Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 31, 1963 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 31, 1963
Page 18
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ALTON EVENING TELEGftAPti WEDNESDAY, ,tUL¥ 33, 1063 lit Golf finr nln tWNEDlN. PI*. Palme* hfts tvon a reeiDt-d In 17 golf tournaments this yeaf artd young Jack Nickiaus Is not money. Third 0*1 the HM 6f Top Ten money winners released by the Professional GolfeW Association IS jUllus BofoS, With $69,9 Fourth Is Tony Lema \vith $62,51' and fifth is Gary Player will $48,775. _ FINANCIAL STATEMENT or tftK MABISON COttNTV, ILLINOIS ^'AfiClf 2 1 ?, too* id MAftCfi 20, ih t, AT AM^ ofcMfcttAL ASSISTANCE FUND BALANCE — 3-2t-62 ««., ........ , .......... , ..... ' ' " ' 23.491.53 EXPENDITURES' - to 3-25-63 .$ 24,667.93 . 24,246.59 BALANCE — 3-26-63 ..... , Outstanding obligations subject to adjustment by state ntidll f AUl'EU FUND 10(12 — inos FROM WHOM .$ .$ 421.34 3,008.87 MINOR LEAGUES fij flits AssociAttcB PRESS Intt-ftwuioiwil ix>ft£ne Buffalo 3-4. Richmond 2-8 (both 11 innings) Rochester 4. Jacksonville 2 Toronto 4, Atlanta 1 Arkansas 8, Syracuse 4 Indianapolis. 10. Columbus 3 Pacific! Coast IxmRtie Spokane 4, Oklahoma City 2 Seattle 5, Hawaii 4 Portland 8, Tacoma 5 Dallas-Fort Worth 6. Denver 3 Salt Lake 15, San Diego 12 Put-doit Fbf- Mutt PARIS — A French dog owner vhose pet was put away has isked the government to clear he dog's name posthumously. Medical Facilities Are Concentrated in Chicao CHICAGO (Special) world's largest concentration' of medical facilities is located in IIU inois — and the University of III- nois in its backbone. Located on Chicago's West Side, IIP University's Medical Center Campus has a plant value In ex- -pss of $42,500,000 and 0 staff of ibout 2,500. Student enrollment is consistently around 2,000. The health of the people of Illinois is greatly dependent on the university's facilities at this cent- r — facilities which rank high AMOUNT ' from Neva Zimmerman ...... $ 15,000.00 Yil M rtt M~ ....,_.*« u ....j .1^1 nitiu * • t • * »<n .LtJ,(^\Jl/.UU JUly 3, Tax Turn over from Neva Zimmerman \ 942 95 Dec. 31, Tax Turn over from County Treasurer 2.331.73 1963 Mftrcb 14, Refund from Bunker Hill Relief Office .. March 15, Tax Turnover from County Tfen.s. Final March 21, Refund from Bunker Hill Relief Office .. March 25, Refund from Food Bill 25.00 4.141.85 25.00 _ _ o^i on T, J. Clifford Krug, Supervisor of Godfrey Township'do hereby certify that the foregoing statement Is true and correct to the best, of my knowledge. Witness my hand this 26th day of March 1963. J. CLIFFORD KRUG Supervisor of Godfrey Township Subscribed and sworn to before me this 26th day of March 1963 MARY ELLEN KUHN Notary Public My commission expires May 10. 1965 Godfrey Township Expenditures For Pauper Fund Mary Ellen Kuhn Director of Internal Revenue St. Joseph Hospital Alton Memorial Hospital Godfrey State Bank Nelson Hagnaiter Streeper Funeral Home Herbert A. Kassly Funeral Home Fashion Lane Dept. Store Cliff's Service Station Wlardein Pharmacy Thrifty Drug Store Reese Drug Store Yungck's Drug Store Campbell's Pharmacy The Prescription Shop Upper Alton Pharmacy Dr. Clarence Horton Fichtel's Market Wegener's Elm St. Market The Kroger Co. Tri City Grocery Co. Uptown Market Pearl Market Goldman's Market Paul F. Davis North Alby Market Godfrey, Food Shop Rain A.-G. Food Mart Clay East Supply Co. St. Louis Children's Hospital St. Anthony's Hospital Dr. P. J. O'Neill Dr. Maybelle Williams Dr. Robert Lynn Dr. M. I.-Davis Kendrick & Lindblad Dr. William Hays Dr. G. V. Ellis Salary Income Tax Hospital Bills >r tt Anticipation Warrant Assistance to Relief Burial Bal. of Funeral Exp. Clothing Fuel Oil Drugs Services Food Orders Fuel Hospital tt Services Glasses Services Bill $1.048.00 192.00 3,104.97 1,582.62 6,067.50 471.50 240.00 39.00 22.7S 9.00 193.05 14.75 57.37 2.50 16.40 8.70 65.04 451.00 385.00 262.50 690.00 338.49 6.404.1G 160.00 250.00 75.00 86.00 20.00 10.00 105.00 267.95 850.71 201.95 35.00 5.00 200.00 115.50 4.15 24.00 50700 Financial statement of tin; Town of Godfrey Madison County, Illinois Mnrch 27, lf)62 In March 20, 1983 General Fund Balance. 3-27-62 Receipts 31,111.54 Total 37,940.76 Expenditures, 3-27-62 to 3-25-63 DATE Kurolpt-s For General Fund FHOM WHOM June 8. Tax turn over from Neva Zimmerman $10,355.05 AMOUNT $ 5.000.00 T h e in education and treatment. The 82-year-old college of medicine, for example, is among the top three in enrollment of the 86 United States medical schools. About 1,200 physicians ahd scientists — including more than 800 who serve without pay — comprise (he college's faculty. The college of dentistry, whict was founded in 1892 has graduated over 3,000 dentists, and each year opens its nine clinics to treat hiorc than 10,000 patients. The college of pharmacy is the Only pharmacy school in Illinois and one of the four largest among 76 colleges of pharmacy In the United States. More than 5,500 pharmacists have graduated from this college since J859 and niosl of the registered pharmacists in Illinois have received their education from the university. The college is located in a modern nine-year-old $5,540,000 building, $6,829.22 27,585.71 July 3. Tax turn over from Neva Zimmerman 13,930.77 Dec. 5, Tax turn over from Countv Treas. Doc. 31, Tax turn over I !Hi3 Mar. 18, Tax turn over Rental from III. Boll Telephone Boottt insurance Claims Hall Rentals 4,4:",S..r, from County Treas 2,668.27 from County Treas 4,782.81 13.25 153.00 I. J. Clifford Krug, Supervisor of Godfrey Township do hereby certify that, the foregoing statement, is true and correct to th'e besl ol m.v knowledge Witness my hand this 26th day of March, 1963. J. Clifford Krug, Supervisor of Godfrey Township Subscribed and sworn to before me this 26th day of March, 1963 Mary Ellen Kiihn, Notary Public SEAL My Commission expires May 10, 1965 GODFREY TOWNSHIP EXPENDITURES FOR GENERAL FUND Financial Statement of The Town of Godfrey Madison County, Illinois 1962-1963 BALANCE RECEIPTS TOTAL EXPENDITURES BALANCE Road Fund $410.69 44,188.56 $44,599.25 41,702.30 $ 2,896.95 ROAD & BRIDGE FUND RECEIPTS 1962-1963 Neva Zimmerman, Tax Collector Tax turnover County Treasurer . " " Alton Water Co. Ray Block Marcal Paving Co. Alton Banking & Trust Co. Keller Place Ass'n. Miss Hotz, County Clerk Special Bridge Fund Miss Hotz, County Clerk Robert Koeller Redi-Mix. Inc. Permits Culverts Rental Anticipation Warrant Tile Race permits Transfer MFT Refund Services Repairs & Rental $14,025.89 5,517.38 42.00 135.95 36.00 8,000.00 67.41 150.00 15.000.00 983.93 25.00 205.00 $44,188.56 I, J. Clifford Krug, Supervisor of Godfrey Township do hereby certify that the foregoing statement is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Witness my hand this 26th day of March. 1963. J. CLIFFORD KRUG, Supervisor of Godfrey Township Subscribed and sworn to before me this 26th day of March, 1963. MARY ELLEN KUHN, Notary Public My Commission expires May 10, 1965. GODFREY TOWNSHIP ROAD & BRIDGE EXPENDITURES 19(i2-]!)63 H. C. Holladay Ronald Mottaz Harold E. Horsley J. Clifford Krug John Barcelona Robert L. Copley Dale Kennedy Clifford H. Lee Mary Ellen Kuhn Eldon Williams Jr. Georgia Fairbanks Ruby Gentry Dana Williams Clara Radcliff Mary Ellen Kuhn Robert: Koeller Eugene Walters Godfrey Post Office Alton Water Co. Union Electric Co. Illinois Bell Telephone Alton Telegraph Printing Co, Millers Mutual Ins. Delano Insurance Agency Norton & Allen Inc. Leo Pohlman Insurance Agency Garella Pest Control Co. Thomeczek Oil Co. Alton Bottled Gas Godwin Office Supply Co. Byers Printing Co. Office Machines Exchange Adams Printing Co". Internal Revenue Service Treasurer of State of 111. State Employee's Retirement System Social Security Unit J. & A. Springman Inc. Hoff Electric & Heating C. T. Perotka Godfrey Food Shop Mel's Hardware Overhead Door Co. Robertson's Painting & Dec. Godfrey Twp. Utility Board Alton Home Improvement'Inc. Township Officials of 111. .. C. J. Schlosser Burrough's Corporation Alton Secretarial Service Inc. Garrard Publishing Co. Storm's Inc. Addressing Mach. & Sup. Co. Salary Legal Salary & Expense Salary & Expense Auditing Auditing Auditing Janitor Salary Salary & Expense Deputy Assessor Deputy Assessor Clerical Work Deputy Assessor Salary Moderator Moderator Postage Water Bill Service Service Printing Insurance Insurance Insurance Insurance Services Fuel Oil Gas Office Supplies Election Supplies • Office Supplies Printing Income Tax Reg. Fee Social Security Materials Electrical Equipment Repairs Bulbs Materials Door Painting of .Town Hall Sewer Contract Storm Door Membership Auditor Service Service Legal Handbook City Directory Equipment GODFREY TOWNSHIP SPECIAL ROAD OIL FUND Expenditures $4,495.87 . 1,200.00 1,357.24 3,368.58 232.14 188.59 217.61 920.44 240.00 3,998.11 387.50 307.50 169.53 605.47 24.22 14.53 14.53 64.70 80.46 763.61 231.45 192.60 11.24 ,177.55 407.67 877.21 35.00 266.21 596.21 17.29 120.52 246.92 103.05 1,495.67 10.00 1,104.41 94.39 860.59 29.55 .99 1.56 664.63 467.00 350.00 39.47 40.00 115.00 10.50 2.50 24.00 41.60 300.00 The college of nursing is one of three accredited collegiate programs in Illinois leading to a baccalaureate degree. The college began 11 years ago with 12 students. Now 55 new students enroll 105.11 eacn y ear . The university's research and educational hospitals in this three- block Chicago complex include a 14-story $6,500,000 building plus a neuropsycliiatric building, an orthopedic section and an older four- story hospital section. These hos- pials provide over 600 beds and 30 outpatient clinics. More than 24,000 patients are treated annuaK ly by emergency service and the hospitals operate at a year level of 170,000 patient days and 190,000 outpatient visits. • In addition to these outstanding | research educational and teaching facilities the campus includes a $2,250,000 medical research laboratory which houses over 10,000 animals, and 'a $400,000 aeromedic- al laboratory for studying effects of the physical environment on health and disease. Information discovered through research in the aeromedical lab has been of great aid in recent United States space efforts. A new Illinois eye and ear infirmary which will be staffed by university of Illinois personnel is now under construction at the campus as is a six-story medical science addition to the college of medicine. These facilties are all located in a 305-acre area in Chicago's West Side where one of every five physicians in the United States has had some part of his training. §t Glair Publishers Sue County BELLEVILLE, III. (AP)-A pe tition for a writ of ttiandamtis filed by two St. Clair County publishers, seeking to compel the county Board of Assessors to pub lish assessment rolls in newspapers was scheduled for a hearing today IH' Circuit Court, The suit was filed by Arthur D. Jenkins, publisher of the Mascoutah Herald and Kenneth Moll- trtan, publisher of the Millstadt Enterprise, to prevent the assessors from carrying out their nounced plan of notifying taxpayers of their assessments by postcard, rather than by publication. The county Board of Supervisors said a savings of about $40,000 could be realized by the use of postcards. The use of postcards would cost approximately, $16,000, while publication costs would be around $55,000, the supervisor said. The suit contends that the assessors are required by statute to publish the list of assessments In 'one or more newspapers of general circulation." Stale's Atty. John M. Karns Jr., expressed the opinion that notification by postcard would be legal. Karns said he will represent the Board of Assessors at the hearing before Circuit Court Judge Harold 0. Farmer. Showers Predicted For State By Tttfe AsSOCtAtEb Thundershowers moved across lorfhern Illinois today and the Weather Bureau said most sec* Ions of the state will get rain today, tonight and Thursday. Except screened off where rainelouds the sun, tempera* REGGIO CALABRIA—A Coco ?ola bottling plant is to open near this Italian city next year. tlfes again mounted to the tippet 80s. Increasing humidity added to he discomfort. Forecasters sketched a seasonable weather pattern for the first ew days of August: temperatures •wining up to the middle 80s to ow 90s In the afternoons and ailing back to the low 60s to low Os range at night, and sporadic bowers adding up to one half to ne inch of rain, Moline and Quincy had 90 de- ree readings Tuesday, and Chiago, Peoria and St. Louis 81 Overnight lows held at 70 or higher around Chicago, Quincy, St. Louis, Moline, Springfield and Paducah. McNainara Begins West German Visit BONN, Germany (AP) - U.S. Secretary of Defense Roberl S. McNamara arrived today for a three-day visit to West. Germany. McNamara and the West German defense minister are expected to discuss America's nuclear role in Europe and the proposed NATO nuclear strike froce. Gen, Hurley Dies at 80 In Bantu Fe % SANtA FT2, Patrick J. den. (AP)-Mnj, Hurley, Work: War 11 ambassador who elalmrr lhat U.S. State Department policy contributed to the Communist conquest of China, is dead at the age of 80. Hurley died In his sleep Tuesday night at his home, apparently of a heart attaek. Me had hot been 111.:, The tall, gregarious soldier and diplomat began government service as a private In the Indlnn .errilory volunteer cavalry In 1902. Before he quit in 1945 us am- mssador to Chnlng Kai-shek's government and retired from the Army, he had been secretary of var lit President Cabinet and roubleshooler for Herbert Hoov- a diplomatic P r e s i d e n I Frank D. Roosevelt. Three times after resigning his China 'post, Hurley, a Republican, ought election to the U.S. Senate rom New Mexico. Each time he vas defeated by a Democrat. Hurley's wartime role in China got back in the news in March of 962, when the Stale Department elcascd its secret China, papers •f 19-13. The papers Included a repott rom Hurley to Roosevelt saying hat Chiang Kai-shek -has grave doubts about attending the Yalta onference with Soviet Premier oseph Stalin because of Stalin's leslre to communixe China. Hurley quit in protest when Vlbricht May Curb Travel Of Americans BERLIN (At»)«4)ft8t Gerrrtaii Communist boss Walter ulbiieht Accused Woslefti mlllMfy forces lodny of Illegal speculation In Ensl Berlin and Indicated he might try to restrict their movements ih the Communist sector of tile city. Ulbricht made the accusation before the En&t German Parliament. Ulbricht In effect accused the Western forces of buying goods In East Berlin for East marks bought In West Berlin at tt rale more favorable titan the official exchange. Ulbricht did not say whether his regime'Would attempt to prevent Western forces from entering the Communist part of divided Berlin or would try lo search them on entering. American, British and French soldiers can move freely between Easl and West Berlin, provided hey are In uniform. They are not subject to search U the crossing point in the Ber- In wall. This Is based on four- rower agreements. •olloe fltmrd MF'fl IBADAN — Native Ire at the Nigerian government has reach>d a point where a police guard B posted around Parliament. President-Harry S. Truman implemented the Yalta agreement, mder which Russia entered the var against Japan. He called the greement a blueprint for a Communist victory in China. Chester Jenkins Raymond Chambers Thomas White John Thomas Moore Thomeczek Oil Co. Monarch Road Machinery Co. Mississippi Lime Co, C. M. Lohr inc. Edward Jenkins Transport Clearings of St. Louis Mary Ellen Kulin John Fabick Tractor Co. H. A. Grabbe Const. Co. State Employees' Retirement Internal Revenue Service Central Sales The Blair Agency Bardale Equipment Co. Alton Auto Electric Co. Charles Springman Charles F. Carpentier Saale Bros. National Auto Supply Co. Highway Equipment Supply Co. Alton Industrial Towel Co.' M. C. Slater Alhambra Rendering Co, Dan's Brake & Shell Service Flynn Drainage Products Co. Godfrey Shell Service B. F. Goodrich Store Clay East Supply Co. Springhaven Development Co. Oakwood Used Auto Parts Trio Motors National Gould Auto Supply Co. Illinois Bell Telephone Co. Pearl Holladay Waters Blacksmith & Welding Vogelsang Standard Service Hyhdman Ice & Fuel Co. Lawson Welding Co. Hoeffken Bros. Alton Appliance Co, Custom Built Lubricants Co. Norton & Allen Insurance Co. Alton Telegraph Printing Co. The Climax Co. Alton Banking & Trust Co, Labor Gasoline Hydraulic pump Rock Labor Freight Repairs and Parts $3,293.62 2,297.51 2,605.21 1,563.42 1,113.07 127,87 1,748.26 4,113.38 487.95 6.06 3.03 2.524.6G Xsnders Alton Bottled Gas Co. Carl N^hem The Pensoil Co. National Chemeearch Co Mat 'Stern Co, Mlssoud-UUnols Tractor East Alton Supply Co, Melville Garage J, & A. Springman, Inc. Heskett Machine Co. J, Clifford Kite Culvert & Mach. Rental 183.97 Social Security 846.93 Withholding tax 1,208.57 Welding supplies 30.11 Insurance 1,474.72 Repair parts 558.47 Repairs 1.50 Equipment Rental 48.00 Truck Licenses 6.00 Culvert 180.00 Repair parts 9.67 Materials 24fi.38 Shop supplies 3.95 Freight 6.06 Dead Cow Removal 25.00 Truck inspections 15.00 Snow Plow & Culverts 1,506.65 Oil, repairs & parts 5,79 Tires, repairs & battery 577,46 Culverts & Coal 1.124.61 Equipment rental Repair parts Repairs to equipment Repair parts Service Clerical Work Materials & Repairs Ice and antifreeze Ice Repairs Concrete Motor repair Lubricating oils Insurance Legal Notices Materials Anticipation Warrant & Interest Legal Service Propane for heating Labor Chester H. Jenkins Raymond Chambers Thomas White John Thomas Moore Thomeczek Oil Co. Mississippi Lime Co. C. M. Lohr, Inc. Piasa Oil Transport State Employees' Retirement Internal Revenue Service Treasurer of State of 111. Hoffman Feed Store' Custom Built Lubricants Co. Alton Banking & Trust Co. Carl Needham Melville Garage J. Clifford Krug Labor Gasoline Rock >i Asphalt & Oil Social Security Withholding Tax Social Security Cost Salt Lubricating Oils Anticipation Warrant & Interest Labor Gasoline $2416.52 1400.84 1600.13 584.07 670.02 1303.16 6266.85 17,183.61 231,26 213.80 5.75 15.00 152.55 27,475.33 15.42 3.30 325.37 Commission SPECIAL HOAD OIL FUND BALANCE on hand at beginning of year, $ 5,239.72 Received from tax levy, 40,958.99 Received from other sources 15,OQO.,00 Total ..'....$ 61,198.71 Less orders paid as listed ' 59,862.98 Balance on hand $ 1,335.73 SPECIAL ROAD OTL FUND RECEIPTS 1902-1963 Neva Zimmerman, Tax Collector Tax Turnover .,..$ 29,279.05 | County Treasurer^ Tax Turnover 11,679.94 Alton Banking & Trust Co. Anticipation Warrant 15,000,00 Lubricating oil Materials Repair parts Tile Gasoline Materials Repairs Commtsj 30.00 1.00 159.78 446.0] 164.40 464.40 83.90 77.09 1.04 16.00 238.68 108.60 444.03 629.27 6,00 64.42 8,080.00 1,200,00 26,96 50.37 91.50 337.00 1.40 74.77 62.58 2.00 590.76 125.16 185.17 $ 55,958.99 I, J. Clifford Krug, Supervisor of Godfrey Township Do Hereby certify lhat the foregoing statement is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Witness my hand this 26th day of March, 1963. J. CLIFFORD KRUG Supervisor of Godfrey Township Subscribed and sworn to before me this 26th day of March 1963, MARY ELLEN KUHN Notary Public My Commission expires Muy 10, 1965 GODFREY TOWNSHIP SPECIAL BRIDGE FUND EXPENDITURES — 1003-1 DBS County Treasurer Bridges Contracted 6,725,09 Roud & Bridge Fund Transfer '. 1(5,000,00 J, Clifford Krug Commission 267.25 "tt--********* SPECIAL BRIDGE FUND Balance on hand at beginning of year .... $18,419.44 Received from tax levy 11,711.79 Total . 30,131.23 Less' orders paid as listed herein , 21,992.34 Rusk to Leave for Moscow - WASHINGTON (AP)' - Secretary of State Dean Rusk and a bipartisan delegationc including five senators will leave for Moscow Friday night to attend the formal signing of the nuclear test ban treaty. The White House announced the plan today and named the senatorial delegates as Democrats J.W. Fulbright of Arkansas, Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota and John 0. Pastore of Rhode Island; and Republicans Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts and George Aiken of Vermont. The list notably omitted Sen. Everett M. Dirksen, the Senate Republican leader from Illinois and Sen. Bourke B. Hickenloop' er of Iowa, senior GOP member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Both of these Republican leaders have indicated they did not want to attend the Moscow • siyn- ing and have left it open as to how they might vote on the atomic test ban treaty when it comes before the Senate for ratification. Demonstrations $ (2) LIABILITIES Alton Banking and Trust Company—Anticipation Wai-rant $10,000.00 *«' **¥¥***» SPECIAL UUIIKiE FUND RECEIPTS IOG2-I003 iNeva Zimmerman, Tax Collector $8,590.86 County Treasurer 3,120.93 11,711.79 I, J. Clifford Krug, Supervisor of Godfrey Township do hereby certify that the foregoing statement Is true and correct to the - ' of my knowledge. Witness my hand this 26th day of March, J, Clifford Krug, x Supervisor of Godfrey Township 1963 Subscribed and sworn to before me this 26th day of March, 1963, Vlary Ellen Kuhn, Motary Public My Commission expires May ifa 1965 Continue In Mississippi CLARKSDALE, Miss. (AP) — Police arrested 52 Negroes, including the 'state NAACP presi dent, Tuesday when they demon strated for formation of a bi-racial committee. Aaron Henry, state head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, led one of the two parades. it was the largest segregation protest staged in this Delta city of 21,000. Officers charged 32 who congregated at City Hall and 20 who marched near a Negro church with parading without a permit. One group arrived at City Hall during a meeting of the National Council. Four ministers, who said they represented the National Council of Churches, waited in vain to see Mayor W.S. Kincade They were the Rev. A.D. Fliers Indianapolis, president of the United Missionary Society o Christian Churches; the Rev. Ar thur E, Walmsley, New York City executive secretary of the divi- sipn of Christian citizenship, Na tlonal Council of the Episcopal Church; the Rev. Robert Dodjls, New York City, general for planning, United Church of Christ; i»n<J the Rev. \V. Harold Row, Ejgin, ill., executive secretary of the brethren service com. mission, Church of the Lamps Dinettes Hollywood Beds Mattresses Carpets Recliner Chairs Bed Spreads Card Table Sets Bedroom Suites Dining Room Suites Sofas Hide-A-Beds Wall Accessories Living Room Chairs Living Room Tables GODFREY use auliful THIS IS A COMPLETE SELL-OUT OF FINE FURNITURE! WE ARE FORCED TO VACATE A BRAND NEW STORE (ONLY 4 MONTHS OLD) CONVENIENTLY LOCATED BESIDE P. N, HIRSCH CO. — IN "NORTH ALTON SHOPPING CENTER," STATE AND DELMAR STS. — EVERY ITEM IS BRAND NEW, NO SPECIAL PUR. CHASES — OUR ONLY AIM IS TO SELL EVERYTHING AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. FINE Everything—horn the smallest ash tray to ,jthe finest bedroom or dining room suite—must be so7d. Our selection features all famous names such as DREXEL, TOMLINSON, LANE, INTERNATIONAL. DAYSTROM, SIMMONS, BASSETT, SELIG and many, many more — all winners. Everything is brand new and in perfect condition. No shoddy old beat-up "floor samples" —we haven't been open long : enough to accumulate any. So you now have a golden opportunity to buy a corner-lull, a roorn-iull or a house-lull ol the area's finest furniture. A deposit will hold any article lor later delivery. Up to 120 days considered same as cash — longer terms available On request, ' ''' ' MANY ITEMS ARE GOING FAST .... In Fact, We've Been Swamped With Shoppers HOWEVER-There are Still Plenty of Real Bargains . • i .•,'.* ' ." ; to Those Thrifty Shoppers That Hustle Out Early! NITURE •NEARLY •EXACTLY •LESS THAN PRICE! OPEN TILL $ O'CLOCK NIGHTLY ^ Come Out!

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