn't be a chore for the smart hostess who has the buffet habit. Molded salads, fruit bowls, and brown 'n serve rolls are her stock in trade, Gourmet treats which can be prepared ahead of time nnd whisked easily out of the refrigerator when the guests arrive are her favorites, A new chicken-mayonnaise sal* ad loaf, spiced xvilh a dish of curry, is a perfect tllsh for the summer buffet. Just, tangy enough for the" men to en|oy as well as the ladles, It can be served with confidence at any type of warm weather gathering. As a matter of fact, we think you'll be so pleased with Us popularity that you will keep the recipe current even when cooler weather rolls In. At any season, It's probably a good Idea, also, to prepare two of the loaves so that you can put another on the buffet table when the guests cotno back lo help themselves to seconds. Clilckcn-IMayoiiiiiilso Salad Loaf 4 cups finely chopped chicken (about 1 Ib. cooked chicken) % cup French dressing 3 envelopes plain gelatin 2V6 cups chicken broth* 1!4 cups chopped celery % cup chopped pecans 'J. ] /2 cups commercial mayonnaise or salad dressing 2 tablespoons grated onion % teaspoon curry powder 1 teaspoon salt Salad greens Thin cucumber slices, optional Thin radish slices, optional Mayonnaise or salad dressing Combine chicken and French dressing; toss gently. Chill. Soften gelatin In % cup cold chicken broth. Heat remaining 1% cups broth to boiling point. Add gelatin; stir until dissolved. Cool gelatin mixture until syrupy in consistency. Add celery and pecans to chicken mixture. Mix 1% cups mayonnaise or salad dressing, grated onion, curry powder and salt; stir into chicken mixture. Stir in gelatin. Pour into an oiled 9x5x3 inch loaf pan. Chill until firm. Unmold on salad greens. Garnish if desired with cucumber and radish slices. Serve with additional mayonnaise or salad dressing. Yield: 8 to 10 servings. "If chicken broth is not available, dissolve 3 chicken bouillion cubes in 1% cups boiling water. Serve this chicken-mayonnaise salad loaf for your next summer party, or try it out for the family tomorrow. This is one of those delightful, easy-to-prepare treats which truly make homemaking and entertaining a joy. Brussels Sprouts Need Sauce By EDITH M. DARKER Brussels sprouts are the most "refined" member of the cabbage family. They have the color and the form which makes them appear to be miniature cabbages. They are so young and tendnr they need to be dressed only with cream • or lemon butter. Sometimes they are garnished with nuts, either halved or chopped. With so many vegetables in market this month, you may like to use the suggested combination. They may be arranged around tlie outer edge of a shallow skillet. Then conies a ring of buttered yellow corn kernels inside of which may be wedges of tomato or lemon. When fresh sprouts are not available, it is even more convenient to use those In frozen form. PARTY SKILLET 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 1 clove garlic % teaspoon pepper 2 packages (10 ounces each) fro?en Brussels sprouts 1 package ,10 ounces) frozen whole kernel corn 2 tomatoes cut in wedges Melt butter in large skillet. Add garlic clove, cook 5 minutes, and remove. Starting at outer edge o£ skillet, arrange circles of vegetables as follows: Brussels sprouts corn, tomatoes, and again, Brusel sprouts. Cover and cook over low heat about 15 minutes, or until 'Brussels sprouts are tender. Yield: 6-8 servings. (O 1883, General Features Corp.) hearts as modem methods of cultivation hnvc practically eliminated the strings. Wax beans, \vhlch hnVc ri yellow tinge, nre sometimes available. no longer should be called string Lima beans are very popular and Modem Green Beans Have Lost Their Strings arc ustmlly sold ftt shelled form, The larger type, which are called Fordhooks, are particularly valued. PN«h Limit tttans In Shell beans, wash, and cook with a ddf'i pnch of salt and sugar in s;rwl! amount of water In lightly covered utnnsil about 20 minutes, until tender. Without draining, dress with butter, rich milk or cream, and season to taste with s.»l( ar:d pepper Allow 3 pounds bends in pods or 1 pound shelled bt'ntis for C servings. t!a*(t"l Limn Benns '4 pound diced salt pork cup sherd onions 1 cup diced carrots 3 cups boiled dried lima beans 1 cup (1'4 cups) condensed tomato soup cup water vy frying pan, add onions and carrots and smit'o over medium heat 5 minutes. Arid cooked, drained lima bonus, mix well, and place in grfiisod casserole. Add tomato In moderate oven (330 about 3 hours, unlll beans ntt tender. Yield: about fi servings, TUNIS — Tunisia expects to In- Bread Time rule; Kneading bread dough (made with yeast) until It Is smooth, satiny and elastic, usually takes about 10 minutes, Sweet Biscuits If you like sweet baking pe der biscuits, add a couple of tablespoons of sugar to a two- cup flow recipe. The sugar may be sifted along with the flouv, baking powder arid salt. The Fwnch usually serve sweetened biscuits and sometimes enrich their dough with an egg. Snood Sujfur When measuring sifted confoo Uoneii sugar, spoon the sugai into the measuring cup and love' ott with a spatula or stwlglU edge toUfe. Don't pack down the sugar! OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL 9 P.M. OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL 9 P.M. - climate control makes Tenderay fresh and tender Cook sail pork 5 minutes in hea-lsonp and water, cover, and bakoicrease her cork export. No Other Beet So Fresh Can Bo So NATURALLY Tender Kroner (elects only US. Oradrri rlioice train- led beef for 't'encliMny . nlarps Mils fine bcnf In «pfclnl rooms wlirre li'mpr.ialuri?, hu- mUllly and air drouliillmi nre rCKiilatpil lo •peed up nnltiritl tcndcrlliK action ... to pro- tect rmlnrnl )D!<?«» mil] flavor. Kri>s»>r ru»- rantee» ll« e.vrliislve Tpiirter.iy Brand brff lo hs nrtliiKillJ ffpnh mid frrtrttr—a clnlm \vbi?h no lonr-aged or artificially tendnrizcd bp.of can matte. "Mix or Match" Kroger Variety Breads Plain or Seeded Italian, Plain or Iced Raisin, Hesrulat, Cracked, or 100% Wheat, Kenilar, Cottage, or Bit- march Rye, Vienna or Btittcrmllli Bread Loavei U.S. Choice Tciitlcray Brand Center Cuts Chuck Roast KROGER TENDERAY BRAND ffi BEEF Kro^er^—Orange, Vanilla, or Chocolate Sandwich Cookies3 ^ Krog-er Vanilla Wafers Kroger Sandwich Buns Kroger Butterfly Rolls 11-Oz. PkfT. 13-Ot. Fkff. 29c 29c K 100 EXTRA 3 TOP VALUE STAMPS with the piircliR.«c of A 'Ml), piirkfi&e of Thick or Thin Siloed Kwick Krisp Baoon Coupon ciptrp* Hnl. night, August 1(1, IllfiH. Ah'.iya fine, Irrui bwf . . . rich-red In riinr . tauter In leTtur* . . . with JIM f-nnucli fni for flavor. Ground trwh «iM-rral limes daily. No wonder yrnj Ri'l erouml bopf nt Us bcM . . . *mJ .1 lir?nrr value to bnot ... At your KroRcr plorr Fresh, Lean Ground Beef U.S. Choice—Tenderay Brand Shoulder Roast Lb. 49c U.S. Choice—Tenderay Brand Rib Steaks . *°™ - in ^ 89c VALUABLE COUPON K Extra Top Value Stamps I With This Coupon »a Extra Top Vuluo St-iimpi—Pnrchiuu! of l-l/h. Call Kroger ViinPac Coff«« . .filte BO 15 Urn T»/> Vnlue SlJimpn—Purchase o/ 2-Lb Can Kniccr Vncl'ne Coffee $1.19 loo F.vlm Top Vnlii* Slumpi—Purohn«o nf a-Lh Can Krnecr ViicPne Coffee $1.70 ' Coupon flxnirpi* Snfiirilny nlffht. Align*' 10. 196.1. U.S. Choice—Tenderay Brand Chuck Steaks • 49c U.S. Chnire—Tenderay Brand Shoulder Steak Lb. 59c Meni Item* sold n> U.S. Choice—Tenderay Brand—Boneless Rib Steak - $1.39 U.S Choice- -Tenderay Brand Delmonico Steak » $1.79 We reoerve the right to limit. Lb, Fresh. Eitrn Lean Ground Chuck .... u , 69c U.S.Oov't. Inspected—Grade A—With Bone Brand Turkeys "•",£"• tb . 39c Hell—6 lo 8-lb. »vjr.—Ready-To-Eat Picnics u. 39c H&G Whiting 5£89c Fres-Shore Breaded Shrimp. . «£• 59c Danish Crown—Canned Sliced Bacon V!;, 1 ," 59c Needs no refrigeration. Excellent for oullnsrs, camping or flahini? trips, or on the pantry ahelf for unexpected company. Rich in Flnvnr Clip (iftp.r Clip Now available in 3 size cans Regular, Drip, or Dn« Grind Kroger Va,o Pn<5 Coffee l-Lb. Can Stock Up Now During the Second Big Week of Our Sale Avondale You save 7e over two Mb. cans $ 2-T,h. Ca.n You save I4c over three l-lb. cans $ S-Lb. Can Kidney Beans B Kroner Pork and Beans ... 8 ...5 Dry Shelled Beans .7 Krog-er Pineapple Juice .. 8 Kro»«r Tomato Juice 7 Kroier—Wnol« Green Beans Avondale—Cut Green ; and ILb. Cans ILb. Cans 303 cans 303 cans No. 211 Cans No. 2 Cans 88c Kroner- Cream Slyle or Whole Kernel Gold Corn ........ Kroner Keniel White Corn Kmner Cherries Avondale le Freestone—Sliced or Halves Kroger Peaches Show Boat Fork & Beans . 303 cans 303 cans 303 cans 303 Cans Cuns Swans Down R-C Pins Extra Top Value Stamps With the Coupon Above Krnsrer -Smooth or Cnmcliy Peanut Butter... 3 ':';,',': $1.00 Syrup Saltines . Doi Helleti -Sa-Ud or Mustard 19c 19c Aurora—Pink. whiu. Vcllou 1 . ft -Roll PU«. Bathroom Tissue. 2 ir'29c Kroner—FVoy.nn Corn or Peas._. 5 !£? Kroeer—Frozen—Fi-Minh Style Green Beans 5 «£ Krorar—Frocen—Ou* Green Beans 5 ££*: •i — es-oi. nVe« Me 8»illeit Frozen Dessert™ &. FLUFFO 3 ||j Shortening can' 88c 88c 88c Apricot Drink 3 Good Quality Charcoal Lighter .. 3 Good Quail 17 Lump Charcoal ... 20 46 oz. cans qt. cans 3 Banana. l>mnn Flalte. Oranfre-Coconut. While, Yellow. Derili Food. Fudii-c Coconut, and Choclate Chip KroKor—Slioed Procesf-ro. American, Pimento, Swiss, and Sharp American .3 8oz. pkgs. "Bach To School Stationery" 88c "§£• 88c Embassy Salad Dressing pft* rood thfouch flntnrdaj M*fc<, A urn it 10. "Mil or Mutch—Frozen Dinners and Desserts" Banquet Frozen Dinners Italian, Beef Enchilada, Mexican, Chopped Beef. Chlnknti, Turkey, Beef. Hara, Haddock, or Salisbury Steak Pet Ritz Frozen Cream Pies I'oconut, L«iuon, or Chocolate—8" Pie« For Kroger Large Golden Pound Cake Each OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL 9 P.M. Not the Small 45 Size TVof the Medium 36 Size But the Jumbo 27 Size Cantaloupes California Vine Ripe For D.«. Ho. 1—Wltconsin—Green Cabbage. futey— New Yorli Green Beans B.8, NQ. 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U.S. No. 1—B»tr»—Southern— Frteitont Peaches ..2 i.b>. 39c 0.8. No. 1—Tre« Rlprotd— Ci.ll(omU—Fr»t«toln Peachej U.S. No. 1- Plums.™ 2,,,, 49c -Red. Blue, or Tellow ..Docto 59c HURRY! LAST CHANGE to gel your FREE B"x10" Portrait - Offer Expires August 10,1963

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