Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 1, 1963 · Page 25
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 25

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1963
Page 25
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; AUGUST 1,1963 ALtOM EVfcNtNG PAGE Hospital • Kotes ' •• Community nev. David H. Endres, Batchtown Mrs. Robert Spring, Hardin StltlOlCAL tionnld Howell, Jersoyvlllo Mrs. William .T, McKlhnon, Hnr din Crnlg Brnkeflold, Elsnh Hugo Drainer, Floldoti Mrs. Co.rl Borry, Kiuic Si. Anthony's Auto Stolen in fieiltttUo Recovered * BETHALTO «• Aft automobile stolon In Bwhallo Sunday night was recovered lil Fidelity by the CflWfity ShertU's chieiof Beihaito Police tlte auto, belbflglng to Elrnef IMren, 428 §l6ridaft SI., waS taken whcft Heerefl left It outside the store 6ti Pfnlrie Street to go inside imd turn off the lights for the night. Chief Tlsdel said the auto has been returned to Heeren. VIENNA — Austrian grain Irn- porters predict a record year. Hrtgrit id Apjirnr tit Mtfiilieello GODFREY —Cliff Hagen, star frontllnnr of the SI. Louis Hawks, will conduct a basketball clinic here on the Monticello Plaza Shopping Center parking lot Tuesday evening. All yoimg cage hopefuls in the area -are invited to attend t h e clinic. Edivardswlle Hospital Notes KDWARDSVILLK — Two area rrsirJrnls wore ndmitted Wednesday to St. Joseph's Hospital, JMugler, 2-W Unroln; James Johh-jdticis are wanted ih SpflW. ^^ Highland, and five patients were discharged. Admitted were: Edward Clarkin, 1304 Randle; Miss Knthryn Codiran, 401 South Buchnnan. Discharged were: Mrs. Minnir MADRID - More rubber son, 135 Ann; Robert Gosffftlt, Montolnlrn; Mrs. AdalljM ciki, We. 4; Emtfi 1'2'M Emerson. Emmetl Malone, .1523 Ensloti Mrs. Kate.E. Burgess, Dorsoy Calvin Reynolds, 254 Edwards, Wood River Mrs. Ruth E. Evans, Hurl ford DISMISSALS Adrian H. •-White,,2000 Wllkening Mrs. ,Bonny Vuger, '112 Rozlcr Mrs. Tlieresa WttHoh, 119 7th, Wood River Kennclh A. Kesslnger, Rte. 2, Godfrey Mrs. Anna M. Hovey, M57 Williams, Wood River Mrs. Charlotte ,1. Nosbitl, Cottage Mills Kevin Denton, 32!) Colliding, Easl Alton John T. Thorp, <1G5 George, Wood River Mrs. Elolse F. Watson, 3313 Leo Mrs. Bessie A. Evans, 1910 Washinglon Alton Memorial MISDICAL Wiley Daniel, 217 Wisconsin Joseph Curdle, 1910 Park Ave. Mrs. Bertha Yoxall, 3065 Alby Markc llondly, 2700 Walnut Lewis Bensman, 1'I21 George SUIH1ICAL Martin Deck, 1038 Lucille Mrs. Wilma Szegedy, Bclhallo Judy A. Noel, Collage Hills Mrs. June Harris, East Alton Mrs, Kalhryn Combs, Edwardsville Mrs. Anila Wevlin, 1211 Henry Elmer Graham, Wood River Mrs, Gcschc Lolz, Easl Allon Kenneth Long, SI. Louis Ivan Smith, Edwardsville DISMISSALS Richard Cliarow, Jerseyville Kalhy Brown, Jerseyville Jo Ann -Brumley, Wood River Mrs. Amanda Matteson, 1917 Central Mrs. Marjorie King, 2712 Brown Andrew Stout:, Godfrey Dr. Alfred Kuenzli, 2302 Fairview Mrs. Marilyn Pope, 1659 Washington Mrs. Shirley Bollard, 1 Jerseyville Mrs. Marilyn Shotts, Collage Hills Mrs. Palriela 1 Lischmann, 2432 Henderson Gerald Loy, 2345 State Luther Diserens, 3622 Thomas Monia Ilarlmann, While Hall Nathan Patterson, 3025 Fernwood Dnrlene Ewing, 301 Dry Carl can Meeks, 3171 Paul Larry Bopp, Godfrey Miss Ada Pallon, 10 E. Delmar Mary Tolora, Wood River St. 'Joseph's' MEDICAL Mrs. L. Helen Beecker, 2230 N. Rodgers Mrs. Betty Klopfer, 1111 E. 4th Wilbur Rundle, Edwardsville Waller Figge, Edwardsville David Bockslruck, 1750 Liberty Ernest Springgale, 3104 Forest Edward Womack, 3128 Lawn SUKGICAL Mrs. Ruth- D. Billings, 2617 Walnut Mrs. Enima • Manescalco, 711 E. 7th Vincent Taulli, 1226 Garden Phillip Hopley, Graflon Roy Donald Moran, Cottage 1 Hills Mrs, Katlicrine Christoe, 1214 Washinglon Anthony H. Meyer, Rte. 2, Jerseyville DISMISSALS Mrs. JoAnn Brinkmah, -Meppen Mrs. Janice Brown, Edwardsville > William Cope, 217 Mildred Mrs.". Verna Dorsey, 535 Acton Terry Fail-less, Rle. 1, East Allon Joseph Fischer, 1114 Douglas Mrs. Robert Godwin, 2405 LaSalle Alfred:Greene, 1903 State Miss Lola Harrison, Rte. 4, Godfrey Mrs. Janet Kidwell, 416 Ohio, East Alton Mrs, Marie Kiel, Rte: 2, Godfrey Mrs. Phyllis Manns, 3300 LaSalle Dr. Mrs. Frances Pedone, 3501' Gary Ralph Schmidt, 1205 Douglas Mrs. Rosemary Stephaj|, 707 Norlhdalc Miss Janice Strowmall, 1203 Diamond Andrew Vcnhaus, 720 E. Sixth Mrs. Jacquelyn Wilson, 469 Sullivan Dri Mrs. Mai'v Wilson, Plasa Wood River Township MEDICAL Jackey Dean Dillon, Hartford Archie L, Mitchell, Wood River Mrs. Isabella Adams, Wood River Lee 0. Looper, Godfrey Mrs. Helen R. Redcnbo, 3217 Duco SUKGICAL Daniel B, Bosse, 1324 Brushy Grove Edgar A. Hannold, 302 Whitclaw DISMISSALS Edgar H. Thompson, Hartford Connie Dale Jamison, Cottage Albert S, Williams, 103 N. Main Mrs. Georgia Mndge Eledgp, Rte. 1, Dell Ave., East Alton Ralph E. Parks, Taylor Springs Emerson Chllders, Clarksburg, W >Vo. Mrs. W. Marcelln Grills, 111 Dudley Dr., Alton Miss Virginia L. Berry, Hartford Mrs. Flora M. Modrovsky, Beihaito ^ Miss Gladys A. Miller, Dpw Mrs Solla ^. Rieken, 026 BOW- man, East Alton George c - Rtefcen, 62G Bowman, Mlss 8 Donn" R. Fluckus, Hart- lord 'ADOPTIONS FRANKFORT, Ky. # - The Kentucky Child Welfare Depart, ment placed 367 uWldren tor aaoption during "» e last Ilscal •year, the lilgUest number on lor the »ge«ey. OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL 9 PM!' ttSi SHOP KROGER AND RECEIVE A Retouched ff'xIO" With nurchan of $1.00 or mofc In meat, produce, and grocery items, you will receive upon request, a certificate for 'flO" black and white retouched portrait regularly priced at $6.95. This certif cate entitles you to have a portrait taL Id your choice of any of eight professional studios. For full details vis.t your frumdly Kroger Store. U.S. Choice—Tnndcrny Brand Chuck Steak M, 59c U.S. Choice-—Tendorivy linuid Shoulder Steak M, 69c Krcsh, Lean Ground Chuck u, 69c U.S. Cholcn—Tenderer Brand Ttonlon Roll Pot Roast -. ib. 79c Mi-nl Items nolcl n« ndverllsed. Outstanding Lamb Values U.S. Gov't Inspected Cared For Genuine Rprlnt T/amb Leg 0' Lamb ........ ... M,. 69c I^aml) Loin Chops ........... u. $1.09 Lamb Shoulder Roast Buddig Quick Sliced Smoked Beef . ________ n*. 39c Sliced Turkey _p k ,. 39c j Rib Chops ........... „ i*. 99c fcarnb— Hone-In Stew Meat .............. i*. 25c tb. 45c Fix Specialties SHccd Corned Beef .........PX». 39c Sliced Ham .. ....... ...m. 39c Whole Fryers Lb. Pros-Shore—Peeled and Deveihed Shrimp Avondale Kidney Beans .......... 8 <',;,!:• 88c Kroger Pork and Beans ....... 8 ^ 88c Kroger— Whole Kerne) or Cream Style Corn . . 7 Gold Corn Avondale Cream Style <•:;',; 88c Avondale Peas Avondale—Cut Green Beans Kroger AppEe Sauce 303 cans 303 cans 88c 88c Spinach Tomatoes Kroger Good Quality .7 7 7 303 cans 803 cans 303 cans 303 cans : 8 Varieties Swans Down Cake Mixes 3 „ 880 p KSS. Kraut 7 N ";,;T 88c Kro ire r Small Peas4 ^ 88c ; Kroger—Freestone Peaches... 5 N ^. 03 88c Kr«ger : -Sliced Pineapple 5 n^ri,,. 88c K 100 Extra Top Value Stamps with this coupon and the purchase of a "-Ih pUff. of Kwick Krisp Bacon Thick or Thin Sliced Coupon expires Snt. "Icbl, VALUABLE COUPON K 50 Extra i Top Value Stamps \viili Hilfi coupon oiid the pui'Ohane (jf one pUjf. of Kro wet- Iced Tea Bags 10«-vl. nk«. »Ur or ('oitpoii nliovc expires Sixt. nichl, Anstist H, I9BH. Spotlight Bean Coffee Mix or Match — 88c Bakery Sale Visit Our Fine Dairy Department 8-Ib. Bag $1.45 i' renoh Brahd Coffee „.. n't 55c White Rraarl 20 ~ oz - DlCdU Loaves Sandwich ESpAOfl l}z~LI}- DlCdU Loaves, or Sandwich or Wiener Buns P S £. and Kroger—Plain, Sugared, Cinnamon, and Combination Donuts For Pkgs, Kroger — Midget Longh Cheese (l/2-Lb. Roll Kraft—Grated Parmesan Cheese Margarine 3 88c Raskju. Cream Cheese ....... 2 49c Regular, Drip, or Fine Grind Kroger Vac Pac Coffee .. .^ 63c 3-ib. can $1.19 Kroger Patio Buns 2 **>• 39c 60 Extra Top Value Stamp Sticker on each package of Krog-or—Deep Butler Pecan Coffee Cake Baoh 59c 100 Extra Top Value Stamps In each package of Kroger—Golden Sno or Chocolate Devils Food Layer Cakes Each 69c Bathroom Tissue .^ Aurora •* *»«•, I!IC White, Pink, Yellow, and Lavender Summer Fresh Fruits U.S. No. 1—Cardinal Red Grapes — ». *5c U.S. No. l—•Tliompion Seedless Grapes _. i*. 29c U.S. Wo, J— Extra—Southern—JfrewUime Peaches ,..„ ....2 tb». 39c U.S. No. I—Tree Ripened—CiUIJornl* Freestone Peaches Z u» 49q Bluo. Ued, and Yellow California Plums po,, n 59c Fruit Pies Lemonade Banquet—Frozen Cherry, t\p|i!e, or Peach l 22-oz. Pies Kroger Frozen 8 0-oz. GQ( cans VffCU French Fries Kroger—Frozen Rogulur or CrinUlo Out Waffles Kroger Frozen 9-oz. pkgs. 5-oz, Pkgs. Erubjiwy —Plain Queen Olives 3'U'88c Bin baa iy -S in fled Manz. OlivesS V» 88c Kroner — Barbecue Sauce ............. 3b"u?; 88-oz. bottlo 4l(c Krouer Jellies ....... _... 3 !£? 88c Ap[tle, Grapt* , Cticrry, njid VALUABLE COUPON ,, K 50 Extra 2 |, Top Value Stamps willi ilii> cuuiii'ii and the ptifchaKt. of 15-07.. can Ituiil Ant-Roach Killer—69c AiiKiisi :i! 'iniiii. Klderherrj Ma Brown Apple ButterS 't" 88c COUPON V— K 50 Extra 4 Top Value Stamps VM!|I ihitt iM)ii|iuii and the [Mirclia.Hii of :; hcnda of Iceberg Lettuce rmipnn r.\pirfn Sut. lllKllt. J urn bo 27 Size California Cantaloupes . Tomatoes Frwh, Tender _ _ Bibb Lettuce ............. i* 29c Froth, Twty Blueberries ........... 1 *. $1.00 Vorli-Rlp»Wuiub 0 8 .Ut Honeydews O.S NO. 1 - SlIllgTHJKl Nectarines ............. n .». 49c U.S No. 1 — \Vasl) m^lon — RJlanrt -rr**wum» Apricots ............ 2 »>« 39c 14-lb. ln« ---- »'4.48 D.S No I — New Crop Wealthy Apples Lb PoBM 59c . Sweet Corn ........... 5 ^ 29c Hoina Grown \

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