Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 25, 1963 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1963
Page 30
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ALtON ffiLE8ftAEtt Springfield Picture Sti?atton Back in Politics? fij- 111. *- fceeom- mendatibn, of former Governor William (I, StfattOtt to be a member of the commission charged tyith the reapportionment of state representative districts, has led to speculates on how and when he may return t& public life. On .July 21, when Charles Percy, who as yet is the only announced candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, opened his campaign headtniart* ers In Wllmette, Stratton visited to shake hands with Percy. Although Stratton would not say then If he supported Percy's candidacy, there is adequate reason to believe he will not back Secretary of State Charles F. Carpentier or Hayes Robertson. Carpentier, who will announce formally his intention to seek the gubernatorial nominaton on Aug. 4, and Stratton have not been friendly since Stratlon's defeat in his bid for a third term in 1960. Robertson, now the Cook County GOP Committee chairman, opposed Stratton in the 1960 primary so heatedly that many in the capital still argue this was a big factor in Stratton's defeat in the 1960 general election. Robertson has not announced any candidacy yet, but he makes no secret of the fact that he is considering it. There are many Republicans who visit Springfield, who believe Stratton wants to go to Washington eventually, and that he is preparing for a senatorial campaign in 1966 or 1968. Srd term Will End In 19(56. the Democratic incumbent Senator, Paul H. Douglas, would be 74 years of age and his third term would end tlinf year. In 196S, (lie incumbent Republican senator, Everett M. Dirksen would be completing his third term too and he would be 72 years of age. Although neither has said so, it is considered possible that one or both may retire. Moreover, if a vacancy should occur before that date, the governor has the power to make an interim appointment. So, the former governor's interest in the gubernatorial race next year could be more than an academic one. It could be hitched to his possible future plans. Meantime, however, Stratton has no comment. As usual in a pre-election year, the state capital is discussing rumors from almost every part of the state. One now being heard is that Robert J. Milton, chairman of the Lake County Republican Committee, will resign that post to be a candidate for clerk of the Second Appepllate Court District. Was Defeated Another concerning the same area is that former Illinois Supreme Court Justice Charles H. Davis of Rockford will be a can- didate for a judgeshij) in the Second Appellate District. He was defeated for re-election to the state high court in 1960 by Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy J. Solfisburg of Aurora. In the newly re-orgahlzed Third Appellate Court District, the wore is that two of the candidates for judgeships will be 14th Circuit District Judge A. J. Scheineman of Sterling and State Rep. Robert Burhans of Peorla. Judge Schetnernan carried one of the major assignments in framing proposed legislation to Imple ment judicial reform. State Rep. Burhans was the legislative workhorse in the House during the lasl session in the introduction of these proposals. Democrats in Springfield have heard and are wondering if a ru mor from Rock Island County is correct. That rumor is that for mcr State Rep. Richard Stengel now state's attorney, will again be a candidate for his old seat in the House. Asked for comment, Stenge said only that he "... .could be interested next year." In 1956 Stengel left the Illinois House to become the Democratic candi date against Sen. Dirksen. After his defeat, Stengel remained ou of the political area until 1960 when he was elected state's at torney in Rock Island County. Kecent Visitor A recent visitor to Springfield «tt Wft «* ** ^^•V \ tt HU t I was State Sen. Alan J. Dixon of Belleville, who is rumored to be a candidate for the Democratic nomination as secretary of state next year. Asked by newsmen if this was more than a rumor, he only laughed and said he is not ".. .now campaigning for any office." Again, from the northeast area of the .state, a report is out that State Sen. Merritt J. Little, t h e veteran Republican from Aurora, would not seek another term in the upper house where he has served since 1944. Part of the Mussolini^ Mark Clear After 20 Years fly EUGfcNB tftVtti ROME (AP)-"I want to wake a mark on history with my Will, like a lion with his claws. 4 ' The words were Benito Mussolini's. He made his mark. History recalls that he made Italy's trains run on time. History records that he made war a national policy, nnd history notes that 20 years same talk on this subject is that State Rep. J. Lisle Laufer of Hampshire or former State Rep. Robert F, Casey of Aurora, might be interested in succeeding Little. ago today Bentto Mussolini carte 16 the beginning of the end. ffiat was the day Klfig Vlfttof Emmanuel 111 put Mussolini Wider attest, the shock of Allied landings in Sicily 16 days eafllei had been too great for tottering Italy, its Fascist leadership Split. The military stepped in. Field Marshal Pietro Badoglio replaced Mussolini as premier. German forces freed Mussolini and helped him set up a Fascist republic in northern Italy. The end came on April 28, 1945, when the tommy guns of Italian partisans riddled Mussolini and his mistress, 'Claretta Petacci, Fascism's flame still burns in Italy. A million and a half Italians voted the Fascist ticket i« national elections last April. fhott sands of young Fascists still thrill to a street fight with Communists —as their black shirt fathers did 40 year* agB; But tht Fascist vote ed only S pet cent of flte'ffefc totate, and there is m aflp heir to Mussolini, creator «f clsm <vhose doctrine Adolf Hitlet. Mussolini came to powef ifi 1922, just before his 4Q«i blrtW day'. Thousands of his'followers marched oft Rome and forced the king to turn over the government to Mussolini. Mussolini, once a Socialist him* self, said Italy needed a sitting and vigorous leader. He took the title 11 Cuce-^the leader, v He replaced Italian parliamentary institutions with what he called a corporate state—an economy of privately owned industry directed by the state through "corporations" of business, labor and government representatives. In 1936 Mussolini led Italy State sales Tflx Auditor Arrested CHICAGO (At>)<-State's attorneys police atrtrted ft state sales tax auditor as he accepted $800 Which they said wns a bribe. The auditor, Silas L. taggert, 48, of toes Plaines was seised in *" URSD *HE!£2L. against Ethiopia. Then came the "stab In the back" against Fiahce end World War It. Mussolini had become Adoll Hitler's partner. It' was soon clear Hitler was the dominant partner. No attempt Is made in the av ernge history booft' to explain the Fascist era, or to justify it. The accounts are straight, and somewhat thin. There is an Italian saying: "What has been has been." State of Atty. the Wednesday. Ward said the lot Besterfl&ld of ed the alleged bribe days ago and was told to art 1 anga the payoU. , t •BesterflcldtoldWatdhe^lj touch with Tagger wheir r eltent went out of business and the mate SS ft $8,858 claim for sales tax. the .accountant said offered to accept a $* for Uie tax claim was suspended. 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