Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 8, 1963 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1963
Page 2
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PAttl ALtON EVMMG TELEGRAPH , AUGUST 61 ma FAIR AND WARM cooler Thursday night from wanner on the Pacific northwest coast, the Ohio valley northeastward through the northern Plains, the upper Mjssls- New England while hot, humid weather ship! valley and the Lakes area, (AP will continue in the south Atlantic and Wirephoto Map) Gulf coast states. It will be slightly WeatherForecasi 8 Housing Projects Pay |30,241 to the County Madison County Housing Authority has paid to the county treasurer, George Musso, a total) of $30,241.77 in lieu of property j taxes on the eight public housing projects under Its Jurisdiction. Alton and vicinity — Generally fair with not much temperature change through Friday. Low tonight near 70. High Friday in the mid 90s. Kennedy Baby Seriously 111 The amount Is slightly greater than that of $29,508.36 paid by the county authority last year. The payment in place of genera! taxes will be prorated to all taxing bodies In the districts where the housing projects are situated, in the usual manner that taxes paid by their citizens are distributed. Alton has two housing projects, the Curran and Sullivan Homes that are administered through the County Housing Authority, and the total in lieu of general taxes on these two projects is $10,317 as compared to 510,674 last year. For the Curran Homes, the payment is $6,486 and on Sullivan Homes $3,831. These two payments will be prorated among the Alton township taxing units in accord with their respective tax rates. City Treasurer M. O. Elliott expects the share for the city of Alton and all its taxing agencies, such as parks, playgrounds and the library, will be 'about one- fourth of the 510,317 total. This would be about $2,580. Last year the amount was $2,455. The amount expected this year should be a-little larger because, in accord with its city tax rate, Alton will get about 25 per cent of the $10,317 whereas last year its share was 23 per cent. (Continued .Prom Page 1) Cape Cod, about 65 miles away, where the baby was born Wednesday ajid where Mrs. Kennedy is recovering. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy rested nicely overnight and was reported in excellent condition after ^the excitement of the Caesarian birth of her third chile weeks ahead of time. Her mother, Mrs. Hugh Auchincloss who flew to Cape Cod Wednesday night, said Mrs. Kennedy was "remarkably well and in gooc spirits." • Unshed to Boston The President's infant son was rushed by ambulance to Boston Children's Medical Center within five hours of his birth at Otis Air- Force Base Hospital, some 65 miles from Boston. Little Patrick was not considered on the danger list or anything like it, according to Pierre Salinger, White House press secretary- However, Salinger said it would probably take four days before the condition develops to a point where a final diagnosis can be made. The President made plans to send up his nuclear test ban ;reaty message this afternoon, as was scheduled before the emergency birth interrupted his White House routine. The birth of the Kennedy's sec ond son had all the excitement o a fictional drama. It was the first time in 68 years that a baby was born to the wife of the President in office. It hadn't happened since the Cleveland era. It was the 22nd grandchild in the family headed by Joseph P. Kennedy, 74, former ambassador to England. For the second time, Kennedy lost a race with the stork. He was about 40 minutes loo late, to be at Otis Air Force Base when his second son arrived Wednesday. And, in November 1960, when his firsl son, John Jr., was born some three weeks prematurely. Kennedy, flying back from Palm Beach, Fla., got the word in the air mat the baby had been born at Georgetown University Hospital, again in a similar emergency situation. Family Name, The Kennedy's named the new baby Patrick, after the President's grandfather, and Bouvier, for Mrs. Kennedy's father, the late John V. Bouvier, a New York stock broker. Because of the premature birth, the baby was baptized in the surgery room shortly after birth by the base Catholic Chaplain, the Rev. John Schahill of Portland, Maine. Ask Donald Street Be One Way Through Orville M. Thtes and three other Donald Avenue rest- dents suggestion has been made to Mnyor P. W. Day and th city council that narrow ftonat be made a one-way street fo eastbound traffic In order tc improve traffic conditions, Also proposed is (.hat Bloom field, one block north of Don old, be made a one-way stree for westbound traffic. Both streets are otic-bloc! long, connecting Washington and Main. In his communication, Thle points out that Donald is si narrow that, when cars parl on both sides, space Is left fo only one line of moving traffic and that both east and \ves traffic "is quite heavy". His letter says that he hai discussed (he one-way proposal: with Public Works Dlrectoi Paul A. Lena, and that both felt the Donald change would greatly improve the traffic flov conditions. Thies cites that the Donald congestion has recently been in tenslfled by the erection of a five-family apartment at Wash -Ington and Donald. ' Signing the communclatlon with Thles are Charles Wight man, Samuel H. -Roberts, and Henry G. Burch. Through a petition of LeRo> Bordeaux and 43 other signers the mayor and city council are asked to take appropriate action to "eliminate a hazardous traf fie condition" at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Milton Road In Alton's 6th ward. The hazard, the petition states, is that "Lincoln Avenue is not wide enough to accommodate the movement of traffic through the intersection". The communications, filed in the office of City Clerk Pau Price, will go to the council at its meeting next Wednesday. Alt. 67 Route Will Be * • i ' Redesisnated As Rte. 3 This procedure is common practice in considered premature Altonian, 2 Edwardsville Men on Planning Body EDWARDSVILLE — Alton May, former head of the zoning committee of the Madison County Board of Supervisors and two Edwardsville men were appointed members of the Southwestern Illinois Plan Commission created by Illinois state legislature at the last regular session. Ray Abert, new chairman of the Edwardsville Plan Commission and Lament Heldinger, former Edwardsville school board member, are the two representatives on commission from Edwardsville. May, a former member of the county board of supervisors from Alton, is a former member of the Alton City Plan Commission and active in the promotion of an existing zoning ordinance for unincorporated areas of the county. He was a member of the Southwestern Illinois Area Study Commission, the organization which originated the new commission under guidance of State Senator Paul Simon of Troy. Abert, a salesman at Cassens and Sons, Edwardsville, was named to the commission as representative from the Edwardsville plan commission. Heidi nger, the second representative from Edwardsville, is a former FBI agent and president of the Modern Living Radj-Heat Co. of Edwardsville. Alton Mayor P. W. Day has been selected from cities over 30,000 population to serve as a commissioner on the new planning organization for Madison-St. Clair counties. Two other appointments made by Gov, Otto Kerner Wednesday Were George R. Badgley, a St. Clair County deputy sheriff and president of the Belleville Trades and Labor Assembly; and Ralph D. Walker, Belleville, an East St. Louis attorney. The first meeting of the n e w commission is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Monday at the Holiday Inn, southwest of Edwardsville, jirths, a White House spokesman said, and little Patrick will be christened formally later. Mrs. Kennedy had brief glimpses of her new son. The last time, he was wheeled into her room in a special incubator by the President hjmself. And then, the infant was whisked off for a speedy ambulance dash to Boston, a trip that took a little more than one hour. Doctors had decided he could get better medical treatment at the Children's Medical Center, ivhich is considered one of the best hospitals in the country specializing in children's diseases. There, the baby was placed in an Isolette, a machine that jridges the gap between the mother's womb and the outside world, ceeping temperature and humidity it the best balance to facilitate breathing. Difficulty The medical problem of the Kennedy offspring was described as "idiopathic respiratory disress syndrome." In layman's language, it means the baby's lungs had not developed sufficiently to function properly outside the mother's womb. H is not considered an unusual condition of premature babies, and even John Jr., who was born only some three weeks ahead of schedule in a similar emergency, had suffered a bit from it. A corps of 10 Air Force doctors and nurses had assisted Mrs. Kennedy's obstetrician, Dr. John W. Walsh, 50, of Washington, in what was described as a normal Caesarian birth. Illinois Weather Is Stable By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The weather in Illinois today was just about like that of Wednesday — mostly sunny and warm, with temperatures running up into the high 80s and low 90s. The Weather Bureau said showery conditions expected Friday may reach the state's northwest corner late today. A few scattered showers popped up during the morning in the north central section. Maximum temperatures Wednesday ranged from 92 at Quincy and Belleville to 87 at Rockford. The overnight cooling approximated 20 degrees. Alternate U.S. Route 67 Is to be redeslgnated a* Illinois Route! 3 in Alton and all the- way loj Granite City and to Mehlvlllo.i Mo. ! This Information was, given to Mayor P. W, Day Wednesdny afternoon by George Crawford, District 8 traffic engineer of the Division of Highways, who was accompanied by another slate engineer, Fred Moore. The remarking of the route will likely be done next October, Day was told. Day said that the designation of the present alternate route section here will start at the highway entrance on K v Broadway nl Langdon, and extend to the east city limits at'the bridge over Wood River where the re. marking will extend Into Kast Alton. Since early days of the Clark highway bridge, U. S. Route 67 has crossed the Mississippi here, and subsequently the designation of Alternate 67 WHS given to old Route 3 as it continued eastward and out of Alton over Broadway. Presently section of old Route 3 are still marked through • the south portion of Wood River Hartford, and into Granite City and are so shown on the 1963 stale route maps. Return of the Route 3 number to Alton will likely interest older residents of the city x who will recall that it applied to the first state highway, obtained by the city under the first state highway bond issue, some 40 years ago. Original Route 3, entering the city from the northwest was long ago redesignalec at Route 100. Beer Bottle Thrown Through Window Walter Harms, 22 Jerome St., Godfrey, told police Wednesday a seer bottle had been thrown lirough a window of a house \vned by him at 2461 Henry St. ie said he formerly lived at the Henry Street address. Pistol Missing Robert McLain, 5 E. 8th St., •eported a pistol missing from a closet in his home Wednesday, le told police he did not kno\Y vhen the gun was taken. European Unity Leader Improving METZ, France (AP) — Former french Premier Robert Schuman, 7, a leading exponent of Euro- can unity, was reported consid- rably improved today. He has een seriously ill with a lung in- ection and a circulatory ailment. FILLING IN FOR HIGHWAY Dredge shoots up fill to speed con- phase of the progress being made on struction of the McAdams Highway the"''highway, at the north end. above Lockhaven. This is merely, one *rns ing of the county board for possible action. In their appeal to liquor corn- seeking later closing hours because of a decrease in business resulting in considerable Ask Hours Extended EDWARDSVILLE—A group of tavern operators appeared before the liquor license commit,tee of the Madison County Board of Supervisors here today in an appeal to extend the legal closing hours for taverns throughout unincorporated areas of the county. In their plea to county liquor commissioner Harold Landolt, the group of tavern owners is seeking an extension of \yeek- day closing hours from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. and change of weekend closing hour-ordinance from 2 a^rn. to 3 a.m. Harold Massa of Collinsyille acted >as spokesman fox* the tavern owners in their appearance before the regular week- y meeting of the county board's liquoi license committee. The tavern proprietors, who hold liquor permilb to operate in unmcorporate areas:of Madi-< son County, indicated they wanted to submit their plan for extension of legal closing hours at next week's' regular meet- missioner Landoll. the tavern financial loss for "many lav- operators explained, they arc erns in Madison County." Box Board And Union « •-•.'---••' Meet Set The union and company will meet next Wednesday with the Federal Mediation n«d Conciliation Service to the May-old Strike at Alton QorSoatt) &>• dddffey tte ineetirig is set'lor 10 a.m. In the Conciliation offices In the Federal Building In Si. Louis. Neither the eorttpahy tiof the Ptifttott gpiecialllttba and Paper f*r<idUctB t Lbeftl 40&! would cdm- fofpublliiidtloli today oh Is- Btl^s In the strike. . m A unjon? Spoltesniani however, did ..«$•; fjthere B ls a mlBunder- standing over economics." The 2-yetir contract expired nt midnight July 31 And the union walked off the job at that time. Seventy men tire oft the job as a result of the strlk'o. Acker to Back to Florida 1 'Andrew Acker, arrested in Alton ihls week on a fedora:! warrant of ilnlawful /light to avoid prosecii- llon In Florida, waived extradition Wednesday and was transferred lo the county jail at Edwardsvllle. Acker, a former AHpninn, fuces a state charge of forgery in Florida. Florida officials are expected to dike custody of Acker in Eel- wardsville. Gum Device Gone A gum machine owned by the Alton Junior Chamber 'of Com- nerce was reported missing Wednesday from its location at the Tri-City food .market on Milton Road. ICE CREAM. .. ,«,, ELECTRIC Hair Clipper Set Clipper — Crew .-Cut Attacli- ment Comb —-• Insbru'ction Book — In Attractive Plastic Carry- Case! Comparable Value $0.95 ASTRONAUTS ON DESERT . liTev. *»• Astrooaut Charles tronaut Thomas E. Stafford JooJi on, Ooomd Jr., right, trios out a signal mir* The astronauts are wearing burnouses ror during » desert survival course for protection from the eiui. (AP Wlre- wniJe un Air Force Instructor and As* photo) r t • CHILDREN AGE I TO 12 GUESS FOR BASEBALL STAR Phone 462-9751 Good Luggage Need Not Be Expensive This luggage stands up amazingly well for price. Lock-n-glued corners, pyroxylin-coated grey krait, ECONOMY PRICED LUCKY TRIPPERS Beauty Case with mirror /J Weekender | 15" Overnight I 98 \ 18" Overnight ™ 21" Overnight 2^ 24" Pullman 3^ Plus F.E.T, Say "CHARGE IT" npw, IT PAYS TO SHOP AT.., known ler quality «t low prices Shep MPJI. u Frit till 9 THIRP ANP PIASA * ALTON "SCHOOL SUPPLIES" 3 RING BINDER . . . . . . . . . 98c TOP PUNCH MAGNETIC BINDER . 98c BLUE CANVAS 3 RING BINDER . . 79c ASSIGNMENT BOOKS . . . . . . 19c DUO TANG COVERS lOc CONSTRUCTION PAPER 25c DRAWING TABLETS ....... asc MEMO FILLERS . . . . . . . . . 19c 29c TUCK TAPE . 2-29c INDEX CARDS, 3x5 lOc GOLF BULLS 3 $1.29 50 FT. PLASTIC GARDEN HOSE..S1.98 SQJJIBB SWIHCAPS69c Stftrti Alton and Wood Rlvtr AUQN STORB; Corner Third and Mfnry Stf, WOOD RiVIRi Wood Rivpr Ave, *t edwardivill. Rd,

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