Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1965 · Page 16
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1965
Page 16
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(l*w«) A6VANCK Bear Facts Connie Cattel was chottn to represent G.H.S. as C.Y.O. Track Queon. ;-- G.H.S. — Joni Campbell It a finalist in the Graduation Sweetheart con- tost. Slic will appear on television again with the other final- k. *' *.= ts tilt t a Ui it-- *-• 1, 11910X1 ' BEST BUY! The Badger Forage Box b 7% ft wide inside strong* framed, fast-unloading, 16 or 18 ft length*. The Badger Forage Harvester, Blower, and Silage Distributor complete the blg-ea- paclty forage harvesting team. Call us for details. HANDLE MORE ANIMALS WITH LESS WORK Lorenz Harms 102 Fairway Dr. Clear Lake, Iowa — G.H.S. — d« Mendiy and Tttesttoy, fhe Camera Club viewed some very etftfcatiotial slides on photography. — 6.H.S, — On Thursday, April 1, fit* can. cert chorus wtmt ttt Mason City to attend n music festival which was held at Newman high school, The chorus received a very high ratine. — 6.H.S. — On £*tiifd*y, April 3, several small groups attended n session of this 'festival at Mason City. The rntings received by these groups have not yet been received. — G.H.S. — Students at O.H.S. were prlvll- cged lo hoar vocation talks given by Sister Mary Francis, 0. S. F., and Brother Thomas Corcoran. — G.H.S. — Many of the buses have had to make detours because of the rising water along some of the roads. — G.H.S. — The latest Issue of the "Star" was distributed on Monday, April 5. Those contributing stories and, articles were: Toni Tucker and Joni Campbell, editors; Pat Crawford, Linda Adams, Ruth Cassel, Joan Kohlhaas, Mary Beth Sterba, Phyllis Lichter, Connie Cassel, Pat McGuire, and Judy Besch." This Issue also featured a poem entitled "The Old Maid" by Kathy Boudcwyns. — G.H.S.— Two sophomore boys, Jerry Hobscheidt and Gerald Bormann, built a scale model of Shakespeare's "Globe Theater." Sophomore English classes arc studying Shakespeare. — G.H.S.— With basketball behind them, the boys are beginning to think of baseball, track, and golf. Coach Dougherty (baseball), Coach Ritz (track), and Coach Brennan (golf) are looking forward to a successful season, — G.H.S. — Major award winners for the 1964-65 basketball season were: Jerry Bradley Tom Derner, Dick Bleich, Chuck Becker, Don Potthoff, Joe Ringsdorf, Bob Smith, Dick Muller and Bill Reding. • Highyielders at normal and high populations -PIONEER hybrids ; , latest official Towa Corn Yield Test* results were reported at both normal and high populations in all districts for the first time. At least one Pioneer entry in every district ranked among the top four yielders at both population levels, A total of 9 different Pioneer hybrids ranked among these top four yielders—three times as many as any other brand of corn, To make maximum profits, you'll want to keep your stand in line with yield prospects. But whatever rate of planting you choose, you can count on Pioneer corn to make top yields ,,, as proven in the Iowa Corn Yield Test. •Conducted by the Iowa State University—-open to all producers of seed. Rankings based on 2-yesr averages, the only results reported. See or call Your Ltcal PIONEER. pj OMer sale»man; §gED CORN R. I. Mawdsley Algona Aaron Steussy ,. Algona Murray Elevator ." Bancroft Ted Hoover, Sr Algona Henry Schroeder Lone Rock Eugene Kollasch Node Walter Yaudt Whitteraore Everett Alk#rso,fi Wesley Carroll Willrett is farmer of the month CARROLL WILLRETT Elevator at Ottosen holds Ottosan — The Farmers Cooperative elevator annual'meet- ing was held April 6 at the Commercial club building. Alfred Schultz, manager, reported sales totaled $1,198,970.28, which was the largest in the history of the business. Net savings were $44,946.89. The elevator will install anhydrous ammonia and have applicators in addition to fertilizer service which includes blending facilities installed a couple of years ago. Percy Watnem is president of the board. The KQTV Chord Huskers quartet sang. Bruce Watnem, Humboldt, a former local resident, is a member of the group. Bridgitte Quinn, Bancroft, winner of the state speech contest sponsored by the elevators, gave her speech. Elected directors are Harley Bruellman, Bill Bennett and Eugene Struthers, Prizes went to Mrs. Victor Meyer, Ed Kemna, Allan Wat- nem, Mrs. Donald Larson, Mrs. Olvin Haug, Ray Frieden, Martin Meyer, and a $25 bond to Howard Thompson. CHURCH GROUP MEETS Lutheran Church*Women met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Ivan Evenson hostess. Mrs. Loren Daniel, vice president, presided. Devotions were by Mrs. Evenson. Mrs. Percy Watnem is a delegate and Mrs. Robert J. LeMont alternate to the May 6 convention at Humboldt. Mrs. Evenson presented the stewardship program with a skit. Others taking part % were Mrs. Loren Daniel, Mrs. Carroll Olson, Mrs. LeMont, Mrs. Darrel Jones, Mrs. Earl Olson and Mrs. Mclvin Ellingson. Mrs. Dean Monsen is a surgical patient at Lutheran hospital. She had surgery March 4. Mrs. Olianna Vinaas had surgery at Lutheran hospital Thursday. The Conrad Johnsons had 12 couples'at a''card party Saturday. Mrs. Mike Frohling, Mrs. Howard Thompson, Allan Wehr- spann, Mike Frohling, and Mrs. Paul Meyer won prizes. The Donald Ushers were Sunday visitors at Harold Henrikson's, Emmetsburg for Mr. Henrikson's brithday April 6. Other guests were Mrs. Wilbur Stone, Rochester, N. Y., the Louis Hen- riksons, West Bend, and Lee Holts, Spencer. The Gary Coopers, Ft. Dodge, and Mrs. Essie Cooper were Sunday guests at Donald Cooper's, The Jim Johnsons, Moorland, were Sunday guests at Conrad Johnson's. The Ralph Coopers, Suther* land, were Friday guests at Earl Long's. The Dean Nilges family, Sum- Carroll Willrett, who lives 3 miles north of AlgOfia on highway 169, has been picked as Conservation Farmer of th^ Month by the Kossuth County SttU-'don- servation District Comftiission- srs. --,', Carroll has bedfl an outstanding conservationist since he ifiov- ed on this rolling farm in Union township In 1953. When he moved on the farm, yields were low; some of the slopes too steep lo go up, down, or over; and excessive erosion was causing loss of high priced fertilizer. He started out cross slope farming but found this would only take care of certain parts of each field. In 1962,- with a suggestion from Julius Baas, Soil Conservation District Commissioner, Carroll made an application to become a District Coop- orator. The application was ap- nrovcd and 115 acres of contouring were completed that year. In 1963 one-half mile of terraces were built, along with the completion of three acres' of grassed waterways. To quote Carroll, "Why fiddle aVbUnd with contouring. If you need 'this type of farming,- you should terrace right from the start." Yields have gone up steadily from 4050 bushel of corn per acre in 1953 to a 90 bushel average in 1964. One of Carroll's recent accomplishments was being picked a county winner in the Iowa 'Achievement Contest for 1964. Carroll and his wife are not the only ones in the family interested in agriculture. They have four children: Judy, now in college; Sharon; Steve; and Bonnie, all of whom are or have been very active in 4-H activities. ner, were weekend guests of her parents, the H. D. Bensons. The Lenhard Holdens were Tuesday visitors at Oscar Hoiden's, Humboldt. The Omer Lilleviks and Orvis Lillevik, Cylinder, and the Tom Olsons, West Bend, were Sunday visitors at Carroll Olson's. Corwith Mrs. Harry L. Maw Livingstons visited Sunday with the Eugene Walt- rijans near Bode. \ Several of the lowana and Womens clubs attended, the meeting at Crystal Lake Tuesday. •. ' u. The C. B. \Meyers, -4 WiUiWi Meyers and Bert Meyers attended the baptismal of Curtis Vance Halverson, son of the Vance Halversons at the Luther* an church at Thompson Sunday} The Clarence Jurgensens spent the weekend with their daughter, Mrs. John Heil, Marshalltown. i v | The Jerry Jurgensens visiied Friday at Harman Kolb's, ijttt mer, l j:| Attending the funeral of : Dr; G. L, Severns were the Paul Houstons, Denver, Colo,, Robteft Houstons, Texas, Dr. Scott Siayr erns, '. New York, Mrs. Russell Rogers, Baltimore, Md., Wallace Daltons, Jeff, III, Lorin Ma$if, Albion, III, Laverne Bests, B(Mr) eau, 111., Rev, Robert Opfqrs'i Austin, Minn., Arch Buntirigf, Jesup, Charles Bunting and Afra; Frank Perkin, Waterloo. Vifl The Charles Hamnis visU^I Monday at John Adams' Sr, The John Adams Jr. family, Marvin E. Meyers, Richard CHURCHILL SCHOLARSHIP Edward 0, Thorlan of Thompson has been named as the recipient of a Winston ChurchhHJ Scholarship. Mr. Thorland is » graduate student at the University of Michigan and one of ten top science students in colleges and universities throughout^ United States selected as * Churchhill Scholar. For pigs from 94 tp 74 days of age NEW IMPROVEMENTS I NUTRENA PRE-SHOAT Improved: 52 Ibs. more pork per ton than previous formula. Improved; new combination of potent disease-fighting additives. Continuous improvements from Nu- trena Research in nutrient balance, palatabi.Uty and performance. Sn y$ tw (rte lullitli u Nutttna Prt-$hoat-16 OirfilMic* Phone 5-2471 Federal tartb !§wa Grain Co, „ Huueni Algoni Sexton were Friday callefs st .tohfl Adams' Sf. fof birthdays of Johtt Adams Sf. and Mrs; Rich* afd Nail The Richard Gourleys moved Saturday to a farm near Masott City. Sunday guests at John Mullin's were Wrs, William Shipmifl faffr ily, and 'the ftiehird Mulllrts, Clear Like. . The Dan Purulas, Minneapolis, spent the weekend with the John Adams Sf« The John Adams Jr. family visited Sunday at Mint Ruse- man's, Titonka. The Hdbert Klyns, Wesley, have a s6n Robert Alan, boi'n March 30 at the hospital at Britt. Vicky Ezarski, Mason City, spent Friday with her parents, the Joe Ezarskis. Carla Ezarski was a guest Sunday, The Oral McCulloughs visit- Sunday with his father, Ward McCullough, patient at the Luthran hospital in Pdrt Dodge. The Charles Hamms visited Sunday at Art Kraft's, Renwick. , The Clair Olsons and Willard Dunfee, Waterloo, attended the funeral of Dr. 0. L. Severns and also went to Fort Dodge to visit their sister, Mrs. Maxine Tegland,.,at the Lutheran hospital, who had surgery. Mary Ellen Oxley, daughter of the IMte Oxleys Jr., is a patient at the Belmond hospital. . , The Paul ParkhursU; Wesley, moved into the -Barrack house vacated by the Earl McCellands, who moved into the house vacated by Mrs. Viola Brown. •The three sons of the John Daniels had a surprise 25th anniversary party Saturday. Mrs. Omer Everett made the decorated the cake. ' The Jim Johrisons visited Sunday with the Gerald Eppens and Gary Eppens at Mason City. Jim Huss was speaker at the Grace Baptist church Sunday. The Husses spent the day with the Jim Zweifels. Cindy Bibrey, Fort Dodge, spent the weekend with her parents, the Earl Gjersteds. Danny Brdwn, Cofwith-Wesley school, spent the weekend with his parents, the Harold.Browns, Industry. • .' ; David Nail, employed in Des Moines, spent the weekend With his parents the Cecil Nails. The Rev. Kenneth Wilhites, son of the Earl Wilhites, moved from Indiahola to Brenner, Ind., where he will be pastor of the First Baptist church., The Robert Barracks, Clear Lake, were Sunday guests at Richard Youngwirth's. The George Glawes, Cecil Glawes attended the home, show in Mason "City Sunday and ; visited the Robert Imaiys. The Albert Fishes were Sunday guests at Arlo Steward's, Duncombe. . . •• i •" • The Albert Fishes visited Friday at Darrell Feti's, LuVerne. f The Charles Browns, Mason City, and Warren Lenzes"were Sunday,. guests at Ma fold flfown's,- IndUstty. Cave Cdieman, LiVefffiofg, visited Saturday at Albert fish's. The Robert Welters, Masdfl City, visited Sfttdfday at .R, C. Welter's. The R. C. Welters afid Tom Welters were Sunday guests at William Welter's, Carroll, and visited the Lyle Gourleyi, Lake City.:.. .. .,-.;,... ;( Sunday guests at Dale Yed* man's were the Lou Hoovers, Burt, Robert Hoovers and Jihi Ryburns, Britt, Lee Williams, Warren Mdntires and William Erdmans for the birthday of Mrs. Lou Moovef. The William Fetts, F. F. Fetts, Darrell Fetts, LuVerne, Don Fetts and Albert Fishes were Thursday guests at Jim Fett's. The Wilbur Merriams visited Sunday at Joe Essarski's. , The John Babcocks Visited Saturday at Elmer Zeiglefs, Ka" u •The C. fi. Meyirs, WllffiMlt Meyers and Bert Meyers and Anri attended the baptismal Sef* Vices fof Cuftis Vatwse, si§B of the Vance Malvefldnr n the Luth§fafl church at fftdnlfwott Sunday. '-* Funeral Homes brnpleitelylAppointed Homes" >' : '•• •'• ^'^i.-'^' 'AT ''*' • " ' I WK^LJBY • TITONKA CORWITH • RENWICX "24 — fcOtlll AMBULANCE SERVICE" Who evtr heard of »n economy tiger? You did-just now. It's called the Pontlac Tempest, A zippy six that thrives on reg- _. ..... ular gas is standard equipment. Feel more,tigerish and still want regular-gas econ- TH8 WIOe- orny? Pick the 250-hp V-8 engine. The price? A trifle, as tigers go. Look into it. PontiacTigers COME TO'TIGER COUNTRY. SEE THE NEW. BONNSVTI^' STAR CTIFF.'GRAND PRIX, CATAUNA 2+2, LE MANS, STO AND TEMPEST SCHULTZ BROS 1009 SOUTH PHILLIPS ALGONA, IOWA MORNINGAUCTION As I have rented my land, I will sell my personal property on the farm located 4 miles south of Ledyard or three-fourths mile south of highway No. 9 and Ledyard blacktop corner, on • ' SM • • BB •' ' "' ' "•••••§}•-,>'•••',••'-.'•• . . • •. • 1 Af A ^1 m^. ^ ^. *m ^ - -, •••'•'•»••'•-• - -• 9:30 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 13 Choice White Face Yearling Heifers and choice quality. ' -• . t Theg;e are home raised cattle and real ' ' 1954 Model S. C, Case Tractor, like new. 1963 Case 3-bottom 14-in, Plow with new style bottoms. New Idea Model 6A Corn Picker. Case 4*row Planter, fertilizer attachments and Cage! hitch, Case 7»ft, Power Mower, New Holland New Style Side Delivery. John Deere 15-ft, Disc. 44'ft Crop King Grain Elevator, good, F 6 Case Combine with motor, pickup and scourclean, IHC 4'section Flexible Drag. McCormick'Deering 244 in. Plow on rubber, New Case Rubber Tired Manure Spreader. 2 Steel Wheel Wagons with hoists, one with wood f latre box and one with steel flare box, John Deere 4-vheel Farm Trailer with flatbed, Binder . Windrower. Clipper Fanning Mill, John Deere Endgate Seeder, 2-section 9-ft, Springtooth Harrow. ISO bales mixed hay in barn, 4on FORD PICKUP, 4 speed transmission, Low Mileage, Almost new tires, Real sharp. TiUMS; CASH *r miki •rrinftmenti with yeyr tanfetr bfftrt ttet Hl». No property to kw removed frsm tht prf. niJitf until ftttM for. Not rtiponiiblt for i$$i^tntf iJifvWiny JOHN KELLER, owner i STATE BANK QF

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