Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 1, 1963 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1963
Page 8
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ALTON South Roxami Homecoming To Feature Country Music ROXANA — Country frntsie will dominate fhe theme of ttW free entertainment to be featured throughout the three-day l8th annual homecoming celebration Sponsored by t h e Dad's Club in the South Roxana Dad's Club Park! Country Cousin Lcc Mace and his fairted O/ark Oprey Company from 't)Sftge Beach, Mo., will be the attraction Sunday with three shows, the first of which will start at .6 .p.m. Traveling with the trptipe are the popular comedian "Mighpockets" McCoy, who will also Cllt some capers with Myrtle !n a comedy skit; Luther and Goo fer, the guitar picking, singing comedy lea'm; Dona Russell, fiddler and Impersonator; Dillard Stamper, comic, vocalist, and jig dllneer; and others. Little Jirrtmie Dickens, popular radio and television personality, will head the program Saturday with renditions of some of his well- known recordings of country and western music. Joe Grdenwell and I he Sunset Valley Boys, regulars on Central- la and Alton radio stations, will entertain each night and will be joined by the Skyles family for the Friday and Saturday programs. The Skyles family has gained wide spread acclaim as talented musicians and vocalists. Ma and Pa Skyles and their six youngsters, ranging in age from five to 14, will be on hand to entertain and to provide music for dancing on the huge open air dance floor. HiRltliEhting tonight's entertainment will be a one hour concert by the 528th U.S. Air Force Concert Band at 7 p.m under the di- eclion of dipt. Bennie Manisealco; and associate director CMO Hiram Allen. William Hanfelder. program c h a i r m a n. • reports the latest schedule of events calls for a matinee Saturday itnd Sunday from 2 until 5 p.m. during which time all rides svill be reduced to '10 cents for the youngsters and three complete shows will ho presented each evening. The event will open at G p.m. Friday and at 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Police protection will lie provided around the clock Ihroughout the weekend festivities. Strike Up the Band TOTOVVA, N.J. (AM—Abandoned stores, empty churches and unused union halls are among structures that have been converted into theaters. Now a bowling alley has been taken over. The Gladiators Music Arena is being operated here in a building put up two years ago for kegler tournaments that failed to draw expected throngs. As a 2,000-sent playhouse, a series of comedies and musical shows are scheduled for exhibit through Labor Day. Buddhists Protest American Attitude SAIGON, Viet NAM (AP>— South Viel Nam's top Buddhist priest complained in a cable to President Kennedy today that U.S. Ambassador Frederick K. Nolting Jr. is not reflecting "the understanding and good will of the American people." The cable referred to a Saigon newspaper story that quoted Nolting as saying he had seen no evidence of religious persecution in South Viet Nam. Nolting could not be reached for comment. However, he has not denied the accuracy of the quotation. Tension between Buddhist leaders and the government of President Ngo Dinh Diem, a Roman Catholic, has been marked since May S by various bloody incidents. Nolting is scheduled to complete his assignment in Viet Nam later this month. He will lie replaced by Ambassador-designate Henry Cabot Lodge. nvk TEAMS TUCSON, Ariz. UP) — The Tapai family of Tucson likes Softball. Father Juan plays for a team called the Sugar Addles. Mother Eulalia plays for the Roses. Daughters Genevive and Irene arc with the Princesses; sons Jaime and Armando play for the Crusaders and son Ralph is a member of the Twisters. Funds Restored For Electronic Research Center WASHINGTON (AP) -Revers ing a previous action, the Senate Space Committee restored today a $5 million authorization to start building a $50 million proposed electronic research center for the space program. Sen. Clinton P. Anderson, D- N.M.. chairman of the committee, said the action probably means that the center will be located in Boston, although he said this depends on later decisions by lx)th Congress and space officials. The committee action was a victory for President Kennedy anr; his brother. Sen. Edward M. Ken ncdy. D-Mass. Earlier Sen. Clifford P. Case R-N.J., a committee member, hac announced that the Senate space group had rejected the $5 million fund to start the Boston space center which the President pro posed last January. Anderson promptly noted thai this action was tentative and hac been decided by a 6-5 vote with several of the 15 committee members not recorded. Anderson refused to make kpown the new vote. MayRest|me Race Picketing -U ^i_X ''CHICAGO. (API—The Congress of Racial Ecfuallty has renewed ts threat of picketing agairist the Chicago school board. CORE last weekend, in an agreement with board president Clair M. Roddewig, called off its pickets in return for a chance to air its charges of school segregation to board members. Roddewig, Superintendent fien jamln Willis, and three board members spent two hours listening to CORE complaints at a meeting arranged Tuesday. After it Roddewig promised to relay the grievances to the next formal meeting of the 15-man board Aug. 14. Wednesday, CORE sent Roddewig two telegrams—the first listing old and new charges of racial discrimination, and the secont saying Roddewig's answer to the first was unsatisfactory. It threatened renewed picketing. Specifically, the first wire de manded that five CORE complaints be put on the formal agenda of the next board meeting. These were; 1. Rescinding a June 10 school rcdistricling order which 1 CORE says was designed to maintain segregation. 2. Allow any student to enroll in any school In the city. ?,. Remove mobile school units in\a South Side Negro neighbor- hofoi..... ' 4\ Assign two prtftclpals*-one for lower grades and one for upper grades—at the Beale school. i .Integrate school faculties a«d administration. The telegram also asked Roddewig to take immediate steps In stopping construction of a second mobile school unit, obtaining the dropping of charges of pickets ar» rested two weeks ago itt siMnf at the school board office, and furnishing full information on present school boundaries and capacities. Roddewig answered in a wire that he had already given his word Id do something about some of these complaints, and coulr not act on others. CORE responded with the sec ond telegram threatening re newed demonstrations. ! WASHINGTON (AW-*A -Louis- lle lawyer said loday irfespons- ble Negro leaders are as much a! cause of racial unrest as prej- idice or misunderstandin 'Jack M. Unvery Jn, who rep- csenls clients Ih the taVefh nnd 'estaurant Industry, told the Mouse Civil Rights subcommittee hat militant Negro leaders have tield back racial progress in Louis vllle. LoAvery said Negro demonstrations were useful In the beginning In' providing an impetus toward EVERYBODY UEADS PAl»ER JERUSALEM (fcsraeli Sector) I — The Israelis like their news papers. The tiny 15-year-old state only has a population v of about . 2';i million, v but it has 25 dally'newsi papers, 60 weeklies, 140 f ort nightlles and monthlies. The dailies are printed in He brew. Gei-man, Arabic, I-Iungar ian, French, Polish, Yiddish, Ru maninn, English and Bulgarian. ONLY FRIGIDAIRE OFFERS YOU PORCELAIN EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR Thriftiest FRIGIDAIRE Porcelain Enamel 2-door! Mod* PFD9-13T-1 13.24 CU. 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A third Southerner, John M Coe, PeHsfldola, Fla. attorney supported the bill, and urged Its voting section be expanded to covet state, as well ,as fklera Ofeefie i schools, leatlief-baokclf WfMPM found the! supeflttterffl^t's court office rlfltlfif Jraw to the 18 Mel yeaffe &, 111., ahd ItiS-extafisft^Were $2 Me ftquanrteferl 78 oefite on arj flee spittoon and Steffi two blj fof fl i flue Chlnil has r leased to ; Itidfft lh%last of II prisoners of ,'wrtf ;ftur>iberiri| Ik ••* "*- ' 1 323 Belle St. 508 W. Delmar Alton Plaza Wllihlre Village Washington Square Drug Stors FULL SINK SIZE, POLYETHYLENE PAN Compare at 98c SALE! EVER-DRY ROLL-ON now Anti^Perspirant 1 00 m Deodorant REGULAR'(PRICE 2.00 SAVE $1.00 MAX FACTOR . SALES- EVENT ' {special luxury sites 12 oz. SKIN FRESHENER A refreshingly cool lotion that stimulates anctreflnes the texture of your skin. REGULAR 2,50 VALUE •NOW 1 50 12 oz. 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