Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 30, 1963 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 30, 1963
Page 14
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1V1 m J< 1i f r. 'AM'ON KtfttttY DRAKE By Alfred AnclHola fttOBteNBOLf P»"m^*gS Wttv,«K,6ut^ i'*tdNfH6L66K* By Johfl Onllen Mtrtflhy IMA9INB Ui BTI5WN9 SIN Wit 1 1H6 TlAHI HBY- WC Nfivtft t?lP LITTLE EVE By Jollhi HOW ABOUT THE BOX FOUND IN THE PHONE BOOTH WHERE "BOOTS" FERNOLP PIEP, TED?.. PIP YOUR TEST- TUBE BOYS PRAW A BLANK THERE WERE NO SCOP LATENT PRINTS, KERRV.. ANP THE BOX CARRIES NO MANUFACTURER'S NAME... BUT THIS AREA WHERE A LABEL WAS SLUED ON INTERESTS ME.'.. I WAS JUST ABOUT TO SUBJECT IT TO CHEMICAL FUMES/ FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry PALE/ I'LL PRAW HIM OFF... BEFORE HE WRECKS THE TIME-HOPPER./USE THE TIME-DIAL-SET OUT OF HERE.. BACK TO THE 2Oia CENTURY// NO...FLASH... COME BACK/ JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbins A STUPIP PET,,, BECAUSE I 50 BWLY TO KEEP UP WITH THE JET SET/ THEY PON'T KNOW HOW MUCH I'M IN HOCK FROM 6AMPUN6 LOSSES,,, ANP THERE, NOT TWENTY FEETAWAY,,.A FORTUNE IN JEWELS/ ANPALL MINE IF THIS IP/OTIC GUIPE PIPN'T HAVE SUCH MORAL SCRUPLES.,, VOU'RE A CLEVER ONE, KANE,,, HANGING HERE, TRU5SEP UP LIKE A TURKEY,,, A VICIOUS 5IRP WAITING FOR ONE FALSE MOVE,,, HOW'P I SET INTO THIS 5INPJ RIVETS By George Slxta BETTER NOT SET TOO CLOSE TO THAT DOS, FAL! HE MUST HAVE FLEAS/ , HEY, SILLY/ ALL RIGHT. THESE ARE JUST MOSQUITO Btresfr Hmsock Mascot t'l «„] tef .f"J THE BERRYS THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith oorr HOW. THEY LOOK 7-30 VOURE A SCOD DADDY.' THATS FINE, JIM/ ,YOJ MAY HAVE'SOME ICE CREAM OKJ A STICK/ SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD IS A GOOD RULE,., VOU GOT MONEY FOR rDIN6-A-LING* MAN WHEN HE COMES? GOOD BOY TODAY, DAD/ By Carl Gmbert ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU PUT A LITTLE ICE CREAM ON THE END OF THE STICK , ONCE IN AWHILE/ Fun to wntch TV on this new pal. Mnkc him of corduroy, velveteen or terry-cloth. This seal—youngsters' pet and hassock—teen-tigers' newest mascot! He's 22 inches from nose'to tail. Pattern 575: pattern; directions. Thirty-five cents In coins for this pattern — add 15 cents for cacti pattern for first-class mall- Ing and special huiulllng. Send to Liuirti Wheeler, cure of Alton Telegraph, (Hi, Necdlecraft Dopt., P.O. Box 101, Old CholHca Station, New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly Pattern Number, Name, Address and Zone. Newest rage—smocked accessories plus 208 exciting needlecraft designs in our new 1963 Needlecruft Catalog — just out! Fashions, furnishings to crochet, knit, sew, weave, embroider, quilt. Plus free pattern. Send 25 cents now. New A-Line Flare PRINTED PATTERN 4604 HENRY By Garl Anderson SIR BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney ARE THERE MANY ] YOU CAN LOOK V INCREDIBLE/ CASES LIKE ^ DER STATISTICS ) I CAN SCARCELY BASSY'S ? / UP IN DER ^ BELIEVE IT/ BOOK ON MY f THE MAGNITUDE T I DIDN'T T SEE FOR OF THESE _^X THINK IT FI6URE5 ^\ VA5ALL STA6GERS THE | THAT BAD. IMAGINATION WRON6 BOOK DOTS MY FEE SCHEDULE PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates I PATED ONE ONCE ANP LET ME TELL VOU/... NOW THEN, LIZZIE, WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MECHANICS'? By Walt Disney NOW VOU MAY J GO FISHING-,. iflows through it and you have electricity." By A. LEOKUM How Does a Battery , Produce Electricity'.' Win the Britannica Junio volurne encyclopedia for school and home. Send your questions, name, .age, address to Why! "'pare of this paper. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's © Kinjj l r talum SjuJinlc, Inc., lyrii. Vt'otl "What did you say about what Nancy said about what Connie said about what Patricia Vender said?' True Life Adventures DONALD DUCK AS VE CAN LASS, VE WILLBE \v/ • yiKR TIA\E/ ^ J&* 3^ <3ir "^ ^ffioa: ®w I you said ftJ .. .but why? ^w^ss^^m^i^ L-ESSONS In UVINC3 "UKE 4 BOtT fKOM THE BLUf" , . . any startling, unexpected phenomenon; as a bolt of lightning from a clear blue sky would be. This phrase originated in America, and first appeared in print orpyne/ the mid EL.SPHANT KUBS HEreSEU= AGAINST A TT2BE/ " )_EAV)NO Walt l)i.«nev 1'roituctioni World Rlehli Bi»rvtd SHE J<NOW)N(3 sJUNIOK 7-30 Barry Poison, 8, Halifax, Nova There are two' ways of producing electric current for power. It can be produced by machines called dynamos, or generators — and by battery cells. A battery cell produces electricity by changing chemical energy into electrical energy. Part of the I chemical energy is changed into neat and part of it into an electric current, There are two kinds of -bakery cells. One,, called a . primary cell, | cannot be renewed when it's used up except by replenishing its chemicals. The ordinary dry cell ;such as in your flashlight) is a primary cell. The other type, called a secondary cell, can be recharged by sending an electric current through it. The storage cells used to start automobiles are secondary cells. A battery is a group of two or more primary or secondary cells. A single cell is often called a bat- iery, but this isn't correct. Various chemicals are used in primary cells, but the principle is always the same, In every pri< mary cell there are electrodes and an electrolyte. The electrodes, or cell elments as they are called, nave two different metals or one metal and carbon. The electrolyte is a liquid. One of the elements called the cathode, is usually zinc. The other is called the anode and is usually carbon, Chemical action causes the cathode to dissolve slowly Jn the electrolyte. This sets electrons free. Now if a path or circuit is provided through which, .these, fife electrons can move, they provide an electric current; When you connect the elements by a 'wire or other electrical conductor/ the current A storage battery does not really store electricity. It 1 obtains its power from chemical changes, just as all other kinds do. One set of plates in a storage battery is made of metallic lead and the other of lead proxide. Both sets are immersed in sulphuric • acid, and both gradually change to lead sulphate. It is this. chemical process which produces the electric current in a storage battery. FUN TIME Tim Chuckle Box Teacher: Why do they use knot! instead of miles on the ocean? Student: Because they've got to keep the ocean tide. Patient: Every time I drink tea I get a stabbling pain in my righ eye. Doctor: fry taking the spoon out of your cup first, EXTRA I'ltIZE! YOU FINISH IT You may win a Worjd Atlas plus a Britannica Britannica Yearbook /or finishing this draw ing. Originality and imagination count. Use this drawing, or copy it any size. Important: entries must be addressed: "Drawing," Tell Me Why, and give your name, age and address. Answer to yesterday's Piuszle: The word is "Live." Spelled bacK- ward it's "evil." Win the Britanniqa World Atlas or Yprbopk of Events. Sen<J your riddles, jokes, to: Riddles,- Jokes" TeU Me yVhy!" .Today's-winner is: Bruce CrpnjdiUe, J3, St. Johns, ' will be used to make fabrics, in Pakistan. . ( The exciting A-lme flare— an easy-sew sensation to wear with verve day and night, :Choose round or bateau neck, colors light or lively. Printed Pattern 4604: Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16,, 18. Size 16 requires 2% yards 35-inch fabric. Fifty cents In coins for tills pattern — add 15 contH for each pattern for first-class mailing' and special handling. Send to Anno AdHinw, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept,, 845 ' St., Now York 11, N.'Y. Print plainly Namo, - Address, Zone, Size and Stylo Number, PATTERN FREE! Mail coupon inside new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog, ready nowl Over 300 design ideas, all sizes, Send 50 cents for Catalog. Cameo Parts On Broadway NEW YORK (AP)-Guest stars are to have, special role's in "Enter Laughing," a comedy planned for Broadway exhibit next spring, Producer Morton Gottlieb is seeking a quartet of name play* ers, each of whom would appear for 10 weeks in the show, with their stipend computed on sliding scale in proportion to >x office receipts. So far, he re- wrts, Menasha Skulnik, Maureen Stapleton and Dennis King have expressed willingness to:play the cameo assignments. Beersheba, where Abraham is ip^ose(J to have dug a well more ban 4,000 years ago/was only a dusty caravan stop, when t h e Jnited States recognized Israeli in 948. Israelis have turned it into ;nite<j States recognized, Isra31 Jn 948. Israelis havei-turnjgfl t ntol PARIS - The French government h|« macje substantial a<j. .payments on its

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