Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 31, 1963 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 31, 1963
Page 13
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WKbN8BtoA¥,. JULY 81, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Saturn Shines Through the Night fij- MMfcS StOKIJjY Science Service (Cop.vH«m (C) 19(1,1 by Science Sofvloo, ins.) Three and possibly four planet will he visible on August even ings, although 6nly one is showi on the accompanying fnaps. Tliese show tho sWfes ns thej look about 1.1 p.m., daylight saving time on Thursday. Snlurti, which shines wllh a brill iance equal to n bright first mag nltude star, appears In the south cast, In the constellation of Capri corniis, the sea-goat. It Is consld erably brighter ihnn any star In that par) of the sky, so you shoulc find It eariy to Identify. It rises alxnit sunset, and sots about sun midnight, dayllgh rise. By about time, at the first of August,'jupl ler will appear above the eastern horizon, It Is about 13 times aa bright as;Saturn, and in the con stellation ql! Pisces, the fishes. One star "ill. this group Is shown on our map, but this is not the part of tHe constellation In which Jupiter S'tandsi Mars, which Is far away nnd dim'— like a second magnitude star — Is now In-Virgo, the virgin. Part of this .group also is shown on the map, but Mars is in Ihc part below the horizon, At the beginning of August H sols a little more than two hours after the sun, so li. Is wither hard to locate. As it draws'nearer the sun In the following weeks, It will disappear from view completely for a time. GrontoHi Hloiigntlon And on Aug. 24, Mercury will be at greatest eastern elongation, which means that il remains above the western horizon for a little while after sunset. However, this will not be u very favorable time to see it. The brightest star visible on August evenings Is Vega, in Lyra, the lyre, directly overhead at the limes for which the maps a r e drawn. Directly east of Lyra is Cygmis the swart 1 , shown partly on the southern sky map, partly on the northern, In it is the bright star culled Deneb. South of Cygnus is the interesting little constellation of Sagitta, the arrow, and then the large one MtlKf till <WEST of Atjuilu, the eagle. Altnlr Is the bright star in this group. Together with Vega and Delieb, Allah makes a large triangle that is characteristic of the summer ev enlng skies. Two other constellations that arc lynlcal of summer are visible low In the south - Sagittarius, the archer, and Scorplus, the scorpion In tlie latter you see the brilliant rod star An tares. Toward the northwest Is the familiar Great Dipper, which is actually part of Ursa Major, the great bear. At the bottom of the * o • 'nee WEST > SYMBOLS FOR STARS IN ORDER OF BRIGHTNESS Upper are the two stars known is the pointers. A line extended hrough them upwards and to the •Ight comes to Polaris, the pole star, which is always In the north. By following the curve made by he dipper's handle to the left, mother star of the first magni- ude, Arclurus, in Bootes, the lerdsman, can be located. Saturn In 'Opposition* During the night of Aug. 12, Sa urn will be in "opposition." This •neans that il is directly opposite he sun — and nearest the earth. Tor Saturn moves in an orbit hat is well outside our orbit. Its neun distance from the sun is 187 million miles. This is about i.5 times the earth's mean dis- uncc of 92.9 million miles from he sun. Thus, when sve are in he same direction from the sun as we are this month planets are closest. is Saturn — — the two 3ut even then it is a long distance iway, about 823.6 million miles ni Aug. 13. The unique feature of Saturn is Is system of rings, about 170,000 illes in diameter. These are not LETTERING to El olid however, but consist of a warm of small particles, prob- bly of Ice. From our distance, von viewed through a big tele- rape, they merge inlo the con- nuous rings, That the rings are distinct is hown by Ihe spectroscope, which roves thai the Inner parts travel round Saturn more rapidly Ihan 10 outer parts. A solid ring would love like a wheel, wllh the rim •avcllng at highest speed. Until this year, astronomers sup- osed thai the ring system was iln, since they disappear on the ceaslons, every 15 years, when ic rings arc on edge as seen Moro Plans For Concert MORO — Plans are progress- g for the band concert sponsor] by Moro Woman's Community ub. The concert will be in Moro ark on Saturday, Aug. 10. Serving on the committee are rs. Henry Zoelzer Jr., Mrs. Em- cll Green, Mrs. Homer Klein id Mrs. Leslie Cooper. Zmter Reunion MORO — The annual Zoelzer imily reunion will be held this aar at Nokomis Sunday, Aug. 4. basket dinner will be served at xm and families a,re requested take their own table service. Elmer Schaake is president and rs. Richard McGaughey is sec- 'tary of the group. More Notes MORO — Mrs. Matthew Wagn- of Burbanks, Calif., has re- rned to her home after vtsit- g two weeks with relatives in c area. While here she visited >r brother and his wife, Mr. and rs. Robert McKee and with Mr. id Mrs. Edwin Unterbrlnk and mily. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilkening ive returned from a vacation in Paso, Tex. hoy Have Faith LONDON — Ushers and other aff members of an English eater have bought stock in the usical comedy now playing ere. from earth. They had estimated them to be about ten miles In thickness, but now it seems that they are far thinner than that. According to Drs. Allan Cook and Fred Franklin of the Smithsonian astrophyslcal Observatory in Cambridge, Mass., they are not more than eight inches thick! These scientists studied about n thousand photographs of Saturn taken from South Africa. By photoelectric means, they measured the brightness of the planet and the rings. When opposition occurs, as it does this August, the light from the sun that illuminates the rings Roth, Thicn, Naber Reunion Scheduled CARROLLTON — A reunion of the members of the Roth, Thien and Naber families will be held In the. form of a picnic dinner Sunday, Aug. 4, a tnoon at Carrollton City Park. Hospital Notes CARROLLTON — Medical patients admitted to Boyd Memorial Hospital Monday were Miss Mary Ann Tepen of Carrollton, Carl D. Winters of Rockbridge, Ralph Michael Nord of Kampsville, Carl Hodapp and Mrs. Floyd Arras of Greenfield, Mrs. Iva Hardwick of Kane was admitted Tuesday as a medical patient and Edward Hobson of Carrollton was admitted for surgery. George Howdeshell of Eldred was dismissed Monday. Dismissed Tuesday were Miss Mary Ann Tepen and Miss Nellie Pegram of Carrollton; Stephen Grummel of Hettick and Mrs. Blanche Harr of Greenfield. Swimming Party CARROLLTON — Mrs. Herbert Widdowson and Mrs. Robert Hindelang entertained at a swimming party and a coffee Wednesday from 9 to 11 a.m. at the McCadden swimming pool TVT J1 T\*r ' on JNortii Mam street. Outlook Meeting; CARROLLTON — Attending an agricultural economics meeting Monday evening a,t Jacksonville were Carl Sheffer, Mr. and Mrs. Froman Holtswarth, Bob D. comes from over our shoulder. Suddenly, at such a time, they get brighter. At oilier limes, we can see the shadows of Ihe nearer particles fulling on others more distant, and they look dimmer. From their measurements ol .such brightening, Drs. Cook and Franklin concluded that the ice particles are about a thousandth of an inch in diameter and that they occupy about five per cent of the total volume of the ring system. And unless they are arranged in a sheet less than eight inches thick, they could not cause the observed brightening at opposition. 'rice, Kenneth Harms and David Jembrough. CARROLLTON — Lloyd Me- Lane of Carrollton and his sister, Mrs. Nona Odom of Patlerson, shared honors at a birthday dinner Sunday in Jacksonville at the home of Mrs. Odom's son-in-law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs. Robert McKenny. Others present were Mrs. Lloyd McLane and Mr. and Mrs. Richard McLane and family of Carrollton. 1 1 Downtown I Altnn • Mllwll • I B1H • til HI ri • • i AUK •• vll MI oUIVll ^r ^& • w • • Quality Clothing own stock of nati< and discontinued entire stock — So E MEN'S SUITS » it n » H It New Quick Tanning discovery by COPPERTONE lets you get your tan TODAY! Tans you in 3 to 5 hours Without the Sun...or"With it! Q,.T." gives you a, DOUBLE TAN INDOORS, Inns you overnight I Apply Q. T. several times before you go to bed, following directions on bottle. Wake up next morning with a gorgeous ton! Indoors, Q. T. tans the outer layers of your skin—by a new principle. OUTDOORS, deepens your tan! Apply Q. T. next day in the sun—and watch your tan become deeper, and richer! 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Start you* Bottles, Tubes. Save pit large sue Swedish Visitors Carrollton CARROLLTON Mr. nnd Mrs. Per Janssori of Ostersund, Sweden, who have been guests for six weeks at the home of Dr. and Mrs. A. D. Wilson, left Tuesday for Rockford to spend two days before going to Chicago to visit .Tansson's brother and <sister-in-law, .Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson. Ciirrolllon Notes CARROLLTON - Mrs. Ray Krnser of White Hall underwent major surgery Tuesday in Passavant Hospital In Jacksonville. Mrs. Krnser Is the mother of Mrs. Howard Kessle and Mrs. Ray Hipkins of Carrolllon. Mr. and Mrs. Joell Johnston o: Monnet, Calif., and Mrs. C. B Sandbcrg of Ashtabula, Ohio., let Monday after a visit here will Johnston and Mrs. Sandberg's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. ant Mrs. Lloyd McLane. Mrs. Sand berg returned to her home bu Mr. and Mrs. Johnston went to Mason City, where they are guests of Mrs. Johnston's mother, Mrs Tom Hartwick, and Mr. Harlwick. Mr. and Mrs. John Andrews and son, David, and Mrs. Herman Freeh returned home Sunday from a vacation trip in Wisconsin anc Michigan. Mrs. Charles II. Daniels of Escondido, Calif., and her mother, Mrs. Harry Pa lion of Graflon wore guests Saturday of Mrs. Daniels' brother-in-law and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. George Daniels. Mr. and Mrs. John Short and their daughter, Mrs. David Shorten, and two children of Tulsa Okla., are guests of relatives here while they visit Mrs. Short's mother, Mrs. Anna Herring, who is ill at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Richey. Weekend guests of Dr. and Mrs J. M. Black were Mr. and Mrs 0. Harris of Springfield, Mo., Mrs. Laverna Bogue and Mrs. .oulse Talentino of East Lansing, Mich., and Prof, and Mrs. Granl 3oguc and three children of VIeadeville, Pa. Prof, and Mrs. Bogue and children were en route o Little Rock, Ark., to makt; heir home where the professor will be a member of the faculty of the University of Arkansas. Glen Diehl, general agent of the LA.A. Insurance Co., with offices n Carrolllon, is spending two weeks in Macomb taking a special training course for insurance agents at Western Illinois University. Cupl. Montgomery Ends Graf ton Visit GRAFFON — Capt. and Mrs. Alvin Montgomery and children Tom and Becky, who have been visiting for several weeks with his mother, Mrs. Blanche Mont gomery, and other relatives, left Friday for their home in Granby Mass. Before leaving for Granby Capt. Montgomery, who is a jel pilot in the Air Force, attendee an Air Force School for two weeks in California. Ornfton Notes GRAFTON — Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Casten have returned home from a 10-day vacation trip to Ontario, Canaga. Mrs. Bessie Barllett has received announcement of the birtli ol twin sons to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Goeway in Florida. The babies are great-grandsons of Mrs. Bartletl. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Godfrey and children of Clifton Terrace visited Sunday with his mother Mrs. Anna Godfrey. Larry Pohlman entered St. Joseph's Hospital in Alton Sunday tor tests and X-rays. Miss Joan Duncan, who is em ployed in Springfield, spent t h e weekend at the home of her par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Dun can. Barleffs Qualify Men's Wear Wilshire Village, E. Alton FINAL Reduction SUMMER CLEARANCE but not our Save on Stockings ,,. Glamorize your legs Forget about stockings. Q. T. quickly "tan- grooms" your legs, smoothly, flatteringly, Also uso Q, T. to touch up visible pale spots, eliminate neck-line shadow. For perfect grooming Q. T, is a year 'round necessity! Surpassed almost u FULL WEEK'S suntunnlngl In tests by a prominent skin specialist... overnight use of Q, T. gave a deeper tan than a full hour's exposure to bright sunlight every day for nearly a week! Subjects used popular suntun lotion or cream (by other makers) on one side of backs—kept other side covered for 6 days- then applied Q. T. to untanned side. 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