Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 5, 1963 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 5, 1963
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

ALfON I Hmpital Notm Alton Memorial MfcMCAt, fUeky Guthrie, fietlialto. Robert, Welsseftfluh, Wood kivef MM Deaf, Godfrey. . Robert Shearburii, East Alton. Mrs. Bertha Mallory, Wood River Gfovef Ellison,, 1004 Market. Mrs, Mary Farmer, 531 Seveflth Mrs. .telia Johnsotij Rte. 1. Bentiie Mter', 3008 Fermvbod. Michael Grlndstaff, Cottage Mills Mrs. Eva Walker, 1317 Central. Mrs. Dorothy Reynolds, Wood Rlvef. Mrs. Mae Geren, Roxana. Mrs. Mildred Naville, Wood River Clehient Stone, East Alton. Deborah McBride, Rte. 1. Timothy Warner, Hartford. Lester Sidles, Wood River. SURGICAL Mrs. Marlene Doerr, Bethallo. Mrs. Loretta Hill, Batchtown. Mrs. Emma Dailey, Hartford. Cathy Gillespie, Bethalto. Rober^: Kinder, 2420 Shenvood. DISMISSALS Mrs. Carol Fry, East Alton, Mrs. Dorothy Buttry, Wood River Mrs. Adelhia Swift, 1008 Ninth. Mrs. Cora Sharp, Wood River. Mrs. Jessie Lewis, 1802 Market. Edward Hanlon, 1025 Easton. Ricky Guthrie, Bethalto. Robert Powers, East Alton. Mrs. Bertha Yoxall, 3065 Alby. Mrs. Mary Stride, Mt. Olive. Melvin Knoche, Moro. Gladys Shoberg, 4301 Wedgewood Evelyn Hill, East Alton. Mrs. June Harris, East Alton. Beulali Slaten, 942 Riley. Mrs. Pauline Westerhold, 3019 Edwards. Lydia Hamer, 204 W. Elm. Willard Milligan, 1118 Brown. Mrs. Doris Freytag, Cottage Hills Mrs. Ro.salee Ingold, 1030a E. Broadway. Mrs. Jean Morrison, 611 Seventh. Donna Elliott, 5406 Humbert Rd. Suzette Kaulen, 952 Tonsor Rd. Donald Fritzsche, Bethalto. John Corder, 1203 Norton. John Erickson, East Alton. Fred Heepke, Edwardsville. James Jenkins, 3319 Jackson. Chester Dycus, 2719 Palmer. Miss Claudia Lotz, East Alton. Mrs. Vera Bimslager, Wood River William Beavers, Bethalto. Charles Sconce, East Alton. Lawrence Mefford, Godfrey. Richard Creeling, 2514 Powhatan Mrs. JoAnn Peek, 1914 Burling. Mrs. Wilma Szegedy, Bethalto. Mrs. Dorothy Travis, East Alton Mary Barker, Griffith, Ind. Elmer Graham, Wood River. Mrs. Phyllis Sloan, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Bessie Lawson, 2206 Judson Mrs. Alma Attey, 2305 Judson. Milton Bopp, 1100 McPherson. Jersey Community MEDICAL Mrs. Waldo Snider, Hardin. Lpna Blackorby, Jerseyville. DISMISSALS Rev. David Endres, Batchtown. Everett Hanlin, Jerseyville. Roberta Shaw, Fieldon. Douglas Dunham, Jerseyville. Mrs. Patricia Friederlch, Eas Alton. Mrs. Roberta Graham, East Alton Debris Johes, 1105 Washington. Mrs. Grace Henry, 605 Northdale Paul Nolan, Hartford. Paul Brenner* East Alton. Henry Blurrie, Rt. 2, Edwardsville Mrs. Ruth Billings, 2617 Walnut Mrs. Virginia Burnett, Gddfrey Mrs. Dorothy Coates, Roxana. Mrs. Mae Corbett, Wood River. Mrs, Margaret Fihk, 2704 Rest dence. Joseph Fortschneider, Brussels. Mrs. Mary Holtorf, Gillespie. Mrs. Florence Ildi, Godfrey. Miss Mary Lorsbach, Hardin. jcorge Lynch, Godfrey. Mrs. Mary Pcuterbailgh, 1209 W. Ninth. Vlrs. Rose Rexing, 311 Brentwood Mrs. Ruby Schneider, Godfrey. Mrs. Marilyn Scltwaab, 4300 Wedgewood. Mrs. Laura Scott, Brighton. Mrs. Zilka Shoptaw, Rte. 5, Edwardsville. Mrs. Jean Staff, Edwardsville. Chris Totora, Wood River. Tames Winslow, Bethalto. drs. Claudia Haynes, Wood River Mrs. Kay Oberlander, Dow. St. Anthony's MEDICAL August Wagemann, West Alton. Vlrs. Hclga Miller, Sacramento, Calif. Nelson Ledbetter, 3000 Mayfield. Mrs. Anna Comley, 2005 Sycamore. Mrs. Elizabeth Langen, 2634 Watalcc. Mrs. Rosemary Gann, East Alton Lloyd Kramer, Rte. 4, Godfrey. Miss Ada Betz, 823 E. Fifth. Mrs. Dorothy Blasingim, 777 George, Wood River. DISMISSALS Earl Little, Rte. 2, Edwardsville. lev. Paul Hebenstreit, Glen Carbon. ,uther Wilson, 1702 Hill. Mrs. Virginia Unverzagt, Rte. 1. Mrs. Ernestine Woodard, 935 Tremont. Mrs. Garnett Ellis, 607 Anderson. Imer Duelm, 2804 Hillcrest. Sirs. Mildred Pointer, Piasa. lharlotte Miller, 601 Wyss. Mrs. Matie Henderson, 2521 Humbert. Mrs. Kate Burgess, Dorsey. Mrs. Bernadine Gillespey, 2423 Bloomer. Michal Baty, 3211 Hawthorne. Mrs. Mary Day, Brighton. Mrs. Pearl Holladay, Godfrey. red Goodwin, 2331 State. Miss Nancy Burns, 1215 Diamond. St. Joseph's MEDICAL Mark Piazza, Cottage Hitts. Mrs. Mary Lacey, 1312 Taylor. Hugh Kneigh, 1202 Joesting. Mrs. Betty Tonsor, Brighton. Mrs. Frances Lavick, 1619 Joesting. Ralph Simmons, 611 Ridge. Jack Whittington, Rte. 1, Bethalto. Mrs. Margaret Henson, E. Alton. SURGICAL Miss Carol Ewing, 827 Center, East Alton. Melvin Flack, Godfrey. Fred Goodwin, 2331 State. Henry Gaffney, 1251 W. Ninth. Mrs. Claudia Haynes, 410 Third. DISMISSALS Miss Camille Allen, 1135 Green. Mrs. Florence Austin, E. Alton. Alan Biggerstaff, Wood River. Mrs. Dianna Cato, Wood River. Mrs. Genevieve Grove, Godfrey. Mrs. Marilyn Mosby, Wood River Mrs. Carol Roach, 2201 Brown. Mrs. Dolores Parish, 1110 Douglas. Robert Sternecker, 816 McKinley Mrs. Josephine Sumpter, 231 Maurice. Mrs. Gladys Crowson, Dow. Gordon Dodds, Rte. 5, Edwardsville. Mrs. Jewell Diveley, S. Roxana. Luther Wilson, 1702 Hill. GLOUCESTER POINT, Va., Aug. 5—Miss Donna Hindelang, a unior majoring in zoology at astern Illinois University, is vorking on a summer research project at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Wood River Township MEDICAL Mrs. Erma Lackeq, 146 Hickory. Vilbur Kelly, 335 Dooley, Alton. Mrs. Bessie Heck, 3479 Broadway Victoria D. Grant, Piasa. ohn C. Hartmann, Rte. 1, Edwardsville. Mrs. Hallie Yaeger, Rte. 1, Bethalto. Cheryl Lacy, Rte. 1, Moro. SURGICAL Robert Myers, Edwardsville. DISMISSALS Jimmie White, Granite City. Mrs. Hazel Sturgeon, Roxana. Emory Walkington, East Alton. Mrs. Mae Essary, Bethatto. Miss Rose Militello, 716 Ninth. Mrs. Clara Starbuck, East Alton. Claud Thurman, 1160 Beaumontt. Edgar Hannold, 502 Whitelaw. Mrs. Judy Gregory, East Alton. Mrs. Cleo Goodman, Bethalto. Mrs. Emma Albers, Cottage Hills Dennis Parker, Moro. tephen Mills, 120 E. Acton. Archie Mitchell, Wood River. Charles West, 229 Acton. Burglars Break Pane., Steal $4 From Hurst Co. About $4 in change was taken during a weekend burglary at the Hurst Potato Chip Co., 2060 E. Broadway. Richard Johnson, 2712 E. Broadway, discovered the break-in when he reported for work at 7 a.m. today. Entry was gained by breaking a rear window. Desk drawers and a utility cab- net were ransacked, and the cash register, from which the money was taken, was pried open. Save Up to $200.00 WITH FEDDERS FLEX-AIRE FURNACES WITH FLEX-HERMETIC AIR COHDITION1NG Save by installing both units now! We have special prices on replacing your old fuel-eater with a moflern automatic Flex-Aire Furnace with whole house air conditioning. Enjoy air cooled comfort during the hot summer months to come and warm, .efficient gas heating this winter, Plenty of Hot Humid Weather Still to Come . . NO DOWN PAYMENT! PAYMENTS AS LOW AS socoo 5 25 Per Month BRINGS YQU YEAR 'ROUND COMFORT! THE FEDDERS AIR CONDI* TIQNlSy UNIT UNFOLDS, PERMITTING COOLING COIL TO FIT INTO FURNACE WARM AIR DUCT, EXCLUSIVE 5 YiAR WARRANTY COVERS ENTIRE REFRIGERANT CIRCUIT INCLUDING CONDiNStR, FURNACE COIL AND TUBING! Jn«teJl»tlon on "Add-On" Central Air to Vour Present Heating System! fltTOH BOHLED GAS CO. Heaftoff and Air Cpndiiioning SpecidisJs gnd 4ir Cpndi<Joning Specia/isJs ««We Sell Oomforf Phone 468'846l CARROLLTON STUDENT Miss Donna Hindelang, junior at Eastern Illinois University, is shown with William E. McCaul, zoology instructor at the University, while working in research during the summer at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Carrollton Girl at Marine Institute Ladder Breaks, Carrollton 9 s Mayor Hurt CARROLLTON — Mayor Alan ^oads is confined to his home by njuries received when the top •ung of a ladder broke as he was limbing on the roof of his home. He was taken to Boyd Memor- al Hospital for X-rays and was ound to have suffered rib frac- ures and stitches were required or an ear injury. Hospital Notes CARROLLTON - Entering ioyd Memorial Hospital Friday as nedical patients were Mrs. Addie :hapman of Hillview, Mrs. Grace 'ones and Miss Kimberly Ann 'rice of Carrollton and J. R. Grizzle of Piasa. Henry Shaw of Carrollton was admitted Saturday. Dismissed Saturday were Mrs. Evalina Black of Eldred, Michael Cain, Miss Kimberly Ann Price and Miss Barbara Schnelten of Carrollton and Mrs. Judith Coughin of Alton. Delta Sigma Class Will Meet Tuesday The Delta Sigma Sunday School Class of the Main Street Method- st Church will meet at 1:30 p.m. \iesday at the church to make cancer dressings. She Is among a group of 10 undergraduates from colleges throughout the nation who are sponsored by the National Science Foundation for a ten-week research period at the Gloucester Point, Va., marine laboratory. Miss Hindelang is probing the ecology of sea anemones of the Chesapeake Bay. area. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hindelang, North Main St., Carrollton. At Nursing Home CARROLLTON,- Mrs. Grace .inder of Long Beach, Calif., wife of the late Clyde Linder and a :ormer Carrollton resident, who las been hospitalized for several months because of illness, was brought to White Hall Thursday where she is making her home in :he Hilltop Nursing Home. Mrs. inder was accompanied to White Hall by her son and daughter-in- aw, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Linder of Los Angeles, who visited relatives here until Saturday. OET THE GENUINE mm mm America's targeif Selling TOILET TANK BALL The efficient Water Matter instantly stops the flow of water after each flushing. 75e AT HARDWARE STORES Renewed Court Action Seen in Ward Scandal LONDON (AP)—More court actions appear in prospect in the wake of the vice trial and suicide of Dr. Stephen Ward, who believed he Was the scapegoat of Britain's sex and security scandal. Before swallowing the barbitu rates that snuffed out his life Saturday after an 80-hoiir coma, Ward wrote in one of many suicide notes, "The ritual sacrifice Is demanded and I cannot stand it." Leading lawyers and legisla tors voiced concern over several aspects of the trial in which Ward, 50, was cleared of three vice charges and found guilty of two others—living off the earnings of prostitutes Christine Heeler and Marilyn (Mandy) Rice- Davies. Legal experts said they expect action against at least two prosecution witnesses. Call girls Vicky Barrett and Ronna Ricardo admitted in court they lied under oath. Public sympathy grew with reports of Ward's death—alone except for a prison warder, his brother and hospital staff and deserted by his so-called friends in high places. Many felt the osteopath was made a scapegoat for introducing former War Minister John Pro- fumo to Miss Keeler, who at the same time was seeing an assistant Soviet naval attache. Their triangular relationship touched off the scandal that threatened to topple Prime Minister Macmillan's government. Profumo resigned in disgrace. Owaisa to Meet The Owaisa Class of Main Street Methodist Church will meet Tuesday at 7:45 p.m. at the home of Mrs. George Ingles, 2411 Mills St. Assistant hostesses will be Mrs. Robert Ball and Mrs. Or. ville Carlton. Edwardavflle Births Listed EDWARDSVILLE - six area resident* were* admitted to St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland, during the past weekend, two patients were discharged and five births were recorded. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Willard Trowbridge, 417 Sanner, a daughter at 3:42 a.m. Sunday, weight 7 pounds 12 ounces. The mother is the former Carole Hartzell. Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Riley, 1026 Schwarz Rd., a son, at 8:33 a.m. Sunday, weight 8 pounds 4 ounces. The mother is the former Dorothy O'Connell, Born to Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kemp, 1444 Ladd Ave., a son, at 1:47 p.m. Sunday, weight 8 pounds 2 ounces. The mother is the former Barbara Russell. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Turner, 1 St. Andrew's PI., a son, at 2:20 p.m. Sunday, weight 6 pounds 14 ounces. The mother Is the former Kathryn Hammock. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Williams, 672 Mill St., a son, at 3:43 p.m. Sunday, weight 6 pounds 15 ounces. The mother is the former Nancy Erclman. Admitted were: Mrs. Ida Spitzc, 500 West Fourth; Mrs. Sarah Harbison, Rte. 2; Fred Sievers, Edwardsville; Regan, Race and Roderick Young, 41 Circle Drive. Discharged were: Mrs. Lee Bol- llnger and son, Rte. 4; Charles Brazier, 149 East High. Autos Collide At East Alton EAST ALTON — Two cars collided when one car backed out of a parking lot into Grand avenue Sunday at 2 p.m., police reported. No injuries were reported. Marlete Elledge, 20, George St., Wood River, was driver of the car that backed out into the street, colliding with the ,-rear door and fender of a car driven by Irma Brown, 44, N. Main S., Brighton. PRESCRIPTIONS 4 Treated For Burns AtWoodRiver WOOD RIVER - Four patients were treated and released from the Wood Rivet' Township Hospital for burns and injuries in ctirred in mishaps with electrical appliances during the weekend. Two patients residing on the same block in KqfcAna incurred burns from shorted plugs. Paula O'Neal, 10, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Joe O'Neal, 306 Doerr, Roxana, was treated and released Sunday at 6:50 p.m. for electrical burns of the righl hand Incurred when an extension cord plug from mi electric sweeper shorted as she plugged it in. Wayne Brldgewater, 29, 311 Doerr, Roxana, was burned on the hand when he plugged in an air conditioner he was working on and it shorted. He Was treated and released from the hospital Saturday at 11:58. Others treated and released Saturday were: Herbert Kennedy, 61, East Alton, who cut his lefl index finger on an electric saw at home; and Mrs. Jensic Fox, 62, 113 N. 13th St., Wood River, who burned her left arm and side when she fell against an electric range at home. ttexflfiH CJh^h Circle id Meet ., ftd^ANA-Sawh Clltile ttf cd i*resl3yteri«« Wdtti^ a! 'first Presbyterian "Church will rheet at 7:30 p.rn. tttcsday «t the hwtie df MM, CalVene White on 13th afreet. Kfttiirh front Cnmp kO^ANA «" Several delegates from the First Baptist Church attended the Ill-Mo Christian Life - at to* , tw ash, t»fi tuftte, Llt*J« and ttfttef, fttortte Gfltot, Kiliebrevv, Jodeafi MctWlotfp, Sue Hale, DebbfcS SideWell, ^Cattl fclliott and Mlhtf ttamfflferT. MS. William HubbMd Sf,,,d1 E. 4W street fthd a member d the looftl church,'is saving as ! cook fit the camp this BOGOTA - Helicopters may be built In Colombia', Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Believes Pain New York, N, Y, For the flrst tiwe science hat found & new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhotdst stop itch- Ing, and relieve pain - without aurgery. In one hemorrhoid case after another ."very striking improve' went" was reported and verified by a doctor's observations. Pain Was relieved promptly. And, while gently relieving pnih, actual reduction or retraction (shrinking) took place. And most amazing of all — this improvement was maintained in cases where a doctor's observations were continued over a period of many months! In fact, results were so thorough that sufferers were able to make such astonishing state- ments as "Piles have ceased to b» a problem!" And among thed* sufferers were a very wide variety of hemorrhoid conditions, some of 10 to 20 years' standing. All this, without the uso of • narcotics, anesthetics or astrin* gents of any kind. The secret is a new healing substance (Bio- Dyne*)-the discovery of ft world-famous research institution. Already, Bio-Dynp is in wide use for healing injured tissue on all parts Of the body, This new healing substance IB offered in tuppositorv or oint» went form called Preparation //*. Ask for individually sealed convenient Preparation II Suppositories or Preparation H Ointment with special applicator. Preparation H is sold at nil drug counters. AT ^ P HA R M A C Y ^ i are • CAREFULLY PREPARED • SENSIBLY PRICED • DELIVERED FREE Alton's Most Modern Pharmacy 2510 State St, — North Alton — Dial HO 5-5313 FREE PARKING NEXT TO STORE SAVE!' \ Where your dollars earn V DIVIDENDS PER ANNUM Save by the 15th of the Month Earn Dividends from the 1st. 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