Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 3, 1963 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 3, 1963
Page 8
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TOUT ALf <3N EVENING SAltffifcAY, AWUS* 3, 1063 Lead Pern Plant Gmb fly VtCfOR .._.. LIMA, Peru — Eight paratroop cr-typG Castro agents, all young Peruvians, slipped Into this country some weeks ago. They carried $27,000 in cash. They had drawn tills in Havana. They were not the first such team. They will not be the last. What makes them different? They were caught. Such sabotage teams do not play at international revolution. They pick strategic* targets and lilt with bomb and arson, There is, for example, the raid at Cerro dc .Pasco installations. At about 7 a.m. last pec. 17, a contlgent of miners from the Mining and Metal Workers Federation of Central Peru marched on the company's buildings in Oroya. Until that moment there had been peaceful wage negotiations between the union and the copper, lead and zinc firm which has its headquarters in New York City. But at a signal this band of miners — and no one knows who flashed the word — fought their way past 25 idling guards. One of the invading gang carried a 12 by 4-foot Peruvian flag. He and some of his comrades spread it in a patriotic gesture alongside a • plant wall. Quickly some of the other maurauders, using the flag as a shield to hide them, dug through this well into the compound. Soon they were inside. They made contact with others who had apparently been hiding on company property. They bombed. They put fire to the central warehouse which had stored the vital supplies and spare parts for the mining and smelting operations. This burned to the ground. The cost of this building and its contents was $4 million. Rolled Rocks on Track Meanwhile other units of the well-drilled invaders began rolling rocks down on the railroad tracks and the mountain roads leading to Cerro de Pasco's plant at Oroya. The rail line had to cut service. Fire engines and other vehicles were paralyzed on the steep roads. Other raiders seized refineries, smelters, smaller warehouses and auxiliary plants. The sampling plant was burned right down to ashes. One official report said destruction hit everything in the path of the striking bands of unionists. They held the plant property for three days. In addition to the $4 million loss, the company dropped about $185,000 a day in production. This does not include the cost of re building culverts which were des troyed during the successful ef fort to cut the roads and isolate Oroya — and there was also the cost of nearby oil and gas tanks which were put aflame. The comparative handful of Communists who led the invasion thus were able to paralyze company activities for awhile — and keep some 12,000 men jobless. Mind you, all this happened just as the year-end contract was being peacefully negotiated. This raid was part of the effort to injure the economy of an ally of ours which is having the usual financial difficulties. There were other violent efforts. Over in a suburb, the Bata Rimac shoe company also was negotiating with a union — the shoe workers. Bargaining was peaceful. Sudden ly a band of Communist unionists marched on the plant. They seized it and for two days held management men as hostages. Word Had Gone Out During this period there were also plant seizures in textiles and other industries where the Com munists have powerful blocs. Ob viously the word had gone out But who was leading the raid ing? Who was directing the quasi military operations? Government intelligence people believed they knew. They drag netted the land for Communist of ficials and activists. As soon as these were in jail, the raids stop ped. Now these Communists an being released. More raids an expected on other plants. Lest there be any doubt as l< who the plant-seizure strategist are, I sought out Arturo Sabrosc Montoya, secretary general of tin Peruvian Confederation of Labo (CTP). He explained the Commu nist technique. He said there "i; no doubt" that Castro teams an operating in the country. Some ar to industry. He asserted that the Commun ist technique is to attempt U seize the large union negotiatin committees and then try to stal any peaceful bargaining — espec lally with foreign-owned firms. Mr. Sabroso revealed he ha< evidence that the Peruvian Com munist Party was directly linke to the effort to discourage foreig Investments, And the Castr teams provided the bombs the guns, the strategy and th cash needed for such operations. Other sources said the Cerro d Pasco Corporation had been th qprnmunist, target becuase it ha i[jyegte«| about ?100 million in th to Improve wor ll)e mlne8 ftn Jersey Herd Wins Top Pri&es AtStiClttirFair JERS&YVILLE - During t h e . Clalr County .fair at Belle- lie this week, the Jersey herd lown by Carl Arnold, Jr., of Jery county won top honors. The rd was judged grand champion er all other breeds. Their winnings in classes, in dditlon to champion bull and lampion cow, included blue rib- ons on senior yearling bull, bull alf; two-year-old cow; graded erd; breeders group; two fe- ales, bred and owned by exhibi- r, and one male and one female ny age. The senior yearling bull was lampion bull and the two-year- d cow was- the champion fe- lale. Assigned to Duty At Verdun, France JERSEYVILLE — Charles Dev- ning of the United States Air ommand left Friday for Verdun, ranee, where he will have six lonths of special duty. He has oncluded a 30 day leave spent ith his parents, Mr. and Mrs. earl Devening, of the Ficldon cinily. Following his six months spec- al assignment at Verdun, he will o to a post in Germany where e expects to remain for the next iree and one half years. His wife and their two small aughters will join him in France. Visiting Parents JERSEYVILLE — Mr. and Mrs. obert Schleper and family ar- ved Friday from Pawnee, ans,, to spend a few days with leir parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chars Mashburn and Mr.and Mrs. lem Schleper in Jerseyville. The flashburn's other daughter, Mrs. erry Booth and family of De- dt, Mich., will arrive Tuesday be their guests and will be 'ined here later by Mr. Booth. he Booth family will also spend >me time with Mr. Booth's moth- r, Mrs. A. E. Schlotzhauer in issouri, a former Jerseyville isident. Move to New Homes JERSEYVILLE—Mr. and Mrs. Alexander have moved from 112 West Spruce St. to 129 Rob- •ts. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hand, ho have been residing in an partment at the home of Mrs. arry Springman, will move to e house on West Spruce former- occupied by the Alexanders. Home from Camp JERSEYVILLE — D o n n i e rooks, David Beach, Barbara rotchett, Linda Elliott, D o 11 i e sringhausen and Cindy Beach of he First Baptist Church returned oday from Lake Springfield where hey spent the past week attend- ng the Baptist Camp. Reception Given For Grafton Pastor GRAFTON — The Rev. and /Irs. Kenneth Taylor and daugh- er were honored at a reception 'ednesday evening at the Meth- dist Annex. The "welcome" was given by /Irs. Charles Campbell, president f the WS.CS. Others who spoke briefly were ill Stephens, Mrs. Charles Pelli- an, Mrs. John Bradfisch, Don- Id Pellikan and Charles Ste'ph- ns. Grafton Notes GRAFTON — Mrs. Annie Arold, who has been a medical pa- lent at St. Anthony's Hospital in Alton since July 16, returned to ler home Thursday. Miss Agnes Banfield of Chicago rrived Wednesday to visit her irother and sister-in-law, Mr. and /Irs. Francis Banfield, and other elatives. Major and Mrs. Beorge B. Baxter and children of Bellevue, ^ebr., are visiting this week at he home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Baxter. Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Campbell nd daughter, Donna, and Debra DeSherlia left Friday for a week 'nd vacation at Kentucky Lake, They were accompanied by Mr, ind Mrs. August Stahl of Jersey- ille. To Show Film at Hartford Church HARTFORD — A religious film vill be shown during the Meth odist Youth Fellowship hour at tin ocal church next Sunday evenini Frank Sumner. Special guesl vill be the young people of th Alton Methodist Church's M.Y.F. vhose pastor, the Rev. Melvi: Jyrd, will be the guest speake icre for the evening service i he absence of the pastor, the Rev R. E, George. Guest speaker will be the Rev Robert Krause of Mt. Vernoi Miss Connie Cook is president o the local M.Y.F. group. Weekly Book Review Fi*om City Library B.v DAVID KARL HOLt Librarian "CARAVANS" by James A. lichcnec — Have you ever wit- essed a stoning? I mean a real ne? One where men throw stones t a woman until they kill her? Until there is nothing left but a orpse under a pile of rocks? Did you ever attend a primitive xecution? One where the execu- ioner saws off his victim's head vith a rusty old bayonet? Have /ou ever dreamed of traveling he length and breadth of far way Afghanistan? Wanted to see ts frontiers, the ruined cities, its Vomads? Ever thought of journey- ng over the scorching desert vhere the dry heat will mumify \ dead body in just a few days? Vhere the temperature reaches 30 degrees at mid-day? You will. You will experience this and much uore svhen you read "Caravan." The magic, the mystery, the in- rigue, the sheer excitement of liis far away land is enough in tself to carry you through this book 'til the end. The plot serves is a convenient vehicle to send over almost every fascinating, inexplored spot of this little <nown country in southwest Asia. Vlark Miller, the hero, must earch through the entire coun ry for a lost • American girl. To !o it he motors by jeep into the nterior, crosses the great desert, ind finally gets marooned in a tation called a "caravanserai" icar the caravan route of the toricd "Kochi" nomads. The sights he sees when walk ng with the caravan (contrary to sopular opinion, all members must walk except the leader) are [escribed masterfully as only Vlichener can. The beauty, the najesty of the fabled Hindu Rush ange of mountains bursts forth n a splendor almost too much to 'ear. Memorable scenes—such as he blow-by-blow account of the Afghan polo match between the lorth-of-the Oxus and the south- 'f-the-Oxus nomads — are unfor- ;ettably recorded. Traveling nrough the remains of a mighty ity so old that even its name is orgotten, Miller finally compre- ends the greatness that was once he heritage of the Afghan Na< ion. The City is where the river disappears yes, that's right, the iver Helmand simply disappears nto the desert. No one knows vhere it goes or why it goes. Bridges, which no one can use because the approaches are wash ed out, ancient arches and walls which must have housed millions of ancient peoples, now gone and 'orgotten. All are part of the eternal mystery of Afghanistan. The author does a superlative job if casting the spell, capturing the essence of this memorable land as ie spins the tale. Michener, famous for "South 'acific," and "Hawaii," has writ- en a singular novel in "Cara- 'ans." Another "Hawaii" it isn't. But a best seller, and destined to tay near the top of the current eaders for a good many weeks it s. It has something for every sue, with a little extra thrown in. And it is highly recommended. Wood River Church To Hear Miss Mauer WOOD RIVER — Miss Beverly Mauer, Joplin, Mo., will speak at the 7:30 p.m. Sunday service n First Church of Christ, Chrisian. Her topic will be "Religious ,iterature" and wil pertain to vork being done by the College 'ress, Joplin. Cottage Prayer meetings will be held in the homes of members n East Alton, Rosewood Heights, Family Homes DESIGN 265 Haul* 1,150 Sq. Ft. 12,870 Cu. ft. ferae* 3" *<<< "• Rambling Design, Yet Practical This design rambles as a ranch home should but sensibly and practically. Room arrangement Is planned for efficient as well as pleasurable living. The generous-sized living room, dining area, three bedrooms, centrally located kitchen and two- car attached garage, adds up to a modern home abounding In value. Spacious living room section s separated from the foyer by a double-sectioned planter. The already liberal dimensions of this area is enhanced by open planning and a sweeping picture window with side panels. A. second wall is completely occupied by " a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace. A trellis separates the living room from dining area. Thus, dining area has the advantage of being clearly defined without undergoing the inconvenience of being partitioned off from the arger living room, Another trellis arrangement separates this area from the kitchen imparting an illusion of added dimensions to the modest size dining area. Kitchen's "L" design is interrupted by a door leading to a backyard porch. This is a feature certain to win applause from knowing homemakers. The porch can also be reached directly from the garage. Plenty of wall area is available in kitchen for effective positioning of the various appliances. Cabinet and counter space is available in sufficient quantities to meet the need of the most demanding homemaker. A central hall provides acqess to the home's sleeping quarters. Adequate in size, the three bedrooms have plenty of closet space and each is- only a few steps away from the bath. This plan conforms to general FHA, VA and Building Code requirements. You can obtain building plans with specifications and material list. Boy Cut, Bruised When Hit hy Car Steve Cole, 7, of 2511 Clawson St., suffered cuts and bruises on liis knees when he was knocked down by a car driven by Melvin Speickerman, 3837 Oscar St., on Clawson Street near the boys home shortly after noon Friday. ff•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• BUILDING PLANS • PLAN BOOKS ORDER FORM Alton Telegraph Plan Dnpl. FAMILY HOMES 2000 Alpha St., Lansing, Mich. I want items checked: Design No.: 4 sets of Building Plans & Specifications, with Material List $29.75 ....1 set of Building Plans & Specifications, with Material List 17-95 .... Family Homes Plan Book, postpaid 75 Enclosed find $ for items checked. NAME' • ADDRESS CITY Zone...... STATE... Here's the Answer By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeatures Question: We have some white enameled furniture which we'd like to antique. I understand that a good glaze can be made by mixing turpentine with oil color and varnish. Can you tell me the correct proportions? Also; can you tell me how to do the stippling? Answer: You can make an antique glaze with 3 tablespoons of clear varnish and one and a half teaspoons of oil color. However, do not blend in the varnish until the turpentine and oil color have n mixed thoroughly. The usual been mixed thoroughly. The usual oil color for white enamel is raw umber, which produces a kind of ivory finish. If you wish a darker hue, use burnt umber. The glaze can be applied either with a brush or spray. As soon as it is applied—between 30 seconds and a minute and a half—wipe it with a clean, lint- less cloth, using a circular mo tion. The stippling follows immediately, using a small, dry brush. Although some antique finishes are left that way, they are best preserved by applying To Import Houses PANAMA CITY — Panama will buy prefabricated metal houses abroad through 1965. loxana and Wood Tuesday, Thursday Aug. 12-16 in . . special series of nightly revival meetings at 7:30 p.m. Aug. 18-23 ). Porter Estes, minister, reports 'earl Willis, pastor of the Firs Ihristian Church, Flora, will pre- _ide as guest evangelist. The Kingdom Men Quartet of Lincoln ]hristian College, will be in :harge of music throughout the •evival. Methodist Women Meet at Graf ton GRAFTON —• The Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Thursday afternoon. The program "What Shall We Tell our Children about the Use of Roy ...&„:,, MAGEE! CARPET • ARMSTRONG SHERWOOD'S Floor and Wall Covering 1110 Milton—HO 2-3003 Betlmlto Methodist The Rev, Leo L. Copeland, pastor of Bethalto Methodist Church, will speak on "The Lost Sheep" at Sunday worship services. tried ajKj tailed to cripple' much the central Peruvian economy and drive out American interests which have done so much for the land. There you have the pattern for Latin America. It is replacing sugar as one of Cuba's chief exports. ((£> 1983, The Hell Syndicate, Inc.) ' AltS • YiJuitotS^'v. CVM.J 5 ^' *^ YEARS TO PAY! No Money Down! f Finish Attic 9 Add Room Partitions • Floor and Celling Tile • Any Other Home Improvement! ZIMMER HOME IMPROVEMENT AND HARDWARE CO. 706 Milton f>b, HO 3-0670 J & A Springman DON'T MISS OUR BIG AIR CONDITIONING SALE! NOW GOING ON! Goillrtv. 111. Ph. 466-3431 two coats of clear varnish after :he glaze has dried. (Questions of general interes ,vill be answered in this column However, individual correspond ence can not be undertaken.) Need Some Paint, Nails, HARDWARE SUPPLIES? BETHALTO BUILDERS SUPPLY OPEN SUNDAY 9 to 1 ailllWIIHIIIIHIMIIIIMIIMMIIIMIIIMIIPii i "Add a Room for I Less Than You Think" !K m UTTER BROS. Lumber Yard • ...COTTAGE HILLS! Bronzeglow® Birch for Tomorrow's Kitchen TODAY! You're not dreaming in this kitchen .... it's a drearn come true! The subtle softness and rich charm of the beautiful BnONZEOLOW UlltCH provide a warm "family" atmosphere. Let us show you how this kitchen will look In t your home with our ISOMETRIC PLANNING SERVICE! Do The Complete Job! NO POWN PAYMENT 5 VEARS TO I'AV ALTON BOTTLED GAS GODFREY ROAD PHONE 466*3461 On the Hmise Finish That Attic Now tty WJNALtl It. JBflAN.V j While science continually ireates new wonder drugs that engthen the span of Human life, ittle has been reported on the >rogress being made to extend .lie life of Inanimate objects. Today, almost everything we own, and use, can be successfully repaired thanks to rtew adheslves. By Using the right adhesive, It's no longer neces* sary to discard a broken or damaged article. Amateurs can make like pros repairing, everything from wood, metal, plas* .Ics, ceramics, glass, as welt as most combinations of material. A new book entitled Complete lulde to Gluing tells what, when and how to use new glues in dozens of different uses from concrete repairs to fixing rust holes in automobile bodies. In 32 pages and over 30 Illustrations, the book tells how to repair plastic toys, furniture, waterproof boat hulls, reset broken or loose ceramic tiles, A two- page chart provides a quick cross reference guide to all materials. A case In point is how to install a metal bathroom fixture to plaster, ceramic tile or to plywood; how to Install ply wood paneling, make picture frames, and dozens of other repairs. The Complete Guide to Gluing is the twelfth in a series of handy reference books covering Important home improvements. Others are Book No. 603 How to Build a Dormer; No. 605 How to Panel With Plywood; No. 606 How to Lay Ceramic Tile; No. 608 How to Modernize Kitchen; No. 610 How to In k stall Valartce and Cornice Lighting; -No. 612 How to Build & Install a HI-FI Music Wall; No. 613 How to Build & Enclose a Porch; No. 617 How to Work with Concrete; No. 623 How to Repair & Reiipholster Furniture; No. 625 How to Solve Storage Problems; and No. 631 How to Build a Patio. The Complete Guide to Gluing, Book No. 626, like nil others, are priced at 50t! each. A complete catalog Illustrating 300 yourself pattern projects and home Improvement books Is available at 50c. Send coin, check or money order for books desired to Alton Tele- graph, P, O. Box 215, Pleasant- vlile, Neto York, Add 25n 1! yotl want Special Handling. Copyright 1983, Donald R, Brann WE SELL HEATING HAPPINESS Janitrol ^^ Comfort at n comfortable price is our specialty! $mmmmmfflmr* im *«** < ™ s * mK * CAMP 11120 Milton Rd. Electric \ and | Heating I HO 2-0287 GUTTERS? All W&tk Guaranteed ALTON SHEET METAL 103 Central 402*0(100 YOUR BEST BUY IN OIL-BASE HOUSE PAINT SHERWIN-WlUIAMS SWP 6*95 GALLON HARTFORD LUMBER CO, HAHTFOUD, ILL. Dial OL 4-3022 or OL 4-1821 Firms Build Plant ACCRA — Two American aluminum firms plan a'smelting plant in Ghana next year. 2 on ALUMINUM AWNINGS CALL HO 5-5588 D1ICGCI I Blind & Awning nUOOCLL fill Milton 9th ANNIVERSARY SALE AUGUST 5-6-7-8-9-TO YOUNGSTOWN ALUMINUM COMBINATION WINDOWS & DOORS TRIPLE TRACK EXTRUDED ALUMINUM WELDED CORNERS DOORS . AWNINGS . . S23.50 . 30% OFF ALTON HOME IMP, 652 E. BROADWAY ALTON, ILL. Dial HO 2-9246 12 E. FERGUSON WOOD RIVER Dial 254.0601 BETHALTO LUMBER CO., Inc. 'The Friendly Yard" We deliver on Saturday/ • New Room • Guttering » siding Roofing Guttering Insulation No Money Down LABOR CAN BE INCLUDED Garage Millwork Cabinets 5 Years To Pay — 403 N. PRAIRIE, BETHALTO Phone DU 4-9131— Evenings DU 4-3261 or DU 4-3571 SKELGAS Pure Clean Power 3,113 pounds of fluffy soft clothes. It doesn't take long for a child to go through 8,118 pounds of soft fluffy clothes but it takes mother a long time to wash and dry them. Skelgas can make this task easier. Pure clean power Skelgas can make your clothes dryer work more efficiently and at less cost.,With just one cylinder of Skelgas you can dry all 3,113 pounds of soft fluffy clothes. Be sure to'see your Skelgas dealer, he's your neighbor. ONES, Inc. 911 MILTON ROAD Phone HO 2-2765 i it! Your Friends Will be JEALOUS . of the extra room you added to your home , , . . . . The kids will love it and you'll never miss the easy payments on our home improvement loan. iSOGIATION The "fbne and Temperglure" Corner Wroudwuy ttt Plusu, J'iiono HO fi-7781, Alton, III.

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