Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 5, 1963 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Monday, August 5, 1963
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ALTON EVENING f ELEGtUPtt 4MW Hoodlum Sought In Kroger Blasts ^fr^.l**^*'*^...^ f**** ***<** PARTLY CLOVDY TVESDAY It will be clear to partly cloudy over will be scattered showers In the central most of the nation Monday night. The Plains, portions of the Mississippi valley western half of the nation and the north- and the western Lakes area, (AP Wire* east will have coot weather while it will photo Map) be warm, and humid elsewhere, There WeatherForecasi Alton and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight and Tuesday. Low tonight around 70. High Tuesday 90 to 95. Outlook for Wednesday partly cloudy with little temperature change. Extended Forecast Southern Illinois—Temperatures will average two to five degrees above normals with only minor day-to-day changes. Normal highs, 86 to 90. Normal lows, 64 to 71. Precipitation will total one-fourth to three-fourths of an inch in thundershowers scattered through the period, tending to increase the latter part of the week. Miss Jarard, SIU Teacher, Dies Sunday Miss Clara B. Jarard, instructor in the history department at Southern Illinois University and before that at Shurtleff College, died Sunday at 4:30 p.m. at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, where she had been a patient for about two weeks. Miss Jarard had been in ill health since January when she entered St. Anthony's Hospital and later Alton Memorial Hospital. Upon her release from the hospital she returned to her family home in New Sharon, Iowa 1 ! In July she returned to Alton. She had been with the SIU and Shurtleff College history departments for 18 years. She is survived by her mother, Mrs. F. Jarard, three sisters, and brother, all of New Sharon. Funeral services will be con- ucted Wednesday at the Hardin Funeral Home in New Sharon. Lutherans Hear Report on Gos's Existence HELSINKI, Finland (AP)-The American chairman of the Lu- leran World Assembly's commit- ee on group discussions today ubmitted a report saying, "The Houston t Shell Strike Near End HOUSTON, Tex. (AP) - The year-old Shell Oil Co. strike appeared at an end today, but. the settlement still must be submitted to the workers for final approval. Settlement of the strike, one of the longest in the industry, came Sunday after 27 hours of continuous negotiation by union and management representatives. About 2,200 members of Local 4-367 of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union will vote on ratification at 7:30 p.m. (CST) Tuesday. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed by William Simkin, national director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, who announced the settlement. He said the details would not be divulged until union members have a chance to pass on them. The Houston Post reported a near draw on the issue of the company contracting some construction and maintenance work to outside firms. The Post's labor writer, T.L. Whorton, was told the formula under which construction and maintenance work was let out before svould be essentially the same under proposed agreement. The Post also learned that if work is resumed as a result of this agreement, the union work force will be about 1,950, or 250 fewer men than were employed before the strike. Shell had announced earlier that it would lay off almost 400 men when work was resumed. The Post was told that the agreement calls for a general 5 per cent wage increase. Shell said it was paying an average of $3.02 an hour before the strike. The marathon strike at two Shell plants in Deer Park, a Houston suburb, began last Aug. 18. Supervisory personnel kept both plants operating. Edwardsville Youths Hurt in Crash EDWARDSVILLE - Four Ed wardsville teenagers suffered min or injuries about 9 p.m. Sunday when their auto went out of con trol on the Wanda-Bethalto Road about a mile north of Rte. 159 and went into a ditch. The driv er, John Hartman, 16, of Rte. 1 Edwardsville, and three passen gers were taken to Wood Rive Township Hospital for emergencj treatment by Weber ambulance Passengers hi the car were: Ger aid Pendergrass, 16, 837 Troy Rd. Bob Meyers, 16, 1428 Montclaire and Robert Wilcox, 18, 628 Ro anoke. South Roxana Dads To Meet Tonight SOUTH ROXANA - The Dad 1 Club will meet at 7:30 p.m. toda at the clubhouse at the park. Police are seeking a known oodlum, Vito Cusumano, 41, t. Louis, in connection with the ecent bombings of an East Alon Kroger store and other Kroer stores in the Greater St. _ouis area. Chief Harold Higgins of East \lton said today that Cusumano s a knosvn gang member which dds weight to his belief that the ombings were done by a gang. He said the bombings were bviously planned so that no in- uries would occur and the ombs would not be discovered police. He said the bombs would have leen discovered if they had been eft at the stores any length of ime and since the explosions ccurred close together at \vide- y separated areas, there must ave been more than one bomb- r. Within Minutes possible achievement of an agree lent on general and complete isnrmanient under strict inter- atlonal control in accordance vlth the objectives of the United Nations which would put an end o the armaments race and elim- nate the Incentive to the produc- ion and testing of all kinds-of •capons, including nuclear weap- ns, '" Seeking to achieve the dlscon- inuance of all test explosions of uclear weapons for all time ,de- ermined to continue negotiations o this end, and desiring to put n end to the contamination of nan's environment by radioactive sutstances, •. Have agreed as follows: Article I 1. Each of the parties to this reaty undertakes to prohibit, to revent and not to carry out any uclear weapon test explosion or ny other nuclear explosion at ny place under its jurisdiction r control: A. In the atmosphere, beyond Is limits, including outer space, r under water, including terri- orial waters or high seas; or B. In any other environment if uch explosion causes radioactive ebris to be present outside the rritorial limits of the state un er whose jurisdiction or control uch explosion is conducted. 2. Each of the parties to thi reaty undertakes furthermore to efrain from causing, encourag- ng or in any way participating n, the carrying out of any nu- lear. weapon test explosion, or ny other nuclear explosion any- vere which would take place in ny of the environments de cribed, or have the effect refer- ed to. The Kroger store in East Alon's Wilshire Mall shopping enter and the Kroger stores at emay and Florissant in St. Louis county all occurred within minutes of each other on darcn &. Clocks were stopped at 10:25 nd 10:26 p.m. in the Lemay and last Alton stores., the blast at he Florissant store was within minutes of the other two explo- jons. The timing of the blasts would iave taken careful planning, one h lton munitions expert said at he time. Riggins said a woman motorist ad reported seeing a tall man nd a short and heavyset man unning away from the store rtortly before the bombing. She aid that she thought that they •ere running to get out of the ain at that time. Looked Like Sparkler A truck driver later told East \lton police that he observed rom a hill in back of the shop- ing center what looked like a parkier burning at the front ntrance of the store the night f the bombing. The East Alton store bomb ,-as placed in the south en- rance. It shattered five large ilate glass windows, twisted luminum window frames, scat- ered merchandise throughout he store and shattered light fix- ures. The Rev. George Dougherty, pastor of the First Baptist ihurch of East Alton, was the irst to reach the scene after the explosion. The blast brought him running nto the shopping center which his church faces. He said he saw no one. Two large, colored glass windows in his church were knocked out by the concussion, Officers said they wanted to talk to Cusumano, a former convict, because he matched a description witnesses gave of a man seen placing a package at a store July 3 moments before an explosion. Cusumano was re ported gone from St. Louis foi the past month. He was reported seen in Nev York, Las Vegas and on the West Coast. Since the first bombing March 8, six Kroger Co. stores have been blasted, along with a Na tional Food store and an A&P store. Legionaires Reject Civil Rights Motions CHICAGO (AP)—The 45th an- nial state convention of the American Legion has rejected wo resolutions urging, support of 'resident Kennedy's civil rights irogram. »».....»« « — f — —.,—t,, — jjj their place, a Legion com- great question whether God ex- mjttee has issued a general state- sts. . .is one which often sorely ment jn support O f c i v il rights «4nr* M1»AYt t-M QMt I /"*hl»ictiQ MO tl"W .. .. » • i»_ j-i i_« i_. day, ries even many Christians to- Ralph Loew, of Buffalo, N.Y., resented the report that voiced vamings to all Christians. >y 26 discussion groups during iree debate sessions last week of he fourth assembly of the Lu heran World Federation, The report dealt at length with the re-examination of the doctrine ciuuillv:^ cum iwi*»*v» >f justification by faith, based on of the Illinois Legion. . _ _i • _* mr n ..j.!« T n4-WnM Af\f\ - - cachings of Martin Luther 400 and the blessings of baptism which extend over the whole o life. . . "The justifying act of God place in the church which thus participates in God's act in Chris through the Holy Spirit. . . "If the church is to have a prime for the future, it can onlj be as God's voice addressed t all of humanity. Only as such can the church remain forever," Highlights Of Text of Treaty MOSCOW (AP) —Textual high To Microfilm City Records ! • V • ',' ' ': : State's mww ., „.. • ~. ....... The program for microfilming ghts of the partial nuclear test important Alton city records is jan treaty signed today: The United States, Britain ie Soviet Union proclaiming as heir principal aim the speediest « e '<>™ "™™ ^octWn aM,lm,«,mm^ nf nn norw.. "Anting approval. Article II 1. Any party may propose amendments to this treaty. 2. Any amendment to this reaty must be approved by a lajority of the votes of all the >arties to this treaty, including he votes of all the original par ies. Article III 1. This treaty shall be open to all states for signature. 2. This treaty will be subject o ratification by signatory states. Article IV . ' ; •'•>•• ••>'' .'-'" 1. This treaty shall be of.un- iniited duration. 2. Each party shall, in exercis- ng its national sovereignty, have lie right to withdraw from the reaty if it decides that extraor- inary events, related to the sub- ect matter of the treaty, haw* eopardized the supreme interests f its country. 'as proclaimed in the Constitution." Voted down Saturday were res- jlutions urging Congress to support Kennedy's program and a uk.»..£;» v~ «.. -..,.. port i\enneuy s pru&i.ctm anu « The report covered the findings petition to Congress asking that he attorney general be vested with the power to seek injunc- ng segregation. The resolutions were introduced by Irving Breakstone, a Chicago attorney and former commander Elected as the Legion's new years ago. state commander was Morris "We appeal for a renewal Nooner| the superintendent o hrough the Holy Spirit in the schoo i s for Plymouth and Han ustifying act of God. . .We ask cock coun ties. Nooner succeed whether baptized Christians are El , lc Smitn O f me western Chica conscious of the gifts of grace su burb of Broadview. n ***] *U« ttlAe*eti'inrc rtf Vinniicni i« _i i_j The convention elected Jame Finks of Shelbyville as its senio vice commander. ^S^-^M^^^MtMMKtttas^ifaMy^^S^^^ttKy^^^ EVERY TUESDAY IS CHILDREN'S DAY IN OUR STUDIO I WE DOOUR OWN FINANCING AT SLACK FURNITURE and APPLIANCE CO. 203 Wi Third St.—Pewntown Alton , dZftflsmAmy, Many Month! to W» . - •: <'-". ! .,'*.. Ir NOTICE! PASTOR JOHN KELTIE AND THE PEOPLE'S BAPTIST CHURCH McCaslng and Old St. Louts Road, East Alton, 111, ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THE VISIT OF JOHN HATCHER AND FAMILY Returned Missionary from Braiil, South America Missionary Hatcher and Fnmtly will be at both Sunday, Aug. 4, Services and show films * Monday, Aug, 5th, 7s80 p.m. of the Mission Work in the Amazon Valley of Brazil. PEOPLE'S BAPTIST CHURCH McCaolng ana Old St. 14UU Road, East Alton, 111. olng completed by City Clerk 'aul A, Price so that It may e referred to the Illinois Local Lecords Commission for Imple- Under this year's city budget, 'rice obtained an appropriation f $3,500 for microfilming the aluable records In his custody. jut after the appropriation had een adopted, he found that the roject, which would Include the Isposal of many ^obsolete rec- rds, must first Save sanction f the state Commission. Invited for Visit Price has been In correspond- nce with the commission, and oday received a reply assuring Alton of the.state's cooperation, n .response he sent a letter today to the commission chairman, William McCartney of ^Ittsfield, asking him to visit Jton and give his advice on the 'arious angles of the project for which commission approval will ie formally requested. Price said that in addition to he microfilming for better pres- irvation and filing of Important jity records and documents, he also hopes to be able to dis- jose o£ obsolete records no longer of value, and which now over- :rowd available filing space in he city vaults. Vanprcter Member Through the state commission etter today, Price note,d that Mayor Charles A. Vanpreter of East Alton is a member of the comparatively new state body, vhich is a division of the Illinois, Archives Department. The letter said that in the first 18 months the Local Records Commission has been functioning, t has processed 121 applications 'or disposal of obsolete records by counties and municipalities under its purview. Most popular' request was for disposal of assessment books more than 10 years old. The letter also noted that many municipalities are planning to microfilm vital statistics records such as those in births and deaths. Go Back 11 Years Price said he proposes the 'ilming of city audit reports, which go back 11 years, payrolls, eases, contract agreements, deeds, easements, and the first section of the new city revised ordinance code. He described as obsolete jthose records mat take up' a 'great amount of filing space, the copies of individual tax bills covering a long space of years. Included' with the filming pro- ect, which will permit compact iling and 'preservation, will- be the purchase of a "reader-printer" so that records may be readily , consulted and copies made when needed. Last year, the city council provided a program for filming rec- irds of the Public Works De- lartment some of which had be- some so tattered with age and use that preservation of originals vas becoming a problem. Film- ng of the city clerk's records vas endorsed at that time, but vas postponed to this year because of a lack of funds. Father, Two Sons, In Car Accident EDWARDSVILLE — Roderick Young of 41. Circle Drive, Ed- vardsville, and his two small sons, Regan and Race, were reported in "satisfactory condition" .oday by St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland, where they were taken by Lesley Marks ambulance about 11 a.m. Sunday following an automobile accident on Schwartz road, near the Edwardsvllle'city limits. The young car apparently skidded on the street approaching a small bridge and struck the steel railing at the end of the bridge. The historic name of Buck Inn which In early days applied 1 to the area which became North Alton would be preserved by a subdivision bordering the Northside Business district, which is planned the Norside Development Co. A premilinary • layout\ of "the Buck Inn subdivision was filed today for presentation to the,City Plan.Commission with request.for approval. SET FOR NEW CHAPEL Groundbreaking ceremonies were Rev. Father Paul Hebenstreit of Collins- conducted Sunday for the new St. ville, who is a former chaplain of the Anthony's Hospital Chapel. The Rev. hospital. In center is Terry Brooks. The .- . _ * _ •—» « * * * J * 1 .!._•_ :___...,. _.J £!««.. n£ J-1» n . •*»•«• fl4-«*«1 **V-|1MJ% 11T1 II Father'John Dolack, hospital chaplain, is shown here, right, blessing the ground for the new structure. At left is the ground floor of the new structure will serve as dining facilities for the sisters. North Side Subdivision Will '' ;. " . V Preserve Old 4 Buck Inn' Name • The subdivision borders the I platting the land would be moi west side of State Street at. a clearly set out and future con point more or less opposite Elm veyances wouW be simplified. Street and would extend back to Buck connections with Hall and Kirsch . , , . streets. If'would include a large applied to a pioneer hotel or ta\ surfaced area for off-street park- ern built in 1837 near Delmar an ing. A letter with .the proposed State within what now is Pias plat map, made by Sheppard Morgan & Schwaab, says that the 6 Injured In Crash-Oil Route 66 EDWARDSVILLE — Six persons were injured about 4:30 a.m. today in a two-car collision on Route 66, near Bypass 40 and were taken to St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland by ambulances. Irwin Anderson of Fox Lake, 111. and Lawrence McConriell of Ottawa, 111., apparently were traveling north at the time of the accident. Both were taken to St. Joseph's Hospital. Henry J. White, driver of the second car, his wife, Anna Mae White; and two other passengers in his auto, Chalmer Bryant and his wife, Elvira, all of Chicago, were also injured and taken to the hospital. The White automobile was traveling south on 66, en route to Mississippi to attend a family funeral. Change Stolen From Vending Machines An undetermined amount of change was taken from two soda vending machines at Hynian- Michaels Co., Chessen Lane, over the weekend. The break-in was discovered by police Sunday night. planned subdivision now contains office by the name of Buck In 16 parcels of land and that by was established in 1868 and wa continued to 1875. Then the vi lage of North Alton was inco porated, and the name of'the po office was changed'to North A ton. In'1908, North Alton 'was ar nexed and became part-;'of : th city of Alton. . " John W. Northcutt, 33, of'18 Cerrebrook Lane, St. Louis, a former Altonian, 'was killed Saturday evening when his car struck a tree near Fieldon. The accident occurred on Rte. 16 three miles east of Fieldon on a curve. He was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Joseph's Hospital, Alton, at 7:30 p.m. He was alone in 1 the automobile at the time of the a'ccident. Northcutt was xborn in Alton and, as an adult, had been employed by Olin IndusU'ies for seven years. Lately he had worked as a salesman for a Kirkwood, Mb., firm. Three Returned to Camp at Grafton GRAFTON, 111. (AP) — Three 16-year-old boys who fled a youth camp were apprehended Sunday near Greenville, and were returned today to Jersey County. State police said the trio was stopped on Illinois 140 in a car eported stolen in Grafton. They were identified as Robert Patemo, Michael J. Brower.and Larry S. Jordan, all of Chicago. 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HAROU) (Cotton) ROBERTS Office HO fi-66fil After 6 p.m. J8 MILLERS' MUTUAL NtURANC* AUTO f HQWI IUIINW ' Corners shopping center. As the community grew a po NoMeetingi • ™" • ••. • • • . -. v5x' tn Strike at Box Board No meeting Is slated in the ay old strike of about Id prlttHflg eeiajty employes at the Godfrey anl of the* Alton Box Board GO. Members of the Printing Spec* \fy mid Paper Products Uttibn, waJ 409, set Up pickets at Wld- ght Weaneaday )vhen the two- ear contract expired. Two months of negotiations had ailed to result in an agreement n a new contract* Russell Breckenkamp, business gent for the St. Louis-based union •presenting operation of roto- ravure carton printing, told the elegmph last week the strike was might on by a "mlsunderstand- ng over economics." Breckenkamp and a 'company pokesman both declined further omment on the Issues In the trike. ' i Wrong Faucet; t Girl h Burned WOOD RIVER -'A four- ycar-old girl was burned Sunday afternoon when her mother accidentally turned the hot water faucet on while giving her a bath at home. Laura Ann Hawkins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William •Hawkins, 815 Madison, Wood River, was treated and released from Wood River Township Hospital Sunday at 6:40 p.m. for burns to a large area of her back. IF YOU NEED CASH TO PAY ACCUMULATED BILLS Sec us. We want to serve you. HOWO FINANCE 626 E. BR.OADW AY -ALTON •T%>»1 HOWARD 2-92 18 TOM HOWARD, BANK A TRUST COMPANY IKT Capital and Surplus $2,250,000.00 TIHItn AND DELLE STREETS • ALTON, ILLINOIS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION , MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Every Convenience CHAPEL RECEPTION ROOM MODERN MOTOR EQUIPMENT PARKINQ LOT SLUMBER ROOM PRIVATE FAWl^V ROOMS WITH . AJR-CONPITIONEU Pictured; above Js OUF bqeutu ( ful Chapel . , , a Chapel to give |enign t revfwnpB to any service conducted thjyelp. t Thu Is on^y pne o.J.ttje rnapy extra accommooatjpns thfjt '< are available ^!pp-,;jrpy cal),' on us in your, s tlme «ili ' * •',' f Alton's Only Funeial Home Built Speci/ica/// igr the

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