Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 29, 1963 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 29, 1963
Page 10
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TEN ALTON fiVSNlNG TELEQftAPtt MONDAY, JUL¥ 28, Rhode Maud Senator Busv »/ With Duties fty CAM, r. LfctiBS WASHINGTON (AP) — Dapper little Son. ,tohn O. Pastore hop: nimbly those days between committee chairmanships dealing with three crucial issues—civil rights, rails and banning nuclear lests. Pasloro is acting chairman of the Commerce Committee, considering both civil rights and rail legislation, and chairman of the Senate-House Committee on Atomic Energy, playing an important role in consideration of the propose partial nuclear tosl ban treaty. "It makes for a rather busy life," said the 56-year-old Rhode Island Democrat. "But I don't Consider all this Unusual or unique. "I spend all my spare lime reading transcripts and background material," he told an interviewer. "I'll start off tomorrow (Monday) with the Commerce Committee civil rights hearing at 9:15 a.m.," Pastore said. "Then at 10, I'll turn it over to Sen. (Mike) Monroney (of Oklahoma) and go to the meeting on the nuclear treaty." Pastore said he was happy that his Atomic Energy Committee would meet with the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Serv ices Committees to heai Undersecretary of Stale W. Avercll Harriman, who represented the United States at the nuclear treaty talks in Moscow. "It avoids a duplication," he said. "Of course, wo might have to bring him back before our com mittee for greater detail." At noon, the Senate meets, and committee work stops. After the Senate session ends and most senators go home, Pas tore and the Commerce Committee go back to work on Kennedy's legislation to prevent a rail strike. The meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. or 7 p.m. — depending on when the Senate session ends. ' A lot of the extra load has fallen on Pastore because Sen. Warren G. Magnuson, D-Wash., chairman of the Commerce Committee, fell ill. Magnuson is in a Seattle hospital. Pastore, the biggest vote-getter in his state's history in two successful races for governor and three for the Senate, predicts: —On civil rights: "I think we'll Reds Plan To Open Own Bank pass this tiling (barring discrimination in public accommodations) with only one or two senators (on the committee) opposed." —On rails: I think that both sides understand that the ultimate answer is collective bargain'ng. It would be regrettable if we wore pushed to passing legislation which would be an unusual precedent and a shadow on collective bargaining." —On the nuclear treaty: "My n.V GKOHOK SVVEfeTSEN MOSCOW (AP) — The Soviet bloc will set up its own international bank to facilitate trade payments within the group. Bui Premier Khrushchev's East European allies and Mongolia have rejected his bid to. control theit economic planning from Moscow Communist party and govern ment officials here for last week's meeting of the Council for Mutual Assistance apparently shelved Khrushchev's proposal for a Kremlin-based central planning organ. A Comecon communique issued Sunday said the old method of bilateral talks on national pro grams would lead to improved bloc-wide coordination of economic planning. Two obstacles appeared to be behind the rejection of a central planning agency. Communist Romania reportedly opposes Soviet experts who want to curtail Romania's heavy industry development in favor of light industrial and agricultural production. Other East European governments were believed reluctant to sacrifice the limited economic independence from Moscow they now enjoy. The Comocon conference agreed to set up a Soviet bloc international bank on Jan. 1. The bank will streamline payment for foreign trade transactions within the bloc. Mostly Men Students Enrolled at U. of I. ! I URBANA, III. (Special) — Of the 46,123 students attending the University of Illinois during 196263, 69.57 prr cent were men and 30.43 were women, Dean C. W. Sanford, office of admissions and records, reported today. The percentage at Urbana was men 70.40, women 29.60; at Chicago Medical Center, men 81.71, women 18.29; Chicago Undergraduate Division, men 75.84, women 24.16; extramural courses, men 65.56, women 34.44; agriculture short courses, men 98.06, women ? Edtvtirdsvitte Area Residents Enter Hospital EDWARDSV1LUC - Seven area residents were admitted to St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland, during thp past weekend, 13 patients were discharged and three births recorded. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stark, 1213 Oakland, a son, at 12:12 a.m. Sunday, weight pounds 12 ovmces. The mother is the former Dorothy Pike. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wander, 411 East Vandalia, Apt, 3-A, a son at 8:40 a.m. Sunday, weight 6 pounds 14 ounces. The iiother is the former Constance Fischer. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bollinger, Rte. 4, a son at 12:45 a.m. Sunday, weight 7 pounds 13 ounces. The mother is the former Delia Douglas, Admitted were: Mrs. Bertha Sooy, 631 N. Kansas; James Johnson, 835 Ann; Charles Marks, 25 West Park; August Riepshoff, 505 N. Buchanan; Robert Goodall, '08 Montclaire; Mrs. Helen Balser, 110 West Franklin; David Rice, 603 Chestnut. Discharged were: Albert Drda, Rte. 1; Michael Wheeler, 132 Co- umbia; Mrs. Minnie Smith, Madson County Nursing Home; Mrs. ncz Townsend, 142 West St.; Jo- ;eph Garde, G36 Orchard; Mrs. larry Lewis and daughter, Rte. ; Mrs. Anna Bettmann, 415 N. <ansas; Maurice Weeks, 1430 Irand; Mrs. Edward Goldman nd son, 1204 Madison; Mrs. Glora Daech, 821 Ann; Mrs. Ethel totter, 517 West High; Mrs. Dcl- jert Weber and son, 226 Graemer; Vliss Kyle Lewis, 1410 Eberhart. 1.94. LONDON—A special stamp is to be issued next year in England to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's bir'h. only regret is that it isn't comprehensive. But as far as it ^ces, I'm satisfied with it. Well-informed and sincere men in the Senate arc 1 opposed to it, but I think they're in the small minority." AUTO LOANS TO SUIT! "Easy does it" when you refinance your car here. You can choose the repayment plan most convenient to you. PHONE HO 2-9214 or See KENNY KLOOS MISSTATES 311 Kidge, Near Brondwn.y Pace of Congress Still Slow By JAMES MAW.OW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP)-Congress. dragging its feet dismally all year, suddenly got jabbed into moving. It tried to play it cool but the weather turned hot. But then neither President Kennedy nor Congress qualifies as a good prophet in 1963. They didn't foresee the two cri tical events which overtook them by mid-year: the civil rights fight and a nuclear test'ban agreement with the Soviet Union. If that wasn't enough, they have to try to solve the dispute bewecn the railroads and their unions to prevent a strike. In his State of the Union mes sage last January, Kennedy seemed to thing his big battle of the year with Congress was,, going to be over taxes. He made his big pitch on 'tax cuts and tax reforms. He said there was lots to do but he also said: "there may be a temptation to relax." Congress took him at his word and has been relaxing ever since. It has passed almost no major legislation. The tax bill isn't near a vote. Nor is medical care for the aged, federal aid for public schools, expansion of unemployment com pensation, extension of the foreign aid program, increase in Social Security taxes, creation of a do- SALE! BRYANT GAS FURNACE 100,000 BTU BASEMENT OR CLOSET MODEL INSTALLED WITH NEW DUCT WORK, WIRED AND PLUMBED. TAX PAID, 10 YEAR WARRANTY, I YEAR FREE SERVICE. mestic Peace Corps, expansion of student loan program. Up to its neck in unfinished bus iness, Congress is saddled with the fiery civil rights Issue and the rail problem. A long Southern filibuster on civil rights could drag the session out even longer, The Senate alone will have to pass on the test ban treaty. Before there is a vote on that, there will be hearings, arguments, various statements to the press and on the floor, and, probably* long winded debates. In his message, Kennedy didn't seem to foresee anything unusual arising in the civil rights field. He made only two references to that subject and, after, two short paragraphs, went on to other things. He said a man accused of crime in federal court is entitled to a good lawyer, no matter what his means, and no one must be de- filed his voting fights. Within a few months, Negroes' demands tor civil fights, burst over the country so furiously Kennedy had to send a special message to Congress, asking action. Congress on its own certainly wasn't going to do anything. This sudden problem, one of the most Important domestic problems in a century, was forced upon both the President and Congress. Nor did Kennedy Seem to foresee anything so sensational as the agreement reached last week with the Soviet Union and Great Britain to ban nuclear tests In the atmos pherc, In outer space and under J& ASpringman HAS OOLB BONO PAINTS ANd SUPPLIES . C.oilfrrV. III. I'll. 4Hli..t4:ll the Sea. They didn't agree tts ban Uhder- ground tests So the United States, Britain and the Soclet Unioft can go on with them—abd with all the other tests, loo, If the Senate doesn't approve the agreement. It probably will approve, but not in a hurry. What Kennedy did do in his State of the Onion message was suggest "caution" about hoping for belter relations with cofiimuii- ism. Me said "1 foresee flo spectacular reversal In Communist FALSE TEETH Her* it * lows pi»te discomfort, »n improved powder, *pHaM«l upptr »nd lower pl&tei holds thttu to th»t they f««l mow com* »t drug ctmnuri *»*rywhwt. mfelhdds of foals." fiut he said the areas of agreement couldbe Very wide on a "clear tiftdefirtfiiidliig about Berlin, stability in SiKrtheftst Asia, an ettd to nuclear testing, new checks on surprise of accidental'attack, and, ultimately, general and complete disarmament." * Since the only agreement reached was to ban nuclear tests, Woman Tortured by Agonizing ITCH torture* of vMlna! itch, rectll Itch, chafing, H»h **tr «nd «c«nli With *n tMttiitrnt«t.lcitmine tohrtultMlUilLANACANB.ThUl'ilMCiIng ffiid!c«tede«mek!lti harmful bictef!«MrmJ white It loothei MW, IrHtXtd »rtd inlum«d tlMUt, Stopi lertWhlng— » l*«d» hMl ««• Don't lurter 1 Get LANACANE it dtugiisn. nil other areas aW >t!fi wide. open. Kennedy and Premier Khrtfslichw were delighted at this achieve- itient but the# nad,oridhhihg In common to say about 11: They both cautioned Friday that this agreement doesn't solve every* thing by a long sight. DISCOUNT! Special lot of LmlliM' Shoes, vntuo* to $6.00 —nil hoots, nil sites, but not In nil styles, Pftlf W SII01 SHHl IS 804-00 E, Broadway Only $ 495 00 NO UP Central Air Conditioning At Big Savings S & H HEATING 1279 W. 9th St. DIAL HO 5-7706 A & P Food Stores 411 Pinsa Biederman Furniture 202-304 Piasa Carson Jewelry 215 W. 3rd Franklin Union 800 E, Broadway SHOP TILL 9 P.M. Hurwitz Jewelers 212 W. 3rd J & R Auto Stores Spiegel Catalog 400 Belle Myers Brothers 3rd and Sts. Paul's Fabrics W. 3rd Schaeffers 108 W. 3rd Sears Roebuck Co, 305-23 I'iHSU Slack Furniture Thrifty Drug 323 Hollo Thrlfr Hardware BOO Btlle m — IILVJ " •-— MONDAY N1TB FREE PARKING HETERSI "'"' "ii ' ''' ' " •'" 1/11C1/V 30 ° EAST g/VWf/V BROADWAY AT .... 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