Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 5, 1963 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 5, 1963
Page 6
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StX ALTON EVENING MONDAY, AUGUST 5,1963 Steady Rise Registered NEW ¥6t& (AP)-Stock market prices climbed steadily late tWs nflefilfcMI ih active ti-aditig. Volwtfe.ldr the day was esti- ttlftted at 3.2 million shares agallist 2.93 million Friday. Reports ,.of -good automobile sales arid indications that steel <tfrjers will pick Uf> within the fiefct few Weeks helped sentiment. Chrysler advanced more than a point. , American Viscose jumped 4 points. Steels, motors, rubbers, mail Order-retails, utilities, chemicals, oils and tobaccos were solidly in the plu&«scolumn, Among the oils, Amerada was up 2'/i. Sunray DX also was active and ahead by half a point. U.S. . Steel added half a point and the other major steels were up by lesser fractions. Xerox gained more than 5 points and IBM was ahead better than 3. Advances of 2V^ were posted by Polaroil and Electronic Associates. Prices on the American Stock Exchange were mixed. U.S. government bond prices were steady. Corporates turned mixed. At St. Lottis St. Louis (AP)—Eggs and live poultry: Eggs, consumer grades, A large 31-23, A medium 25-27, A small 16 17, B large 26-27, wholesale grades, standard^ 26-27, unclassi tied farm run 23%-24, checks 18 21. Hens, heavy 12-13, light over 5 Ibs 8-9, under 5 Ibs 7-8; commer cial broilers and fryers 15-16. 12 Selected Stock* Following are today's 1:30 p.m quotations Of 12 New York Slock Exchange issues research has indicated arc widely held in the Alton area, as supplied to the Telegraph by Newhard, Cook & Co., from its Alton office. (The New York Exchange closes al 2:30 p.m. (Alton time), so these are not the closing quotations) AT&T 120, Gen. Motors 71% Granite City Steel 26%, Olin Mathieson Chem. 41, Owens-Illinois 81, Shell Oil 44^, Sinclair 46%, Socony 69, Standard Oi (Ind.) 62% (ex-div.), Standard (NJ) 70%, U. S. Steel 47, Sears 88%. 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Save by mail—Piasa pays the postage. Write: Piasa First Federal, State & Wall Sts., Alton, III. For time and temperature, dial 465'4431, PIASA FIRST FEDTRAL SAVINGS AND tOAN ASSOCIATION 1 ioiurfd t» W'W ty Wiril Sivioji & UlB ln»ur|Ki Corporitloi OMdind* paid for gyer Telegraph Reports News of Business, Industry in Area »/ Two Retire at Owens-Illinois Spencer M. Cantrill, & former Alton resident, now manager of the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. glass container plant at Gas City, Ind., since 1946, will retire Oct. 1. Robert A. Clark, also an Alton native, now production supervisor at the Gas City plant, will succeed him. R, A. CLARK S. M. CANTKILL Cantrill joined O-I at the Alton plant in 1928 and moved to Toledo, Ohio in 1929 when the company s general offices were moved there. Since that time he has erved in various capacities with the company. His sis- lives at 2335 Edwards St., Alter, Mrs. Robert Morrow :on. Clark joined O-I as a trainee at Alton in 1949. In 1961 he was transferred from Streator, 111., to the O-I Machine Manufacturing Plant in Godfrey as administra- ive manager and later shop manager until his transfer o Gas City. Another Owens-Illinois veteran, Frank T. Nesbitt, etired July 31 after 44 years service with the company. Nesbitt spent five years t the Alton plant in the 920's as a member of the llinois Glass Co.'s engine- ring department. After hree years as manager of he Gas City plant he re- urned here as chief en- jineer of O-I in 1932. Uner his direction the Alton )lant was modernized and ts capacity enlarged. He lirected the installation of 0-I's first fully automatic latch mixing and delivery ystems. He left Alton in 1935 to :ake a position as general actories manager with the jompany's general offices in Toledo. He has also served as general manager of Libbey Glass and president, and general manager which was sold in 1959. P. T. NESBITT of the O-I Plywood Co., Announce Hemphill Realty Sales The Harry F. Hemphill Agency today announced real estate sales made by their agency in the past two weeks. For Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Sinclair Shows Net Income Gain Earnings of Sinclair Oil Corp. and subsidiaries for the first half of 1963 were $31,868,964, repre- ] senting a gain of $13,211,637, or 71 per cent over net income of $18,657,327 for the comparable 1962 period. Glenn Joins Lauiulry Association Teddy O. Glenn, owner-manager of the East Alton ...aunderette, 410 Grand Avenue, East Alton, became a charter member this week in the newly-formed store owner classification of the National Automatic Laundry and Cleaning Council. NALCC is the trade association of the fast-growing self-service laundry and dry cleaning industry that _is now doing a combined consumer volume of $600 mil- ion annually. One out of four clothing and household items is being dry cleaned the new automatic way, while self-service also accounts for almost half the laundering done outside of the home. Attending Food Service Seminar Fred F. Nixon, of Monticello College, Godfrey, will participate in a seminar for campus dining managers sponsored by ARA Slater School & College Services August 14-16. The sessions, to be conducted at Southern Illinois University, will feature such subjects as menu planning, nutrition, purchasing, service, student relations and special functions. Nixon is manager of ARA Slater Service at Monticello. The company provides food service at 153 other educational institutions in 34 states. Standard Has Record Earnings Standard Oil Co. (Indiana) preliminary net earnings for the first six months of 1963 were a record $91,758,- Pickerell, their six room home located at 704 Birch St., Rosewood Heights, East Alton, was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Price. Mrs. Haltie H. Overton purchased the five room home located at 205 Biltmorc Ave., South Roxana. This home was previously owned by Mr. and Mrs. August M. Burckhartt. The four room home located at 900 Liberty St., was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Goerge Voght Jr. The previous owners are Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hausman, who have taken up residence in Bunker Hill. For. Charhill Company, Inc., the four room residence located at 1428 Cooper St., Alton was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Clifton E. Newcomb Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Paul VV. Springman. Mr, and Mrs. Frederick Dale Mortland purchased the vacant lot located in Koehne Subdivision, Brighton, from Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Koehne. For Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hemphill the residence located at 2705 Viewland Ave., Alton, was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Cox. The two properties located at 719 E. Sixth and 725-27 E. 6th, Alton, were sold to Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Springman and Mr. and Mrs. Clifton E. Newcomb Jr. for Mrs. Gwen T. Edwards, of Chalfont, Pa. For Mr. and Mrs. William E. Nixon, their six room home located at 906 Douglas St., Alton, was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Henry 'Pel- pert. Mr. and Mrs. Nixon have taken up residence in Medora. News of Grains Soybeans, Wheat Gain CHICAGO (AP)-Offerings became scarce in the grain futures market and prices turned generally firm in rather quiet dealings on the Board of Trade today. In the early afternoon, both wheat and soybeans were ahead about two cents a bushel in spots. Rye was up about a cent and other grains small fractions. Carlot receipts today were estimated at: wheat 77 cars, corn 218, oats 72, rye 2, barley 135, soybeans 37. CHICAGO (AP) - Wheat No 2 red 1.83; No 1 hard 1.96%; No 2 yellow hard 1.97%. Corn No 1 yellow 1.33; No 2 yellow 1.33; No 3 ye'llow 1.31%-32%. Oats No 2 heavy white 69; No 2 extra heavy white 69; No 1 extra heavy mixed 68%; No 2 extra heavy mixed 67%. No soybean sales. Soybean oil 8%b. Underwriter* Complete Better Service Course H. L. Varble, C.L.U., chairman of the Alton Association of Life Underwriters Training Council announces the following men who have successfully completed Par' One of a two-year course designed primarily to Increase the efflcien cy of life insurance agents in planning the life insurance pro grams of the clients they serve, Class-room at the Alton sessions were hole Center of Southern Illinois University. First year graduates arc as fol lows: John Hancock Co.— Reuben D. Life Insurant Barnes, Rober W. Kincade and Emery S. Mon roe. State Farm Life Insuranc Co.— John R. Bloomer, Charles S Price Jr., and Howard W. Rob etson. Prudential Insurance Compan; of America— Donald William E. Sanders, C. Feltes James A Wheat Sep Dec Vlar May Jul 1964 Sep Corn Sep Dec- Mar May Jul Oats Sep Dec Mai- May Rye Sep Dec Mai- May 000, compared 1962. with $67,658,000 for the first half of Wilton Joins Lederle Firm Charles K. Wilton recently joined Lederle Laboratories, a Division of the American Cyanamid Company, as a sales representative in the firm's Central Region, according to Mr, C. A. Piercy, director of marketing. A native of Brighton, he lives at 218 Longfellow, Alton. He attended high school in Brighton, and attended Washington University. C. K. WILTON Service Station on Vacation L, J. Franz of Lou's Service Station, 1312 Central Ave., Alton, announced today that the station will be closed for three weeks from Aug, 5 through Aug. 25. He said this was for employes' vacations and believes that this is the first time this Ji»s been tried in a service station in this area, CHICAGO (AP)— High Low Close Prev close 1.80% 1.78% 1.80'/s 1.78% 1.86% 1.84% 1.86 1.84% 1.89 1.87% 1.89 - 1.87 1.83*4 1.81 1.83% 1.81% 1.58 1.55% 1.57% 1.56 1.60 1.57% 1.59>/2 1.57»/ 2 1.23% 1.22% 1.23 1.22% 1.13% 1.13 1.13% 1.13% 1.16% 1.16% 1.16% 1.16% 1.18% 1.18% 1.18% 1.18% 1.20% 1.20% 1.20% 1.20% .65 .67% .69% .69 .64% .67% .69% .68% .64% .67% .69% .69 .67% .69 1.28% 1.25% 1.28% 1.26% 1.31 1.28 1.31 1.28% 1.34% 1.31 1.33% 1.31% 1.31% 1.29% 1.31% 1.30 Soybeans Aug 2.65% 2.63 2.64% 2.63% Sep 2.63% 2.61% 2.63% 2.61% Nov 2.61% 2.59 2.61% 2.59 Jan 2.64% 2.62% 2.64% 2.62% Mar 2.67% 2.65% 2.67 2.65% May 2.69% 2.67% 2.69% 2.67% Jul 2.70% 2.68% 2.70% 2.68% Prices on 16 Mutual Funds Following is a list of 16 mutual investment fund stock quotations provided to the Telegraph by Newhard, Cook Co. through its Alton office. These stocks are selected on the basis of their sales and ownership in the area. The quotations are yesterday's closing. Issue. Bid, Affil. Fund 8.07 Broad St 14.11 Bullock 13.29 Capit. Shr.s 11.10 Divid Shrs 3.38 Fid. Cap. .. Fid. Fund .. Fid. Tr Fund Inv. .. Keystone K-2 Keystone S-4 Mass. Tr. . Muss. Grth. Nation W. Sec Nat. Jnves. Tevev. El. 8.65 16.04 14.33 9.81 5.16 4.15 14.78 8.14 22,50 15.17 7.32 Asked, 8.73 15.25 14.57 12.17 3.71 9.40 17.34 15.58 10.75 5.64 4.54 16.15 8,90 24.34 16.40 7.98 Pig for Recovery LA PAZ — Bolivia's economic recovery now hinges on the reopening of the state mining scheme. BE YOUR OWN BOSS INVESTIGATE DIVERSIFIED FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES AN ETHICAL APPROACH TO FINANCIAL SUCCESS. • FREE BULLETIN • E. F. HAMEL Aren Director partake 103 Dewey Drive Collinsville, 111. 345-0082 Vilson and Kenneth R. Grogg. Vestern and Southern Life Insur- nce Co.-=-Gilbert L. Sturdevant. National Life attd Accident Insur ance Co.—Bobby G. Brlley, Robert L. Martsock, Elmer L. Brown, -eonard 0. Schneider, and Roy Marlow. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. —James L. Begttel, Etnmett .E. Delnney, Richard L. Matcher, Paul M. Long and fravld R. Meyer. M. L. Varble, assistant manager, Metropolitan life Insurance Co. was the instructor for Pnrl One. Orville M. fhies, C.L.U., assist ant manager for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. was instructoi for Part Two of the course, also held on the campus of SIU In Al Livestock Prices At East St, Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. AP)—(USDA)--Hogs 9,000; 190- 2GO Ib barrows and gills 17.75- completed Part ton. Successfully Two are: State Farm Life Insurance Co. -Garvin H. Doolin, David R. Win- nott, Joseph P. Hassler and Rob ert L. Elliott. Prudential Insurance Co. of America—Gordon O Geil and Horace J. Turpln. Na tional Life and Accident Insurance Co.—Hazel B. Harper, » Metropol itan Life Insurance Co.—Leo 0 Gwyn, John B. Wildt and Frank lin SR3; sows 275-625 Ib .13,25-16.28; wars Cattle 5,000; calves 250; cholfie prime steers 2150-25.40; good 23,00-24.25;. heifers and good ftWd •hoice; cows utility 4.0MB.Wi bulls Utility 16 good 650-10.00; good nnd choice vefil- •rs 24.00-29.00; good and choice :alves 18.00-23.00. Sheep 1,300; spring lambs good nnd choice 18.50-20.501 chottic attd nrimc 20.50-21.00. PRESCRIPTION SERVICE *i*<ti PHON6 RICCI DU 4.5001 DRUG BETHALTO FEDDERS Air Conditioners From "Carton to Cooling" in 77 Seconds! WE HAVE ALL MODELS IN STOCK READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION! Budget Priced from . . . PHONE HO 5-4205 Park Free At Rear of Store—500 E. Broadway $10 DOWN-$10 MONTH Kroger Priced means thanks to Kroger Volume Always fine, lean beef . . . rich-rod In color . . . tender In texture ... with Just enough fat for flavor. Ground Iran several times dally. No wonder you tet ground be*l at He best . . your Krosrer Btore. Fresh, Lean and a better value to boot Ground Beef Sliced Beef Livers u, 49c Slab Bacon Country Club—Rlndless, Sliced Center Cut* Country Oub—Rlndless Slab Bacon Boll—Smoked Lb. 49c Link Sausage Lb. Lb. 59c 59c Meat Items told M advertised. 5c Off Breeze Detergent 2 Large Boxes Klni-»lie box (1.37 Oluit box 81e Be Oft Iran Rinso Blue ......2 „"„£ 57c Soap ._.» Ban ,10o OH Rinso Blue 25o OH Rinso Blue 16o OH Surf WUk Liquid Detergent i/2-GalIon Bottle Olanl . Box 69o JJUX Bath Bars 21c 29c Klni-tlie Box $1.08 Soap..,.. I-iUX Liquid Detergent nouf. 37c .o/,. bottle- R Giant - Box £31 $1.39 64c 73c For Automatic Waaheri Condensed All 13-01. For Automatic Dishwashers All Box Seal test Frozen Dessert Gal. 55' 8 6-Oa, Cans 88c Waffles Krorti—frown Lemonade Good Uuillty Charcoal Lighter SSBte Good QiuUlly Lump Charcoal .._-."£«" 88c 60 Off—N«w Kandu »i& So Off—12-o»- bottlt—B6« «e Off—89-<i». hntt)«._«Je Rrorer 88c Sandwich Buns Rroirer Butterfly Rolls p kf . 35c Save up to Z(.\% —Spotlight Coffee - Va. b - 55c S-lb, bag tl.BB •Plnh LotloD 22-01. Kroger — Homestyls or Buttermilk Biscuits 8—8-ot. can 49c __ 20e Kroger Large Golden Pound Cake Each "Mix or Match" Kroger Variety Bread Plain or Seeded Italian, Plain Ralaln, Regular, Cracked, or 10096 Wheat, Regular, Cottage, or Bismarck Rye, Vienna Bread or Buttermilk Bread, 10« Otf Praise Soap.. taumbalt OUaner Handy Andy D*Urir«at »<>» Dlshs* Swan Pink Liquid 19-o«. bottle—87« Lifebuoy Soap Lifebuoy Soap.. Liquid All.... 88-01. 83-Ot. -BotU. bottlt. -87e Detergent Ih A Tablet Vim .. 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