Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 26, 1963 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 26, 1963
Page 9
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ALTON EVENING Red Cross Appreciation LnmKeon A. W. j^|$M>,.bfl&tAt!t CriaJf- rrtati, MtfdlitoW.ttotirity Chapter, American^ dfltider Society, was host Thursday at art'appreeia. I tori luncheoti'held. in Skaggs Stenlt H6T}se;' Wdbd' ftlvef, to women seryhig its, chairman on the I9fl3 ^Education arid Fund Crusade of« the county unit. "Certificates e{ .Appreciation for Notable Assistance in the Crusade yto -Conquer Cancer" were 'presented to Mr*, Mary Clnylbn, EdwardsVlU&i Mrs, Walter 1 P t Elbbert,; Godfrey: Mrs. Gerald Fravle, Rosewood Heights Firemen'^ Auxiliary; Mrs. K. Wayne Gobde,,Hartford Junior Women's Club; Miss Johanna I, Hentz, Edwardsvllle Home 1 Bureau; Mrs. Roy Mill, South Roxana' Dad's Club Auxiliary. :; ; : Also .recrple'hts were Mrs. J. Clyde'Lawrence, Roxana; Mrs. Cai'l )V. Major, Glendnlo Gardens,'.Wood River; Mrs. Henry Nolle; ,M6ro Women's Club; Mrs. fed. fB,, .fMolner, Roxnna; Mrs, Glenn Pruietl, Alton; Miss Jennie Raeffelle, Edwardsvllle Business "& Professional Women's Club: .-Mrs. Myron Star- bucks-East Alton Women's Club; Mrs. AVllford, Suessen, Bethalto Woman's; Club. t : , ' ' ; Staph Traced To Public Laundries CHICAGO. — Ordinary housekeeping and laundry practices can serve to perpetuate a high level of slaphylococcal infections in a community, a Boston research team reported today. A study of the factors involved in the high rate of staph disease among 129 families in a housing project for married graduate students was reported in the current (July 20) Journal of the American Medical Association by Ruth B. Kundsin, Sc.D., Carl W. Walter, M.D., Johannes Ipsen, M.D., and Mary Day Brubaker. Staphylococci are the cause of most of the superficial pus- forrning skin infections' in man and have become increasingly important because of their ability to develop resistance to antibacterial drags. The study implicated the hospital as the origin of the staphylococci with newborn infants introducing the bacteria into the family when they are brought home, the researchers said. It was also found that bacteria strains introduced into a family 'more often spread among members' of that family than to friends or neighbors, they said. Thh'ty-one per cent of the families with children 2 years old or younger had staph infections, compared with 10 per cent of families with no children or children over 2 years of age, the researchers said. "Staphylococci are brought Into the family through exppri- ence. associated with having very young children," they said. "The only obviously common experience is the ' hospltaliza- tlon associated with childbirth." The study revealed a significant difference between the Infection rate of families using a community self-service laundry and those using other fa- ciliites, usually their own washing machine, the researchers said. • Seventeen per cent of those using the community laundry had stnph infections, compared with 8 per cent of those who did not, they said, Other studies have indicated that the detergents used and temperatures attained in home laundering cannot be relied upon to control the transmission of bacteria on textiles and cloth- Ing, they said. A combination of soap and water at a high temperature and either sodium hypochlorlte; or. laundry .sour or both is required for complete destruction of bacteria on textiles, they said. ,' , Ever add poppy seed to buttered egg noodles? A delicious combination to serve,.wilh chicken paprika or beef goulash. Marlow Reports* Test Treaty May Be , J v Big Step Forward fty MMfcS MAttLOiV upports Awroclntf-d PtGra tfisws Atifttyfct m ore. WASHINGTON (AP) - The ««• clear 'test ban Agreement looks like a leap forward itt the history Of mankind. And maybe It Is. But It wasn't,unselfish and there are reason! for keeping your fingers bross'ed. , , This was the first accord be tween the West and Russia in thlft field after •almost continuous talk* ing since World War H r lt could be the beginning bt much belter relations and even more and far- reaching understandings, , But. the motives were not all strictly hurnhnltarlan when the Americans, British and Russians Thursday In Moscow agreed to stop testing In the atniosphere, outer space and -under the sea This .-country and Russia have about all the nuclear weapons 'they seem- to think they need., It will take anyone else .years to catch up. Testing Is highly expensive. So by not testing they save money. More Will Get Weil pons Certainly In time more nations will develop nuclear weapons of iheir own. The more the nations that have them, the greater the danger of triggering a world war ,The..Americans, 'British ami Russians hope by their agreement to discourage oilier would-be nu clear powers from going on to create their own nuclear weapons and test them. For this reason Thursday's signers suggested other nation; join their agreement. If there'h no more testing by anyone, the world is spared radioactive fall out. That would be an improve ment but it's far from a sure bet The French are known to be developing nuclear weapons am the Red Chinese are suspected o doing so. The French have a! ready done some testing, wil probably do more. The Chinese are expected to start theirs in a year or two. Neither is bound by the Moscov agreement- And Thursday Paris the French foreign ministei Maurice Couve de Murville, sal' that so long as the great riuclea powers do not disarm, then an ban on nuclear testing that the agree on is a device to try t freeze their monopoly. Denounces Pact The Red Chinese denounced th agreement before it was reached Since they are breaking awa from Russia, whom they dlstrus they will undoubtedly try to bull their own nuclear arsenal so to be a match for Russia and tli West. Whether Russia abandons the agreement if the French test, or the United States does likewise if the Chinese test, remains to be seen. Their agreement. said any signer can ignore it if it thinks its Interests are being jeopardized. With the agreement only one day old, no one, including the signers, can say' confidently how long it will last. Nevertheless, because this country and Russia are years ahead of anyone else, they may not feel it necessary for some time to abandon the no-test agreement no matter what France and China do. v Several Purposes For Soviet Premier Khrushchev the agreement served several pur poses besides those mentioned. For one thing, he can make propaganda out of it by waving it as an example of Russia's good intentions. Then there was his fight with the Red Chinese. They had denounced him before the rest of the Communist world for insisting communism could do business with the West. The agreement is tangible evidence that it can. So the agreement fesllng takes a lot of money me, energy and manpower. An nd to testing enables Khrushchev o use some pf these resources his trouble with the Red Chi ise who now look like his clos st, ahd perhaps his worst enemy What was left.out of the Moscow greement Is a good reminder li imahtlcs that this accord doe: ot quite, meun n completely ne\ rn in Kast-West relations. Th his argument. There's hree Slgftet* left sortie otit, So tttdcfiir«i«Wl they did not agree td stop test ng tindergroiifld, fhete all three cart test new Ideal fot improving weapons of fashioning entirely new ones, the agreement fhutsday to ban tests in the atmosphere, otitftr space and under the sea could iiave been reached settle time ago since cheating in those regions call be 'detected-without having inspectors in the cheating country Not SO With itndefgroufld tests The United States has insisted 1 would not agree to ban teSti underground unless Russia agreet to permit' inspectors inside th Soviet Union while other inspec tors checked Inside the United States. .'...'. Russia called such ittspeetlor spying and refused tp^agree. In Kidnap Suspect Kills Self CHICAGO (AP) - Mrs. Mary Anne Dunlap, a 39-yenr-old widow accused ot kidnaping a baby gir last week in Metropolis, 111., ha taken hot* own life. Mrs. Diintnn, a Chicago nurse died In a hospital Thursday of i chest wound that authorities sal time, maybe agreement can b reached on this, too. Perhap Thursday's agreement was ju? the first of many. Don't bet o It until It happens. as seif-infiicted With a 2S-caIIbet istol. She had beefi found several jours earlier Off the floor ot a oom In the Sahara South Motel iy a passerby who noticed the door ajar. A motel spokesman mid she had registered as Margaret Hastings of Vienna, 111. Police said a note found in her room stated that her name was Mary Anne Dunlap and askec that her attorney, Malachy Cogh Ian, be notified. Coghlan said he and Mrs. Dun lap had gone to Metropolis ear Her this week to post bond in connection with the kidnaping charge. He said she had callet him Thursday to arrange an ap pointment. Mrs. Dtinlap was accused taking the infant, Lori Burnham from her home July 17 after tel ing the child's mother that sh of a ad been chosen winner >al)y-of-the-month contest. The child was taken on a pfe- ext that her picture was to be aken for a hospital photo con- est. When the baby was not re- urncd, her mother, Mrs. Rose Jurnharfi, 18, notified authorities. The FBI located Mrs. Dunlap and the 18-day-old child in Mrs Dunlnp's South Side npartmeni the following afternoon. She tol( authorities. "I just wanted some thing to love." Her husband, a Chicago traffl policeman, had died of a hear Unwanted Hair Removed Forever By '. Electrolysis! Paulene Sshnmblln, member of i\ Electrolysis Society of America. PAULBHE'S MONTICIiLLO PLAZA Dial 468-3821 ttack less than A month earlier. Mrs. Burnham and he* husband, Larry, a paratrooper sta- ioned at Ft* Campbell, Ky., :ame to Chicago and returned heir baby to Metropolis. Mrs. Dunlap was taken to Benon, III., where she was released jy a U.S. commissioner ofl het own recognizance pending arraignment oil a kidnaping charge Coghlan said Thursday niglv that Mrs. Dunlap did not appear apprehensive about her trial which had been scheduled (ot August to Metropolis, tffc itftld te had planned to advise hot to plead "ild gutfty" ott gtO«fl<M\ she was not datable nt ths tlffifc \ of forming a criminal Mention. Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH do f»lt« teeth drop, slip ot wobble when you talk, eat, faugh or sneeze. Don't be annoyed and *rnb"ta* setl by such handicaps. FABTEETH,an alkaline (non-acid) powder to sprinkle on your plates, keeps false teeth more firmly Mt. alveg confldent feel- Ing of security and added comfort No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling: oet JJASTSETH today »t drug counter* everywhere. 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Loose cushion seat & back of thick foam, cover. ed with Beige stripe fabric Was $219.50 NOW •••• $1 79 - 50 Upholstered in soft beige cover, picture frame back sofa. Foam reversible cushions. Long modern with sculptured arms. Was . . $^|-00 NOW $169.50 Beige Medallion cover, walnut exposed outside frame. Foam rubber cushion. Was . . £269.50 NOW $199.50 Long Sofa-Diamond Tufted back, foam cushions, wide arm. Beige. Was $179.50. NOW $149.50 Sofa with 3 foam cushions, contemporary style, kick pleated, off white. Was $249.50 NOW $199.50 Traditional, kick pleated, T-cushion sofa, button back. Toast. Was $269.50. NOW... $239.50 Card Table Sets- 5 piece-table & 4 chairs by Cosco. Beige with tan frames. Reg. $46.75 NOW $39.95 5 piece—table & 4 chairs by Durham. Ivory with bronze frames. Reg. $45.00. NOW $35.00 This mid-year August Clearance Sale at Jacoby's offers you outstanding sale prices on merchandise that is discontinued, floor samples slightly soiled or marred and one-of-a-kind pieces. This sale is held to make room for the new fall merchandise ordered at Chicago Furniture Market and now being shipped to us. On Sale Merchandise-All sales are final-No returns or exchanges-sold "as is" for immediate delivery-Shop soon as many sale items are one-of-a- kind and subject to Dinette- ^^mmmmmmmmm-m mm-mme* prior sale,. 42" Round Pedestal Table with white plastic top. 4 molded plywood pedestal chairs upholstered with walnut wood gram plastic over foam. ^1AQ Was $189.50. NOW 11V 36"x60" Table (with one 12" leaf in place) with walnut plastic top. 4 molded plywood chairs up- bolstered in supported plastic over foam. $1QQ bU Was $175.00. NOW IWV 42" Round table with 2 leaves, wood grain P las j ic ^P" * Q chairs upholstered in washable plastic seat & back. $i 1 Q50 Wire trim in back. Was $129.50 NOW • • * 36"x60" table (with one 12" leaf in place) with walnut plastic top. 4 wood back chairs, plastic upholstered seat. *|JIJ Was $126.80 NOW 36"x60" table (with one 12" leaf in place) with silver wood ^Chrom. $ metal. 4 wire back chairs with marlex seats. Was $119.50. NUYY 42" round pedestal table with 4 molded fiber g^^chairs. ^Choice of $ J^ 50 white, black or multicolor chairs Was 50 Barly American Draperies- A0/ If you're lucky enough to need drapes for only one window— fjQ Qff here's a selection of one-of-a-kind drapes at .................. - ' Drop leaf Dining Room table — solid.,nhap le with matching $ 109 plastic top. Reg. $ 129.50. Now Solid Maple round dining room table takes I leaf. 4 side chairs. 5 $1 7Q50 piece set. Was $2r5.00. NOW .'. * " Mates arm chair of solid maple, good occasional chair ( I only) Was $49.50. NOW , Solid Maple side chairs, good for desk chairs or as extra chair. (3 only). Was $37.50. 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Chest. *389 Was $444.00. Now j, VWV French P/ovincial finished in white and gold. Open panel full size $10Q 50 , , i W $ 99 50 Bed, Double Dresser and Mirror. Was $ 154.50. Now For Double Dresser and Mirror only, Was $109.50, Now CHAIRS Traditional chair, foam T-cushion, deep $/U|50 tufted back. Blue. Was $65.00. NOW .. W Traditional chair. Barrel deep tufted back. Knuckle arm: Gold. Was $99.50. NOW Occasional chair, either stationary or swivel. Choice of turquoise, beige, green, rose. $4Q 95 Was $39.50. NOW *^ Same in plastic. Was $49.50 NOW .... $39.95 Tilt-back relaxer chair by Kroehler. Pl 35 ^ 0 ^^]) combination. Green. Was $109.50. NOW High back chair or rocker, walnut frame, loose foam cushion seat & back. $0050 Was $49.56. NOW V*J Green modern print chair. Foam loose seat cushion & back. Was $95.00. NOW . . Contemporary high back chair. Very comfortable. Tailored brown stripe. Solid walnut base $•* " kcn and frame exposed. Was $ 198.50. NOW Highback lounge chair. Covered jn blue plastic. Foam seat & back. $QQ 50 Was $ 115.00. Now W Not Listed-Reduced For Clearance Unfinished Furniture - Porch & Patio Furniture Cribs-Sofa Beds~Mattresses Rug Samples T 27"x36" - Excellent Quality Throw Ruga! Many Items Not Listed Under The Above Headings! Dining Room~ Modern Walnut 8 piece set. Large Extension Table, 2 Arm and 4 Side Chairs, (rosewood backs), $CO||VO • large China, by Lane. Was $785,00. Now ... VV*I Modern Walnut 8 piece set. Small Drop Leaf Table that extends long. 2Arm Chairs and 4 Side MQIt 00 Chairs. Small China. Was $648. Now "f V V All Sale Items ~ Limited Quantities J On jacoby's Easily Arranged Time Payment Plan! BROADLY FREE PAQKWG AT THE REAR ENTRANCED ALTON Jacoby's Since 1883

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