Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 2, 1963 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 2, 1963
Page 7
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FWfcAV, AtJGUSf 2, .-»,»*„*. •—v» ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Kennedy Vague ChiCrises MAttMW PMMJ' NmM- Analyst T6rt (AP) - presi- He«t Kennedy's very vagueness about two of, his constant head* aches, Fronde and Red China, one an ally* and one nn enemy, show the depths of an American dilemma which may last for yenrs, i, The Chinese Dilemma—What TOOL RENTAL , Salei and Service EXPERT? SMALL ENGINE WORKSHOP Godfrey Ph. 460-0458 GODFREY ROAD W-Mlle North ol. the Plrehoiise to expect whet! the Red Chinese have nuclear befflte, ftllHwtigh they may make plenty &t tttftibte before they do, and tfhftt t6 **• pect when the fffewftit teftetatldft of old-time leaders is gbfte. 1 the Fetish bilewma-^-ttow to get along how with President Do tiaulle, In order to keep the Western Alliance together, and theti ,whal .to expect when tills old-timer Is also gone. Last Monday, a few days after' the United States, Britain and Russia agr'eed to a llhilted' nil* clear test ban, bo Gaulle said he ,would not Join so long as* they continue lo produce nuclear arms. They didn't agree not to. He also said he wanted no part of something else. This was Premier Khrushchev's suggestion of a nonaggrosslon treaty between the Western partners and their opposite number, Russia and Us Eu< ropean satellites. Ever since Monday—and it Is understood I he orders came from the White ^House—the State De parlment has clammed,up on the subject of De Gaulle, saying practically nothing about his obstruc llonlsm, Reporters were told President Kennedy would-do the .talking at his nws conference Thursday. Me 1 talfted but ih^A Very real sense said HdthWg, glvlnf «a htdlcatlon otffltfy has yet flgttfefl out te fet De Gaulle to play ball. wTiat he s^med to e^pfess was FERST-QUALITY EYEGLASSES EXAMINATION, LENS AND FRAMES, COMPLETE ,? o ONLY 9 & Vision OlfocnlR $5 more CONTACT LENSES MONEY BACK $ GUARANTEE 100 •O Proscription Sunglasses Same Low Price! GROWN OPTICAL SERVICE Glasses Dispensed on the Proscription of OR. HOBEHT L. HAND ELM AN Illinois Registered Optometrist ftOB B. BROADWAY — ALTON — 462-7611 OPEN MONDAY & FRIDAY ONTIL 9 P.M. o 4> 4> Waa, this dountiy considering living settle of Its nuclear secrets to be Gau)l6f secrets which might make it Unnecessary for him to test In order to persuade him not lo? Kennedy glossed over this. He said what was already long known: That De Gaulle had turned down this country's offer 6f Polaris missiles, an offer the British accepted, He said this country had made some sugges tlons to De tiaulle about cooperation but got no reply. But .even if the Icy De Gaulle melted a bit, cooperated, and stopped being a problem, tills country couldn't even guess at what 1 might come when De Qaulle,.now 72, is out of Ihe picture. ' . The French 'government has been the most' chaotic and unstable in Western Europe since the War. De Gaulle,had to c&me out of retirement and take over the presidency to put it on its leet. That may be strictly temporary. When he finally departs any orie of a number of things may hap pen: More chaos, civil war, a dictatorship of the right or, left. The Red Chinese, Breaking with Russia and determined to make their own nuclear weapons, not only refuse to Join the test ban agreement but call the whole thing a fraud. Kennedy said he thought It menacing situation that (1) China's population, blgtest in the world is exploding, (2) it is almost surrounded by smaller and weaker nations, (3) U wants war a achieve world eorrimunistrt, and (4) in 10 years or Sd It may be a nutlear power. Kennedy considers all these factors together a "potentially more dangerous situation than any We faced since the end of the war." So he doesn't know what to expect, now or later, bufpartlcular- ly laler When China has huclear weapons. The 'iriginal Chinese Communists, who began their lifelong campaign for the domination of China in the 1920s, are all old or elderly men now. They're dying out. These were the funatlc revolu lionarles who sacrificed every Ihlng for a dream. They've split with Khruslvchev for even talking about getting along with the West. Will their successors, now that the revolution has been accomplished and China taken, feel less like fanatics and more like managers and therefore, like Khrushchev, be more? inclined to preserve their gains than risk them Irt a war? Such a new generation of leaders might mean a less belligerent China. But nozody, including UTTERING VmtingPntnity At Carrollton CARROLLTON — Capt. Robert Thlen, who is stationed at t h e Sfew River Navy Base at Jacksonville, N.C., arrived Sunday lo Spend two weeks with his parents, Mr. and Mrs 1 . Lawrence Thien. dnfrotilon Notes CARROLLTON - Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jelenich and daughters ol New Lennox were overnight guests Wednesday of Mrs. Jelenich's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Clark. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Scott and, family of Broken Arrow Okla., will arrive this weekend to spend H few days with Scotl's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Scott Vincent Geers of Eureka wa> an overnight guest Wednesday o his brother and sister-in-law,, Mr and Mrs. Francis Geers. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Price return ed Tuesday from a vacation in I hi Ozarks. Leonard Thien, Leonard Rawi and Robert Schnelt returned homi Sunday from a 10-day trip to Den ver, Colo'., and Cheyenne, Wyo. Sister Mary Jonella and Sisle Mary Moneta of Springfield lei Wednesday after a visit here wit Sister Jonella's parents, Mr. ani Mrs. Fred Kirbach. Sister Marj Jonella will teach agnin this yea in Paris. Fay Takes Posl N With Machinists Harold E. Fay, 3101 Meridocic Ave., has taken office as busines representative of district No. 9 o the International Association o Machinists. A former recording secretary of lodge 660 of the as sociation, he has been a lodge of ficer for 10 years. Kennedy, is betting on it. didn't even mention it. CoL Quick ftetif es From Armed forces CARROLLTON — Lt. Col. Guy Quick has retired from the armed orces and he aftd hi* wife and hlldren are guests of Mtt, Quick's mother, Mrs. S. t*. March. For he past four years the Quick amlly has been In Hawaii, They have not made, definite plans as o where they will reside in the uture. Hospital Nate* CARROLLtoN - Admitted to Boyd Memorial Hospital Wednesday as medical patients were Mrs. Bessie Thlel of Carrollton, Mrs. Nell Skeele of Kampsville and Mrs. Ora Raffety of White Hall. Admitted Thursday as medical pa- Greenfield Oitiiiei 4 Marks Anniversaries GREENFIELD - Mr. and Mrs. Lee Witt entertained at a family dinner Sunday in celebration of the birthdays of Mr. Witt, Mrs, Clarence Cunningham, Greg Witt, Andrew Dalton, Richard Dalton, and Mrs. Mabel Btanhan; and the July wedding anniversaries of Mr, and Mrs. Kenneth Bowman, Mr and Mrs. Charles Witt, Mr. and Mrs. William Witt, Mr. and Mrs Clarence Cunningham, and Mr and Mrs. Frank Witt. Another son and daughter-in-law, S.Sgt and Mrs. Robert Jay Witt of Sun nyvale, Calif,, who also were mar ried in July, had planned to to ients were Joe Langer Sr., of p rese nt at the reunion but wer Carrollton and Mrs. Mary Jean Larsbach of Hardln. Mrs. Tracy Ziegler of Kane was admitted for surgery. Dismissed Wednesday were Donald Barnett of Piasa, Cecil Folios and Edward Hobson of Carroilton. Clarence Laris of Carrollton was dismissed Thursday. Jersey Legionnaires At State Convention JERSEYVILLE — Calvin Powel, incoming commander of the American Legion Post, Harold Goodman, senior vice commander of the 20th District, Ernest Ferenbach, poppy chairman, Russell Cox, adjutant of Jerseyville, and Jim Cox of White Hall, assistant sergeant-at-Arms, are delegates to the Department of Illinois American Legion Convention in Chicago which will conclude Sunday. Goodman is serving on the delegate at large committee and Cox is on the Americanism committee for the state convention. Mr. and Mrs. Goodman, Mr. and Mrs. Cox and Mr. and Mrs. Ferenbach went to Chicago Wednesday and Mr-and Mrs. Powel and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cox went to Chicago Thursday. nable to attend. Greenfield Noted GREENFIELb - Mr. and Mrs. Don Luketich and Craig, Stan, Chris, and Claire Ann, of Denver, Colo., arrived Thursday to spend .wo weeks with Mrs. LukeUch's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell Shields, and with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Luketich in *o>cana, Mrs. R. 13. Ellis, who accorm>an led Mrs. Walter Llberttiaii of Ml ami, Fla., on a three-week vaca tlon trip to the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole, Wyo., and Sun Valley, Idaho, returned horn Tuesday. They also visited will former college friends at Gran Island College, Nebraska, in Ar kansas and Nebraska, and' wit Mr. and Mrs. John Stout, forme residents of White Hall, In Den so fiwrtg -fbc-ttess Soaks Automatically 1BB8. Bureau ofAdverthilno. ANT* k""" J i''-- "'*$ "'•*'! ', , :H'/'^:/i'ii:*l ( ef, Colo. >tit. and Mtt, S*m ffwrttMl t nd sons hav* foeen Spfcfidlnl W«tf vacation with Thornton'! Mrs. Vittce Manjuess ana n Cowl Gablea, fla« They also visited MM. 0. P. Maftilltdfl |n titadentottfl, Fist. ,,;,<' RANGOON'— The „_ of Burma has refused tojWna- tionaliM 14 fottSltft Helps You Overcoma FALSE TEETH Looseness and Wer*y No longer b» »nhdy*d 6» fMl lH**t» ew« btcltirt of.lnoM. wobBIj MJM teeth. 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