Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 2, 1963 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 2, 1963
Page 18
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH DAVIO OttAffE By CfeJg tlesset K&KRY DRAKE By Alfred AiidHola BIG By John dtiUett tVLL&feKfQfM Sl&§eFfH§8<m B'ftLT, LITTLE EVE By Jollin SHOW VDU TO HER PETECTIVES COLT ANP PRAKE/ } APARTMENT ,.WE'P LIKE TO SPEAK WtTH MRS, FERNOLC" ASAlN.. IF SHE PEELS UP TO SEEING- FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry RIVETS By George Sixta HE>ty BLINPEP...PIPNT SEE THE STE6OSAURU5 HIS PATH/ NOW, MR. T/RANNOSAURUS REX, VDU HAVE YOUR. WORK CUT OUT... JOHNNY HAZARD Frank Bobbins TOPPING THE CUFF, KANE STASGERS POWN » EA5V SLOPE* TO A RESCUE STATION,,, PLURT5 OUT HIS UNHAPPV STOR// H-HIS ROPE BROKE,, PUKING NIGHT./ P-PON'T KNOW HOW,,, A SEARCH PART/ FOR THE /WS5/NG 6UH7E 15 QUICKLY ORGANIZE?/ B-PUT YOU MUST TAKE ME ALON<5v,,I'M STRONG- ENOUGH NOW.'ALFREPO W-WAS AW FRIENP,,, PETTEK WE RETURN YOU TO CHALET, SIGNORE.' yOU SUFFER FROM SHOCK TAKE THESE PILLS,, THEY'LL HELP VOL!,,, LATER, POC,,, I NEEP ALL MY SENSES NOW/ LET HIM JOIN US, EMILIO,,, ALWAYS TH^ INNOCENT ONES BLAME THEMSELVES FOR CLIMBING TRASEPIES.' HE MUSI WORK OFF HEES IMAGINARY GUILT,,, THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith SIR BAGBY By R. -and B. Hackney AS HIS PSYCHIATRIST I RECOMMEND SHOCK TREATA1ENT. HO WEFFER/SHOCK TREATMENT CAN HAF ZO—• BEFORE I GO AHEAD I FEEL I VANT TO-TALK MIT POCTOP QUACKENBU5H- DOCTOR QU^CKENBUSH IS YOUR PARTNER? NO, DOCTOR QUACKENBUSH PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates _ . f ...THEN I'D LIKE; CRISP CELERY STICKS/ WHOLE GREEN OLIVES/ CLAMS ON THE HALF SHELL, PHEASANT UNDER GLASS/AND A -r BLUEBERRY TART.' /> </} WE SCIENTISTS HAVE HAD SOME TOUGH ONES TO SOLVE.,. &UT HOW DO I GET THAT INTO A TUBE DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney Pliuibotri by Kl»» yqtum nw you said ft! ...but why? 1 i "TO RUN IT INTO THE GROUND" . . . to carry something to extremes; to overdo any' thing, or to run a business into bankruptcy. This phrase may be of nautical origin, when a novice in learning to sail, or an old helmsman, eager to get home, might overshoot the jetty gnd literally rgn g thip into the ground. fat »•* 8-z THE BERRYS By Carl Grubert ALVIN WAS AT THE MCVIE WITH DOLLY/ BUT VOU WENT WITH RICKY.....DIDN'T YOU? YES, BUT THATfe NO EXCUSE ALVIN SHOULD OF \»« AT LEAST ASKED ME 1/s lil: ' IF I WANTED TO GO/ 624 Beautiful and useful! 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"Tedf You got the raise!" * True Life Adventures -- >L.f^S& E --^^- >uosl<s m 9- ^ T >,~Z' s^: V;W < ^^5S~?i i'43tPH<ll ^""'''"''^'ij , %c. ; ',,.ASJt7 TZETK)BVlr4<S» Hi© PK>]Z^» ,_ -..,« ,-- Iv^ -^ P>NAU,VTlB8Nd «J* 7rtHxf^ M ^ ^ <^ HE ^WAUUaNS HP'1^AVMA?re*Mf 3^i\ :\ •• -csSaigriiaiiii'' .«.> By A. LEOKUiM How Do Bacteria Grow? Win the Britannica Junior 14- volume encyclopedia f o r school and home. Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Cheryl Salvatore, 9, Shrewsbury, Mass. Bacteria are so small, that to give an idea of their size a new unit of measurement had to be invented. It is called the "micron." It takes about 25,000 microns to make an inch. How big are bacteria? About one micron wide and from one to seven mi- icrons long. So you can easily get more than 1,500 bacteria on the head of a pin! ;.; There are three basic types of bacteria. The rod-shaped bacteria are called "Bacilli," the round ones are called "cocci," and the s p I r a 1-shaped are called "spiril- la." Most bacteria multiply by splitting in two. A bacillus may reach maturity and split into two bacilli in only 20 minutes. Now each of the two new bacilli begin at once to repeat this process. 'So if you start with one original parent, you can have billions in bacilli in 24 hours! Some bacteria don't multiply by splitting in half but do it by changing themselves into cells called spores. These snores may develop at once into full-grown bacteria. But if conditions aren't right, they may live as spores for days or even years, before becprnjig active bacteria. ' Now if some particular .kind of basteria cause disease, you can see why it is important to prevent their spread and growth at once. But the truth is' that bacteria do man more good than harm. Bacteria are responsible for the decay and decomposition of plants and animals that have died, thus removing these objects and resotr- ing the llfegiving substances to (he soil. Bacteria are responsible for fermentation producing such things as buttermilk, vinegar, fleeced a,c$s, aj&tj h,e}p In, the making of cheese. Their most important use is in agriculture. All plants need nitrogen to live, and certain kinds of bacteria absorb it from the air and fix it in forms which plants can use. In fact, bacteria helps man by distributing many chemical elements over the earth, So don't think of bacteria as just being "germs" harmful to man! FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Bill: What colors would you suggest for, my boxing club? Mary: Black and blue. Guide: And that is a skyscraper over there. Old Lady: Oh my, I'd love to see it work! THIS PUZZLE BOX This is a picture of blocks arranged in a special way. Can you figure out how many blocks there are in this pile? 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EDKN UKVI81TKD ROME ff — Movie pjjio de-LaurentllS'ha? a crew at w^rk on "THe .Qarden pf E4eR" at-a location near here, to be used in producUon'o|a new Him. "The Bible."'The, icreehpfay written by ChrtetoRher Fiy, re. counts the early Biblical chronology, including creajjoj o| the world, the first beings, Adorn und Eve, Cain's murder pJ! Abel, up to the episode invplving and ht^ brothers. |

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