Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 25, 1963 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1963
Page 16
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m, im AL ttOMfi Pay E*tra given IfHlJdn; Uba?eft,1fi Italy ere go doitly 16 employer that several fclftri^ftge Silts In order to hleet iBe.fha'hdls ' f*6f fringe benefits arid pensions. paffl^afl^^ji^^^^^^^^j^^^^^ SHERWIN-WILLIAMS s " faaliMpeK 'Lftdfort, AH T/iis Weed's Special WALLPAPER 29c SINGLE UOLL 202 STATE Sf, ' »M 'and Broadway ftbwHtOwtt Allot). HO 2.612) Today in Washington Air Force Discloses It Has Fired 1 ,j ; . ... • ,, .. ; . : .'••_» , Satellite From Another Satellite Assocutfco mum WASHINGTON (Ai*) - In the news from Wafihuigtoni Maa^BACKi The Air force 1ms disclosed that It has fired A small satellite deep into space from the back ftf a larger ofle^ fife parent satellUe was fired into a- relatively low polat orbit, from Vandenberg Ale Force Base, Calif,, Jutle 27, The second satellite, riding plggy-back with ft 80- pound payioad, was sent sailing . . . orbit July 1, triggiridi J*y at* electronic • signal,, the Alt said W&flfsday. < > Thefe was no explanation why the Air force waited so loflg before announcing (be piggy-back launching. The main objective, a spokesman said, was exploration of the earth's magnetic fields and their i-elaHott to'energy teaching the earth from the sun. • TRIPLE TIME': A labor leader has suggested to Congress^ that to employment, the working ofovertime should be discouraged by requiring employers to pay fof It at two-and-a-half or triple time. Such premier pay should be fe- cjtilred on work in excess of seven hours a day and 35 hours a week, said Joseph A. Betttte, presldenl of, the AFL-clO Communications Worker* of Amerlck, "Obviously, the present EVENING aftd-a-haSf overtime fate for work iff excels of 40 hours in a week IS not discouraging overtime in many industries," he told & Mouse Labot subcWttmittei Wednesday. OXFORD'TROOPS: The Pehta gon estimates it cost about $4,364,000 to maintain Army troops at the University of Mississippi for the protection of James Meredith, a Negro student. The estimate, covers costs from last October, when the first trobps were moved Into the Oxford, Miss., area, through June 30. Peak strength was 23,000 men. The last of the troops leave today. The 'Justice Department has estimated its *costs for marshals and other personnel at Oxfdrd at $559,000 at the end of June. Theater in the Round • Community Players Will Present Play Tonight WOOD RIVER-'- A two-act eorfk edy, "The Would-Be Gentlemen" will be presented by the Community Players this evening at 8:30 in the Theater in the Round at the Roundhouse. The play will also be presented on Saturday and Sunday evening. The Theater in the Round Is quite different from the ordinary theater. The playing area Is round, ahd the audience is seated on all sides of the set. The actor has to play in all directions and some- Marlow Reports! Governors on Record In Favor of Mother? titties is within tliree feet of a member of the audience. theaters of this tyjse are said to E>rovide a more Intimate atmosphere and are especially well suit ed for a farce such as "The Would-Be Gentlemen 1 * which contains many comments directed to the audience. Tickets for the production may be purchased at the door each night. Ecuador has ordered gun* boats. SHOP LATE TONIGHT! EASTGATE EAST ALTON PENNEY'S ALWAYS FIRST QUALfTY m TSfc?' PENNEY'S ELECTRIC BLANKET AT A SPECIAL $ IV, "?«*<? »?£ 0*1 72" x 84" single control, double bed size 72"'x|84" duet'control, double bed size [Full 2-year replacement guarantee! Come see how mucli thicker, \ spfter, more beautiful bur,: electric blanket is with• Super- nap J Extra beauty plus famous Penney's automatic control for constant all-night warmth — Choose from 9 settings! Nylon binding. Moth-proof; rayon ..and cotton machine washable.-^Sensational price! 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By JAMfeS MAULOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP)-The state governors played so sate at their Miami conference it Would have been no wonder If they went on record in favor of home, mother and helping old ladies cross the street. The governors were so anxious to avoid trouble and controversy on any subject that they decided against adopting a resolution on anything. Thus they savedUhemselves unpleasant explosions. Democrats outnumbered Republicans 3 to 1 and President Kennedy's Democratic administration had already proposed, some things the conference wouldn't go on record for. The governorsAvound up: 1. Blocking a Republican effort to get the governors to approve strong civil rights action in this country. 2. Blocking an attempt to get the governors to approve Kennedy's medical care program for older people. The conference did, however, take a very forceful stand in approving reports of committees on juvenile delinquency, education for the cold war and civil defense. On these three subjects, which can hardly cost any of them a single vote, the governors were unanimous. Wednesday in Washington Kennedy told delegates from the American Legion's "Boy's Nation" — a make-believe federal government — they "showed more initiative in some ways than the Governors' Conference." The boys, who divided themselves into federalist and nationalist parties in the election they held Wednesday, had strong civil rights planks in their platforms. Two Republican governors, New York's Nelson A. Rockefeller and Oregon's Mark 0. Hatfield, particularly pushed for a strong stand on civil rights. Rockefeller was also probably pushing his own presidential candidacy in 1964. He announced the Republicans had become "the party of civil rights." This was too much for New Jersey's Democratic Gov. Richard Hughes who chided Rockefeller that his announcement amounted to a "24-hour miracle." And Michigan's Republican Gov. George ;Romney, also mentioned as a presidential possibility, swiped at the Kennedy admin- •lukewarm water SAVE TRANSITIONAL COTTONS Dark 'n Light Prints! Crease Resistant! Yds. CRISP COMBED COTTON GINGHAM PLAIDS Beautiful Traditional Patterns Done in ' Lovely Colors. PENNEY'S SUMMER CLEARANCE istration, which is trying to get action on a civil rights bill. He said" ; the administration; was trying,y,tp!.use'the conference to "prop£|igEUidiz|e"; although it was Rockefeller^ more than apyone who was urging, a/civil rights endorsement by.'.the./conference. The.; conference didn't get any more fierce than this kind of give-and-teke. - But the governors' cautjon about taking a stand on anything -controversial raises a question about their conferences of whifh this was the 55th: Why-bother having them at all if'they won't take a stand for or against, the big national issues? The conference .chairman; Washington's Democratic Gov. Albert Di Rossellini, must have figured someone would ask .that. Earlier this year, months before the .conference, «-he said: "Each governor is independent in his;own state and has his own problems. We feel the conference, generally j speaking, is more-valuable lor the exchange of information." But the governors' have become expert at ducking. Last year they wouldn't take a stand on medical care, either, and when Southern Democrats began filibustering against even a weak civil rights proposal, that was MEN'S'PRINT SPORT SHIRTS •M>chi.rt($ Washable; cotton' 1 broadcloth sizes s-m-l . : .,. WASH 'N WEAR . MEN'S SLACKS . . . Tropical weight dacron polyester 'n rayon cKtSLACKS . . Wash 'n wear cotton university-grad model f 4 44 SyMMERWEIGHT SPORT COATS ... A cool blpnd of daoron polyetter 'n cotton MEN'S COOL , SUMMER SUITS .. '15 '23 Boys' WKite fiPORteOATS Greatly reduced for,clearance at tremendous savings to you! ..,;. f.. v ....'' 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But in 1961 the governors did take, -,,, a very firm stand in calling for -., action against communism. , r If any governor got any personal . benefit out of this year's Confer-, ence it was probably Rockefeller. He had been in partial political eclipse since his second marriage., in Miami his strong stand on civil rights got him more prom v inence - and- publicity-, than anyone there. He acted like a man Who hadn't given up hope and will soon begin making a lot of ; speeches. / Must Report / Lead Poisoning: At Chicago CHICAGO (AP)-Chtcago doctors will be required to report cases of lead poisoning under a resolution adopted Wednesday by the Cook County Board of Health. The action was taken as part of a move to decrease the number of children who die from eating paint chips containing lead. Mayor Richard J. Daley was urged in a telegram from the.\Illinois Council for Mentally Retarded Children Wednesday to declare a state of emergency and call a conference of medical and citizens' groups to help solve the problem. The council said there have • been 11 deaths from lead ppison-.S ing and 43 other cases at Cpok County Hospital so far this year | compared with 9 deaths and '40 :\ cases during all of 1962. ••'•£ ;..,; . Brain damage and mental retardation, the council said, will "reach a record-breaking epi- , demic stage before the summer ,' is over." "'", Dr. Joseph Greengard, director i of pediatrics at the county hos- -' pital, said that five cases of lead poisoning 'in children had been brought in during the last 24 hours. One hundred fifty cases is normal for a summer, he said. Required reporting will provide more accurate frequency and poisoning, Dr. Eric Oldberg, president of the county health board, said. ' y.'^ The board also authorized D£; Samuel Andelman, health commissioner^ to- coi witK the ;coroner's ; office making,.'a ;study of deaths from lead pojsoning., The' board said it would immediately -begin '.developing ^reporting procedures; and would meet with women's groups to spread information about the dangers of lead poisoning. A spokesman for the council said lead poisoning is more common during the summer because statistics on the location of lead heat and humidity mobilize j<|ad in the body. -•-.•-;J ; ' '• : ' ' •:'•% East Alton Woman to Teach in Macoupin i CARLINVILLE — Miss Carolyn Troyer of East Alton has been employed to teach third, and fourth grades at Standard City School next year. Miss Troyer, will replace Mrs. Selma Young, who has retired from teaching. Miss Troyer attended Eastern Montana College of Education?in, 1 ; Billings, Mont.; Graceland Colleger in Lamoni, Iowa and Southern Illinois University. She has taught one year in Three Forks, Mont.; and the past two years in Roxana,. 2 m $ 5 1 1 PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Avsnu© ROBINSON HEARING CLINIC ON GROUND FLOOR OF THE MINERAL SPRINGS HOTEL EVERY FRIDAY 10 A.M. TO 4 P.M. RAYMOND F. 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