Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 1, 1963 · Page 27
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 27

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1963
Page 27
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THUftSDAV,- AUGUST 1,1063 ALfON EVENING PAGfaJ President * Addresses Lutherans , fiish p>ei!&nt fiCMw told ihe Ltntoifati World Fedora- tloti Wednesday hlgfit It Acquires treat talth to tefflalh friendly Mh those whose "outlook Is different from one's &wn,'> "This is What we must learn If we, the human face, wahl to avoid fatal,disruptions and ravages of nuclear war," he told federation officials and others gathered in Helsinki's exhibition hall. Kekkonen spoke at the large public Session following the first day of regular sessions at the Lutheran assembly. It was held to Introduce the Finnish people to the Lutheran visitors from around the world. Of Finland's worshippers, 93 •jjer cent are Lutherans, but the president also paid homage to the 80,000 - member Greek Ofthddo* minority. Rekkonen warned that fear of destruction is not enough to bridge the barriers that separate peoples today. The real In centive is an ethical belief In the fundamental value of all human beings, he said. Lotiattofi He said Finland's stattis as a borderland between East and West, has not only led to wars and destruction, but "It has meant new tipportunitles, given us new strength." The 11-day assembly started with federation executives regretfully noting some "absent friends." They were Hungarian Bishop Lajos Ordass and many Easl German churchmen who had btew maWr-ld dbiwfti «at fwrfi their gmrieffiiiients., Of the &• feast German Lutherans ttbm- iwated to. go,to the assembly only $4 had beeft able to Come, feder- rteaMS'noted. , 'All/65 nltmber ehufches were represented twwevef at the open- Ing. ' •';' Hie assembly received a, message .of bfiit wishes frofti the Archbishop t>! Canterbury.* In Its afternooH plenary session the assembly Voted to accept 11 Hew churches^-elght of them Af- rlcan*-whlch had sought federation * member ship. With a combined constituency of 160,000, they boosted the federation roster to comprise W churches from 38 countries. Only the two controversial Soviet •* Baltic churches of Latvia and Estonia, and the South Afri< can German - influenced Cape Church, drew, about a dozon negative votes out of 264 cast. The Latvian and Estonian churches are opposed by their exile counterparts In the federation. They contend they alone rep- resent the Lutherans if! home countries. • At a news conference Wednesday, the two Soviet - approved archbishops, Jaan Kllvlt of Estonia and GtistaV Turs of Latvia, declared they felt wholly accepted in the Lutheran family* Bishop Turs maintained (here was full religious freedom in Lai* via. The Latvian, church is the largest of the newly ^ admitted members with-about 400,000 parishioners. The central Lutheran doctrine of justification In relation to today's world, was discussed by noted German and Swedish theologians. ' Dr. Gerhard Gloego of Bonn University spoke' on "Grace for the world" and t)r. ttelge Bratl- gard of Goteborg lectured on Faith without deeds." Both speakers Contended that many questions, are raised among Lutherans about how this doctrine shall be interpreted. COPENHAGEN — Denmark has freed grapes from Import bans. $22,000 in Historical Society Till EDWAftDSVILLE — Madison County businesses, industry, labor unions and organizations are responding well to the appeal for funds to establish a new county historical museum, Mrs. Harris Bllxen of Edwardsville said today. Funds now total over $22,000, with 65 per cent of the drive completed. A goal of $34,000 has been set by the committee. The- new museum building, purchased Mondny, is one of the oldest houses in the county anc is located nl 715 N. Main St. in Edwardsvillc. The structure wll house collections of the Histori cal Society presently located in the courthouse. Current total from Alton Is $3,716. An offer from an Alton Charges Filed Agaimt Three After Fracas EAST ALTON — A man and two Women signed complaints against each other as a result of a fracas outside Joe's Tavern on East Alton Avenue Wednesday at 1 a.m. in which one woman claimed she was struck with a car radio antenna, police reported. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ull, 232 Victory Dr., East Alton, were releas- ed.on $50 bonds after pleading not guilty to charges of disturbing the peace Wednesday at 4:15 p.m. in the court of 0. W. Vernor, Wood River police magistrate. Mrs. Mildred Ruble, 116 Bond, East Alton, signed the warrants against the Ulls In which she al leged that she was attacked by Mr. and Mrs. Ull and Mr. Ull resident to re-landscape the museum's property and work on brick' walls is not tabulated in the t6tal from Alton. hit her with his fist and a caf radio antenna. A man who was parked In his car outside the tavern while his wife was inside purchasing candy bars, told police that he tried to Stop the fight. His Wife told police that she saw Mrs. Ruble lying on the ground when she came out of the tavern. Mrs. Ull signed warrants aginst Mrs. Ruble for destruction of property and assault in which she alleged that Mrs. Ruble tore her clothes broke two windows in her car and pulled the car's radio antenna off the vehicle. Boy's Condition Good After Surgery Little Mark Andrews was reported in good condition today following neurosurgery Tuesday at De Paul Hospital in St. Louis Mark, 4, entered the hospita July 23, his mother told the Tele graph today. The four-year-old is the son o: Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Andrews Jr. 21 Southmoor Place in Godfrey Rock Spring To Get Six New Lights Six additional street lights and replacement of two others with lights of higher dandlepower will be provided for Rock Spring Drive, north of Brown Street, Under a plan approved by Alton City Council last week. Union Electric Co. has been notified to make the installation under its franchise contract, and has given assurance that, it will proceed with the project as early as possible, said Public Works Director Paul A. Lenz. Plans for the lighting improvement were made by the public works director at request of the council's street lighting committee headed by Alderman James DAILY DATED to assure you of FRESHNESS! Stays freth longer, too ... with Its new polywrapper . . . reteali taiier to maintain aM of, fes fresh goodness. Regular 25«-Men. , - •' • - SPECIAL VALUE! WHITE BREAD ••f your free copy of th» MW 1964 PLAID STAMP GIFT CATALOG KM giant color pagts of gtff* for you. JUMBO 24-Oiince Loaves r Lamb Roast Fre sii — NEVER FROZEN Taste the difference "Super-Right" freshness makes! These Choice lamb tegs ha^e never been frozen—and that's what makes the difference. You'll be proud to serve "Super-Right" Leg O' Lamb. 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Lenz said today that, the eight new lights ordered will all be of 300 candlepower, and will be Installed at average intervals of about 300 feet. The two lights to be replaced arc of only 250 candlepower. The improvement will Increase the number of lights between Brown and College Avenue to about 11. The lights are to be placed so as to spread the Illumination as far as possible, but. Lenz pointed out. extensive tree trimming will have to be done in connection with the program in order to give desired light clearance. ' Both at the Brown and College intersections there are 1,000 candlepower lights. Chesterfield CHESTERFIELD — Friends here have learned of the death of Lawrence Skinner at his home In Florida. He is a former resident of Chesterfield and is survived by his wife, Mrs. Imogene Crandle Skinner, tsvo children and a sister, Mrs. Hazel White of Springfield. Funeral services and burial was in Florida. Rev. Paul Parker of New York is a guest this week of his grandfather, A. E. Hall and wife. Other guests in the Hall home have been Myron Parker of Buckner, 111., and Mr. and Mrs. Willium Goans of Wood River. Mike Bowers of Arizona is a guest of Mr and Mrs. J. R. Pursey. Mrs. Samuel E. Burns accompanied by Mrs. Melvin Dams and sons were Monday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dugan and son, Douglas, in Bethalto. Mr. and Mrs. Wendell A. 'Dams and daughter, Carol Ann, accompanied Mr. and Mrs? Rolland Shive and family of Wood River to Pearl, 111:, Sunday where they attended the Turnbeaugh reunion. Miss Elizabeth Wade left Tuesday for Wilmington, 111., where she will visit her niece, Mrs. Curtis Eldryd and family. Mrs. Clarence Dowland is a surgical patient at Carlinville Area -lospital. Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Hart of Normandy, Mo., have been guests of relatives here this week. VIedal is Found LONDON — The heirs ol a, British General report that, they recovered from a pawnshop the illustrious.^oldier's Victoria "Cross medal-which had been stolen 17 years ago last month. 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