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Stockton Evening and Sunday Record from Stockton, California • Page 2

Stockton Evening and Sunday Record from Stockton, California • Page 2

Stockton, California
Issue Date:

Stockton (Calif.) Record TUESDAY, MAY 17, IMS ay Boost Voted County Employes Continued From Page 1) Europe Turns on Nikita Courthouse Bond Issue Is Decided Nikita Insists on 'Satisfaction Continued From rage 1) BIKE RODEO WILL BE HELD BY SCHOOL The Annunciation School will hold its annual bicycle rodeo at 1 p.m. Thursday at the school. The event is designed to teach safety rules, and test riding skills. Mrs. Joseph Balls chairman of the pro- cao Railway Worker Killed by Crane SACRAMENTO. May 17 (UPI) A Southern Pacific Railroad worker was fatally injured today when a diesel crane boom collapsed and struck him. Coroner's deputies said that Lorec Salecich, 68, of Sacramento, died in the police emergency hospital as doctors tried to save his life. FPC Aide Tells of Social Visits WASHINGTON, May 17 (UPI) Federal Power Commissioner Frederick Stueck acknowledged today he had office visits or social contacts with 32 gas Industry representatives, including Clark Clifford and Thomas G. (Tommy the Cork) Corcoran. Stueck also testified that he made a couple of telephone calls about social matters to President Elsenhowers appointment secretary Thomas E. Stephens and had an office visit from Stephens law partner. Stueck told House investigators he had lunch eight or 10 times a year with Clifford, a' Washington attorney who was counsel to former President Truman. He said his meetings with Clifford, a lawyer for the Phillips Petroleum Company, were purely social. Gash Today No Delay I pay cash at once for lot and Snd Deed of Trust No transfer costs to yon. WAGNER ,3: HO 6-8067 gram. Sister Joanna, O.P. principal of the school, and Sister Raphael, O.P., will supervise the program. Loren Powell, secretary-manager of the San Joaquin County Safety Council, assisted in setting up the event. Mothers participating include Mmes. Denzel Troute and Raymond Artozqui, outgoing and Incoming president of the Mothers Club, respectively; and Mmes. Leo Dentone, Joseph Oneto, Caesar Merlo, Thomas Taylor, William Arthur Corrigan, Norman Sullivan, John Devlin, Thomas Lyons, Anthony Tranel, Louis Ghlglieri, Raymond Lang, Bernard Young, and Edward Gianelli (Continued From Page 1) Improve the building structurally. LIMITED USE Supervisor C. B. Bull suggested only limited use of the courts area. The board decided to investigate this with the Judges. The board Indicated the Municipal Courts will be situated in the downtown area. They must be removed from their present location because of a city parking garage program, The county has received a half-dozen offers to rent space, including three new ones yesterday. The latest proposals are from the Hotel Stockton for enough space (17,112 square feet) for the Municipal Court and related functions for $4,200 a month, from Angelo Sangulnettl for 18,000 square feet at 145 N. Hunter for $3,960 a month, and from R. P. Bowe and Associates for a new building at Channel and Hunter streets for $21,900 year. SALE OFFERED Realtor Stuart Gibbons again asked the board to consider renting or buying the Dunlaps Stockton Dry Goods Building at Main and Hunter streets. Gibbons complained that his earlier offers of the building had been Ignored and charged: It is very evident this whole thing is already set. Several supervisors denied Gibbons charge. Bull replied: That's the lousiest accusation you can make." district attorney's and county counsel's offices. Six one man supervisory obs will get 15 and 20 per cent raises. Personnel Director Randall Prevo explained the Increases are designed to bring county salaries into line with agencies with which the county competes for help. MUST COMPETE Bull questioned the validity of comparing local wages with hose paid in some Southern California counties. He said only contiguous areas should be used. Prevo said local salaries are used when the county recruits ts help locally, but contended the county must compete over wide area to fill some positions. Bull also questioned granting raises July 1. Customarily the county has delayed increasing salaries until September or October after adoption of the budget. "I want to know how much money is coming in before deciding, said Bull If we can do it without a tax rate increase, it is all right SOME REIMBURSEMENT Helnbockel agreed with Bulls position. County Administrator Charles Kenyon said the net cost of the increase to the county would be $222,000, because part of the raises to welfare and highway department employes will be reimbursed by the state and federal gov-erments. The $222,000 figure would represent a 6-cent Increase in the tax rate. REALIGNED LN 1959 The last time county employes got a large-scale raise was Jan. 1, 1959, when the entire Job structure was realigned. Increases were granted to less than 100 supervisory (Continued From Page 1) cold war bitterness and tension. This might be the beginning of the most serious political crises in years, said Stock-holms-Tidnlngen. In neutral Austria, the in dependent Die Presse said the Soviets seem no longer interested in relaxation of international tension. Former French Premier Paul Reynaud foresaw a reversal of the policy of peaceful co-exlstenence and even the friendship that Khrushchev developed during his stay in the United States and France' MILITARY PRESSURE? Some Paris newspapers saw the Soviet premiers attitude a reflection of pressure from the military at home. Foreign editor Roger Masslp of Figaro said the military chiefs in Moscow had been profoundly disturbed to learn that for four years the territory of the U.S.S.R. had been flown over and photographed. He suggested that Marshal Rorion Malinovsky might be hovering at Khrushchev's side at the conference as a watchdog. The mass circulation Pari slen said Eisenhower had shown himself to be most conciliatory, but that Khrushchev brushed aside French and British attempts at mediation. The Communist LHumanlte supported Khrushchev. Elsenhower, duly warned, holds in his hands the fate of the conference, it said. Two independent papers in Frankfurt, Germany, carried Identical headlines: Khrushchev Torpedoes Summit Conference. Ike Makes a Surprise Call Continued From Page 1) I Demo Asks Probe of Spy 'Blunders' WASHINGTON, May 17 AP) Sen. Mike Mansfield (D-Mont.) called In the Senate today for a full Investigation bf what he called the blunders" of the spy plane incident Mansfield, the assistant Democratic leader, spoke out after Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas had urged unity among Americans in the face of new international crises he said may follow collapse of the summit conference. Telling the Senate it seems evident the determination of the American people is going to be tested as never before, Johnson said: If there have been mistakes, responsibility will be assessed coolly and objectively. But one mistake we cannot afford to make right now is to weaken the free world by division within our own ranks. UP TO CONGRESS Mansfield on a slightly different tack said it is up to Congress "at the proper time to trace the chain of command or lack of it that set in motion the U-2 flight, this flight which has undercut the deeprooted desire of the people and policies of the United States for peace. The blunders involved in that Incident and let us call a spade a spade the blunders in that incident and its handling are for this nation to face, Mansfield said. MUST FIND OUT He went on: We shall find out why, on one day, the Congress and the people of the United States are told by the Secretary of State that, in effect, it is the policy of the United States to sanction the contlnunce of reconnaissance flight across the borders of another nation, and why the vice-president, on a TV appearance last Sunday, confirmed this policy. We shall find out why this happens at one time, and then, subsequently, in Paris, the President tells Mr. (Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and the world that such flights already have been halted by his order and are not to be resumed. Dinosaur tracks on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona reveal that the stride of these prehistoric monsters was about 12'A feet. WEDDING CAKES We ipecialize in beautifully decorated wedding cakes. Our designs era personalized to be just right for you on your big day. Come! Sea our photos and our display. Early Stockton Chinese Leader Succumbs in S.F. Sheung Lee of 401 S. Hunter, a leader In the Stockton Chinese community, died yesterday In San Francisco. Mr. Lee, a retired farmer and merchant, had lived here since 1912. Surviving are two sons, Ban and Dan W. Lee, six daughters, Frances Mar, Mrs. Frank Chong, Dr. Etta Lee, Nellie Lee, Mrs. Milton Loy, and Doris Lee, 13 grandchildren. and five great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 3 pjn. Sunday in the Confucius Hall. FOR IT'EDMESDAY TARTS ARE IN SEASON have a variety of alxea and fillings In a crispy, tender crust. Strawberry, boyxenberry, peach. A delight you can serve In good taste. tion to todays session at the suggestion of Macmillan. Motorcycle messengers vainly sped the invitation to Sezanne, about 75 miles from Paris, where Khrushchev had gone on a motor tour. Gen. De Gaulle knows my position, Khrushchev said then. He knows very well we wont attend a conference as long as the Americans will not give us satisfaction. A bit earlier, in a sidewalk interview, Khrushchev said he was ready to return to Moscow if his demands were not accepted. Laughing as he talked with newsmen, the premier said that unless Eisenhower apologizes and admits that America made an aggression against the Soviet people the conference will not start and I will return home. EISENHOWER STERN Before today's session of the three western leaders Eisen hower Issued a statement saying that if Khrushchev accepted the Invitation to this meeting the President woul assume that meant the Soviet premier had dropped his demands respecting the plane incident. The Big Three cooled their heels in the session in Elysee Palace before Khrushchevs embassy statement made his stand emphatic. The Western leaders adjourned after a two-hour session. President Eisenhower was stem and unsmiling as he left the Elysee Palace. Macmillan looked grave. A French delegation communique on the meeting took note of the absence of the Soviet premier and said De Gaulle noted that in these conditions the scheduled discussions could not take place. A De Gaulle spokesman was asked if the summit conference had ended and replied: "You mean it has never started. He declined further comment. WOULD MEET DE GAULLE While he rejected a Big Four gathering, Khrushchev said he was willing to call on De Gaulle. If it is true that Gen. de Gaulle wants to meet with me I am ready to return to the Elysee, he said. De Gaulle apparently planned to try to bypass the bitter Soviet-American dispute over the spy plane. Instead he apparently planned to try to get discussion started on such topics as disarmament and the German Issues. White House Press Secretary James C. Hagerty explained to newsmen that President Eisen hower had agreed to a second meeting because it was to be held on the Issues originally set for discussion at the conference. PROPAGANDA BANNED A British spokesman said Eisenhower made clear he would not attend any more propaganda sessions he wants to get down to business as Macmillan does. It was certain, however, the U. S. President would go no further than his announcement yesterday that the American flights over Soviet territory have been suspended and will not be resumed. 1 workers last year. Kenyon said department heads were added to the civil service recommendations because several assistant department heads were proposed for Increases. Itrlfie st AIbIm HU S-tMMi volunteered as an Interpreter and the conversation went merrily along. IS IIAPPY Oh, my good friend, Eisen hower beamed in shaking hands with Minot "This is the prime minister of Britain. My dear Mr. President, how are you? the mayor Inquired as he pumped Eisenhowers hand. And how is madame? The President replied he was fine and that his wife had not accompanied him to Paris. Well, we are so happy to see ydu, Minot said. South America, fourth largest continent is nearly 2 million square miles smaller than North America. AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING SERVICE Brsldentlal Comaitrrial ladwrtrlal SIS ifaath XaarM St. no s-ssis MU; COMPACT GAR WITH FINE CAR STYLING WITH OR BELOW OTHER C0MMCTS ONE DAY ONLY WEDNESDAY TOMORROW SUPER SPECIAL DANISH MODERN 24 Hardwood frame. 3 Fabric SAUCER CHAIR 17.88 Reg. 24.95 So-o-o comfortable! Tubular metal frame, tapered wood legs, Foamfilled, la tic cover. White, ack, orange. ii 44 foam cushion. cover with sippen. for $16.87 DRUNK DRIVER GETS 60 DAYS IN COUNTY JAIL Vincente Flores, 35, a laborer, of 2189 E. Washington, yesterday chose a 60-day County Jail sentence for drunken driving rather than pay a $300 fine ordered by Municipal Judge John B. Cechini. In addition, Flores license was ordered suspended for six months. Ocee Deed, 34, of 383 Ivy, was given a 31-day County Jai: sentence for a drunken driving charge arising from a collision six months ago. An additions 149 days of an overall six-month jail term was suspended. Deed also had his IV cense suspended for a hal year. Erwin Ritter, 42, of 504 Fremont, was given until Mon day to pay a $163 fine or face a Jail term for drunken driving. Alfred J. Porsh, 20, of 2352 E. Ninth, paid a 5325 fine for drunken driving and reckless driving. A $200 fine was paid by William M. Wakefield, 53, of 1933 E. Eleventh, for drunken driving. Quantities Just Say Charge It! Just Say Charge It! STATION WAGONS, TOO, are part of the Comet line. In addition to Comet's two- and four-door sedans there are two- and four-door station wagons with over 76 cubic feet for cargo space. See all of the Comets now at your Mercury-Comet dealers. COMPARE ALL THE COMPACT CARS AND YOULL COME AWAY WITH A inn FIRST COMPACT CAR WITH FINE-CAR STYLING. Comet is the only compact with an unmistakable fine-car flair. The look of the Comet is i sti ncti ve Its proportions classic. PRICED WITH OR BELOW THE OTHER COMPACTS. 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Enlaiad at aocond-clasa matter at tha Post Office In Stockton, California, under tha Act of March 8, 1876. GENE GABBARD. INC. Member of Audit Bureau of Clrcula lion. Full Unitad Prasa International and Aisoclatad Prasa nawa earvtcae and Ataociated Prate Wiraphoto aervica. 1 Subscription rato 11.50 par month Sinaia copies 10 eants. No mail subscriptions, new or neural for loss than 3 months, payable in advance. OPEN EVENINGS TILL 9 AND gUNDAY AFTER CHURCH 640 North I Dorado Street HO 4-7671 A

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