Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 8, 1963 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1963
Page 17
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'TftftJR8fiA¥,.AtidtJSf g, ALTON PAGE SEVENT^KJN Your Health, He Autographs Thrillers for JFK Briefs thfom Sewing IAN tt£Mt*rG UCSTtiR t, COLI5MAN, M t) —ir-r --TP **y MAL MersLtmfc . ' ' • ... - ISTANBUL (#)-HOXV dee* ».«« MM* *„ H*,- * i^n • , jC!Vi . np of k 0 ^ 0 ". fl n otitstand- it feel to be President Ken- WRlSJiS Ml£ °"! " 6 . llerirt «P«!»«l!M,'8tetrt that hedy's ravf-rTfe mystery thriller or. .IfW; patchte.. of baldness it 19; uncommon for a coronary attack to be painless. Of course the term "pain" « few mohffis. /Dtteii this ftleati I wit! bfllrjfs-'S.tJ.M. 'Louisiana M.: These fink ate catted "alope- "It's quite Haltering," BUthm . ' Ian Flemlngg Kennedy since, but sends hlrtf autographed copies ol each new Bond book. "It's the least I can do," he added. How did he start the James Bond books? Fleming was foi«tgtf man- fan hp f-nnftitiiticT <!nt«n ™«*,t» a "" iui '"" *"=»>'»». wnuw: flger . (he prefers mannger to DMT Mr. M, These patches will LT "S;,,!°t ^ teW«»«t«c.. Denture, of edltor) ot the Sunday Times of Will react violently lo minor ^ • P«lnf whilo othei-s will fee! This can occur severe piiin only moderately. in people without any under- Your question is interesting lying disease of (he scalp. Some ' time* it Is associated with a period of emotional upset. The loss of hair seems to occur more during the winter. With or without special medication, the hair slowly returns to normal, it does not mean that baldness Is Inevitable. Grinding tlio Teeth Can anything be done tor teeth-grinding? 1 go to sleep and wake up In Ihe morning with ft tired JaW.—A.L.W, Ohio Dear Miss W.: Many people, particularly when over-anxious and tense, grind Ihoir teeth during the day and even while they sleep at night. This Is called "bruxlsm." Dentists say that bruxlsm is rare among patients who arc relaxed. A tired jaw is not tlio only disadvantage of grinding Ihe teclh. The constant pressure may wear away the enamel of the teeth, .sometimes causing thorn lo loosen. More Important is the ' damage to underlying bone and gum tissue. Plusllc "night guards" are effective in controlling bruxlsm. They are comfortable, liglil- weighl and molded lo fit the upper- teeth, They are usually worn while the patient sleeps. You should consull your dentist about this -helpful device. Heart Attack Is there a possibility that the beginning of a coronary heart attack could be painless? W.W.T. Conn. Dear Mr. T.: Dr. Samuel A. British secret agent .tames Bond h n v e sold millions of books throughout the world. Fleming, who al M is a somewhftl older version of his suave fictional hero, was sitting outside the tiny Turkish railroad station of Yarimbur- gax, where recently H British film company was shooting the latest James Bond movie, "From tttissia, Wilh Love." The author had come down because of the anxiety it reveals. Why not allay your tears by hnving a general health checkup? Then slop worrying about an illness that you do not have, Just A Fat Singer I am studying singing. 1 have been told that t should gain al least 30 pounds, . ... . . Will, this added weight from London to Watch -. strengthen my vocal cords and, Recalls Meeting Rive me a better voice?—II.T. . He brushed lank gray hair from his eyes and a smile creased his ruddy face as he recalled his only meeting with President Kennedy. "II was» six months before the 1960 election and I was introduced to them as they walked along a Washington street, California Dear Miss T.: No, the added weight will only make you a fat singer. For boiler health as a singer, or In any field of endeavor, stay within the established Weight limit. for your height and age. Is lie Right? My hiisbuncl refuses to have our child vaccinated against smallpox because he read aboul possible complications. Can you help us?—Mrs. B.F.F. Arkansas Dear Mrs. F.: So rarely is there any significant complication following smallpox vaccination that II is unwise not to give your child protection against this severe disease. II is not fair to one's emotional stability to live in constant, anxiety about things that are as unlikely to happen as a complication of smallpox vaccination. While Dr. Coleman cuimot undertake to answer Individual letters, lie will use readers' questions In liU -column whenever possible and when tliey are of general Interest. Address your letters to Dr. Coleman In care' of Alton Telegraph. © 1063, King features, Synd., Inc. London when he began the series in 1952. He drew on his own experiences in British naval Intelligence tn World War It. "t was aboul lo be married after -13 years of bachelorhood and il had been a momentous decision for me," he said, then quipping: "I suppose I needed a diversion lo gel over the shock." He wrole his first book in Jamaica on his honeymoon. In al!, ho Ims written a dozen books at his Jamaica retreat. Me smiled and continued telling about his'Writing habits. Never Looks UncU "I never look back when I'm writing," he said. "That's good advice for young writers. If you start correcting and revls- (AP Jacqueline Kennedy's designer, Oleg Casslhi has always preferred the curvaceous silhouette, even though other stylists were moving clothes away from the body. Now he is getting to the basis of (he matter by crpnling ri line of brassiere and girdle coordinates for a major niniiu- facturer, "I have for many years believed 1.1ml true fashion begins from the skin out, and have lamented the fact thai even the loveliest outerwear can bp ruined by poor foundations." Cassini says. Check Double Knit for Shrinkage URBANA —Women planning to sow cotton double-knit will be wise to select one that has been stabilized against shrinkage. This information was pointed up by recent University of Illinois research conducted by home economists Mrs. Ruth GalbiYiilh and June Hefter. They looked into the suitability of different interfacings for the cotton double-knits. The interfacings were woven and non- woven types In both iron-on and non-adhesive fabrics. For the tests, the researchers used small Chanel-style jackets conslMictofl with ilir knits and interfacings. Test results reported, in the summer issue of ILLINOIS RESEARCH indicate thai all of the interfacings except the woven, non-adhesive types were considered loo stiff for the knits. Both iron - on types caused great stiffening of the jacket fronts when they were bonded to the outer fabric. Laundering of the jackets showed up other features. Washing caused e x c e s s i v e shrinkage of the knit fabrics. At the same time, most of the interfacings shrank very little. Because of the great difference in outer fabric and interfacing, shrinkage, the washed jackets had a puckered or lumpy look. the Iron-on Interfacings (foil- trolled shrinkage of ide kfiilfc bflter than the hotWdh*l$* types. But Hiefi the arteiihfi bf shrinkage'differed bfthVWftft jSe pnrts of the jacket that interfaced and those Aal' not. ' ' t ' ' Mrs. Galbraith points Mil Wifct apparently the knit fabrics Uaed in these tests had not been stabilized against shrinkage. So the results obtained In lau«» tiering came from faults with the fabric, not the Interfacings. She suggests reading the'-label on the knits to find out whether the fabric has been stabilized against shrinkage. ' ---,-„- ing the previous day's work, Both Mr. Kennedy and Jackie you waste another day. I re- asked me, 'Are you Tflfc Inn Fleming?' "That's music to any writer's ears." The President recently placed Fleming's "From Russia, With vise only after I've finished the book." Me said it takes him about six weeks lo write the first draft, turning oul aboul 2,000 words a day in two stints — Love," a spy thriller that starts jy om i 0 a>m . lo aboul noon anc j in Istanbul and goes behind the f r0 m 6 to 7 p.m. Iron Curtain, on a list of books H HS hj s books' he has most enjoyed reading. Least He Can Do Fleming s^aid he has nol seen success changed his life? "Surprisingly litlle," says Fleming. He said he slill con- Iribulcs a piece lo Ihe Sunday Times now and Ihen and continues to make his home in England. He admits it if weren't for the high British income tax he'd bo a millionaire today. Fleming writes lovingly and knowingly of gambling and good eating in the Bond stories and admits he, like his hero, likes to gamble. But as for being a gourmet, "I'd as .soon eat scrambled eggs." He says people like to read about exotic foods and he continues to write aboul them. Here's How Indoor Garden Is New Trend Social Brief s Newly wed Akins Visit Here Thomas R. Akin III, and his bride, Uie former Miss Dale Kulv'm of Miami Bead), Fla,, will leave today for San Francisco where he will be a student at Hastings College of the Law. The couple has been visiting for the past few days with Mr. Akin's aunt, Mrs. Eugene Morrissey, at. 720 Euclid place. They were married on June 14 in Miami his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Akin Jr., are living. DeMoltty Mothers • Alton DeMolay Mothers' Auxiliary will be guests at the Charlotte Peters television show in St. Louis on Thursday, Aug. 15. Mrs. W. J. Meyers is accepting calls until Saturday evening from members who wish to attend. The women will leave Franklin Masonic Temple at 10:30 a.m. by bus. The auxiliary's Sept. 11 meel- ing will be a cookout al the Marshall collage. Each member will bring meat to be cooked for the meal, and transportation will be provided at 6:30 p.m. at Die lemple. There will be no August meeting of the group. Opli-Mrs. Eighteen members of Qpti- Mrs. Club met Wednesday evening for a potluck, dinner in the home of Mrs. Hamilton Jones,Fail-mount Addition. The club will meet next at 7 p.m. on Sept. 4 with Mrs. Andrew Hogue Jr., St. Ambrose Drive, Godfrey, as hostess. By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer An indoor garden seems lo be Hie new order in decorating. Il's find as long as you don't make a jungle out of your house. Plants—tall, short, fal—can add .a note of cheer to any house. You can't beal nature. But a sense of balance and proportion are the first requirements in choosing and arranging plants. Use as many plants as you can wisely integrale inlo the design of your room, but don'l create duller. One slraggly liltle vine or weary looking snake planl can ruin your indoor garden. A single plant can sland on its own if it has an elegant appearance. Bui il shouldn't look lost. Its purpose should be apparent—it has been singled out as a thing of beauty, it is supplying color accent in a unique way or it is softening its surroundings. The trend is to keep plants togelher for a grand design. A piece of statuary in the arrangement can increase its importance. Begin with a cut- philodendron or other tall plant, combining it with plants of different heights for very special Irealment. A shallow receptacle wilh some pebbles could be the base for' the statuary. It may be as large as you like, Weekly Food Review Pork Cuts, Lamb Attract Special Attention at Markets By ASSOCIATED PRESS Meat bargains are broadening at supermarkets, with pork cuts and lamb attracting special attention this weekend. STANDARD HOME FURNISHERS 'ust Clearance! Augi ALL PURPOSE LOUNGER IN EXTRA THICK, GI^OVE-SOFT VINELLE You wouldn't believe it possible that such a fine sofa could be sold at such a low price! . . . and in season it wouldn't be possible. BUT THIS IS CLEARANCE TIME AND WE MUST REDUCE OUR STOCKS, Sp we've slashed the price on these all purpose loungers—they are cov- ( ered in heavy, glove soft "Vinelle", washable, long lasting, will not split. Back rest easily removes to make a bed, • Tangerine t Twrquoise • Sandalwopd • Russer • White • Black PICK A PAIR , , , , , ONLY $61.75 $5.00 DOWN DELIVERS Pgrh Frtt At Mar of $tflrt~$00 E, Iroadway Pork marketing has picked up sharply from its seasonal low and prices have accordingly taken a drop. Midwestern markets .report a wide range of bargains, including chops and,spare ribs. In the Northeast, smoked hams are a star. On the West Coast* pork loins are off as much as 5 cents a pound in some California markets. Most regioas offer lamb cuts at attractive prices, with Midwestern tags on leg roasts and shoulder and rib chops now at springtime lows. ' In the New York area, one national chain is featuring leg of lamb at 49 cents a pound. .Beef prices are also competitive, with marketing running about 10 per cent higher than a year ago. Besl buys run in the roast calegories, but many shops also are pushing steaks, Broiler marketings have passed their peak but broilers still are an- economical main course. Canned tuna fish, fresh scallops and peanut butter are other protein features. Vegetable counters continue to sparkle with entreating variety. Best buys nationally in- ^clude green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, cabbage, beets, topped carrots, sweet corn, lettuce, onions and peppers. Cantaloupes are priced the lowest they've been in years in SOHKJ markets and there's a wide selection of other fruits. Plums, gi'ftpes, peaches, watermelon, blueberries, limes and pears are among the stars. Mrs, Rose Mrs. Sam Rose, has returned to her home in Knoxville, Tenn., following a visit in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Potter, US Southard St., Roxana. Legion Auxiliary Officers will be Installed for the coming year by American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 126, dur. ing a meeting Saturday In the Legion Hall, The meeting will be a combined, session with the Legion men, and will begin at 8 p.m. Cadet Sutler Cadet Thomas Butler is visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W, Butler, 1(507 Henry St. .®|det Butler is on leave from the military academy at West Point, and spent the flvst week of his leave in if your room can take il. Focal Point Plants can be the focal point of a room, especially in warmer weather when a cozy fireplace lies dormant. They are indispensible in a room wilh lots of glass, placed near the window walls. A good arrangement for any area could be two or three tall plants in different sizes, four to six medium-sized plants to fill in gaps below, a large tray or container of pebbles on which you can put a piece of statuary and surround it with a number of smaller plants with graceful foliage and color. Vary Witli Climate The choice of plants varies with the climate but plants at every level may be found to supply blooms some of the time. The statuary- may be any size from a very small piece to a large stone carving. Old decoys and wooden figure heads may be integrated nicely. Plants may be put on blocks to balance height. Tall plants include palms, ferns, rubber. plants, podocar- pus, philodendron and bamboo. Ferns that are best grown indoors include hollyfern and birdsnestfern. Medium-size plants include geraniums combined with variegated ivy, tuberous begonia, fuchsia, poinsettia, oxalis, lilies, impatiens. Small plants could be cactus, forgel-me-not, kalenchoe, lily- of-valley, African violets, begonia, hyacinth, nasturtium. The great look in fiction furs - often collared in mink, really real. You'll find them exciting, exhilarating and a delightful boon to the casual or dress up side of your wardrobe, $85.95 left, Somali leopard-look - right, parchment beige Brazotto otter-look fabric with genuine mink collar, $119.95. here* that girl again m Or** The bvtky fwr blend classic* . . . favorite*! the crew neck cardigan «md tta v-neck pullover , , . both in a luxuriously thick 2-ply fur blend with row aftor row of rich cable stitching. Both In your favcM» to fall colors, too, Si?e» 34 fc> 40. pullover .... $12,98 cardigan ... $14.98 >

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