Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 1, 1963 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1963
Page 22
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AL-WN , AUQUSf i» 1963 Quality Control in Canning By fcDlftt Mi 11 you have ever visited a can- tiiftg fadtoty, as I have many limes, you must have been impressed, as I have been, with the quality control that is exercised by these companies. The proced- tire Is Hot only 1ft the Intetest ttffMtovofabie effects. Probably the the consumer but of the cahniiig In this cdttipetitive world it is necessary for every company 'to prepare quality products for marketing. It is many years since the Word "botulism" has been used other thati in scientific reports. It seems to me that It is at least thirty years since it has made the headlines. It took almost half that time for the food product with which it was Wild Rice Is Great At Parties By UNCLE FRANK KOHLER (Chief Sldllcteer) Ultra Ultra Outdoor Beef Kabobs These are great indoors, too, but distinctly terrific for an impressive outdoor party. Wild rire makes the menu colossal — but you can use white or brown rice, or a mixture, if you prefer. The kabobs are best served when un- skewered onto beds of rice. For 4: 3 pounds sirloin steak, cut in IVfc-inch cubes l /z cup catsup % cup Worcestershire 1 teaspoon Tabasco % teaspoon salt % teaspoon chili powder 8 small cooked white onions 8 medium-size mushroom caps 8 tomato wedges (or tiny whole tomatoes) 8 thick cucumber slices 4 canned or frozen (and thaw ed) artichoke hearts 4 pineapple chunks 4 crab apples ! Vi cup melted butter j 3 cups cooked wild rice (or as above) 1 cup flour 1 cup soured cream Put the meat cubes in a deep dish. Combine" catsup and next five items and mix, then pour over the meat. Let marinate in the refrigerator ' for at least 6 hours, turning every hour or so. Drain the meat thoroughly, saving the marinade, before undertaking the final assembly. If you haven't the brandied fruit, you can drain canned fruit and let stand 3 hours. Thread the assemblies on large skewers, alternating meat, vege tables and fruit as you like. Brush the kabobs generously with melted butter as you broil them about 5 inches above good coals. Use the marinade for the final several brushings. When meat is nicely browned, make a sauce by blending the flour into the remaining marinade, cooking and stirring until the mixture bubbles, then stirring in the soured cream. Correct the seasoning. Unskewer the kabobs on hot plates, on beds of rice as suggested, and serve the sauce with the assemblies. (© 1963, N.Y. Herald-Tribune. Inc.) associated to recover from the unfavorable publicity, although only a small shipment was concerned. Naturally the consumer has been worried although millions of cans of the same product had been sold and there were no best way to guard against any anxiety is to purchase tried and true brands. finked tuna With t'licrsc- 4 tablespoons butter '1 tablespoons flour % teaspoon salt % teaspoon pepper 2 cups milk % teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1 cup (>4 poundf grated cheese 2 pimientos, cut in small piece; 1 (13-ouneel can iuiia fish Melt butter, stir in flour, salt, nnd pepper, and when well blended, add milk slowly, stirring constantly over low heat until mixture thickens and boils. Add Worcester shire sauce. Add cheese and stir until well blended. Add pimientos and flaked tuna fish. Mix well, pour in greased l l /2 quart baking dish and bake in moderate oven (375 degrees) 15 minutes. Serve with buttered noodles. Yield: G servings. Fish Cutlets 2 cups (1 pound cooked or can- ned fish) t cup thick cream sauce 1 teaspoon Worcestershire saure Vfc teaspoon pnprika 2 teaspoons lemon juice 1 Jablespoon chopped parsley 1 egg,'slightly beaten 2 tablespoons water Fine, dry crumbs Remove bones and skin from tish and flake. Mix cream snuce with seasonings and blend with fish. Chill 1 hour. Form nto cutlets. Dip in slightly beaten egg diluted with water, roll in crumbs, and fry in deep hot fat (375 degrees) 3 to 5 minutes, un- 11 golden brown. Drain on soft paper. A small piece of uncooked macaroni may be inserted in the end of each cutlet before frying. Serve-with egg .sauce or tomato sauce. Yield: B servings. (© 1963, (lenernl Features Corp.) tt'fnppwl Olives Before-dinner party appetizer: slices of bacon wrapped around large stuffed olives and broiled. Kerp the bacon in place during the broiling with toothpicks. Don't Mix Them Note to new cooks: egg yolk contains fat and not a speck ot it should be allowed to mingle with egg whites that are to be beaten separately. • CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE BRAND - POLtiKU'S—MAXWKLL CHASE & SANBORN—OIJJ .JUDGE DINING OAK—MANHATTAN With $10.00 or More Purchase! HOMEMADE PORK • SAUSAGE 4< $1,00 mm ^•••••••^•(^••••••••••••VV **^**ma^^mmm^^mmmm^^—*mm^^~^—^^—«« « j,\J SGRD, CHUCK ^el STH a "d <VALBV Alton's finest j LIMIT OPEN 8 A.M TO 6P.M FRIDAYS 8 AM. 9 P.M PIECE Braunschwelger • 39c WHOLE OR RIB HALF KREY'S THICK SLICED ROLLED LAMB BONELESS GOOD FOR BAR-B-Oing I HOMOGENIZED With $1.50 or More Purchase. LIMIT 3 HALF GALS, Butter Bread With Cinnamon Is Tasty Snack By EDITH M. BARBER Healthy children are naturally hungry between meals. Mothers usually take this for granted j and even if a good breakfast has been eaten, cheerfully answer the cry for food between meals. , While the children would probably prefer a sweet or a "piece" as it used to be called, they will settle for bread and butter especially if jt is sprinkled with sugar which may be white or brown. One mother makes this a treat by marking it in squares which the children call "windows." They will not be concerned if a good margarine replaces the butter for they certainly will not notice the difference with the new improved quality margarine generally used today. With the trend toward avoiding cholesterol, every effort has been made by manufacturers to produce an acceptable spread and a solid shortening. A solid fat is preferred for use as a shortening in cakes and pastry in the interests of texture of the final product while the liquid fat is just as good for frying and sauteing. SPECIAL CINNAMON TOAST 6 slices bread 2 tablespoons butter J cup sugar 3 teaspoons cinnamon Remove crusts from bread. Crearn butter, add sugar and cinnamon-' and beat until creamy. Spread mixture on bread and cut Jn finger lengths. Bake on a sheet in a moderate over (350°) 10 to 12 minutes, until bread begins to brawn. r J8 finger Jenths. AND "WINDOWS" sliced bread with soft butter or niargarlne. Sprinkle with granulated or IUW and mark into with e sharp knife im, HUNT'S BRAND 1! No. 2'/2 Cans FOOD KING g UL&U . . WITH $1.50 OR MORE PURCHASE • TIM 9 5 eg 49c • « • • • L Size *tv brown • NEW FROM NORTHERN 5 AMRA TISSUE . 4 ^ 49° SHURFRESH SALTINES I CHACKERS .... 19c STARKIST CHUNK STYLE BREAD . SANDWICH Z Loaves 39 C BISCUITS .SHURFRESH .... 3 Cans Z5 C FOOD KING SALAD DRESSING . BREAD & BUTTER PICKLES . . . DOZ. • HOME GROWN TOMATOES 1 HOME GROWN WEALTHY APPLES LB. 4 IBS, 10 ^^^^^p ^^^ C I IW.ITIM WOW f f M FIRM, RIPE CANTALOUPES 3 kg CQc §lw JI3F t FROZEN FOODS "Zephyr" 6*ot. can Makes One Quart 4N6W ClOf CHEDDAR Cheese Orange Samoa PteHweet Cut Com Brussels Sprouts " enw " f ONION RINGS ' com to-ot. »k. 27c WM ' ' AUL '' ^ 27c Well Aged Ib. 59 "ECCO" Mb. COTTAGE CHEESE Cream Cheese, Kraft.'* Deluxe Slices BRICK CHEESE 'SS Naturftl CMCTIMA S0(m OKBAM OIVICIIlHM DRKSSINO '^pU 1 35c '/i-ib. 4| c pk. ~ I *• 8-01. CHEESE SPREAD sr Piedmont Farms Imitation 2-lb. loaf C W. Buns 2*39' Hot Dog or Sandwich Style WITH COUPON BELOW WHITE SLICED C. W, BREAD FRENCH BREAD EARBECUE tfc'-lb. loavat 43c FAVORITE MB. or- loaf *OC BARBECUED Look Wha* A Dime Buys! Campbell's TOMATO SOUP No. 1 can A. Beauty Spaghetti -• 6*01. phg. A. Beauty Shells or Elfaos — A-oi. K. Pharr Butter Beans •• 300 can Toytown Golden Corn -• 12-oz. can Tender Pack Potatoes -• 300 can C. W. Salt - 26-ox. box Jergens Bath Soap K. Kitten Cat Food •• 15-ox. Softex Napkins - 60»et. Ad Book Matches - 50-et. Crackers "Good Taste" Serve With Soup! l.-fc. box 19 CAKE MIXES Pillsbury's White, Yellow, Devils, Double Dutch WITH COUPON BELOW 3 HAM <NO LIMIT) "OFFER GOOD IN OUR 2602 State St. Store ONLY" FRI., AUG. 2ND 11 A.M. TIL 7:30 P.M. SAT., AUG. 3RD 9 A.M. TIL 5:30 P.M. CHARCOAL 44 Kingsford 10-lb. Briquets bag With Coupon Below Paper Plates 3-97 "Platticoat" Luau design, 9 inch, will not absorb hot foods. With Coupon Below Royal Crown COLA Fresher Tasting KOTEX Regular or Super 79 III "GOOP 1 HAND CLEANER Contains Lanolin 14-oz. can 49 Gerber's BABY FOODS 6 oz. jars 16-01. boh. Tni ftlTV GROC co JRI-CHY COUPON Worth 28c Toward Purchase of PILLSBURY CAKE MIXES 3'"-'We White, Yellow, Devils, with Double Dutch coupon Limit 1 coupon per customer with additional $1.50 or more pur- choto of meats, groceries or produce, not Including clragoltei Of any couponed Item. Coupon expires aftei Wed., Aug. 7. *• Customer mutt pay sale) tax involved. f MILNOT 10' tall can Instant Dining Car Coffee 12-oz. J' ijlt 'Silver Dust • *- ,-f ui'UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUOUUUuJUUUUWJUUvUI--. Giant 8lc ACTIVE 10-lb. box $2.29 2 - 69c 77c 3-lb. box Worth 15c Toward Purchase C. W. BUNS HOT DOG OR with SANDWICH STYLE coupon limit t coupon oei cuiiomn with additional $1.50 or more pur* chain of meats, groceries 01 produce, no) Including clragellet or anv couponed Hem. Coupon expires after Wed., Aug. 7. muil pov lalet sTOBreeze VIM Giant 8to TABLETS Lux Liquid Dial Soap 8-lb. box $2.15 22-01, 63o 32-ox. 87c 40-oz. box 12-oz. bot. 69c 37c "PRINCESS 1 TRI-CITY COUPON Half Gallon $1.19 Worth 15e Toward Purchat* Kingsford Charcoal Briquets With Coupon 10'lb. bag 44c llmll 1 coupon pti cullonm w|lh addlllonol H.JO or moft pur. than p( mtoli, groctrtti or produce, not Including c!fag*M»i ot . anv couponed lltm. Coupon «*plr»i of)«r W«d., Ayg, J. Swan Liquid Handy Andy 22-oz, 63c quart size 12-01. bot. LIQUID 28.o», bot, "EASY MONDAY'" quar t Half Qallon 39p b'ot., 73c 37c 69c 2tc ||lfi|jfl|p!!is^?iSPl!* fliil.l I Y ^AMMIHO Worth 5Pc Toword 9-Inch Plastic Paper LUAU Design O 30'Ct. Wit* Coupon Ophgj. T--.. ,„.,,, ,,i »il«ptr with c<i^|llenol tl.jg »r ««ri ,„ (hsii «< •toll, oroefil(i or slt^tt, aol loclvdlng t\tguUu 01 •«v iwuwtfl 1 Id*. C«vpa« i«plr«i «llt. ¥?,()!, T Auj. 7 SPRY ?-*'O*|i <m oi mm Hjr IttU. .„-... .M.

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